Mother-In-Law’s First Trip to India: Eating in Delhi

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Emily: Delhi has quite a selection of food.  One can find Western food, Indian food from all regions of the country, Indian-Chinese, and lots more!

Eating in Delhi

Are You Being Served

Daraius had read good things about Rajinder Da Dhaba and it was supposed to be very good for tandoori chicken.  The restaurant is 2.3 kilometers from the hotel, so you need a car or a cab to get there.  We had a little trouble finding the place, and it looked a little sketchy at first…

Eating in Delhi

Emily Outside Rajinder Da Dhaba

In front of the restaurant, there was a man selling kebabs. They sure smelled good!

Eating in Delhi

Yummy Kebabs!

They take the meat, cover it with spices, put it on a skewer, and then put it in a tandoor oven.  The oven is what helps give the kebabs their unique flavor!

This picture is of a restaurant’s kitchen as we were walking to Rajinder Da Dhaba.

Eating in Delhi

Eating in Delhi

We descended the steep staircase into the basement, and found a somewhat dark dining room.  Which means that the food must be good!

Eating in Delhi

Down the Stairs

We were all very hungry, but posed for a picture.

Eating in Delhi

Can we Eat Now?

The menu had quite a selection of traditional Indian foods at very reasonable prices.  It was about 250 rupees (~$4.60) for a starter.

Eating in Delhi


And about rupees 350 (~$6.40) for a main course.

Eating in Delhi


The service was extremely fast.  We got our drinks and then our food in no time.  The chicken tikka was divine—some of the best I’ve had in India and I even ordered a second plate!

Eating in Delhi

Tandoori Chicken

We also ordered butter chicken…

Eating in Delhi

Butter Chicken

…and biryani.  Biryani is spiced rice with meat and sometimes small vegetables.

Eating in Delhi


For dessert, we had gulab jamun which was some of the freshest I’ve ever had.  Yum!

After our snack, we went upstairs to get ready for dinner.  For dinner, Daraius’ friend hooked us up at a new restaurant named Shiro inside the Hotel Samrat in Delhi.

Eating in Delhi

Connie & Emily at Shiro

It was very well decorated with a very trendy, modern feel.

Eating in Delhi

Inside Shiro

Their bar was beautiful.

Eating in Delhi

Shiro Bar

There were three large Aphrodite statues that provided a lot of drama to the setting.  It definitely had the wow factor appeal.

Eating in Delhi

Tall Statues

I had forgotten my fish allergy kit, so I stuck to only vegetarian food.  We were served a selection of maybe 8 different starters—I feel like they just kept coming with the food!  The food was mostly East Asian food.

Eating in Delhi

Eating at Shiro

We had dumplings.

Eating in Delhi


After a late lunch and a snack at the hotel, we were stuffed.  After the round of starters, we skipped to the desserts, and ordered a chocolate mud pie, chocolate cheesecake, and a chocolate lava cake.  The food was nice and the ambiance trendy, but this could be a restaurant in any capital city.

Eating in Delhi

Shiro Desserts

The next day, we went for lunch at Moti Mughal, which claims to have invented butter chicken.  Moti Mahal is next to the Jamma Masjid and the Red Fort, so you could visit before or after sight-seeing.

Eating in Delhi

Moti Mahal in Delhi

Butter chicken is now served all over India, and is equivalent to the American hamburger in popularity.

Eating in Delhi

At Moti Mahal

Daraius:  The restaurant is pretty run-down, and the owners don’t seem to have invested in maintaing the facilities.  The toilets were some of the worst I’ve seen in a restaurant.

Emily:  I agree with Daraius on the bathrooms.  Once inside the restaurant, there is a large space filled with tables and chairs.

Eating in Delhi

Inside Moti Mahal

The menu prices were reasonable.  The full butter chicken was about $10.

Daraius:  Actually these prices were high for a restaurant which is not in a five-star hotel.  500 rupees for butter chicken is higher than elsewhere.

Eating in Delhi

Moti Mahal Menu

Other curries were less expensive, at around $4 per dish.

Eating in Delhi

Curry Menu

We ordered butter chicken…

Eating in Delhi

Butter Chicken

…different kinds of naan…


Eating in Delhi



Eating in Delhi


…and dal.

Eating in Delhi


The food was very good—the butter chicken was very creamy and delicious, though I thought it was a bit on the bland side because it was not spicy at all.

Daraius:  This was some of the best butter chicken which I’ve eaten, but the other food was okay.  It was pretty good, but not amazingly good.

I wanted to order brain, but Connie and Judi didn’t look very happy, so I didn’t.  But I sure will if they visit India again!

Emily: Not all Indian food is spicy, and you can definitely find non-spicy food.

Personally, I love spicy food and Daraius’ comfort level with spice is off the charts!  Even “Thai Hot” in Thai restaurants is not spicy enough for him.

Eating in Delhi

Daraius at Moti Mahal

For dessert, we had galub jamon…

Eating in Delhi

Gulab Jamun

…kulfi, which is like ice cream…

Eating in Delhi


…and a carrot and cultured milk dish.

Eating in Delhi

Carrot Halwa

I liked the carrot dish (without the sour milk) and the galub jamun the best. Yum!

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23 responses to “Mother-In-Law’s First Trip to India: Eating in Delhi

  1. Emily, you are lucky to travel with someone who knows the country and where to eat (and what to eat)! The dishes look delicious, especially the butter chicken and the dal and the naan….etc.
    Daraius– are you with family members or friends?

  2. Dude, end this TR already. It seems like 5 years ago when you first started it.

  3. D, I’m one of your biggest fans but this is really getting boring now. It has become too repetitive, where we can’t differentiate between one post and the next. What’s the point of stretching it out so much? Can’t you provide better value to your readers by having one post dedicated to each topic: hotels, eating, sights, getting around, etc. That would still get you about a dozen posts, but it would be more focused. My 2 cents.

  4. I love these posts emily! Keep them coming! 🙂

  5. As much as some people may not like the drawn out reports, they’re actually a very good reference for planning travel. While planning a trip to French Polynesia, your posts on the different hotels, upgrade options, things to do, etc. were very helpful in picking out the right place.

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  7. Have you tried any of the Delis in Delhi?

  8. Food food food. Love it. I have never been to Delhi thus far. If I go, I know where to eat. 🙂
    That was not sour cream at the end. I guess (since I was not there) it is called Khoa(or Mawa or Kova)

  9. Everything looks delicious! Great to see your dad and sister in the pictures.

  10. Please Daraius and Emily Don’t do more than 20 more segments on the India TR. Okay, maybe 25, but that’d the limit. 😀 However, if you want to make them longer and more detailed, that would be fine.

    For those that don’t appreciate the extended TRs, it’s pretty obvious by the title what they are. Just skip them, and let the rest of us enjoy them. Nothing to see here, move along, move along….

  11. I love that you took both “mom’s” on this trip. So cool!

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