Credit Card Updates: Southwest 50,000 Points (Expired) & US Air 50,000 (Really 40,000) Miles

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Disclosure:  The Southwest 50,000 point offer is better than the 25,000 points offer on the Southwest website.  The US Air 40,000 mile offer isn’t as good as the 35,000 mile offer, but BOTH are better than the 35,000 mile offer (which earns me a commission, but which you should NOT apply for).

1.   Southwest 50,000 Point Cards

On Wednesday, I wrote that the Southwest 50,000 point offers would soon not be available.  By Thursday evening all 4 cards were offering the usual 25,000 points instead of 50,000 points.

I wrote that “I don’t know for sure if ALL the 50,000 point offers will still be available, but I’m pretty sure that at least 1 card will still offer a 50,000 point bonus.

Well, it turns out that 2 out of the 4 cards are still offering 50,000 points!  As always, I updated the Airline Credit Card tab with the links yesterday.

I also wrote “The Premier version of the card seems to have the 50,000 point sign-up bonus less frequently than the Plus version.

And sure enough, there are links to the Plus personal and business cards with 50,000 points.  But not to the Premier version!

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Colt for letting me know that the links on Mommy Points were still working for the Southwest Plus!

I can’t say how long these links will last, but you almost always get the sign-up bonus on the application page.

2.   US Airways 40,000 Offer

Million Mile Secrets reader Rob & Forrest (thanks!) emailed me with a link to a US Air card which offered 40,000 miles after your 1st purchase, but which doesn’t waive the $89 fee.

But the links to the 35,000 mile offer in this FlyerTalk post (& in the Airline credit card tab) are MUCH better for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you get the full 35,000 miles regardless of which version of the credit card you apply for.  With the 40,000 mile version, you risk being approved for a lower version and getting only 15,000 miles.

Secondly, the 35,000 mile offer waives the $89 annual fee.  That said, paying an extra $89 for 5,000 US Air miles could be worth it for some, but do the math for yourself.

Lastly, the 35,000 mile promises an anniversary bonus (though Barclays may not be issuing the credit card in a year because of the US Air & American Airlines merger).

BOTH these offers are better than my commission earning link for 30,000 miles.

PS:  I’m traveling so I won’t be able to get to the comments quickly!

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37 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Southwest 50,000 Points (Expired) & US Air 50,000 (Really 40,000) Miles

  1. Thank you for the heads up Darius. I applied for the southwest card because of your warning and got the bonus offer before the change. does chase give you a notice or something?

  2. Once I click the link instead of 50k miles it says “2 free round trip flights.”
    Do they still give you 50k for each card and will it still apply form companion pass or has this changed?

  3. I applied for the US Air card a few months ago, 40k mile offer. Because I cancelled a card last year and I have had 3 total in my lifetime, they would not approve me. Even though I had a 778 beacon score. Would not budge. Would love to get one of these cards!

  4. Though, maybe the merger will take a quite a long time 🙂

  5. Had an US Airways Dividend Miles MC account opened in January. Would you advise applying for this 35K US miles card now?

  6. HK Darius, I used the link that offered the 40k w/o an annual fee (after the merger announcement) it was never approved I called a few times they said they have a technical issue with my app, about 1 month later, I got letter saying I used an invalid link through a social media website, I want this card, my question, do you know if the 35k w/o fee still work…if so I will try again…thanks! (Sorry for the long message..;)

  7. Darius, your links to the US Airways cards aren’t correct, the one that takes you to your CC page only talks about 30K miles bouns and the one on FT the links do not work.

  8. My wife applied a week ago under the 35K link w/first purchase and got “technical error”. Verified that she got instantly approved with 5K limit. (enough for Premier World!). No first year af. 🙂
    Card came in mail yesterday and activated! I just cancelled mine so I have to wait some time to apply in my name.

    As always, thank you for all your helpful information on your blog!!

  9. caught a roumor on FT, get the usairways card, make one purchase, pay that off as soon as it posts and put the card in the sock drawer. bloger claimed you get a targeted email to “encourage” you to use the card more. i tested it, got the 40k with the fee not waved, about 8 weeks after paying the fee and 14 bucks from a lunch, i got a “targeted” offer, spend $750 each month for 3 months and get 15k us miles. looked automated so have your readers give it a shot

  10. Hi Daraius,

    A general question about the US Airways card. I applied last year (April 2012) using the now obsolete Chairmans link, and received the card. Now that it’s nearing the anniversary, Barclay sent me a letter listing the various benefits, but didn’t actually mention the 10k bonus miles (instead talking about 10k elite miles if spending a ludicrous amount on the card). In your experience, is it the case that every Chairman’s card in the past would always include 10k bonus points?

  11. Anyone have any experience in receiving the Chairmans 10k anniversary bonus? will this bonus post to your account a few weeks before the annual fee appears or the month after? Thanks

  12. The southwest offers appear to be nebulous as they don’t state a number of miles anywhere. I wonder if they tweaked the offer so people don’t get the companion pass. I hope not, as I’m trying to go for the business card in another 2-3months to get it

  13. The US 10K annual bonus posts about the same time as your annual fee is due. It is not cross-referenced to the card’s renewal and many people have gotten it and then immediately cancelled the card without losing the 10K. Your annual fee is refunded or cancelled if you cancel.

    Best to keep one US card open though for the 5K award discount.

  14. isnt ur previous post in February regarding 40,000 with no annual fee still a better offer than what you mentioned in this post

  15. Any hints when the SW card will close up for good? I am timing my next AOR the end of April… I may move it up a bit to get this card. Thanks

  16. for the SWA credit card through the link posted, has anyone tried to apply and see how many bonus miles is actually given? the SWA website itself does not offer this credit card anymore… i want to apply for it, but i’m afraid they will give me only the 25k bonus miles and say “we’re really sorry, but…”

    • @Isaac @Alex @ari – It is marketed as “2 free round trip flights” but you get 50,000 points. The sign-up bonus still counts towards the companion pass.

      @Kalboz – You could cancel, wait 3 months from the last card and then reapply. But no guarantees what will happen since Barclays is very unpredictable and ymmv.

      @Steven – I used it a few weeks ago and it worked.

      @Tony – The 2nd and 3rd link on the linked FlyerTalk page do work.

      @chemist661 – The same thing happened to me! But I got the card.

      @thomas – That works with most Barclays cards since it seems that they send you a bonus offer if you don’t use the card for a bit.

      @Keith C @MYRflyer – I believe you will get the 10K bonus even though they don’t mention it in the letter they send you. In my experience, it posted slightly before the annual fee.

      @Ricky – I haven’t heard of many success stories with the 40K offer with the annual fee waived, but it is a better offer if you can get it to work.

      @buckaroo – Can’t say, but the offer does appear every 3 or 4 months.


  17. thank you for your input!

  18. I applied for the SWA personal premier card back in February (right before the 50,000 pt s/u bonus went into effect). I was feeling down about it, so I asked Chase, just last week, to match the 50,000 pts, and they did!!! As long as you meet the $2,000/3 month spending requirement, I think they’ll match the 50,000 point sign up regardless of the current deal.

  19. Is this a working link for the SW Plus Business Card? I found it in FlyerTalk.

  20. I think the link worked.. I had to call in to get it approved. Saying I wanted another card to separate my business reimbursable expenses from my personal expenses (thanks for the tip MMS). (since I applied for the Personal Premier earlier this week) When should I call in to verify I’m included on the 50k point bonus? When I activate the card? 🙂

    • @GP – Thanks for sharing!

      @Gordon Yu – I have a link to both 50K Plus offers in the Airlines credit card tab. You should get the 50K bonus and can confirm when you call to activate the cards.

  21. Thanks Daraius, I think I’ll wait another month to see if the 10k anniversary post, then call and cancel before annual fee.

  22. Hi Darius….I looked at your link, I think it now says 25k bonus, is this right? b/c usually when they offer that they also call it ‘2 roundtrips’…… looking for someone I know, but they want the better bonus,of course 😉

  23. My next app-o-rama is Thursday. Correct me if I’m wrong; the only current 50K Chase Southwest card is the Business Plus. Thanks for your help : D

  24. Contacted Chase support about getting the 50,000 bonus point offer retroactively applied to a business and a personal account if approved for both. This was there response:

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding a new
    Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Credit Card account.

    Our new account offers are continually changing. However,
    we will be happy to apply the 50,000 Reward Points
    promotion on a qualifying Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
    Credit Card account if you contact us within 90 days of
    the account open date.

    Please reference this email when you contact us back with
    in the timeframe noted above and we will be happy to
    assist you.

    This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time
    Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card Cardmembers
    with new accounts. Previous and existing Southwest
    Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card Cardmembers/accounts
    are not eligible for this bonus offer. Note: the bonus may
    be earned on one first-time personal and one first-time
    business Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card new


    I was actually planning to apply the weekend they ended up dropping the bonus, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Will be applying sometime this week and will update if I do, indeed, get the bonus applied to both the personal and business card.

  25. I’d like to apply for the US Air card as well as the World Arrival MC. I believe both are Barclays. Is there a way I can apply for both in the same day or at the same time so they only hit my credit score once? I’d also like to apply for the British Air card with the 50k bonus, even though it has an annual fee. thoughts? tips? thanks!

  26. Thank you! We weren’t going to get my companion pass 2014. This really helps.

  27. How can I get approved for the Business Southwest card? I already have the premier standard.

  28. Thanks to your website, I just successfully applied for both the Personal Plus and Premier card and received instant approval. 100,000 points with just $4,000 total spend, pretty cool !

  29. Thanks for your website. I’ve been reading for quite some time. I do have a question regarding the SW cards that I have not seen answered. I first obtained the Plus card before Southwest made the switch to points. I understand that you can get the 50k points since it is technically a different card according to Chase. My question is that if I were to cancel my card now, would I be able to reapply by the end of the deadline and still be approved? My last app for chase was on June 1st. Thanks for any help!

  30. Hi Darius,
    Just got a notice that the 50,000 points won’t be awarded, even though we spent the $2000, Because “the premium is available to new card members. Since you have taken advantage of this offer within the past 2 years you are not eligible”.
    Any way around this?? Thanks!!

    • @Kevin – I can’t really comment on whether you will be approved or not, but the current Southwest cards are different products than the ones which earned credits.

      @jeff – You should be able to get a new version of each different type of card, but NOT for the same type of card again.