New Rules for Getting 2 Citi Credit Cards

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You used to be able to get approved for 2 personal Citi cards (of the exact same type) at the same time (or one after the other) and get the bonus on both cards.  This worked with the Citi American Airlines cards, the Citi Hilton cards, and the Citi Hilton Reserve cards!

However, Citi has recently changed the “rules” for how they approve applications.  And you can’t get more than ONE Citi card approved per day.

Note that these “rules” are based on my experiences, reader feedback and posts on Flyertalk and MilePoint, which means that your experience could be different.

1 Citi card per day

The new “rules” are that you can get only ONE card – either personal or business – per day.  It doesn’t matter if you apply for a business card or a personal card.  Or if you apply for different co-branded cards (say, 1 Hilton and 1 American Airlines card).

You won’t get approved for the 2nd card, on the same day, and calling in to the reconsideration line doesn’t seem to help.

2 cards within 65 days

But you can apply for a second card a few days after your first card application and likely get approved for it.  However, Citi will only approve 2 personal cards within a 65 day period, and 1 business card every 95 days so make sure that you haven’t crossed these limits.

Citi reps say that only one card per day will be approved, but I prefer waiting 2 or 3 days in between applications to make sure that at least 1 day (however it is calculated by Citi!) has passed.

This means that you could apply for the Citi Hilton Reserve card today and in 2 or 3 days you should be able to get the Citi American Airlines business card.

But you won’t be able to get the exact same card after just a few days, though you will be able to get close variants.  For example, you could get a personal Citi American Airlines card today and the business American Airlines card 2 or 3 days later.  Or the Hilton Reserve and the regular Hilton card a few days later.

Citi American Airlines Cards – Up to 110,000 Miles

There are 3 Citi American Airlines cards which you can get for a total of 110,000 miles.  110,000 American Airlines miles will take you almost anywhere in the world!  See this post for more details on how to use American Airlines miles.

As discussed the general Citi rules apply which mean that you can’t get more than 2 cards within a 65 day period.  And you have to wait at least 2 to 3 days in between the first and second card.

But there are also informal “rules” specific to the American Airlines cards which suggest that you CAN get another personal Citi American Airlines card if it has been at least 18+ months from when you were last approved (not from when you cancelled) for a Citi American Airlines personal card.

An exception seems to be the personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 3 months.  You may be able to get this version even if it has not been 18+ months from your last successful personal card approval from Citi because it appears to be considered a different product from the other American Airlines cards.

However, this isn’t guaranteed, so apply with that in mind.

Note that you can’t get 1 American Airlines personal Visa AND 1 American Airlines personal AMEX card at or around the same time any longer.  But the Gold MasterCard (above) appears to be an exception.

Best Current Links

Here are links to the best Citi American Airlines offers.  However, the sign-on bonus is NOT always mentioned in the application page, but the link does work and almost everyone receives the sign-up bonus.  You can always confirm the sign-up bonus when you call to activate the card.

  • Citi American Airlines personal card with 40,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months (if you want to see an application page)
  • Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months
  • Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months

Here’s how to get all 3 cards over 65 to 95 days if it has been 18+ months from when you were last approved for a Citi American Airlines card or if you never had a Citi American Airlines card:

  • Day 1:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal card with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months
  • Day 3 or 4:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months.  You may have to call in to get approved.
  • Day 65 or later:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months

Just be sure that you can meet the minimum spending requirements before applying.  See the 40+ ways to complete your minimum spending requirements for more tips.

And here’s a post on how many of us may be eligible for business credit cards without knowing it.

Citi American Airline Business Cards

You used to be able to get a new Citi American Airlines business (not personal) card every 3 to 4 months after closing your last Citi American Airlines business card.

However, folks are speculating that you may need to wait about 6 months or longer from when you last cancelled the card to get another one.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent personal experience to share since the “rules” changed.

Citi Hilton, Citi Hilton Reserve & other Citi Cards

You used to be able to get 2 Citi Hilton cards and 2 Citi Hilton Reserve cards at the same time, but that is no longer possible because Citi will approve only 1 card per day.

The “old rules” for the Citi Hilton & Thank You cards were that you could get as many as you wanted as long as you didn’t apply for more than 2 personal cards within 65 days.

But there haven’t been many recent reports (since the rules changed) on the time needed between applications to get the Citi Hilton Reserve, Citi Hilton or other Citi cards again.

I’m guessing (as in:  I don’t really know) that you may be able to get a second of these cards after 3 to 6 months, but it will take time to get new data points on what is and what isn’t possible.

It could very well be that Citi will not approve for the exact same card again if you have the same card open, but we don’t know for sure.

Please share your experience in the comments!

Citi Reconsideration

If you are denied for a Citi card because of too many recent inquiries or for any other reason you usually have better luck writing a reconsideration letter to Citi and including your phone number for them to call you back.

But this doesn’t work if you are denied for having an existing version of the card which you applied.  For example, writing a reconsideration letter if you were denied for already having a Citi American Airlines card isn’t likely to help.

Bottom Line

The rules for getting 2 Citi cards have changed, but you can still get up to 110,000 American Airlines with just 3 cards!

110,000 American Airlines miles should get you almost anywhere in the world on American Airlines or one of their airline partners!

Just remember to not apply for more than 1 card per day, and no more than 2 personal cards within 65 days or 1 business card every 95 days.

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127 responses to “New Rules for Getting 2 Citi Credit Cards

  1. What about doing a citi 2bm on the personal cards? I understand you cant be approved for two on the same day but could you be approved for one on day one, and then call reconsideration a few days later and get approved for the other? Therefore you would only get one hard hit?

  2. It appears from the FT thread that people are still (as of last week) successfully getting approved for one business and one personal card in the same day.

  3. I think you should recommend the Citi AA Amex (45k miles, $150 statement credit, and 2 lounge passes for spending $5k in 4 months) as the second AA card to apply for instead of the personal gold Mastercard, which only gives 30k miles.

  4. Thanks for this. I’ve been following the FT thread for a while, but it’s nice to get all the information consolidated in one place. I’ve done with AA cards for now, do you know what the best Thank You Card offers are? Have you heard of anything better than what’s on their website?

  5. Thank you. As far as getting the Hilton Reserve and 3 days later the Hilton 50k, do you believe that is still possible?

  6. I have been wondering about the citi cards for a while now. So the personal visa and personal amex are considered the same product, but the personal mastercard is a different product? That would indicate you could pick up the personal master card while holding the other two and get the bonus? Anyone have experience with that?

  7. I’m getting confused with all the different dates. I applied and was approved for the Citi AA Visa in February. When can I apply for the Citi AA Amex?

  8. I applied for Citi AA mastercard a month ago. In my Citi online I see a targeted offer to apply for Citi AA Amex with 25000 bonus miles. It mentions that as long as I pay annual fee for 1st card, my annual fee for 2nd card would be waived. Looks like Citi can approve two AA cards.

  9. There seems to a 60k limited time offer – 30k regular + 30k – 30 year AA bonus which is better than the existing offers –

    • @Steven – I haven’t tried that, but let us know if it works!

      @Elie – I’ve read very few posts with 1 business and 1 personal approval on the same day and more posts and reader emails saying that only 1 card a day.

      @Wedding Spend – You won’t get approved for the AMEX version if you already have the Visa version, but the Gold MasterCard seems to be treated like a different version.

      @Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog – You’re welcome. The Thank You Premier has a 25K bonus, so I’d wait for it to get higher. There used to be a better offer on the Bank Points credit card tab for the Thank You card, but the links stopped working.

      @CG – I believe it is.

      @john – The personal MasterCard appears to be considered a different product. Readers have been able to get the MasterCard while having the Visa or AMEX version, but your experience could be different.

      – You can no longer get both the Visa and Amex version at or around the same time. But you could get the AA Gold MasterCard for 30K miles. I’d wait at least 65 days from your last Citi application if you got 2 Citi cards the last time.

      @Kamal – Being targeted for another card doesn’t mean that you will get approved for it!

      @MilesLover – I plan on writing more on the card tomorrow, but it is an old offer. You have to spend $10,000 within 12 months to get the 2nd 30K miles which may not be worth it for some.

  10. @Daraius – Thanks for the post! I was approved for the 2 citi personal cards in Feb 2012 using two-browser trick. I have always been under the impression that you do not need to cancel your existing cards in order to apply for them again in 18+ months. I have canceled the AmEx but the Visa is still open. I plan to apply again for the AA 50,000 mile personal in August 2013 (18 months after the original personal approval). With the new rules in mind, should I cancel the AA Visa from Feb 2012 or does it not matter?

  11. Steven – Rules were changed recently. Ignore what you already know and follow this article.
    Wedding Spend – First apply AA amex or AA visa and get 50K miles. Then apply for master to get 30K miles.
    nickfromct – since you already got AA visa, you may not get bonus on AA Amex. But you may get bonus on AA master.
    MilesLover – so do you want spend $10K for 30K miles? That is 3% percent return. Not my choice.
    But if you see lot of value in AA miles or if you are a big spender because you have a business or staying lavish or have big family, then go for it.

  12. I got a 60K AA offer in the mail last week while I was gone. I believe it was when you spent $3K in 3 months but I don’t have it in front of me at work.

  13. I have a tageted $2,000 spend 60,000 point offer for VISA AA.

    If I do that one & forget the Gold MC, cAN i DO THE BUSINESS A FEW DAYS LATER? oR i HAVE TO WAIT 65 DAYS FOR THE BUSINESS?

  14. Thanks, Daraius! I am almost two years away from my last application for the personal cards. About to make the Citi-AA churn again! Your blog has been a fantastic resource.

  15. You mention that the Citi GOLD Mastercard is considered a different product than the Visa/Amex. Would the PLATINUM Mastercard also be considered different? There is a better offer for the Platinum (40k miles, $3000 spend/3 months, $95 annual fee waived first year):

  16. i have the same question as Dan. If I am having a AA Visa that I applied for 18 months ago, do I have to cancel in order to apply for AA Amex? do I have to cancel in order to apply for another AA Visa?




    does anyone know the phone number for 1800flowers?

  19. I was denied a third Hilton 50k card last week. I was told that I could only have two open at a time.

    Have you ever heard of Google? Or is this some sort of ad campaign?
    In either case:
    To place an order, CALL 1-800-FLOWERS® (1-800-356-9377).
    For Customer Service, call 1-800-716-4851.

  21. Thanks D, for the info! Must have just changed recently, last week I applied for both the Citi AA Personal & Business. The personal went through right away, and the Business was approved right away when I called the reconsideration line.

  22. anyone had any issues when having these card, get the bonus, then cancel all of them before the annual fee is due? I would love to get the bonus, but avoid the annual fees, I’m only keeping the low fee to Zero annual fee cards.

  23. I got two AAdvantage cards October 2011 and canceled one of them last year to avoid the annual fee and they waived the fee on the other card. Can I have one open and apply for another or do I need to close one card now in preparation for applying again this October? If I do close one will they move credit to an existing HHonors card or do I lose it?

  24. datapoint: unable to submit more then two Citi personal within 60 days, over two will be an automatic decline. But I guess some already know that.. I didnt’ lol
    April 2nd: apply for the Citi Hilton and Citi AA Visa. AA Visa instant approval, Hilton had a 4506-t request… so I cancel that app.

    today April 9th: apply for the Citi AA MC, decline.; so call in and found out too many app had been submitted and the system automatic decline the card. CS was unable to override or anything for the approval. Ouch another unless hit on the credit report.

    • @Dan @allen – Cancelling doesn’t seem to matter, since the clock starts ticking from when you applied. You may be able to get the GOLD MasterCard now and another Visa/Amex after 18+ months, but as always, your actual experience could be different. That said, it could be easier to explain why you want a new card if you don’t already have 2 or 3 AA cards. But you always risk cancelling and not getting approved and being without a Citi AA card.

      @Helper – Thanks for helping out!

      @Brian – That’s better than the other offers!

      @ih – You could do the business card as long is it is 2 applications within 65 days.

      – Thanks for reading!

      – I don’t know! Someone has to try it and report back. The Visa version is a “Platinum Select” and I don’t know if that is considered the same as the “Platinum” MasterCard.

      @guy @Tommy – Thanks for sharing that data point.

      @Michael – Thanks for sharing. I’ve read and got feedback on mixed messages with 1 business and 1 personal from Citi, so perhaps best to do them on different days.

      @Tommy – You get a free checked bag and 10% of the miles you redeem back (up to 10K a year), so it could be worth paying the fee and keeping the card beyond the 1st year.

      @Ken – You could keep 1 open when you reapply. In my experience, Citi isn’t as good as the other banks in moving credit between cards.

  25. I applied for one citi personal card on mid march 2013. Can i apply for the second card now and be able to get it?

  26. This probably means 3 cards equals 3 inquiries now instead of 1 Inquiry for 2 on the same day?

  27. Just got instant approval on the AA Gold Mastercard. I have an AA Visa that was opened about 15 months ago. Thanks!

  28. So assuming that lounge access is something that you value or might consider purchasing otherwise, is there a reason for why it seems that no one ever talks about the Citi Executive AAdvantage card? I know it’s a hefty fee, but could you use that with the other 3 cards you mention above to make it 4 cards for 180k miles?

  29. So we don’t get 1st checked bag with Citi when using award miles? Like United, even if you dont have Chase explorer card, you still can get free 1st checked bag if you book with award miles.

  30. Daraius, aren’t there also business versions of virtually all the AA personal cards listed here – and both Visa and MC versions of each? (the citi “Amex” – which is only kind of an Amex seems to be the exception).
    Can you post a comprehensive list of all the AA citi cards? There are so many, I’m sure most people have overlooked at least a few. If there was a comprehensive list of them all – along with clear guidelines for minimum time between applications – that would be helpful. Thanks!

  31. So, is there confirmation that the 18+ months since previous application still holds? I applied in Aug/11 with the 2 browser trick for the AA Visa/Amex. I just did an app-o-rama on Feb 3rd for 5 cards (none were Citi) and already met my 14k min spend. I’m thinking about doing a quick app for the Citi AA Amex since it’s over 60 days since my last application (more than 6 months since last from Citi) as an “interim” application before I apply for some more cards in the August timeframe.

  32. Hey Daraius. I did a churn on 1/7/13 for Hilton Reserve cards. I completed my spend on card 1by 2/28 and received an e-mail certificate for my 2 free nights. I completed the spend on card 2 by 3/31 and received another e-mail for 2 more free nights. Everything went perfectly. Thanks for your site.

  33. I see the links in the article and you mention: Citi American Airlines personal Visa with 50,000 miles, Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles, Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles. But when I go to the Citi page the sign up bonuses are lower. I am new to this and am curious how I know I will be getting what you are saying in the article as opposed to what Citi’s page is currently advertising?
    Looking to take a trip to Paris in September and it appears that AA is the best airline when it comes to points needed to get there in Business class. Any other thoughts on the best way to get to Paris from Miami via points is appreciated. Thanks.

  34. I checked on Citi’s site and don’t see the Business Visa. Only see one Business MasterCard with 30k bonus.
    When I click on your link to Citi AA Business Visa how do I know the card and most importantly the 50k bonus, is still available? Thanks!

  35. I applied to the AA AMEX 10 days ago or so when de 2 cards /2 browser move was over, and I get it without a problem. Today I read your post without much attention and aplied for the AA visa personal and the message I got is that it was under review. I called immediatelly and told the rep that I had too many problems with the AA AMEX because many of my importants accounts like AAA, PG&E and others, do not accept AMEX. I also scolded him saying that it was a shame that AA offers an AMEX card, but the AAdvantage website does not have AMEX as a credit card option to enroll.
    Got it. Happiest man on earth.
    I do have decent income and my credit is not bad. That might have helped too.
    I am wondering if they are going to give me the 50K points

    Thanks Darius for all your great work.

  36. If the Gold MC is indeed considered different then you also should not have to wait 18 months after getting it to apply for an AA Visa or AmEx. However, I’m not aware that has exception happened.

  37. Robert Hanson

    @Chris and Rob Citi never gives the best offer on it’s website. They are hoping you won’t know any better, and will apply for the lessor offers. So far, there has almost always been a better offer than the Citi website offers, but there is almost always no reassurance of the details on the application page. You just have to have trust that since Daraius has it listed here, that link has been working reliably, at least up until now. So use the app that is listed here as the best. That’s why you read MMS in the first place. 😀

    Then when you are approved, you can call Citi and say “I was just approved” {or “just got my card in the mail”}, and “I want to confirm that I got the 50K mile offer”. You can write down the name of the CSR that confirms that you did get what you expected if you want. But really, once they tell you that you got it, you did.

    Just make sure you make the minimum payment in time. Because the “four month” limit does NOT start the first time you use the card, it starts the day you were approved, despite the fact that you won’t get the actual card in the mail for a couple more weeks. Some charges, ie Kaiser Permanente, may not post until 4 days or so after you make the payment. So best to make sure you meet your minimum spend with several weeks to spare. Because they will NOT give you the bonus if you are even one day late, no matter how much you plead. 🙁

  38. I’m risking an application on a VISA (have two MCs) just to see what happens. Like others when I log into my citicards account and look at my offers there’s a 25K offer for another card so I thought what the hell. It is NOT 18 months since my last Citi AA application but I just did a 6-card AOR successfully and I can risk it. Given the US Air cards available right now I thought I’d take a shot.

    So… is it 18+ months since your last Citi AA application? Or 18+ months since your last SUCCESSFUL Citi AA application? Does it count business applications, e.g. if you do your 3-card cycle is it 18 months after the first card, 18 months after the 2nd, or 18 months after the 65-days later 3rd card, the business AA?

  39. Daraius, I cancelled a Citi Business MC just over 6 months ago, applied again now and was denied because I have to wait 18 months, so they said. You are saying that is only for personal cards but I was told it applies to business cards as well.

    What do you make of that?

  40. 18 months since the last successful application.

    Citi biz is probably 18 months now also.

    Awaiting to see if anyone gets a Visa less than 18 months after a MC.

  41. Marriott Marty

    On February 13, 2013, after attempting to use the 2 browser trick, one was approved, one denied as multiple, I wrote a letter [all for wife] and got the other card approved. A few days later you discussed that as a possible option. Today that does not seem to be on the table. Anyone still having luck applying for two – getting one denied as multiple and then success writing a letter explaining why you (I) applied for both. Or as I suspect is Citi onto the letter writing game…

    • @Dyhppy – You can’t get 3 cards within 65 days, but 2 personal cards within 65 days will mean 2 separate inquiries. Business and personal inquiries were always seperate.

      @Lucy T – Thanks for the data point!

      @Jose – I’ve got the card listed in the Airline credit card tab, but the annual fee is high, though it could be worth it if you otherwise would buy lounge access.

      @Tommy – I believe you should get the free bag on an award ticket as well.

      @Otter – There are Visa and MasterCard versions of the business American Airlines cards. But it is unclear if the different versions mean that you can get both at the same time or not. I’ve listed the best Citi AA offers above. There are offers for fewer miles or more miles with a much higher spending requirement, but they aren’t as nice as the ones above.

      @Gabriel – I applied again in March and got the 50K Visa and 30K MasterCard, so it does appear to still hold. If you got 5 cards in Feb, I’d wait 3 months before applying for more.

      @David – Glad you got both sets without having to contact Citi or Hilton!

      @Chris @Rob – The links on the blog and in this post are technically expired, but they still work based on reader feedback and my experience.

      If you’re looking to go to Paris, American Airlines miles will help, but you will pay fuel surcharges for flights on British Airways which aren’t worth it in coach (but could be worth it in business or first class). You could use United miles since United doesn’t charge fuel surcharges for flights to Europe.

      @Luchex – Very interesting! You almost certainly will get the bonus if you get the physical card in the mail, but confirm the bonus when you call to activate the card.

      @tassojunior – Based on reader feedback and a comment above, you don’t need to wait 18+ months to get the Gold MasterCard.

      @Robert Hanson
      – Thanks for helping out!

      @Glenn – Please post your results! It is 18+ months from your last successful personal application to get the personal Visa version again. But based on reader feedback, it seems that the AA MasterCard version can be had before your 18+ months are up. Business cards used to be 3 to 4 months AFTER cancelling, but I don’t know what the impact of the new “rules” are, so I’ll need more data to say for sure with the business card.

      @Frank – The “rules” recently changed and it could very well be 18+ months, but I’d check after another 6 months to see if they actually enforce that rule.

      @Marriott Marty – Max is correct that writing a reconsideration letter worked in the early days when the “rule” changed, but it no longer works. The rep still calls you back, but explains that the terms of the American Airlines or Hilton program prevent them from issuing a second bonus if you already have one.

  42. @Marriott Marty: The “Recon by Letter” method for the 2nd card no longer works. This is from personal experience ~2 months ago.

  43. Just applied as directed in the original post and was told I was denied for card 2 (personal Gold Mastercard) as Citi is now only allowing one AA card application every 60 days. I was approved for card 1 (Personal Visa).

  44. I had applied for both Citi AAdvantage cards (50k each for a whopping 100k!) using the 2-browser trick in December 2011. I then canceled one card and turned the other into a No Fee thank you points card right before the 1 year anniversary (December 2012). I reapplied for the Visa Citi AAdvantage (50K miles) just two days ago and was instantly approved – just 16 months after my first application.

  45. I applied 10 days ago for AA personal (Visa) and business cards on the same day and was instantly approved online for both!

  46. Here’s my data point:
    — August 2011, applied for the personal Visa and AmEx on same day, 75,000 mile offers each, both approved
    — May 2012, applied for the personal Mastercard, 40,000 mile offer, approved – this card says “Platinum Level” on it
    — August 2012, canceled the personal AmEx
    — January 2013, canceled the personal Visa
    — January 29, 2013, applied for Business Visa, 50,000 offer, approved
    — April 10, 2013, applied for personal Visa, 50,000 offer, approved
    Planning to hold business version for ~8 months, cancel, apply for another a month or so later. Considering canceling the Mastercard when annual fee is due next month and then reapplying for it later this year after 18 months, but undecided – unclear if this is being considered a different product.

  47. just got approved for aa business visa card after waiting 65 days from my last application of the 2 personal cards amex and visa.

  48. Darius, you said if i apply for personal card i have to wait for 65 days to apply for business card. What if i just applied for business card, should i wait 65 days as well before applying for the personal gold card?

  49. This past January I was approved for two personal Citi AAdvantage cards using the two browser trick. I’ve had a Citi AAdvantage Business Mastercard for 5+ years and have charged 10s of thousands of dollars on it during it’s lifespan and paid the balance monthly.

    My question: If I cancel my Business Card, how long would I have to wait in order to reapply for a new Citi AAdvantage Business Card to obtain a new bonus? 65 days? 18 months?

    I want to make certain that I don’t prematurely apply since the last time I was approved for a Citi AAdvanage Business Card was 5+ years ago but I have recent approvals (Jan 2013) on two Citi AAdvantage Personal Cards. Do the personal cards impact on my timeline for successfully applying for and receive a mileage bonus for a new Business Card?

  50. Unaddressed question:

    I currently have the personal AA Mastercard and Amex from a 2bm in December ’12. Can I get the Gold MC or the Visa?

  51. Hi. I have had the Citi AA Visa open since 2010. I have never had the Citi AA Amex. In Dec 2012. I applied and was approved for the Citi Business. Could I now qualify for either another Citi AA Visa or a Citi AA Amex? Or is the Citi Mastercard Gold my only option now? Thank you for your prompt response.

  52. I got the AA visa and amex via 2bm in jan. in addition I still have 2 citi dividend cards that were converted from my aa visa and amex cards I got 2 years ago. My question is if citi will give me a hard time approving the biz aa card being that have already 4 open cards (personal) with them?

    • @Chris – Did you do both on the same day? If not, you could write a reconsideration letter or call the reconsideration line again.

      @BartNY – Thanks for the data point. You may be able to get the Gold MasterCard as well with 30K miles.

      @korrinda – Thanks for sharing that datapoint!

      @Diamond Vargas – Very interesting and perhaps the MasterCard (any version) is considered an independent product from the Visa/Amex…

      @Reyn – If you’re applying for just the personal Gold card, you don’t necessarily have to wait for 65 days. Citi allows only 2 applications within 65 days so as long as you are in that window, you should be fine.

      @Pat – It used to be at least 3 to 6 months, but could be longer now since the “rules” changed. I don’t know for sure. The personal applications used to not have any bearing on the business applications.

      @Churny – You usually can’t get the AMEX version if you already have the Visa version. But you could get the business card.

      @Maury – I believe you may be able to get another Citi Visa (or Amex) and the MasterCard after a few days. As always, your experience could be different.

      @Mark – They could give you a hard time for having 4 open cards, but it really depends on your profile with them. I’d wait at least 65 days for your wife’s business card.

  53. My wife applied for aa amex and gold via 2bm (before this post was available) amex approved gold denied. Now for the biz aa card do I have to wait 65 days or this is only if both cards would of been approved?

  54. Is it possible to hold (& get bonuses for) multiple Citi business cards at once if the businesses have separate FEINs

  55. StilllknCitibank

    Data point. Applied for two Citi Hilton cards in July 2012 and instantly approved 2bm. Applied for a third yesterday and received “application pending further review”. Hesitant to call but figured why not since will have inquiry. Called today and got approved for third card, although at 20% of the credit line of the other two. Still happy with Citibank 🙂

  56. Is the rule 18 months from when you closed your last aa citi card or 18 months from when you last applied? I want to get the aa citi again but closed mine last march 2012 but applied well over 2 years ago

  57. I think the Gold MasterCard (day 3 or 4) works as a different product because it is not a “Citi Select” card. All other cards with live links, Visa, MS or AmEx are considered “Citi Select ” cards if you read the T&C carefully. So I guess the trick now is to find a higher offer for a card that is not “Citi Select” and I believe it should work too. In the meantime… 30K for measly $750 in spend is still pretty awesome.

    • @Tim – I believe Citi would match your Social Security number to the application and wouldn’t approve the card for a 2nd bonus even if it had a different TIN.

      @StilllknCitibank – Thanks for that. So it is possible for more Hilton cards after ~8 months!

      – 18+ months from when you were last approved for the Citi AA personal cards. You should be fine if you applied in 2010!

      – I suspect you may be right!

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  59. If you were approved within the last 18 months (and I was last June for personal visa) then I am correct you can not get any 2nd card? I was turned down in Jan for the bus card this year as a prior card holder so how are people now getting 2-3 cards. If I do go for the Mastercard 30,000 miles as a new product and am approved when will my 18 month period commence?

  60. # Day 3 or 4: Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months. You may have to call in to get approved.
    # Day 65 or later: Apply for the Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 4 months

    Could you pls explain why i have to wait 65 days until I apply for the business card? Since first 2 were personal cards, cant i just apply on day 5 or 6?

    Thank you

    • @greg – You may be able to get the personal Gold MasterCard. I’m unsure when the 18 month period will commence if you get the Gold MasterCard, but will guess last June would still hold for the Visa version.

      – No, because Citi allows only 2 applications within 65 days so the 3rd application will get denied.

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  63. Update.
    I today received my Visa AAdvantage with 50K points to come, 10 days after I received the AMEX AAdvantage, both personal.
    My idea was that AMEX is not accepted by AAA, PG&E and other important accounts. Then I saw that AA shopping site ONLY ACCEPTS VISA, MC AND DISCOVERY. So , When I applied for the Visa and shows that the application was being reviewed, I called very annoyed for this huge lack of consideration on the part of AA.” They offer AMEX but do not accept AMEX. How am I going to do my shopping and earn miles? I feel lied to. ”
    So the Rep expedited the approval.
    100K AA miles!!

  64. Does the second Citi application a few days later result in a second credit pull? I applied for five new cards Sunday, so it seems like it would be a lost cause if they pull again as they will see new inquiries.

  65. I did a APP-O-RAMA on monday 4/29 and got approved for Citi AA visa 50K offer alongwith 2 more credit cards. I applied for the other Citi AA mastercard today wed 5/1 . The second AA was showing pending review but i started a chat with credit analyst and he confirmed my name and DOB and approved my card. So following 1st day and 3/4th day rule from your blog got me approved for 2 Citi AA cards.

  66. Day 1:Applied for citi AA Amex and citi AA Visa with 2 browser technique.
    Day 100: Appllied for Citi AA Business Visa.
    How long should i wait to apply for Citi Personal AA Master? Can I apply immediately or should i wait for 65 or 95 days from Day 100?
    Any inputs are appreciated.

    • @Anu – You may be able to get it now if you only recently applied for the Citi AA Business card.

      @CG – I do get rejected for having lots of inquiries, but calling or writing a reconsideration letter usually helps.

  67. Got approved for the Citi AA Visa 50K offer along with 3 other cards. I applied for the other Citi AA Mastercard 3 days later and was denied due to too many recent inquiries. I will try sending a letter to Citi. Do some credit card companies pay more attention to recent credit inquiries than others? I apply for 4-5 different cards every 3 months like you do. My credit history is long, excellent (770), and clear. Do you ever get denied due to recent credit inquiries? I will have to wait a long time before the inquiries start dropping off.

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  69. I applied for the Citi Bus yesterday and it was pending, called today. Got the card in July 2011, cancelled in June 2012, before fee it. Was told since I had card before could not get it again for bonus, after talking for a little longer, recon wanted to help me and said since I barely used card she could get me approved. This worked out for me, but wondering if Citi has changed its’ policy on getting the same bonus twice?

  70. I have a question about the AA Citi cards. I do not understand why on day 1 and day 4 you would want to apply for 1 personal card @ 50k and then one business card at 50k. I would leave the 30k offer for a later time to see if it goes higher. Would this work or no?

    • @Stacey – Thanks for sharing. Citi has been tightening their policy and it isn’t clear what is and isn’t allowed.

      @Lesli – That would work as well, as long you don’t apply for more than 2 cards within a 65 day period.

  71. Seams like the business 50,000 miles link (option 3 to apply) is not working… I get the message: “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.”- anyone else got the same? I tried private browsing, too… So far I did not apply for option 1/2. I was just testing links. 1/2 were okay…

  72. I have had my AA Citi card for about 6 months now and have already received my bonus miles. Can I apply for a Citi Hilton Visa Signature Card and get the bonus on the Hilton card too? Does Citi track 2nd bonuses?


  73. Thanks! Also, do you know of any recent times when link to Citi American Airlines personal Visa with 50,000 miles worked fine? Thank you!

  74. Link for 50K personal card worked for me 5/24, although it does not seem to work today. It will be a sad day if the deal has ended.

  75. Angelo Rivera

    I got this letter after applying for the citi card business card for the second time. I applied about 20 months after I opened the first one. Does this letter mean I applied too soon or does that mean citi is changing to how chase only allows customers to get the offer once? Any input would be great thanks.

    Dear _____:

    Why we’re writing you
    Thank you for applying for a Business Card account.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application at
    this time because:

    o This specific offer is valid only for first-time
    CitiBusiness/AAdvantage1 cardmembers. Our records
    indicate that you previously had a CitiBusiness/AAdvantage1
    account with us.

    We appreciate your interest and we hope to have the opportunity
    to serve you in the future.


    Credit Management Department

  76. Please apply for this card with caution…not all incentives will be honored. After applying for this card under a “Holiday Promotion” in December of 2012 which promised “35,000 advantage miles after $1,500 in spending “if you apply by January 31st, I have been notified that the terms have changed, now to “40,000 advantage miles after $3,000 in spending”. While my account meets and exceeds the minimum spending limits for the ORIGINAL offer I applied for, these new “terms” exclude me from receiving any miles. Citi and the Advantage rewards department do not provide any direct contact information or customer support other than the website communication, which responds with canned answers and stock responses. Read their terms of service carefully for yourself, as their promotions and terms of use can change without any warning and at the detriment of the consumer. You may be applying for a rewards incentive, and have it completely change without notice! Make sure you read the fine print: “ American Airlines reserves the right to change the AAdvantage® program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time without notice”

  77. Do you know if Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® with 40000 bonus after $3000 spending as an exception as the personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 3 months was? Can you be able to get this version even if it has not been 18+ months from your last successful personal card approval from Citi? Is it considered a different product from the other American Airlines cards like Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® with current 40000 bonus after $3000 spend?

  78. I just applied for the AA platinum/mastercard for 40K bonus. 15 minutes after I got approved, I got an offer via email to apply for the aa platinum/visa signature for 50K bonus. I applied for it – called Citi they said they cannot approve my visa since I just got approved for the mastercard. I am miffed about this. Do you know if I can apply for the mastercard later on and whether Citi will approve it? The email says Aug 31 is the deadline.

  79. The Gold Mastercard link doesnt seem to be working anymore. Also when I go to the citi site itself I can only find a Gold VISA not a Mastercard. What am I missing?

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  81. Hi,

    We are trying for the business card on American. I was able to complete mine with no problems, but my wife attmepted it adn she keeps recieving this message when submitting.
    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  82. I applied and received approval on both Hilton HHonor AMEX (50k points) and Hilton Signature Citi Visa (50k points) on 5/15/2013. Do you think I can apply for another Hilton Signature Visa now since it has already been 65 days?

    I know there are 2 Hilton Signature Citi Visa offer out there (one 40k, and another 50k bouns) – I remember you mention Citi consider these as 2 separate product previously, is it still correct?

    Thanks for your help!

  83. Hi D,
    i have 2 concerning right now.
    Can i apply citi aa card for my spouse but using my AA mileage number? will the bonus still credit?
    second, I just been rejected on july 19, reason ” multiple application submitted”. Is that mean reset the clock “60-65 days” for the next application? they told me that i need to submit the application so they could check if i am eligible or not, but doing so could effect my credit for too many inquiry. Hope to get the answer from you soon…

  84. Can you use the AA gift card to reserve hotel through AA reservation?

  85. I got both Citi AA cards on the same day in June 2012. When I called in May 2013 to cancel them, Citi waived the annual fee and offered me a bonus of 1,000 extra miles for every month that I spend $1,000. I have been doing that monthly on each card, but fully intend to cancel both cards by June 2014 because I don’t want to pay the annual fee. Today I got an email from Citi regarding the American Express card stating that they have raised my credit limit. Do you consider this “Good News!” as they do? Will the increased limit hurt me more when I go to cancel? If so, can I call and tell them to put my limit back to the original amount, and if I do that, would that have an affect on my credit score or future churning? Should I call and request that they don’t increase the limit on the Visa card? I guess I’m also quite surprised that they would just increase the credit limit without my asking for an increase.

  86. Is the American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles still available? If not, is there another ‘magic’ 2nd personal card loophole with another Citi Aadvantage product that could take the place of the Gold card available previously on day 3/4? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  87. Daraius,
    Can you clarify your comment to Matt above? You can only get 1 citi personal card of any type every 18 months? I am confused.


  88. looking for the combination aa amex citibank credit card.
    any ideas?

  89. Daraius,

    It seems Citi is giving some difficulties for when you want to close out a line of credit and either merge it with another card to move it to a new card that you just applied for. Have you experienced this, and if so what has been your workaround?


  90. What about Thank You Preferred cards? For example, approved for TYP, could one then apply for the Dividend within a few days?

  91. Hey Darius I applied for a Citi AA Biz MC and personal Visa in Dec 2012. I cancelled Biz card and also used your link to get the 50K personal MC in Nov 2013 and was approved. I am planning a trip and I need approx. 40K more miles. my thought was to try to apply for maybe the gold and Business Card again . I would prefer just the Biz card since that would give me the miles I needed. I just wonder if I would get approved since it has not been 18mths and I just cancelled. What are your thoughts or suggestions on how to get the extra miles needed ?

  92. i just applied for the 100k Executive card today and was instantly approved with 30k credit line. i mistakenly put an application in a few hours later for the 50k platinum select personal card, of which i was initially denied (only 1 card per day). i was planning on calling in 2-3 days for reconsideration. is the Executive card considered a “personal” card (e.g. could i apply for both of these within a few days of each other and not break the 1 personal Aadvantage card per 18 months rule)? if they both count as “personal” cards, then should i apply for the 50k business AA card instead in a few days? thanks in advance.

  93. Is the AA executive card considered a personal card? If so (in reference to the above post), can I apply for AA business card now and then regular personal AA card in 65 days? I already applied and was approved for executive card yesterday.

  94. I applied citi dividend select visa credit card on Jan2nd and then till Jan 30th applying for dividend for college student. But got instantly declined. And letter says the reason is multiple application for credit. What does this mean? Can’t I get two dividend? One is regular version and another as for college student? Thanks!

  95. Applied for and was approved for AA Exec Card (had to call in to expedite approval — spoke with a nice woman and just reconfirmed my app details) with a decent limit right out of the gate. Mistakenly applied for AA Platinum card the next day, and was denied (no instant approval – given my app ID and told to follow-up in a few days). Rep wouldn’t even approve the card, much less take it with an offer to move some of the existing credit line. I’ll sit back and wait for the letter, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a little while before hitting up Citi again for a bonus :(.

  96. Hi Daraius,

    Would I be able to get the 100K AA Exec Card and wait 65+ days and get the 50K AA Platinum card? Or don’t bother because they are both personal cards and it’s only one personal card every 18 months??

    Option 2: 100K AA Exec Card, wait 65+ days…apply for 50K AA Business card.

  97. Hi Daraius, so I could get the 100K AA Exec card and wait 8 days, and get the 50K AA Platinum card and I could get the miles for both or is it a YMMV situation?

  98. I was refused a citi MasterCard advantage today. reason because I already have a citi aadvantage card (visa) I guess there are more updates to the rules on simultaneous cards.

  99. If I just got a citi AA business card, and it had been 18+ months since I applied for a citi AA personal, am I ok to apply for a new AA personal? Or do I need to wait some time since I just got the AA business? Thank you!

  100. Hello, I read your blog about applying for citi cards. I wish I would have read it sooner because after being approved for the Hilton card, I applied for the AA Advantage card but was denied because it was same day. I read where you should wait at least 8 to 65 days to reapply. My question is, since I am traveling the end of April, Do you think my chances are pretty good for approval in mid April so i can use the advantage miles? I just don’t want to apply to soon. I can also wait the 65 for the reset if you recommend. Thanks for your help!