How to See Where Your American Airlines Miles Can Take You

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American Airlines launched a new award map which makes it somewhat easier to see where your American Airlines miles can take you.

American Airlines Award Map

American Airlines Award Map

This award map will NOT show you award flights on ALL American Airlines partner airlines, but only a select few partners such as Air Berlin, Alaska Air, British Airways, Hawaiian Air, Finnair, OpenSkies & Qantas.  However, American Airline has ~XX partner airlines, so the award map isn’t that useful.

This is important because you can use your American Airlines miles to fly on other airlines such as Cathay Pacific, JAL or Malaysia Airlines to Asia or on LAN to South American.  But the American Airlines website and this new award map will NOT show you those options.

To find awards on partner airlines, see my series on “How to Book AA Awards Like a Pro.

However, it is a pretty neat tool and I wasted lots of time playing with it and fantasizing about flying away from the cold!

Using the Tool

The award map is fairly easy to use.  Just enter your departure city and the region you want to visit along with your departure date and the total amount of miles to use.

The award map appears to be designed to get you to pay as much as possible for a trip.  I say this because there is no easy way to limit the search to awards at the low (MileSAAver) level.  Instead, you can limit the search by entering the amount of miles you want to spend.

Can't Specify Low Level Awards

Can’t Specify Low Level Awards

So you could end up paying more miles if you’re not familiar with the low-level award chart.  Here’s a link to the American Airlines award chart which has both the regular and low-level award prices.

Once you click on “search” you see the cities which have award availability at the mileage level you specify in blue.

The grey pins on the map indicate availability for more miles than what you specified.

American Airlines Award Map 2

American Airlines Award Map 2

Bottom Line

The new award map is useful, but don’t give up if you can’t find an award.  Most partner airlines will NOT show up, so check out my series of posts on How to Book American Airlines Awards like a Pro.

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23 responses to “How to See Where Your American Airlines Miles Can Take You

  1. I don’t quite get it. Instead of spending all this time developing this feature which doesn’t really show as much as the regular search feature (unless you have very specific dates and no idea where to go), why not get the website up to speed by showing flights on the rest of the OneWorld partners? United’s website is far from perfect, but does a much better job of this.

  2. I spend a lot of time searching for last minute tickets to the Caribbean from NYC and then book them with Avios points. This will actually make my life significantly better!

    I actually searched for a free weekend I have in beginning of June to see if I can take a trip to the beach… it’s still not 100% sunny beach weather in NYC by then. Bermuda came up… may be taking a trip then 🙂 7500 Avios each way!

  3. That will be a fun tool to play around with.

  4. If redeeming award travel is too easy, there will be less availability for us more seasoned award travelers. Once BA was available on AA, availability has gotten worse

  5. Your link in the “award chart” takes you to The points guys blog where he talks about this as well. Why dont you give him credit by mentioning where you regurgitated this from?

  6. This is how I like to book travel! I want to be able to type in a date and then see where I can go. Perfect tool for me. I just found a couple of very points-affordable flights to somewhere warm and sunny that I had never even thought about traveling to.

    • “Lisa” – You don’t like the blog. I get it. You just left another comment today about a post which you didn’t like. And you’ve previously left similar comments on other posts (often using different names). I read about the AA Award Map on their Facebook page and virtually every other mile and point blog has mentioned the award map.

      But thanks for reading, commenting and increasing the page views for a blog which you don’t like!

  7. Hi Darius,
    Apropos of what The Miles Professor said, is there some way to use this search map to find open Avios award flights? I was looking for NYC to Miami and as an example September 20-22 was available on AA at Saver Level but not via the Avios website.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  8. My wife and I both need 10-20k more AA miles each for a Europe trip. What is the quickest/best way to get them other than through spend. Are there any cc bonuses that can be transfered to AA? Thanks!

  9. @ Darius, why are u arguing with your readers? Is it that hard to give credit to thepointsguy or frequent miler when you use their info? Stop making excuses. Not only is it common courtesy, but should be a standard to give credit to original authors especially when you have repeated so many of their stuff on your blog.

  10. LOL. Thanks Karla. That is exactly what I said. The constant regurgitation and plagiarizing from Frequent Mile/ThePointguy and others is mind boggling. Give credit where its due, Period. Also, I guess he is posting as much crap as he can so this site can show up more often during google searches.

  11. Please show your kindness. World will be a better place. We all learn from each other…

  12. For what it’s worth TPG may be the worst offender out there for regurgitating others posts without giving credit. MMS does a very good job of giving credit when credit is due. But this is an easy filler post that every mile and point blog will pick up on and write about. They all get it from the same source. AA’s Facebook and twitter.

  13. The points guy didn’t create the map, it’s not his baby. Why should someone give credit to someone who got it from someone else who got it from somewhere else ad nauseam. Now if you copy and paste someone else’s analysis that’s plagiarism. There is a difference. If he’s copying and pasting, a credit is due. If not and the info is AVAILABLE elsewhere like on AA own’s site, then no credit is due, period. Also to be fair to Daraius, much of what he posts is completely original content, trip reports, extremely detailed info on accumulating points, miles, specifics that I have not found anywhere else. When you go to a blog and find nothing new, you get bored and move on. When you find something new and interesting, you come back for more, apparently like Lisa and Karla have or shall we say, Larla.

  14. I am not sure what Lisa, Karla or Larla have against Darius. But I am sure that when I clicked the link for AA Award map link in the morning, the link landed at “the points guy” blog. MMS should have corrected the link later. I have no hatred towards MMS but this was quite obvious till he corrected the link!

  15. @newbie008
    I guess thats even better than giving credit. Just sending you right to another blog. Pretty generous.
    I was thinking, obviously people read the title of the article and hope to gather some interesting info related to the title. Then they read all the comment drama and waste their time and I waste my time responding to it. It would be nice just to “stick to the subject”. If I were Daraius, I might say comments unrelated to the article can be e-mailed to me directly or may be removed. Of course removal of comments pisses people off but I think he has that right. I know he leaves all comments for display, but sometimes most of the comments are a waste of people’s time just looking for some mile and point information. Case in point, this comment.

    • @Steven – The BA website is quirky. Try searching for Newark to Miami and you will see (some) availability on those days. Also, if the flight on has connections try searching individually on the Avios website. You can then call BA to book the flight if you see availability online.

      @Mayan Brian – You could transfer Starwood hotel points to American Airlines. Or if you have money to put in a BankDirect checking account, you could earn some miles that way.

  16. Wow.

    Just looked at a potential trip from here in the DC area to the Maldive islands.

    A round trip runs 90k miles – which I thought wasn’t terrible… but then I saw that all those miles are only half the deal.

    If you want to use those miles to fly, say in October as I was speculating, you need to also PAY MORE THAN $1015.00 in poorly explained fees!

    (I do have a screen capture I can share, but don’t see how to do that)

    What an absolute rip off!

    If you book the flight for cash, same dates and flights, the total is $1681.40

    This means your 90k miles are worth around $650!

    Is there anything that can be done about this?

  17. Here’s an attempt at sharing the image which shows the miles vs. dollar price.

    Editing, re-posting, movement (to a more proper thread) or deletion is completely at your discretion… and will never bring a complaint from me.

    • @@#!&∫! Sneaky Fees! – You are likely flying on British Airways which charges high fuel surcharges. But American Airlines partners with Ethiad which also flies to the Maldives and doesn’t charge fuel surcharges. But you can’t find award seats online and have to call AA to book them.

  18. Hello!
    Hope you can guide me. My husband and I have separate AA accounts with about 100+k miles each. I want to book two tickets next May (I know it’s too soon right now) from OKC to MAD round trip. I’ve tried before using the AA website, I can book one ticket using 50k and 62.k awards, but not a second ticket on the same flight. I assume they only have one awards ticket per flight. How can I book both of us on the same flights in Business or 1st? I don’t mind if we fly economy one leg if necessary. You’re website is great, I’m learning a lot already. Thanks in advance for your help.