Wells Fargo Debit Card Funding Change

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I’ve written about the Wells Fargo prepaid debit card before.  However, it turns out that you will have to use ONLY a Wells Fargo credit card (or debit card)to fund prepaid card after May 1, 2013.  Thanks to folks in the comments and those who emailed for alerting me to the change.

This makes it much less useful because Wells Fargo doesn’t have any attractive mileage earning cards.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

PS:  I’m on vacation and won’t be able to get to comments and email soon.

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22 responses to “Wells Fargo Debit Card Funding Change

  1. Bloggers kill everything!!!!!!!!!!!




  3. Mitch, are you suggesting blogger control? Bloggers don’t kill. Only people reading “bloggers kill everything!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

  4. Unfortunately, there are almost as many bloggers as there are readers. I just love all the latest altruistic bloggers with divine inspiration no less (read referral bonuses) who feel the need to impart their whole one year experience, (as shown in yesterday’s interview) with us.
    Just as you knew the stock market crash was coming when the news was saturated with little old ladies starting day trading clubs, and you knew the housing bubble was about to burst when every taxi driver and housewife suddenly became “flippers”, so too does the points and miles game seem to be getting to the bubble point when all these bloggers feel obligated to go on nationwide TV and spread the word in their quest for referral money.

  5. I had applied for the Wells fargo Debit card and they denied my application for the card since i had recently had a change of address to a different state and the reason they mentioned was drivers license address mismatch. I was about to re-apply for the card again but after i saw this would not go ahead with this. I am glad i was denied in a good way 🙂

  6. I do have a wells fargo cash back card that pays 1% anywhere with no limits. I wonder why they changed the method of payments.

  7. Thanks for sharing the info! Do all chase cards work for the wellsfargo card and are processed as a purchase? Or just the ink cards?

  8. Michael Belisle

    I have a wells fargo card. I stopped using it a while ago. I also have a Navy Federal visa buxx card. the wells faro prepaid and the navy federal visabux card are run by the same people. the navy federal prepaid card requires navy federal funding card only also

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  10. OH, I can only pray for the day when all this middle class American trash is cleared out of our first class cabins. Why would anybody go to such efforts to accumulate points? Do you not have a real career? If you can’t afford to actually buy the ticket then stay out of our cabin. The Europeans do not fill their first class cabins with the socialist leaning middle classes, why on earth do Americans and American financial institutions feel the need to do this to us?
    *Yes please check my isp, and you know its a four star European hotel!

  11. @jane

    I ask myself the same question. Why do these upper-class tax-evading criminals keep taking my hard earned money: big bank bailouts, AIG bailouts, junk bonds, Bear Stearns, automaker bailouts, airline bankruptcies and mergers, savings and loans, etc. The list goes on and on.

    So, good luck to you on your first class cabin that I have subsidized.

  12. @jane
    “*Yes please check my isp, and you know its a four star European hotel!”
    You are so upper class, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. ISP? lololol

  13. @Jane
    “*Yes please check my isp, and you know its a four star European hotel!”
    Only a four star hotel? That is so middle class. I only stay in five star hotels.

  14. I have a Wells Fargo prepaid card that was cancelled due to “fraudulent activity.” If by fraudulent activity you mean I used it. At least I got a few points out of it.

  15. @Jane,
    If you feel that accumlating points is such a waste of time – why are you posting on a points accumulating website?

  16. Really wealthy folks are flown in private jets… I find it hilarious that you think Airline First Class is something the truly wealthy would even bother with!

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  18. @Jane, @Jason, not all of us are independently wealthy. As long as these incentives are offered, you bet I will be the first in line (and a good customer too).

    BTW, my next trip (thanks to my blogger friends) to Aruba in July (for my family of 5) I’ll be thinking o f both of U. So nice of you to “subsidize” my family vacation. We appreciate it at least.

  19. Looks like Wells Fargo is clamping down quite heavily – My Chase United mileage plus CC called in to verify & check if the funding of $2500 came in as a cash advance from wells fargo – thankfully so. Did not happen to me in the past. will go the shredder earlier than May 1 now.

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  21. @Tom,
    “@Jane, @Jason, not all of us are independently wealthy.”
    I highly doubt “Jane” is wealthy. And “Jason” seemed to be mocking Jane.
    Anyways, there are other methods to manufacture points/spending. Don’t worry.

  22. how can i clean my credit and start new life please give feed back i am stuck with bad economy