New Rules for Getting 2 Citi Credit Cards

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You used to be able to get approved for 2 personal Citi cards (of the exact same type) at the same time (or one after the other) and get the bonus on both cards.  This worked with the Citi American Airlines cards, the Citi Hilton cards, and the Citi Hilton Reserve cards!

However, Citi has recently changed the “rules” for how they approve applications.  And you can’t get more than ONE Citi card approved per day.

Note that these “rules” are based on my experiences, reader feedback and posts on Flyertalk and MilePoint, which means that your experience could be different.

1 Citi card per day

The new “rules” are that you can get only ONE card – either personal or business – per day.  It doesn’t matter if you apply for a business card or a personal card.  Or if you apply for different co-branded cards (say, 1 Hilton and 1 American Airlines card).

You won’t get approved for the 2nd card, on the same day, and calling in to the reconsideration line doesn’t seem to help.

2 cards within 65 days

But you can apply for a second card a few days after your first card application and likely get approved for it.  However, Citi will only approve 2 personal cards within a 65 day period, and 1 business card every 95 days so make sure that you haven’t crossed these limits.

Citi reps say that only one card per day will be approved, but I prefer waiting 2 or 3 days in between applications to make sure that at least 1 day (however it is calculated by Citi!) has passed.

This means that you could apply for the Citi Hilton Reserve card today and in 2 or 3 days you should be able to get the Citi American Airlines business card.

But you won’t be able to get the exact same card after just a few days, though you will be able to get close variants.  For example, you could get a personal Citi American Airlines card today and the business American Airlines card 2 or 3 days later.  Or the Hilton Reserve and the regular Hilton card a few days later.

Citi American Airlines Cards – Up to 110,000 Miles

There are 3 Citi American Airlines cards which you can get for a total of 110,000 miles.  110,000 American Airlines miles will take you almost anywhere in the world!  See this post for more details on how to use American Airlines miles.

As discussed the general Citi rules apply which mean that you can’t get more than 2 cards within a 65 day period.  And you have to wait at least 2 to 3 days in between the first and second card.

But there are also informal “rules” specific to the American Airlines cards which suggest that you CAN get another personal Citi American Airlines card if it has been at least 18+ months from when you were last approved (not from when you cancelled) for a Citi American Airlines personal card.

An exception seems to be the personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 3 months.  You may be able to get this version even if it has not been 18+ months from your last successful personal card approval from Citi because it appears to be considered a different product from the other American Airlines cards.

However, this isn’t guaranteed, so apply with that in mind.

Note that you can’t get 1 American Airlines personal Visa AND 1 American Airlines personal AMEX card at or around the same time any longer.  But the Gold MasterCard (above) appears to be an exception.

Best Current Links

Here are links to the best Citi American Airlines offers.  However, the sign-on bonus is NOT always mentioned in the application page, but the link does work and almost everyone receives the sign-up bonus.  You can always confirm the sign-up bonus when you call to activate the card.

  • Citi American Airlines personal card with 40,000 milesafter spending $3,000 within 3 months (if you want to see an application page)
  • Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months
  • Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months

Here’s how to get all 3 cards over 65 to 95 days if it has been 18+ months from when you were last approved for a Citi American Airlines card or if you never had a Citi American Airlines card:

  • Day 1:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal card with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months
  • Day 3 or 4:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months.  You may have to call in to get approved.
  • Day 65 or later:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines Business Visa with 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months

Just be sure that you can meet the minimum spending requirements before applying.  See the 40+ ways to complete your minimum spending requirements for more tips.

And here’s a post on how many of us may be eligible for business credit cards without knowing it.

Citi American Airline Business Cards

You used to be able to get a new Citi American Airlines business (not personal) card every 3 to 4 months after closing your last Citi American Airlines business card.

However, folks are speculating that you may need to wait about 6 months or longer from when you last cancelled the card to get another one.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent personal experience to share since the “rules” changed.

Citi Hilton, Citi Hilton Reserve & other Citi Cards

You used to be able to get 2 Citi Hilton cards and 2 Citi Hilton Reserve cards at the same time, but that is no longer possible because Citi will approve only 1 card per day.

The “old rules” for the Citi Hilton & Thank You cards were that you could get as many as you wanted as long as you didn’t apply for more than 2 personal cards within 65 days.

But there haven’t been many recent reports (since the rules changed) on the time needed between applications to get the Citi Hilton Reserve, Citi Hilton or other Citi cards again.

I’m guessing (as in:  I don’t really know) that you may be able to get a second of these cards after 3 to 6 months, but it will take time to get new data points on what is and what isn’t possible.

It could very well be that Citi will not approve for the exact same card again if you have the same card open, but we don’t know for sure.

Please share your experience in the comments!

Citi Reconsideration

If you are denied for a Citi card because of too many recent inquiries or for any other reason you usually have better luck writing a reconsideration letter to Citi and including your phone number for them to call you back.

But this doesn’t work if you are denied for having an existing version of the card which you applied.  For example, writing a reconsideration letter if you were denied for already having a Citi American Airlines card isn’t likely to help.

Bottom Line

The rules for getting 2 Citi cards have changed, but you can still get up to 110,000 American Airlines with just 3 cards!

110,000 American Airlines miles should get you almost anywhere in the world on American Airlines or one of their airline partners!

Just remember to not apply for more than 1 card per day, and no more than 2 personal cards within 65 days or 1 business card every 95 days.

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127 responses to “New Rules for Getting 2 Citi Credit Cards

  1. Can you use the AA gift card to reserve hotel through AA reservation?

  2. @Amit – I don’t believe so.

  3. I got both Citi AA cards on the same day in June 2012. When I called in May 2013 to cancel them, Citi waived the annual fee and offered me a bonus of 1,000 extra miles for every month that I spend $1,000. I have been doing that monthly on each card, but fully intend to cancel both cards by June 2014 because I don’t want to pay the annual fee. Today I got an email from Citi regarding the American Express card stating that they have raised my credit limit. Do you consider this “Good News!” as they do? Will the increased limit hurt me more when I go to cancel? If so, can I call and tell them to put my limit back to the original amount, and if I do that, would that have an affect on my credit score or future churning? Should I call and request that they don’t increase the limit on the Visa card? I guess I’m also quite surprised that they would just increase the credit limit without my asking for an increase.

  4. Is the American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles still available? If not, is there another ‘magic’ 2nd personal card loophole with another Citi Aadvantage product that could take the place of the Gold card available previously on day 3/4? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  5. @Matt – Citi only lets you get 1 AA personal card now unless it has been 18+ months since you were last approved.

  6. Daraius,
    Can you clarify your comment to Matt above? You can only get 1 citi personal card of any type every 18 months? I am confused.


  7. @Lesli – It is one personal American Airlines card every 18 months.

  8. looking for the combination aa amex citibank credit card.
    any ideas?

  9. Daraius,

    It seems Citi is giving some difficulties for when you want to close out a line of credit and either merge it with another card to move it to a new card that you just applied for. Have you experienced this, and if so what has been your workaround?


  10. @dazed – Citi usually doesn’t let you transfer credit lines from 1 card to another, unless they call you to suggest it.

  11. What about Thank You Preferred cards? For example, approved for TYP, could one then apply for the Dividend within a few days?

  12. @justin k – I’d leave 8 days in between applications and not more than 2 applications within 65 days.

  13. Hey Darius I applied for a Citi AA Biz MC and personal Visa in Dec 2012. I cancelled Biz card and also used your link to get the 50K personal MC in Nov 2013 and was approved. I am planning a trip and I need approx. 40K more miles. my thought was to try to apply for maybe the gold and Business Card again . I would prefer just the Biz card since that would give me the miles I needed. I just wonder if I would get approved since it has not been 18mths and I just cancelled. What are your thoughts or suggestions on how to get the extra miles needed ?

  14. @camabr – I’d try getting the 75K Executive card instead because you may not be able to get the business or personal card since it hasn’t been ~18 months.

  15. i just applied for the 100k Executive card today and was instantly approved with 30k credit line. i mistakenly put an application in a few hours later for the 50k platinum select personal card, of which i was initially denied (only 1 card per day). i was planning on calling in 2-3 days for reconsideration. is the Executive card considered a “personal” card (e.g. could i apply for both of these within a few days of each other and not break the 1 personal Aadvantage card per 18 months rule)? if they both count as “personal” cards, then should i apply for the 50k business AA card instead in a few days? thanks in advance.

  16. @tumbler – It is now ~8 days between personal apps. But you should wait 65 days for it to reset.

  17. Is the AA executive card considered a personal card? If so (in reference to the above post), can I apply for AA business card now and then regular personal AA card in 65 days? I already applied and was approved for executive card yesterday.

  18. @Tumbler – It is considered a personal card.

  19. I applied citi dividend select visa credit card on Jan2nd and then till Jan 30th applying for dividend for college student. But got instantly declined. And letter says the reason is multiple application for credit. What does this mean? Can’t I get two dividend? One is regular version and another as for college student? Thanks!

  20. Applied for and was approved for AA Exec Card (had to call in to expedite approval — spoke with a nice woman and just reconfirmed my app details) with a decent limit right out of the gate. Mistakenly applied for AA Platinum card the next day, and was denied (no instant approval – given my app ID and told to follow-up in a few days). Rep wouldn’t even approve the card, much less take it with an offer to move some of the existing credit line. I’ll sit back and wait for the letter, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a little while before hitting up Citi again for a bonus :(.

  21. Hi Daraius,

    Would I be able to get the 100K AA Exec Card and wait 65+ days and get the 50K AA Platinum card? Or don’t bother because they are both personal cards and it’s only one personal card every 18 months??

    Option 2: 100K AA Exec Card, wait 65+ days…apply for 50K AA Business card.

  22. @Brandon – You can get 1 personal card and then after 8 days apply for another personal card. It is no more than 2 applications every 65 days.

  23. Hi Daraius, so I could get the 100K AA Exec card and wait 8 days, and get the 50K AA Platinum card and I could get the miles for both or is it a YMMV situation?

  24. @Brandon – It always is ymmv.

  25. I was refused a citi MasterCard advantage today. reason because I already have a citi aadvantage card (visa) I guess there are more updates to the rules on simultaneous cards.

  26. If I just got a citi AA business card, and it had been 18+ months since I applied for a citi AA personal, am I ok to apply for a new AA personal? Or do I need to wait some time since I just got the AA business? Thank you!

  27. Hello, I read your blog about applying for citi cards. I wish I would have read it sooner because after being approved for the Hilton card, I applied for the AA Advantage card but was denied because it was same day. I read where you should wait at least 8 to 65 days to reapply. My question is, since I am traveling the end of April, Do you think my chances are pretty good for approval in mid April so i can use the advantage miles? I just don’t want to apply to soon. I can also wait the 65 for the reset if you recommend. Thanks for your help!

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