Top 5 Questions on the 75,000 Point The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN [Expired]

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Update:  As I suggested, the offer is no longer available and was pulled soon, so I’ve removed the links from the post.

 ~85% of clicks on my affiliate links yesterday were for the 75,000 Point The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN.  There are a lot of comments and questions around the card, so I want to answer them in a separate blog post.  And also make you aware of a risk of applying for the card.

Please see these posts on how to:


75,000 Points From The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN Can Get You Big Travel!

1.   Is It OK to Apply for the 75,000 Point Card if 91+ Days Hasn’t Passed From When I Last Applied for Cards?

Some folks usually apply for credit cards, on the same day, in intervals of 91+ days (an app-o-rama).  They do that because it is easier to keep track of the card applications and because they believe that there are more chances of approval.

The theory is that recent credit inquiries (what happens when you apply for a credit card) carry less weight after 3 months.  And because if you’ve been doing this for years, some of your credit inquiries from 2 years ago will also fall off your credit report every 91+ days.

I’ve personally applied for cards at the same time and also one-at-a-time, and have been approved.  So I don’t think it is a big deal if you apply for one card out of the 90+ day schedule.

I’ve listed other cards in my Hot Deals tab, if you’d like to apply for other cards at the same time.  But I don’t recommend applying for a bunch of cards if you’ve already applied for 3 to 4 cards in the last 1 to 2 months.

2.    Will the Offer End Sooner Than August 12, 2013?

The terms and conditions say that the offer will end on August 12, 2013.  And American Express runs limited time offers with 75,000 points after spending $10,000 (compared to the $5,000 with this offer).  So we certainly will see the 75,000 point offer back at some time.

But I can’t say how long the offer to get 75,000 points after spending $5,000 will last.  I’d guess that it won’t last long, because it takes some folks many tries to get a browser to show the correct 75,000 point offer.  This suggests that the offer is targeted and perhaps not intended to be available to most folks for a long time.

And American Express could always pull the offer sooner if they’ve received lots of applications.

3.   What Do I Do If I Don’t Get Approved Instantly?

In my experience, American Express usually approves me via email after a few days of applying for the card.  But sometimes your application is “pending.”  This can be a sign that they will either ask you to verify personal information and then approve your card (to make sure that you really applied for the card).

Or if they are evasive and mention that you will be contacted by US mail, it almost certainly means that they will ask you to fill out a form 4506-T to verify your income and other information from your tax returns.

You can call the reconsideration line at 866-314-0237 if you’re not immediately approved.

4.   Can I Get The Bonus For a 2nd Business?

In my experience, you can’t get the sign-up bonus for a 2nd business with a Social Security number if you’ve already got the bonus on The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN for a different business with a Tax ID (or vice versa).

Note that American Express will approve you for the 2nd card for a different business, but will not give you the sign-up bonus for the 2nd business after completing the minimum spending, if you’ve already received one sign-up bonus for The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN and you have not cancelled the card for at least 12 months.

This is a silly policy, because Emily has got the bonus for different businesses with the Chase Ink Bold card, so we’re more likely to spend on the Ink Bold card than on The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN.

5.   Will American Express Match Me to the 75,000 Point Offer?

American Express used to match folks to better offers, and lots of folks claimed to have received a better offer and got matched to large sign-up offers in 2011.  This cost American Express a lot, so they no longer match folks to better offers – even if you really did apply for an American Express offer and later received a better offer.

On the other hand, Chase does currently match you to the better offer if you applied for a Chase card within the last 93 days.  This is a much better policy, because it makes it easier for folks to apply for Chase cards since they know that they will be treated fairly and get matched to a higher offer (should one appear).

So you’re unlikely to get matched to the 75,000 point offer if you recently applied for the 50,000 point offer.  But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Risk of Applying for The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN

In my previous experience, feedback from readers, and folks on this FlyerTalk thread, you are more likely to get a Financial Review from American Express by spending on The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN than on any other card.  Even legitimate business spending has triggered a financial review.

My best guess is that American Express is really sensitive to high volume of spending on this card and a sudden ramp up in spending on the card leads to a financial review.  But this is only a guess.

All your American Express credit cards are suspended during an American Express financial review and you usually have to fax in a form allowing American Express to review your tax information and sometimes send them your bank statements.  I don’t enjoy this, but see this as the cost of doing business with American Express and partaking in their credit card offers.  And I do think it is prudent for a bank to verify the income of people to whom they lend money.

I’ve been approved for American Express business cards with only a few hundred dollars in income and readers have been approved for start-up business which aren’t generating any income.  But know that your business gold card may be cancelled during a financial review if you don’t have any Schedule C income.  Of course, you can always explain that you haven’t yet filed your tax returns for 2012, but the Financial Review folks aren’t the easiest to convince.

Many folks don’t get a financial review with The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN, but I wanted to point out what could potentially apply.

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36 responses to “Top 5 Questions on the 75,000 Point The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN [Expired]

  1. Now the good news is offer showing up on chrome browser incognito window.

  2. The risk of an FR is all the more reason for people to remember to be honest about their business income.

  3. Just applied and was approved online… we are hoping to buy and fix up some additional property so hopefully spending $5k in the next 3 months will be easy.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure the card is tied into an existing skymiles number? I didn’t see that option on the application… maybe I do it when it comes? I want them both to have the same skymiles number… thanks.

  4. I’m a bit concerned about the sign-up bonus after reading the questions and answer blog for this card. I and my wife both applied and were approved online. However, i did one thing i shouldn’t had done was adding my name (and SSN) to her card account as a additional user. As you stated above, though not direct, it states only one SSN can the sign-up bonus. Did i just invalid my sign-up bonus for my own card account?

  5. Off topic, but thought you might be interested in this article about banks going after Wal-mart prepaid cards

  6. Can I apply for this and the Amex Gold Delta Skymiles, which is a business card, and still get the 75K miles for this card ? The reason I ask is that I believe the terms for this card is “no previous business card”, but I wonder if apply for both cards simultaneously will disqualify me for the 75K miles?

  7. Just got approved. It was unintentional first app-o-rama for me.
    Since end of March – 5 cards: 2 chase – approved; 3 amex – 2 approved (including this one), 1 personal is still pending.

  8. You say you’ve been approved with only a few hundred dollars of business income, but when I click through the application, the lowest notch of business income is 0-49,999. Do you mean you called and were approved when you told them you only made a few hundred dollars, regardless of clicking this 0-$49,999 category?

  9. hey im new to ur site
    was just wondering if you have screen shots and promo codes for when amex MB got 50k after spending $1000
    or amex business gold 50k after spending $5000 back in november time?

  10. I applied Amex Gold Business yesterday with ur link. Pending at first, then I called them and they need to call back to verify my phone number. Didn’t ask the business, only the personal info, for instance the birthday and ssn. Got approved and confirmed the bonus.
    MMS: Could u pls give us some instruction about how to spend the 5k in 3 months? I have read ur previous articles, my concern is how to spend save with this business card. Can I use this card for amazon payment or buy venilla reload in CVS?

  11. Hi D,

    I got this card with 50K bonus about 3 months ago. My wife and I own the business, so can she also get this card for herself and get the 75K bonus?

  12. I left the application page for 75K open from last night and was just able to successfully apply for it. They are reviewing for approval now.

  13. This card gives x2 on gas only or on gas stations, do you get 2x if you buy gas Gift cards at a gas station?

    • @Johnny – An additional user can get the sign-up bonus when he/she applies for the card as the primary cardholder.

      – Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

      @Subliminal – Yes. $100 falls within that range!

      @yitz – Unfortunately, I don’t.

      @hill – You can use those methods, but don’t go overboard. Also see this post.

      @Frank – Unfortunately, the 75K offer has expired.

      – I haven’t tested, but it should get 2X for all purchases (but do a small test).

  14. I applied for this card in October 2012 and got the 50,000 points.
    Can I cancel my Gold today and reapply today for the 75,000 points?
    Usually when should I cancel my Business Gold and without having the fear of them taking away my previously earned 50,000 points?


  15. @V – Did it work?? I did the same thing but haven’t yet applied. I refreshed the page and it is still showing the 75 k reward in the margin but I’m still a little scared that I won’t get it.

  16. bummer. I was waiting on a house refinance today before applying and the 75,000 opportunity slipped away. I guess 50k for $5k spend still isnt bad since its a no fee for one year.

  17. I’m shocked after reading how easy it is supposed to be to get a business card. I was denied, with excellent credit! They said I absolutely had to have a tax ID #, and a banking info for the company. ?

  18. any idea where i can get it

  19. Thank you, Got approval email the next day. I hope to make the mark.

  20. Frankly I find it hard to believe that this particular card would get you a FR any more than any other business card or combination of cards. I think they dreaded FR is not the end of the world either and sometimes it could be a random event. I have a real business, I am an excellent customer for AMEX and over the many years I got one FR and my partner got it once. I would say that if it was a card program that I did not care about, or did not have a few products that are helpful to me I would have told them to pound sand. Otherwise I have all the documents and it did not take much time to submit. And as a data point I can say there is no ryme or reason with business cards. Some lenders will offer more liens and cards than others.

  21. Status said Pending initially but now Approved! Thanks again!!


    The “scarcity” concept is social science research which indicates that men and women’s brains turn to mush when presented with uncertainty

  23. How do you get chase to match the offer . Both my wife and I got sapphire accounts recently -thx

  24. Thanks Dariaus. I got approved for the 75K offer using your link. Can I meet some of the spending requirement (2500 out of $5000) by buying american express gift cards? Will that be considered qualified spending for the bonus? Also do you know if buying amex gift cards with amex credit card earns Membership Rewards points?

    • @Treb – You don’t need one as a sole proprietor.

      – I agree that the financial review isn’t the end of the world, but based on reader feedback, the Business Gold Card seems to trigger the most reviews…though they are of course, many other reasons.

      @Jon – Chase won’t match the offer.

      @Paul – I’d buy the gift cards in a grocery, drugstore etc. and not directly from AMEX.

  25. Hello MMS, I got the business Gold card approved from your link and received the card today. But I have a question. I have never had or filled out Schedule C income on my tax return before (I only do occasional online selling), but now I got the business card, so do I have to file Schedule C income next year (though this income may be very small)? Would not filing Schedule C income but having a business card look cheating to IRS or AmEx? Thanks.

    • @new – I’m not an accountant so I can’t tell you what to do, but if you have business income or profits, you should be declaring it on your Schedule C. But talk to your accountant.

      @Mag – I’m not sure, but I’m guessing not.

  26. If i upgraded to the plat. to get 25000 points can I downgrade back to gold and still not have an annual fee for first year?

  27. 75K offer is available again, but with 10,000 spend over 4 months. go to and click on the AMEX ad. Offer says it expires 4/17 with all the usual T&C.

  28. Hello MMS, thanks for your reply. I do sporadic selling of clothes to others and I may earn only 50 to 200 bucks on that. Theoretically, sole proprietor business needs to be run yearly and continually according to IRS definitions. So, does that mean that I am not really qualified for a business credit card?
    As you mentioned in your post, Amen may do financial review and may shut down the card if they do not see Schedule C income. So, to prevent this, should I include that 50 bucks of income on Schedule C? Thanks for replying.

  29. Hi D,
    Im planning to apply for american express first time. Do you know how to get at least 80k reward point with american express? what type of card and time period to apply? Thank

  30. Great article. Thanks for the info, you have made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out IRS form 4506, I found a blank form here This site also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few related blank tax forms.