Is The Southwest Premier 50,000 Point Offer Ending Soon? [Expired]

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Link:   All You Need To Know About the Southwest Companion Pass

Dustin comments:

Hey Darius,

Per Slickdeals, today is the last day for 50K points on the Southwest Premiere cards….

The Southwest website says that it is the “Last Chance” to get the cards with the 50,000 point offer after spending $2,000 within 3 months.

The heading of the the 1st post on the FlyerTalk thread on the Southwest card says “Alive until 3/27/2013: Chase Southwest Visa 50,000 Rapid Reward points offer”

And this SlickDeals post says “Last day to get on this deal.

What’s the Deal?

The Southwest credit cards are my favorite cards for domestic travel and are a great way for many folks to have Big Travel with Small Money within the US!

Emily and I travel almost entirely on Southwest within the US.  And I earned a Companion Pass up to the end of 2014 which will let Emily fly with me for free ($2.50 security fee per segment) on both paid and award tickets!

We earned the Companion Pass in January 2013 and it is valid up to the end of 2014.  Check out this post for all you need to know about the Southwest Companion pass.

You need to earn 110,000 points (within 1 calendar year from January 1 to December 31) to qualify for the Companion Pass.

50,000 Point Southwest Premiere & Companion Pass

Our Companion Pass!

The best way to get the Companion Pass is to apply for 1 Southwest personal card and 1 Southwest business card (for 50,000 points each) and then get the extra 6,000 points needed — after accounting for the $2,000 in minimum spending which earns points — to get the total 110,000 points for the Southwest Companion Pass.

2 Southwest 50,000 point credit cards and 10,000 transferred points can get you at least ~$3,332 in free flights if you redeem your points to travel with a companion!

Is it Really Ending?

My usual advice to folks is that the Southwest 50,000 point offers have been around officially on the Southwest website every 3 to 4 months for about the last 2 years!  And there has been an active 50,000 point link to the Plus version of the card since about November 2012.   So I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the cards today.

That said, I don’t know for sure if the 50,000 point offer will still be available on ALL 4 cards (personal and business Plus & Premier versions) in the next few days.  The Premier version of the card seems to have the 50,000 point sign-up bonus less frequently than the Plus version.

Bottom Line

I don’t know for sure if ALL the 50,000 point offers will still be available, but I’m pretty sure that at least 1 card will still offer a 50,000 point bonus.

But I don’t know which version of the Southwest card will still offer 50,000 points.  If you’re after a particular version of the card, it could be worth applying now, unless you’re willing to wait for 3 to 4 months (which isn’t a long time away).

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29 responses to “Is The Southwest Premier 50,000 Point Offer Ending Soon? [Expired]

  1. I’m looking for a link in October or later for CP status for 2014-2015.

  2. I applied for one if these cards on 3/12 and my application is still pending. Should they approve the card after today, would I still get the 50,000 sign up bonus?

  3. I just applied for the Southwest Rapids Rewards Premier card as my first churn card. I was approved immediately.
    I’m realizing now that I don’t see any evidence of the 50,000 bonus points written anywhere, only the spiel about the 2 companion passes. Did I sign-up for the wrong card? I thought I would be getting the companion passes and 50,000 bonus points.
    Also, I have a business and wonder if I should immediately get the business version too. Truthfully though, I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m a little freaked out right now.
    Your thoughts?

  4. Uh oh. Your Southwest Premier Personal doesn’t work anymore. The other ones do.

    I was actually looking to apply for this card in a week or two, so I really hope it is still available, or at least the Business Premier. I applied for the Business Plus on 1/4, and already had the Personal Plus too recently to apply again for that. I want that companion pass!

  5. I applied for both Plus SWA cards (personal & Biz) and got approved for both after seaking to recon. Between my wife & I, we pay annual fees on alot of hotel cards. We get more value (more than af costs) by renewing the cards. (Chase: Marriott, Hyatt, Priority Club, etc. We do not want to appear to Chase that we churn every card they offer. We mainly “churn” the CSP & Ink cards. We prefer to keep under the radar by keeping the Chase hotel CC’s for longer term. (as long there is recurring value in the free night at anniversary times!)

    We will see what is offered in late 2014 when my CP expires. If only the Plus is offered, I will have my wife apply for Personal/Biz cards. If the Premier is offered, I will apply for it under my name.

    Who knows if the CC bonuses will count toward CP?. Presently they count but who knows in late 2014 when our CP expires. Until then, we will enjoy the benefit of CP when it comes within a month or two for us.

    Bottom line: CP is so worth it!!

  6. Thanks for giving my comment its own post, Darius! As an update, I applied for both Premiere cards using your link and got approved for the personal one! (I still have to call on the business version.)

  7. I already have the personal and business cards… can I also sign up for the Premier?

  8. I just got the United Explorer instant approvalthe chase SW Plus Card by recon in February. just learning about all of this process and also applied for CSP not realizing you should not do 3 personal at once. chase declined the CSP but split my United Explorer limit to approve the chase SW Plus. also got an amex gold at the same time not realizing I should have held out for a bonus offer. I of course now have done a lot more research for cards thanks to website like yours and after research I want the companion pass and have been eyeing 1 of the SW cards. thinking about the business card or trying for the premiere. still want the CSP, and also figure that if I am going to do applications I might try the citi AA and an amex with bonus points like Delta and the blue everyday at the same time. should I wait the full 90 days or can I wait until April first? my credit scores has significantly improved since the original applications and this possibility of the SW cards point offers going away has me feeling a little rushed also should I go for the personal or business to be most successful and should I try for CSP?

    • @chemist661 – I hope the bonuses still count in 2014 when I’ll need to renew our Companion Pass!

      @Dustin – Thanks for using our links and good luck!

      @Katie – Based on reader feedback you should be able to get the bonus on the Premier version. But if these aren’t your oldest cards, you could cancel one and then reapply for the different version.

      @Elle – I’d personally wait a little longer, but you could apply for the SW card if you’d like. I don’t think all 4 versions of the 50K offer will disappear, but I can’t predict which one will stay.

  9. Hi Daraius,

    I picked up the basic Southwest Card a couple years ago (the one with the 3,000 annual point bonus), and back then the sign up bonus was 20,000 points after first purchase (still have the card). Do you think it would be worth contacting Chase to see if they might match? Thanks!

  10. Hi – I just got the SW Premier Personal, and am goign to wait a bit to get the Biz (too many Chase applications to do it now). You sometimes talk about getting the Companion Pass in January, but everything I’ve seen says you have to earn all the points within one Calendar year. I’m confused! Since I’ll have earned my first 52,000 in 2013, can I still wait and complete my 110,000 points in Jan of 2014? (I don’t need the Pass in 2013, all booked up for travel). Thanks!

  11. I used your link applied both personal and biz, called recon and got approved for both. In order to get the biz, I have to offer to close my two old personals. FYI, I got two new personals from chase end of Feb, plus these two SW, total four cards from chase within one month, looks like you don’t need to wait for 60 days, but don’t know how these will impact my credit score.
    For citi cards, I got one in Dec, applied another one in Feb, got approved after calling their recon.
    My goal is to get companion pass by May. Thanks for all your information.

    • @Matt – They don’t match so far back out, and usually match within 90 days of applying.

      @Cate – I like to earn my pass in January or February of the year, so that I can get maximum use out of it. But you have the FULL calendar year (Jan to December) to earn the 110K points. Your companion pass counter will reset in 2014 to 0 points, so I’d earn the remaining points in 2013. The pass earned in 2013 will be valid until the end of 2014.

      @sylvia – Here’s a post on credit scores.

  12. Sorry if i Post this twice, I don’t see it on your page so trying again.

    I’m sure you know by now that your links don’t work anymore for the 50000 points. I had to hunt last night to find one that was still working, and since I was nervous about missing it, I went ahead and applied. Unfortunately I got a message that the application required further review, then I called the recon line this morning and they said they needed to decline for too many requests for credit. (remember I just got UE and SW Plus in Feb) They also said the current usage on my UE is too high, not on my credit report but instead they looked directly at my account, which is only because the statement cycle ends on Sunday and I was waiting until today to pay it so that I’d catch as many of the pending charges as I can. They asked why I want another card and I told them i want SW premier because it has no foreign transaction fees and I am going out of the country soon and also want to keep spending separate. They said my UE and SW Plus were very new and they would want to see how I do with those. They also asked why my income was higher this time than when I applied in Feb, I told them it was because I did not know the first time that I could include my all sources of household income. Based on all this can you think of anything else I could do/say to get past the “too many requests for credit or is that like a kiss of death and major indication not to push further?” My payment on the UE should post tonight so the balance will be close to paid off, so I was thinking I could try to call again after that so they can’t list that as a reason.

  13. I applied for the SW premier card in the morning on 3/28 and the bonus was still 50,000 miles. But I forgot to take screen shots of the application form. After calling the recon line, I was approved ! Then I saw the deal was expired at night. Should I worry about the bonus I will receive? Will find out when I activate the card. . .

    • @Elle – I updated the Airline credit card tab with links to the Plus personal and premier which offer a 50,000 point bonus earlier today. You can call the reconsideration line a few times again to see if a different rep will be more helpful. You could even suggest moving credit from the other credit cards to the Southwest card.

      @Happy Feet – I wouldn’t worry about it. If you applied for the 50K offer, you should receive 50K points, though it never hurts to confirm when you activate the card.

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  15. Daraius,

    Thanks for the great website! Quick question I’d like to get your opinion. I got the SW Premier and Ink Bold in January, applied for the SW Business Premier as well and got denied because I had too many inquiries together and no real need for two business cards (very true). I want to get SW CP and don’t anticipate getting it by spending $60K the remainder of this year. I think my best two options are (1) cancel the SW personal premier and signup for the plus when offered at 50K points or (2) cancel the Ink Bold business and apply for one of the SW business cards when offered at 50K?

    What do you think is the best play or do you have any other ideas? Do I need to cancel the personal Premier to get the personal Plus signup bonus? What would your time frame be as far as when to cancel and reapply, etc?

    Thanks Daraius!

    (Wife and I booked a cruise for May through Chase UR and got $900 of the $1300 price paid for by Chase because of the Ink Bold signup promo and Office Depot cards…while they lasted. So pumped!)

    • @Kevin – You could call the reconsideration line and ask to cancel the Bold and get approved for the Premier if you will not use the Ink Bold. Or call and see if they will transfer credit from the personal card to the business card. Otherwise you could cancel the personal premier now and get the plus in a few months. Have a great cruise!

  16. So no more applying for 2 southwest for 50k each?
    Are all of them offering only 25k now?

  17. Just curious if any readers have recently qualified for the CP using signup points. I noticed this in their CP Ts&Cs:

    Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.

    My wife and I each signed up for 2 cards and have met min-spend requirements (just recently so points haven’t posted but I feel confident they will shortly). But got nervous when I saw that caveat. Mildly concerned that we might not get the CPs (we each want one so we can add our kids and be able to do family trips).

    Thanks for all the help!

    • @helga – There are still links to the 50K Plus version in the Airlines credit card tabs.

      @Lewis – It has always been that way and they have counted towards the Companion Pass. But that could change anytime (though it still works currently…)

  18. I filled out the Premier application and instantly got approved. Then I figured I didnt need the Premier card so I signed up for the Plus. I got approved for that one as well. My intent was to only keep one card and keep everything legit. Both cards have been sent but not activated. Is it possible to get the bonus on both Plus and Premier cards? Or will I be better off just canceling one of them?

    I know if I cancel one of them my credit takes a potential hit but the idea of scopping 50K twice is surely nice.

  19. southwest hopeful

    this is another THANK YOU to MMS and all bloggers for what you do. i’m one of the newbies trying to learn, trying to start slow but also have a bit of impatience. i recently obtained 2 new chase cards within a week of each other, they were my first in a long time, and decided to go for my 3rd within 2 months because of the SW premiere deal ending. I had to call reconsideration 3 times but finally got a wonderfully nice rep! after it was all said and done i was approved with a limit more than what i asked for!

    i must recommend to listen to MMS and always be polite and ask questions but don’t be argumentative, obtain plenty of information on the reason they want to deny your application just in case it’s something you can fix before the 30 days is up! in my case by the time i talked to the second rep it was only the fact that i had 2 new cards with chase and the other bank cards that i had before this had pretty low limits because i didn’t really use them much and never asked for more. i asked them to move credit and they said i would need another $1k in credit extended to be able to move it around and they didn’t want to do it. so when they said no i thanked them and hung up. my fico was over 730, my utilization was low, income good, and even though my 2 cards were new, i’d already paid them in full a couple of times. the last rep reviewed everything and they said they had no problem approving $5k.

    now just need to see if i get the 50k bonus, it was ending and i also have the plus so hopefully i get CP, if so SW will get a lot of business from me this year that would have otherwise gone to some other airlines!

    Thanks again MMS, I use your links whenever possible!

  20. The links on Mommy Points appear to be 25k bonuses now. Are there any other links that you know of?

  21. I can confirm that I was able to qualify for both the PERSONAL Plus and PERSONAL Premier. I met the spending benchmarks on my 2nd statement. I just got my companion pass and have been able to use it.

    What sucks is that I have in Hawaii. SW does not fly to Hawaii so having a Companion Pass down here really does not help me unless I can make it to the West Coast. Its okay though, I got a ton of points that I can use in the future and with some strategic planning Im sure me and my better half can figure out ways to use the CP in 2014.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this site together. I never thought I would do something like this. It already has been well worth it.