40,000 Miles (~$420 in Travel or $200 Statement Credit) Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® Now Available to All

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Update:   Post edited to reflect changes to the Barclaycard Arrival Plus.

Update:  Post has been edited to reflect the new $3,000 within the 1st 90 days spending requirement on the card.

Update:  Post has been edited to reflect that redeeming for non-travel statement credits is a poor value since you get 0.5 cents per mile.

Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® 40,000 Miles

Late last year, Barclaycard was testing a 40,000 miles Barclaycard Arrival Plus.  This was a targeted offer so not everyone could apply for it.

But the 40,000 miles offer is now available to everyone!  I previously had affiliate links to a 20,000 mile offer, but it wasn’t worth writing about.


Where Will You Go With 40,000 Barclaycard Arrival Miles?

The $89 annual fee is waived for the 1st year, so this means that you’re getting at least $400 in statement credits after spending $3,000 on purchases within the 1st 90 days of opening your account.

Barclaycard says that you earn “miles” but you’re actually earning cash back with the card since you can’t transfer your Barclaycard miles to airlines.  But you can redeem them for statement credits at 0.5 cents per mile (poor value) or 1.05 cent per mile if you redeem for travel.

You get 5% of your miles back if you redeem for travel, so 40,000 miles gets you $400 towards travel and 2,000 miles back (5% of your miles back).  You can then redeem these 2,000 miles which you got back for $20 towards travel (but only combined with another 8,000 miles!  Because the minimum redemption is 10,000 miles).  And so on…

You earn 2X miles on all purchases, so you’re effectively getting 2% cash back for each purchase.  But since you get 5% of your miles back when you redeem for travel, this is effectively a 2.1% cash back card when miles are redeemed for travel.

This makes the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® (with 2.1% cash back for travel) better than the Capital One Venture card which offers only 2 miles per $1 or 2% cash back and the best cash back card for travel.

That said, an extra 0.1% is NOT going to really have much of an impact unless you spend a LOT on the card.  To put that into perspective, an extra 0.1% on $100,000 is only $100!  But the Arrival card does have the best sign-up bonus of any cash back card, which is why I’ll get it.

2X Miles on all Purchases

2X Miles on all Purchases

I’ve written previously about the Barclaycard NFL card which offers $400 cash back. The NFL card also has a 3% foreign transaction fee, but no annual fee.

On the other hand, the 40,000 miles Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® card has an $89 annual fee (waived for the 1st year), and no foreign transaction fees.

I’d get the card for the sign-up bonus of ~$420, after spending $3,000 on purchases within the 1st 90 days of opening your account, which can be used towards any travel expense – air, rail, car, cruises, hotels, etc.

I don’t think this is as good a card as the Barclaycard US Air card (no longer offered), but it could be the next best Barclaycard.  That’s because you can get $420 towards any travel redemption after spending $3,000 within the 1st 90 days.  And there’s no restriction on flights etc., since you can buy them anywhere and request a statement credit.

And the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® could be replacing the Barclaycard US Air card, if Barclaycard is unable to continue issuing the credit card for American Airlines after the merger with US Air is complete.

This would be similar to the US Bank Northwest card transitioning to the FlexPerks card once the Northwest and Delta merger was complete and American Express issued the Delta credit card.

Platinum vs. World Master Card

I’ve written previously that Barclaycard is notorious for approving you for a lower version of the card and giving you fewer miles.

Well, it looks like things may be improving since the terms don’t indicate that you will get a lower sign-up bonus if you get approved for the World Master card.  If you get approved for the Platinum version, you should get the 40,000 miles sign-up bonus, but not the concierge and Preferred Access benefits of the World MasterCard, which are virtually useless in my opinion.

The terms sayIf at the time of your application you do not meet the credit criteria previously established for this offer, or the income you report is insufficient based on your obligations, we may not be able to open an account for you or you may receive a Platinum card which has fewer benefits.

Domestic vs. International Redemption

Even though this is the best cash-back card if you redeem for travel, I wouldn’t use this card for every day spending if your goal is first or business class travel.  That’s because you’d have to spend ~$250,000 to earn $5,250 cash back for an international business class ticket (but with no restrictions).

On the other hand, you’d have to spend $80,000 on the American Express Starwood card to earn 80,000 Starwood points which you can convert to 100,000 US Air or American Airlines miles for a business class ticket.

But the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® is a good card for everyday spending if you’d like to buy cheap coach tickets because spending $12,500 gets you ~$263 in cash back (2.1%) which you can then use for any coach ticket.

However, you still have to spend a LOT, which makes the concept of a “best” everyday spending card irrelevant for most folks.  But arguing over the “best” everyday spending card does keep us miles and points bloggers busy!

That said, I prefer to use my spending towards new credit card sign-up bonuses, but not everyone is like me!

Barclaycard ArrivalTM World MasterCard®  – 20,000 Miles

There is also a no-annual fee version of the card available which earns 20,000 miles after spending $1,000 within the 1st 90 days of opening your account. This is worth $100 in statement credits or ~$210 when redeemed for travel.


Hit the Beach With 20,000 Miles From the No-Annual-Fee Barclaycard Arrival Card

Confusingly the card has almost the same name (Barclaycard ArrivalTM World MasterCard®) as the 40,000 miles card which does charge an annual fee.

As expected, the no-annual fee card earns 2X miles only on travel and dining unlike the annual-fee version which earns 2X miles on ALL purchases.  However, the no-annual fee card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees as well.

I’d personally skip the no-annual fee version of the Barclaycard ArrivalTM World MasterCard® and apply for the 40,000 miles version which waives the $89 fee for the 1st year.

Bottom Line

The 40,000 miles Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® is a good option for the $420 sign-up bonus when used towards travel.  You may even be able to get more than 1 Barclaycard (different card types) based on Rapid Travel Chai’s experience.

I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of money on the card after the sign-up bonus, even though it is the best cash-back card for travel with 2.1% cash back when redeemed for travel.

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251 responses to “40,000 Miles (~$420 in Travel or $200 Statement Credit) Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® Now Available to All

  1. I’d considered several travel reward cards and was all ready to apply for the Barclaycard World–but I live in Iowa, so I can’t. I liked the flexibility of being able to redeem points for any travel purchase and simplicity of not having to make sense of all the different award programs. We only travel once or twice per year and mostly within the U.S. (although we plan to go to Europe in 2015). Credit score 750+ and I pay full balance each month. Do you have a recommendation?

  2. I am new to all this as and trying to figure out the best card to use for everyday purchases to help with the few trips and ( hotel stays )we take in the U.S to visit family each year. I was just approved for the Barclay Arrival but now I am wondering if I should sign up for an airline card to use everyday instead. We spend about 4k a month and always pay it off in full. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

  3. @Jon – Barclays has virtually no reconsideration opportunities any more. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

    @Angela – I’d consider the Southwest 50,000 point cards for travel within the US.

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  6. You mention in your Bottom Line: “I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of money on the card after the sign-up bonus, even though it is the best cash-back card for travel with 2.2% cash back when redeemed for travel.”

    I have been using the Arrival World for 9 months for all purchases except Chase’s 5% rotating categories. It seems like the best % return. Is there a reason “you wouldn’t spend a lot on the card” after the sign-up bonus? Do you just balance other cards very well to maximize rewards? Thanks!

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  8. @Nadeem – Because I’d rather put my spending towards sign-up bonuses.

  9. When you say ” after spending $3,000 within 3 months”, does that mean if I spend that much, I would have to pay it off first before $440 bonus?

  10. @Dande – You usually get the points once the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes.

  11. Hay, dude

    I have a question on this card.

    I just got this card and curious on if I can credit the following merchants.

    1> airbnb

    2> priceline bidding hotels & flight.

    3> bookit.com

    4> tax and fee on expedia.com ( I mean just tax and fee only)

    Please answer

    Thank you!

  12. @SERIESI@@ – All should be possible.

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  16. ReadyOrNotLetsGo

    List year I got a Barclaycard Arrival Card and qualified for the 40,000 points bonus. Recently they sent me the Barclaycard Arrival+ card with the chip. I did not request this card. They just sent it to me and said I was being upgraded, and it has the same credit card number as my Arrival card. If I meet the minimum spend of $3000, can I get 40,000 bonus points on this card? Or will they say I can’t because I already got the bonus with the other card?

  17. @ReadyOrNotLetsGo – Unfortunately, you can’t get the bonus again.

  18. It looks like your link is down. Could you let me know when it’s working again? I’m planning to apply soon 🙂

  19. Hi Darius – I apologize in advance if this topic was already covered and I just didn’t see it. I applied for the Barclays Arrival World card and received the 40,000 point bonus about 6 months ago. Am I still eligible to apply for the new Arrival + Plus World Elite card and receive the 40,000 point bonus? Are these two cards considered to be different programs so I can capitalize on both bonuses? Thank you!

  20. Darius… husband got card last year while the $1k minimum spend offer was available. We purchased a cruise and put the 40k towards the $1k purchase . ( which I learned later was not the best way to do it but I didn’t know)

    Now I have been approved for the new World Arrival Elite with a $3k min. spend.
    So I know I have at least another $1k in travel purchases for this cruise.

    Should I make the purchases in smaller amounts to be able to make the most of the $400 cash back ? and also do I have to make the minimum purchase $3k all travel related in order to get the $400 back?

  21. @Amanda – The link works for me. Thanks for thinking of us!

    @GlobeTrotter – Barclays has got tougher on approvals, but if you do get approved, you could get the bonus.

    @ Yankeesfan – The expenses don’t have to be all travel related. I’d charge the entire $1K to the card for convenience.

  22. Hi, I have an interesting question: I just got the Barclays card, made a purchase, paid the $89 and the 40K has been deposited. My daughter and I are taking separate USAir flights next Tuesday. That reservation was made using a separate VISA rewards card I have. I used points and there were no fees. My question is about the baggage fees – have been around in circles with USAir. They say I will have to pay for baggage because I did not “use” the card to charge the reservation. I called Barclays and they said that as long as the reservation has my usairways dividend miles number on it and I check in at the airport or kiosk, I will have a free bag. Anyone know what is correct?

  23. @Nina – I believe if you have your US Air number associated with the reservation, you should get the free bag. You can also show the check-in folks the card.

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  25. Hello Darius: For the last several months I have benefited from reading through your blogs, applying for newer significant sign-up bonus credit cards etc such as Southwest Premier, Marriott Premier, Wells Fargo Amex Propel World etc.

    I am tempted to apply for this Barclays Arrival Elite MC (so far no Master Card) because of an upcoming International Travel which would easily cost me about USD 3K. Now once approved and after the spending, typically I have noticed the points credit to the account right (with all other credit cards) after the billing period (in which the spending took place) closes. That said, can I request the statement credit towards the cost of USD 3K (travel ticket booking) that triggered the spending related sign-up-bonus to some extent?

  26. Thank you, Daraius. Earlier this afternoon I did use your referral link to apply for the Barclays Arrival Master Card Elite and was NOT instantly approved. Then within a few minutes called the re-consideration line at 866.408.4064. Spoke to 2 different agents. They verified the credit reports etc. Asked a few questions regarding residency status, home status, auto and mortgage loan statuses etc and finally approved for $5K. It is a meager limit, but one that sufficiently helps for some upcoming international travels not to mention of other no-foreign-transaction-travel-rewards credit cards that I already have with pretty decent limits.

    I have always had great values reading through your blogs and so far have been fairly successful following your tips and referral links for all the following:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    Chase Southwest Premier – Business and Personal
    Chase Marriott Premier Rewards
    Wells Fargo Amex Propel World

    … and now with Barclays Arrival Master Elite.

    Thank you for all your writing and all the tips/tricks.

  27. @Kumar – Congrats and thanks for using our links! Yes, you can request the credit for an amount which triggered the bonus!

  28. The lack of ability to transfer points to airlines is a deal breaker. The various Arrival cards, and the Venture cards, are inferior to the Chase Sapphire Preferred for this reason, IMO. If I get a “miles” card, I want to actually be able to earn miles, not just cash back.

  29. Just wanted to let you know that Barclays will reconsider if you call, to some extent…. I was initially not approved for the card, but still decided to give them a call, and I’m happy I did! I have another Barclays card that I don’t really use (had a sign up bonus and no annual fee, so I left it open), and they ended up lowering the credit line of my existing card in order to open the Arrival for me This probably won’t float everyone’s boat, but it did mine, since I wasn’t using the other card anyway, so I was very pleased to do this ‘barter’ type of deal instead of being flat-out denied. 🙂

  30. Darius, do you know if the Barclay Arrival + will consider studentuniverse.com tickets as ‘travel’, or is studentuniverse a ‘specialty/marketing’ category charge? Thanks in advance!

  31. Darius, do you know if the Barclay Arrival + will consider studentuniverse.com tickets as ‘travel’, or is studentuniverse a ‘specialty/marketing’ category charge? Thanks in advance!

  32. @jenn – Congrats! I don’t know if it will be considered a travel expense, but best to do a small test first!

  33. After you satisfy the requirements on these cards, do you cancel them so you can get a new type of card ? I am trying to learn more about this and that the biggest thing I am not clear on.
    Thanks for any help!

  34. @Jill – I evaluate cards after 9 to 10 months to see if the annual fee is worth the benefit for keeping them.

  35. I am very interested in applying for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard and your posts has proven informative in my decision to pick Arrival+ over CSP.

    As you note, however, Barclay is notorious for approving “lower versions” of the card. Do you have any information (other than the Terms and Conditions legalize) on what the requirements are to be approved for “World Elite” vs “World” vs “Platinum?” I have a pretty good credit score (on the cusp of Good and Excellent, depending on the reporting agency), and I’d ultimately like to get approved for “World Elite” but don’t know what the requirements might be.

    Is it all in the score, is income taken into account, does it really even matter?! Thanks in advance!

  36. @Judd – You could get both cards in the 1st year and then decide which one to keep in the 2nd year. You get the same bonus with both versions of the card.

  37. I’m puzzled. You wrote that the $3,000 min spend would qualify to get the bonus credits but spending must be for actual travel to get the rebate. Few people would spend the $3,000 on actual travel. Most would buy debit cards for min spend.

  38. Two questions:

    1) Does purchase of travel insurance via merchant Travel Guard count as qualified travel statement credits?

    2) If my spouse also has a separate Barclay’s Arrival card / account, can the spouse transfer points into my account and vice versa?

  39. @Drummer70 – Not sure about #1, and no for #2.

  40. I’ve never figured out what you do with all these cards after you reach your sign-up bonus. Do you just keep the card forever collecting dust? If you do then you have that looming annual fee. So i assume you’d cancel the card which inevitably hurts your credit score. How do yo manage when to close and when to open new accounts and the impact on your score. Thanks from a newbie!

  41. @Mark Gold – I evaluate the card after 9 to 10 months and decide if the benefit of keeping the card is worth the annual fee.

  42. Is it easy to downgrade to the no annual fee card before the annual fee hits after the first year?

  43. Hi there,

    I’m an American living in Europe for the moment. I have my own business and am looking for an every day spending card (for the company), chipped, no intl. fees and with cash back or travel rewards (lol I’m a tough sell 😉 I pay off my cards via my American bank account, if that makes a difference. Would you recommend this card or would there be another you’d recommend? Cheers~

  44. Does Barclaycard take SERVE reload as a cash-advance?? or there are no fees charges for using barclaycard for SERVE (american express)

  45. Is the Arrival+ considered different from the standard Arrival? I got the other Arrival about 18 months ago and want to see if I am eligible for the for the bonus with the Arrival+.

  46. @A.J. – It is unclear, but let us know what happens!

  47. Ernest M Kraus

    I also evaluate if that annual fee is worth it or not. I have used a Citi American airlines card for years. It got me to life time gold. The annual fee is $95. I get a free business credit card also. All my miles are on American. I have recently activated a US Air Barclay and a Chase Marriott. Great bonuses and free for the first year. American Airlines advises that the separate mileage accounts will be merged sometime 2nd quarter of 2015. At that time, I will evaluate which to keep to keep building miles. Will not need two. Your blog is good.

  48. Say I already have the Barclays Arrival Plus and have my points in my account. If I were to apply for the Barclays US Airways or the No Annual Fee Arrival Card would those points from the US Airways or Arrival pool into my account that I already have from the Arrival Plus? Or are they kept as separate accounts and ways of redeeming so I can’t group all my points together?

    Also, why do you prefer US Airways over the Arrival Plus since the Arrival Plus gives you 2x points on every $1 compared to the 1x of US Airways?

  49. @Ernest M Kraus – Thanks for reading!

    @Jeremy – The points from the Arrival are distinct from the points in your US Air account. I like both cards! But for first and business travel, the US Air card is better!

  50. Are bus tickets, train tickets, campgrounds (like KOA), or hostels considered travel? How abot tours? What else do they consider travel other than air and hotels?

  51. Love MMS and all the tips. Have enjoyed collecting miles and rewards for the past year. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite was my first reward card and in first year have redeemed nearly $1200 in rewards for hotels and air travel, even in partial use (before and in between starting other cards and earning their bonuses with sign-up spending). Anyway, hitting the 11 month mark we redeemed as many BarclayCard miles/points as we could and called to cancel to avoid that first $89 annual fee. I did ask about switching to the no annual fee Arrival World card and they were very easy to comply. I don’t get another sign up reward bonus but I can carry a few points forward and will probably use this in between earning other new card sign-up reward bonus and also to keep for long term in order to keep our FICO credit score up.
    Anyway, I had seen others ask about switching down to the no annual fee card, so I thought I would mention it worked for me. Good luck and happy traveling.

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