You May Still be Able To Get 2 Citi American Airlines Cards

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Update:  The post has been updated with the best current American Airlines offer of 40,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months.

For a long time the easiest way to get 100,000 American Airlines miles was to apply for 2 Citi American Airlines cards at the same time with the 2-browser trick.

This was an awesome deal and was the #1 deal listed in the Hot Deals tab, despite never earning a commission on the 50,000 mile cards.  My affiliate links were for 30,000 miles and the mother-in-law rule says that I should promote the better links.

There are over 1,000 comments on the post with many folks asking for reassurance that the card application page was still working.

I posted an update, a few weeks ago, that the ability to get 2 Citi cards at the same time may be over.  However, some readers have managed to get approved for the 2nd Citi AA card by writing (not calling) the Citi executive offices.  But I don’t suspect that will continue, since the reps admit that Citi’s policy is to issue only one card per product type, but they currently may approve the 2nd personal American Airlines card as a courtesy to folks who write in.

Option 1 – 1 American Airlines Personal & 1 Business (80,000 Miles total)

This is currently the safest way to get 800,000 American Airlines miles in one go.  You apply for 1 Citi American Airlines personal platinum card ( VISA)  for 40,000 miles and another Citi American Airlines Business card for 40,000 miles after 2 or 3 days.

Since you are allowed to have 1 business and 1 personal card, you will eventually get 40,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 4 months per card.

Pro:  This is the easiest way to get 80,000 American Airlines miles and this method still works.  You don’t risk being declined since you can get the bonus on business and personal versions of cards.

Cons:  You are giving up a potential 30,000 to 50,000 miles.  That’s because you *may* (as in: it could work out if you’re lucky) be able to get approved for 2 personal Citi cards at the same time.

Either a personal Citi American Airlines Gold card with 30,000 miles & 1 Citi American Airlines personal Platinum card with 50,000 miles or if you’re really, really lucky 2 Citi personal platinum cards with 50,000 miles each.

You can’t apply for a 2nd personal Citi American Airlines card unless it is ~18+ months from when you were last approved, so you have to wait a long time for your next personal Citi American Airlines card.

Option 2 – 1 American Airlines Personal Platinum & 1 American Airlines Personal Gold (130,000 Miles Total)

Folks on FlyerTalk are suggesting that you *may* (as in:  we don’t know for sure, but it could be worth a try) to get approved for 1 Citi American Airlines PLATINUM personal card (either AMEX or VISA) for 50,000 miles and another Citi American Airlines GOLD personal MasterCard for 30,000 miles.

However, Citi seems to have instituted a new rule where they approve you for only 1 card in 1 day, so you may need to wait 2 to 3 days before applying for the 2nd card.

The Gold MasterCard requires only $750 in spending within 4 months to get the 30,000 American Airlines miles.

The theory is that since the Platinum and Gold cards are different “products” you may be able to get approved for these online or without much resistance when you call the Citi reconsideration line.

So you’ll get 80,000 miles (50,000 miles from the personal PLATINUM version and 30,000 miles from the personal GOLD MasterCard version).

And after 65 days or longer (or ideally after 90 days), you could apply for the Citi Business Platinum card with 50,000 miles, for a total of 130,000 American Airlines miles.

Pros:  You get more miles since you’re getting an extra 30,000 miles with the personal Gold MasterCard

Cons:  We don’t know for sure if this works for most folks yet.  I’ll try it out in a few weeks and let you know!

Option 3 – 1 American Airlines Personal Platinum AMEX & 1 American Airlines Personal Platinum Visa (150,000 Miles Total)

This is the riskiest of the 3 options.  You apply for the Citi American Airlines personal Platinum AMEX and VISA version for 50,000 miles each or a total of 100,000 miles.  And after at least 65 days (or ideally 90 days or longer), you apply for the American Airlines business version for another 50,000 miles.

This is risky because you almost certainly will be denied for the 2nd personal Citi American Airlines card.  Very, very, few readers do get instantly approved for both cards even after the “rules” changed, but I’m guessing that it is either because they haven’t applied for credit cards in the past year so didn’t have many inquiries in their credit report.  Or because they got lucky.

However, I do know that readers who wrote a letter and mailed it (as in did not call) to the Citi Executive office (CitiBank Executive Review Department, P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117) asking for reconsideration got a call back approving the 2nd personal American Airlines card.

However, the reps knew that the applicant applied for 2 personal cards and indicated that Citi wasn’t approving 2 Citi personal American Airlines cards of the same type.  But they made an exception for the readers who wrote in.  I’m not sure how long this will last, but this could be useful for some readers.

Pros:  You get 150,000 American Airlines miles – 50,000 each from the VISA and AMEX personal card and after at least 65 days (or ideally 90 days) another 50,000 miles from the business version.

Cons:  You have to type a letter, include your contact information, put it in the mail etc. and send it off.  And there’s no guarantee that you’ll get approved for the 2nd Citi American Airlines personal card either.  So you could end up with the same 100,000 miles from Option 1 instead of 130,000 miles (potentially) from Option #2 above

Bottom Line:

The ability to get 2 Citi American Airlines cards at the same time has changed. Please share your experiences via email or in the comments and I’ll keep you posted on which ways work best for readers!

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102 responses to “You May Still be Able To Get 2 Citi American Airlines Cards

  1. Have you been following the developments around the AAdvantage business cards? I believe it used to be churnable, but I think I saw an item on the FlyerTalk AA credit card thread reporting that someone was rejected for the card because they held it in the past.

  2. I believe this is the beginning of the end of the free point party. Blame it on airline consolidation. It’s only a matter of time before cc sign up bonus’ goes the way of inflight smoking. And then God forbid, we will have to pay for travel. The nerve of some companies.

  3. If you already have the cards, do you recommend cancelling them first? Have already had them for more than 18 months.

  4. If you do Option 1, does it still only count towards one credit inquiry? Also, I wanted to do the HH Reserve Card (not worth the others now with Hilton’s point devaluation). Would it be possible to do the two browser for 2 AA cards (one business and personal) and 2 HH Reserve cards and only get hit with 2 credit inquiries?

  5. I applied for both last week and got the approval on the Am Ex and denial on the CITI letters in the mail yesterday. I was going to call, but now I will get a letter drafted and sent out to see what happens. Will let you know what I find out.

  6. @Kay – several posters in that thread have reported getting denied for the biz AA card because they had it before. Some still get it though. Reports of it going both ways in the last month. It looks like what happened with the personal platinum cards first time only is beginning to happen with the biz cards. If a rep looks at the application they have been trained to check if you have had the biz card before. Still a big YMMV.

  7. @Lance – It depends on where you plan on using the miles, but I prefer United over Delta miles. I’d do dummy award searches on United & Delta to see which airline has the awards you’re looking for with miles.

    @Jeff – I have an award stay at the Waldorf in Hawaii using the certificate, but I couldn’t get the dates I wanted during my 1st try.

    @Stephanie – You still can – just not two of the exact same type.

    – I’d wait at least 65 days or 90 days before reapplying. You may (as in, if you’re lucky) be able to get the MasterCard if Citi considers it a distinct product from the Platinum Visa or AMEX versions.

    @Faye – Thanks for the datapoint. Did your spouse have a lot of inquiries on the credit report or was this the 1st time applying for cards?

    @leslie – You could get the business AA card and the Hilton card now and try later for the MasterCard. It isn’t clear if the MasterCard is considered a different product, but I suspect it may be.

  8. @bababooey – This name made my day. ‘peace and love’ tata toothey….

    @Mike – Option 1 would yield two inquiries, since the business and consumer entities of Citi are two branches, hence two different credit hits. If the 2BM still works (and that is up for debate) then it would count as 1 inquiry for 2HH Reserve.

  9. It seems like every time I apply for a credit card, the offer goes away or gets harder to get. I did the 2 browser trick in January, no problem, and they started cracking down on it within 2 weeks. Got the Usair with 40k at first purchase and no fee, it disappeared within a couple of days. I’ll be sure to warn everyone before my next app-o-rama!

  10. I’m new to this and just started reading your website(You guys run a great website that’s extremely easy to follow and seems to be constantly updated, so Thank You) a week ago and I’m about to sign up for my first round of credit cards. I was going to follow your option 1 above. My question is this – When I follow your links above in Option 1 to the AMEX & VISA offer, how do I know I’m signing up for a $50k offer? There’s nothing on the page or T&C that’s confirms the bonus amount.

  11. @alex, unfortunately there are no T&C’s for the 50K offer. You’ll have to do it based on faith but as many others have reported, they got the 50K. I got it as well.

  12. to offer another data point, I applied for and was approved for option 2 yesterday. I havent had a citi card in a while and and was approved for 15k and 10k credit limits. in addition to the risky nature of option 3, I steered away because I knew the 6k spend in 4 months would be difficult for me.

  13. Daraius, regarding the Mother-In-Law Rule……every Mom dreams (and prays!) that her daughter will find and marry a man who cherishes her and loves her beyond measure. Emily’s Mom may have lost a lot of money during that sale, but I’m certain she feels very rich because Emily has you. :)

    Thank you for all you continue to do with your Blog — I just love it!

  14. What are the fees for the platinum vs the gold cards? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. And- are they waived for the 1st year?

  15. Can anyone that had success with sending a letter to Citi post a template of what worked?

  16. bababooey- I think you forget why these programs exist. It isnt bec the airlines and banks want to give us free travel. It is bec they are competing with EACH OTHER. So long as there is free enterprise they will continue to compete. If you think that chase doesnt know for a long time that they are the most diverse and easiest program to get a lot of points with you must assume they have elementary school kids as their top tier market researchers. They will continue to roll out more and more products to keep the competative edge. As will their (now) big airlines need to keep competing. Will fewer programs mean some devalutation, sure. Will “loopholes” close faster bec of the speed with information passed, absolutely. But if you think airlines wont compete for loyalty (or banks) then you dont understand their “real” game. Perhaps some people here travel only when its free. But for many of us the free personal travel is an outcome of plenty of business spend and that is where airlines care in a very big way.

  17. @ oneeyejack, Thanks. I’ve got another – Does Option 2 only count as 1 credit inquiry? If so, is that the general rule for other creditors – 2 personal card apps count as 1 inquiry, but 1 personal/1 biz counts as 2 inquiries?

  18. Hi, I was trying to book an award ticket on AA this morning for my mom originates from PVG, stopover at ORD and then to Maui OGG. The website shows that booking all flights departing outside North America and UK needs to call AA reservations and you can’t search seats or routes on the website. Is this a recent change? Or to be a permanent change? Will we be charged for the $25 phone booking fee from now on? Back trip from NHL-ORD-PVG seems bookable on the website. Thanks!

  19. @Churner I don’t know about the new approval rules, but 2 months ago my wife and I each did the double browser app. We had gotten our first 2 Citi AA cards two years ago, and did not cancel them. We were approved for 2 new cards, so now we have 4 Citi AA cards each. The reason to wait 18 to 24 months between apps is that after that time both the computer and the reps don’t “see” the previous cards, canceled or not. Of course, that could change at any time too. But I’d keep your old cards, at least until you are approved for the new one, since they have valuable features like the 10% rebate of redeemed points, etc.

  20. Daraius,

    Never having had ANY citi card previously, I used the 2-browser trick back in October and got instant approval for the personal visa + amex cards, for 100K. Approximately 68 days later, in early January, I applied for my third card, the business visa, got pending, called recon line and was warmly approved, 50K more. My next window for a (different) citi app @ 65 days out is coming up in early March. What would be your recommendation for the next citi card?

  21. @Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog @Jack – I’ve had that happen to me before, but got the business card the next time. With Citi it is very variable, so I’d wait for a few more reports to see if anything has changed with the business card.

    @churner – If you have 2 cards, you cancel 1 and they reapply for them. If you cancel both, you may not have any AA cards if you’re denied (so no free bag and 10% of your mils back), though that may be worth it to some.

    @Mike – In my experience it is usually 2 inquiries since they are from the business and personal sections. You can only get 2 personal Citi cards within 65 days and only 1 Hilton product, so you wouldn’t be able to get 2 Reserves, though you could get 1 personal Hilton and 1 Reserve.

    @KennyB – Yes, please let us know!

    @Alex – Thanks for reading. The offer is for 50K miles based on reader feedback in the comments and on FlyerTalk. You can confirm the bonus when you call to activate the card.

    @akhan – Thanks for confirming that it worked!

    @Carrie – Thanks for the very kind words!

    @Ailak – I believe they are waived for the 1st year.

    @Justin – Something along the lines of “I have good credit and responsibly manage my debt or the last X year. I’d love to be part of the Citi family and could you consider my application ref # XX blah blah blah.”

    @Alex – Usually, but not if the inquiries are made on different days.

    @Jeff – I was able to book dummy flights from outside the US back to the US, so perhaps try again later?

    @Jeff – Depends on your goals. The Citi Hilton Reserve will get you 2 free weekend nights or if you’re adventurous you could try for the Citi Gold card in this post and see if you can get approved since it is a different product.

  22. Just want to share that I used the two browser trick to apply for the two Citi personal cards; was rejected on one of them. I CALLED the credit department and the rep was quite unhelpful. I then asked to speak with a supervisor who immediately approved the second card. Just received both cards in the mail. So 100K, here I come. 65 days from now, will apply for the business card.

  23. Are United Miles universally more valuable than Delta? I ask because I’m in Msp, a Delta hub. I have a choice on where the two 50K rewards for transferring to Fidelity are attributed.

  24. I can confirm option 1 double browser worked for me. I was asked to call in for each application, was placed on hold for a couple of minutes each time, and then approved. I called in for Visa 50k application and followed that with an immediate call on the Amex 50k application in case the order matters.

  25. @Daraius. The reservation went through in the afternoon now. Have no idea what was going on in the morning. Thanks for the suggestion on Hilton Reserve. But we are traveling in a party of three adults (mom coming from Shanghai, and my sister and I leaving from Chicago), the weekend certificate says it is a standard room w/ double occupancy. Will it work in Hilton resorts in Hawaii? I have the Ambassador Gold and PC Platinum w/ my PC chase card, should I churn the Hyatt card? Thank you:-)

  26. Could you still apply for two DIFFERENT citi cards on the same day? Say Citi Thank You Premier and Citi Hilton card?

  27. To confirm, I just now (Feb 20) did option 2 (Platinum AMEX + Gold MasterCard) using the two-browser trick and was instantly approved for both. Thanks!

  28. Daraius – I applied for the Platinum Visa Card end of January, denied for the AMEX card. Can i now apply for the Gold Mastercard that has 30,000 miles? Or do i have to wait 65 days? And does the 65 days apply to the AMEX card that i was denied when i used the two browser trick that didnt work for me back in January?

  29. I applied for the 40K mile AAVisa and 50K mile AA AMEX at end of Jan and spouse applied for both on Feb 16. All 4 cards had instant approval. So the 2bm still works.

  30. I had already gotten the citi advantage amex and visa =100000 in november. Which card can I apply now? I want the citi hilton honor , the citi business for 50000, and can I also get the master card version since it is different product? Is that all possible?

  31. (sorry if I’ve double posted somewhere else but I realized later that thread is older)
    I read from above that if it has been more than 18+ months from when I was last approved for a Citi personal card, I am able to reapply for a new one.
    If I have a AA Citi Visa approved in Dec 2010 (over 24 months ago) but if I just cancel it today, when is the earliest I can reapply? Or does the time of cancellation not matter?
    Also someone above said that perhaps it is ok to just keep the current card and reapply like it doesn’t exist. Is this ok? Wouldn’t they not have a problem with having a reapplication of an identical AA Citi Visa card?

  32. The Mastercard does seem to be a different product than the Visa and Amex. In fact, when I log into my AA MC on Citi it asks me to apply for an AA Amex. I think the safest 2-browser or 2 personal card combination right now is 40K miles from from the landing page at along with any of the AMEX cards on this page or that landing page. Total 80K or 90K depending on which AMEX fits your spending best.

  33. Are people finding that the combination suggested by KennyB is working (50k platinum amex/visa and 40k platinum MC)? I thought I saw somewhere on FT that since the 40k MC is a platinum product, this would not work — i.e., the magic of the 50k/30k combo people are now using is that one is a platinum card and one is gold, not that one is a MasterCard…

  34. I did the two browser trick for citi as visa & Amex. Got a “pending” answer. Called the recon line. They said it was pending, nothing they could do. Called the next day, got approved for the visa. Couldn’t get an answer on the Amex. Finally a form comes in the mail asking me to fill it out–it was a request so citing could look at my last years tax return! They wanted to make sure I was lying about the amount of money I made. I filled this out, sent it back. Heard nothing. Called two more times… Nothing! Then one day got an email saying I’d been approved for the 2nd card. The only downside: so much time elapsed that after they got my tax return, so much time had passed they did another hard credit pull, despite promising me they wouldn’t. But at least I got both cards. WHAT AN ORDEAL!!!

  35. @daraius Thanks as always for the selfless information sharing
    Just wanted to ask, can’t you get confirmed for AA visa/amex based on the fact that visa and Amex are different products? I did the 2 browser trick a while ago but was about to go again for my wife. I was thinking that even without the trick you could apply normally for both within the 65 day window and just explain you differentiate between visa and amex, what are your thoughts?

  36. Hey OP, I just submitted a personal application for VISA signature. Yeah I am very risk averse so did not do the 2BM since it seems rather risky. Instant approval and 50K confirmed for the card. Now I was wondering whether I am still qualified for the 50K from BIZ card, if I apply 3 month later? THX!

  37. D-Money, here are some data points for you. I have really pushed it hard this year in terms of cards for both myself and my wife, probably way more aggressive than most, to test the limits. I havent run into the too many inquiries problem yet, but if I eventually do in the next round, Im more than content to sit back and wait, until the inquiries I have occured over the last year drop off. But Prior to last May, I had only 4 credit cards scattered over the years, many car loans all paid off, and one mortgage paid, and another ongoing. Credit score of around 730. All of these were applied for and received under my name:

    May 2012- 2 browser trick for the Citi AA Visa and Cit AA Amex. Instantly approved for both with a $12,500 limit on both.

    Aug 2012- 90 days later, credit score was around 740- 2 browser trick again, this time on the Citi HHonors Visa, applied for 2 of the same cards, again APPROVED for both. One with a $17,500 limit and the other for a $20,000 limit.

    Didnt do another 90 day cycle between apps and this time waited til yesterday beofre applying for anymore cards, which made it 6 months between my last App-O-Rama, as I paid several things down over the holidays, including paying 2 car loans off and wanted all that to show on my credit before going in for my apps, and it did help my credit score as it went up to a 760, even though I had opened 13 credit cards in the last 9 months, up to that point.

    So yesterday, I went 2 browser for the Mastercard AA Gold. (I had a link for 40K miles bonus with a $1000 spend over 4 months). Instantly approved for a limit of $17,500 and then went for the Citi AA Business and wasnt given an immediate answer. Called in and talked to an analyst, she put me on hold for about 3 minutes, came back and said approved with a 20K limit.

    So in the last 9 months, I have been approved 6/6 on Citi Cards, (4) AA ones 3 personal/1 biz, and (2) HHonors ones, and I successfully used the 2 browser trick 2x that gave me instant approval online.

    And I dont want to make this longer than it already is, but going into yesterday, I have applied for and gotten 13 cards, and yesterday was 9/9, so ive gotten 22 cards this year in 9 months, my credit score is higher, and I always pay the balances off now on all of these cards. I always apply the same day, go from one company to the next, clearing my cache and cookies before applying. Yesterday was the first time I applied for any business cards, as 4 of the 9 I received were biz cards, all requiring a call in. When I called, 2 had already been approved, and 2 after answering a few questions.

    I also got 3 Hawaii Airlines cards yesterday, 2 personal (1 from BOA and 1 from BOH) and 1 business ( i decided to push it on the biz card just to see if it would work that I could get 3 from BOA in one day and that I hadnt seen the BOA Haw Biz before that has 35Kpts without any min spend requirement, as its now up on their site), that I will turn into 210,000 HHonors points after transferring the 105K Hawaiian Air Miles that I will receive. None of those 3 were approved online, called in for each of them. Answered a few questions on the first 2, and was told the biz had been approved already after calling in for that.

    Also as another data point, when I got a US Air MC last May, I was approved but only with a 4500 limit. I still have it open, but applied for a 2nd card yesterday and was approved instantly with a 17,500 limit so add that to the others who have had success getting that card 2x without having to close it. I waited around 9 months to apply for it again.

    I say all this not to say Im some kind of awesome guru, or know more than anyone else, just to try and give back info to the community, since that is where I have cobbled all of my info form. Based on my experience, this somewhat kind of shoots down the theories out there where a lot of people say dont do too many as you will get turned down for too many inquiries. While that may be the case for some, it doesnt mean that you cant be aggressive either ( I tend to think credit worthiness, payment history, etc plays a big part of that). So in final sum, i would conclude the most important factors are:

    1) timing your apps right. Again I went 1st app O rama…then 90 days for App 2…then around 180 days for App 3. vs going 65-65-65-65 or 90-90-90-90 although I realize those time frames also work for people. Prob doesnt make a difference but anything to trip up any algorithims companies may have is a positive IMO.

    2) Doing the apps right on top of one another, and doing them all on the same day within the span of an hour. I had all the links ready in an email i sent myself and just clicked and moved, clicked and moved, etc and took about 30 mins.

    3) Not carrying any balances when you apply.

    4) Being able to talk on the phone. Prob the best tip I have read on here was taking the iniative and leading the call. Again, and I think sometimes people forget…they want to give us credit, so if you have a good profile, they are going to look for ways to approve your app, more than they will to deny it. Yesterday was the first time I moved some credit around from another card to get approval for one of my biz cards.

    5) Always applying for new cards or new versions of cards. Other than the US Air MC, I havent gotten to the point of where having 1 citi cardIve needed to apply for the same cards again yet.

    So the bottom line everyone is, obviously only dont overextend yourself, but if you are in position to do so and you have built up a good credit history over the years, you can push the envelope.

  38. if you need a gold and a regular aa personal (two different types of citi AA cards) to get double browser to work, try using the old link for 50k w/ $2,500 and 2 AC passes which MMS previously posted.

    With that, the Amex is City Select /AAdvantage AMEX and the Visa is Citi Platinum Select AAdvantange Visa signature. Interestingly, citibank also lists this Visa as “Gold” on I don’t know if this is what helped me get both apps approved about a month ago.

  39. To add to the datapoint, I did option 2 last night using 2 BM method and was approved instantly. Called this afternoon to check the sign on bonus and yes, all is well. Hopefully after 90 days, will apply for the Citi Visa Biz card and am approved.

  40. I applied a citt amex & visa using the two browser trick on Feb, 14, 2013. My amex was approved instantly, however the visa was not. I received two mails from citi. One with the Amex card, but the other was the decline of the visa card. The reason there was: “You have submitted multiple applications for credit”. what can I do now? I should also mention that I call citi to check the status by the automatic system but never talk to anyone in person.

  41. I just did option 2. I didn’t do it with 2-browser trick. I applied for one, didn’t approve instantly, opened a chat session via the link sent out to my inbox, chat with a rep, got approved, while she was doing her thing, I applied for the gold one, and didn’t instantly approve and opened another chat session after the first one was completed and then got approved for gold one.

    Next will be the business version.

  42. What email has a chat link? I do not see it in the ‘Your Citi® Credit Card Application Status’ email‏, but I remember I was chatting for my applications a few month ago.

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  44. is the Citi AA $150 statement credit for any purchase I make such as shopping at target??? or like in the past any purchase directly from American Airlines???

    also are there any spending minimum requirements for the $150 statement credit?

  45. @Jun – It doesn’t matter when you cancelled. It used to be that Citi would issue a new card even if you had the old AA card, but with the recent rule changes, I’m not sure if you will get approved if you have the existing card. I suspect that folks might, but don’t have personal experience.

    @Joe – It used to be that you could get both the Visa and AMEX Platinum cards, but it appears that Citi now considers them to be same products and is declining applications for the 2nd card. But folks are being able to get approved for the Gold MasterCard as well.

    @mavis – You should be able to get the business card in 3 months, since you only have the personal card.

    @Ace – Wow! Thanks so much for that very detailed and helpful post! Would you mind sharing the AA 40K MasterCard?

    @webazoid – Thanks!

    @Chunyu Chen – I’d write a reconsideration letter to Citi.

    – It is only for an American Airlines purchase which is coded as being direct from American Airlines.

  46. As of today, it seems like all the Citi AA cards are going at 30k. Can anyone else confirm 50k cards?

  47. I applied for option 2 and got approved instantly for the Platinum, but got the pending notice for the Gold. It looks like everybody has been successfully getting approved by doing a chat session with Citi. Could you please provide me with a direct link to the Citibank chat? Thanks!

  48. For datapoint, option 2 today with 2 BMs and was approved instantly. IE-AMEX & Firefox-MC.

  49. Datapoint: Instantly approved today for Visa and Mastercard using two-browser trick (Mac Safari and Windows IE). Thanks Darius!

  50. I should have been clearer – I meant I used option 2 (50k Visa and 30k Mastercard)

  51. I just did Option 1 with a Chrome browser and a Safari browser and was approved instantly for the Personal AA Visa instantly and had to call into the CitiBusiness Visa line for final approval. I verified the 50,000 promotion for both. Thanks Million Mile Secrets!

  52. I have got the 50k offer for the Visa approved and just got my card (waiting to hear on the Amex from a letter written to Citi reconsideration). For the $150 statement credit… Has anyone successfully gotten their credit on the purchase of an AA gift card? I know this was suggested in the 2BM original post, but want to make sure it works before charging it.


  53. i just got approved for option 2! had to call for verication of the platinum visa, but was approved. i already have AA visa but i think it’s about 2 years old. also got the $150 travel credit which is awesome! thanks so much!

    thinking i should cancel the OLDER AA card, correct??

  54. Is the 50 K bonous still around

  55. How do you find out the reference number for the card(s)? Further processing is required at this time and an e-mail should be sent out within a week or so regarding the decision. I’m not going to call.

  56. @DINA – The older card could help your credit score, but it could be okay to cancel it if you have cards which are much older.

    @Bob – You should have seen it after your submitted your application.

  57. DINA, I recommend that you call to downgrade to the AA Bronze, which has no annual fee. Helps your credit!

  58. So I tried the 2 browser trick on Sunday. I screwed up a bit because 1 window timed out while I filled in the other form, so I ended up submitting them 60-90 seconds apart. Both of them went to a screen saying they would let me know via email if I am approved.

    Has anyone experienced this? What should I do?


  59. tried option 2,, was approved for platinum, denied for gold

  60. Same for me, option 2. Approved for Plat, denied for Gold

  61. Went for option #3. Called reconsideration on the Visa, got approved. Called again (for the Amex it didn’t even provide application ID) and inquired with the rep. They readily saw 2 applications. He said it was systemically denied due to multiple applications being submitted for the same product AND due to multiple applications being submitted on the same day. As he explained it, it’s a protective measure to catch ID fraud. Off I go to write a letter…

  62. Just an update from my comment earlier today. I checked the status of my application’s and was told that the platinum Amex was approved but the platinum Visa was denied because of, “multiple application’s for cards with the same awards program on the same day.” Verified that I am getting the 50K bonus + 150 statement credit.

    I guess i’ll try to write a letter and hope that works. Is it worth trying to apply for the gold card now before writing a letter?

  63. Hi Daraius,

    Does your link above for the AA business visa, have a credit statement + 50K points? Or just the points?

    Thanks! =)

  64. Hi Daraius,

    My wife and I need to accumulate a total of 135K AAdvantage points per person for a RT first class Cathay Pacific flight to Asia. Currently, we don’t have any AAdvantage point in our account.

    So, I went for the risky option #3 and got approved for the 50K Visa and denied for AMEX. The next step would be writing a letter to the Citi reconsideration office.

    Question #1:
    Is there any other ways that I can get AAdvantage points (beside applying for Citi Business for another possible 50K points after 65+ days)?

    Question #2:
    American Airlines is having a “For A Limited Time Only: Earn Up To 30,000 Bonus Miles, A 50% Mileage Bonus” promotion until Feb. 28, 2013.

    Assuming we got approved from Citi Business, we still need another 70K miles. We would have to pay $1347 to get 69K miles (49,000 + 20,000 Bonus). I was thinking whether buying the points would be a wise idea?

    Thank you & opinions are welcome!

  65. @ Daraius
    I tried the 2 browser trick with the old links and my wife got approved for the City Select Amex (doesn’t say platinum select), and got a pending decision on visa, which I’m guessing will be denied.

    Is she still eligible for the Citi Gold AAdvantage card if we wait the customary 65 days, or is that only possible if she’d applied at the same time?

  66. I tried the two browser trick (option 3) on Sunday and was approved for the Amex platinum and denied for the Visa. On Monday (ironically) I received a targeted offer in the mail for the Citi AAdvantage platinum Visa with a 40K bonus. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether this will work if I call the # listed on the mailer and apply?

  67. I’m still a little confused on the time period between credit card applications.

    Without getting into which credit cards get pulled by which agencies, is the rule of thumb to wait 90 days from your LAST successful credit card application, or 90 days from the last credit application (whether it was accepted or denied)?

  68. If I spend $2,500 in the first month, is it possible to receive the 50k points when the first statement closes? Or do you have to wait the full 4 months for the points to post?

  69. Thanks Darius..

    Received both the visa and MC today (option 2). Confirmed the bonus on activation. Is the $150 statement credit for ticket purchase or can I use it for gift card purchase?

    Tip: Immediately after the automated activation, press “0” to talk to a rep on bonus.

  70. Hello,

    Just wanted to write in and ask what may have happened to my AMEX application. On 3/2, I did the 2 browser trick, chrome and IE, for Citi AA Personal Platinum Visa…and Citi AA Personal Amex (option 3 without the business card). I was instantly approved for visa card and website showed amex card was pending and that I would be notified in a week or less. I called new application/reconsideration line today to check on status of Amex card. They have no record of my application and stated that Citi does not offer an AA card, only Delta or Jet Blue. Has anyone had a similar experience? Concerned about where all of my personal info went if Amex does not have any record of it…Any suggestions?

  71. Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is very helpful!
    @Tisha – I believe it has the statement credit as well.

    @WHY – You could get the American Express Starwood hotel credit card for 25K points which you could transfer to 30K American Airlines miles. Buying miles could make sense if you’re comfortable paying that amount for a First Class ticket.

    @Joe – It may be possible to get the Gold card after 65 days if it is considered a different product, but we don’t know for sure.

    @Andy C – If you apply for many cards, waiting 91+ days could be helpful from the last time your credit was pulled. Otherwise, I don’t think it really matters.

    @brenda – The points usually post once the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes provided you completed the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closing date.

    @Raj – You should be able to get the statement credit for buying a gift card.

    – I’d call again, otherwise it may be an application glitch.

  72. Do you have to spend the full $150 at AA to get the $150 credit or can you buy something worth less and still get the $150 credit?

    If you buy a gift card from AA is that a card that can only be used for other future AA products?

  73. @chris – Depends on your offer, but you can usually make a small purchase to get the full $150 credit. If you buy a gift card, you have to use it for AA tickets.

  74. My data point for those asking above: I have the Visa and just got the $150 credit on my recent statement for a $50 AA gift card purchase.

  75. Do you know if the 50K points can be assigned to an advantage number other than your own?
    i.e. If the card is in my name, could I give my wife’s AA number so she would get the points credited to her account?

  76. OP, another question. As I mentioned last time, I applied for CITI AA VISA last month, and expect to apply for CITI BIZ ater 65 days. Now I was wondering whether I can apply for CITI HHonor now because I do see people in flytalk mention that two personal cards allowed in 65 days. How do you think? Or any better strategy you have in mind? Thank you!

  77. Besides, the CITI card is the 50K, no annual fee version. Thanks!

  78. Do you have a link somewhere outlining the best ways to accumulate AA miles. I’m interested in the Explorer Award.
    Many thanks,

  79. I tried option 1, and was able to get the personal card. The link to the business card gave me this error after sending the application: “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.”

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  81. Robert Hanson

    @Joel Just what it says, a system error at Citi caused your app to self-destruct. Just close the page, open a new one, and resubmit your app.

  82. @David – Unfortunately not.

    @mavis – It always has been 2 cards within 65 days, so I’d pick one of the 2 cards to apply for.

    @Lanny – I don’t, but the best ways are with the Citi AA cards. You can transfer points from the AMEX Starwood credit card as well, and if you have lots of money to float, you can get miles from BankDirect and Fidelity.

    @Robert Hanson
    – I do know that some readers as well as I have been able to get the 30K Gold MasterCard (in #2 above) outside of the 18+ months schedule. I’m beginning to think that the Gold MasterCard is a separate product and you may be able to get approved for it outside of the 18+ months window. But I can’t say for sure. Also, if you have 4 open AA cards currently, it could be hard to explain why you need a 5th if you have to call or write in!

  83. Robert Hanson

    Daraius I got both of my 2nd versions of the AA Visa and AA AMEX with the 2BM November 2012. I didn’t cancel my original cards, since Citi has made them “no fee” for me, and due to length of credit concerns. I now have 4 Citi AA cards, and plan to cancel the “new” ones at renewal since Citi is charging me a fee for renewing them.

    So I assumed I have to wait 18+ from last November to get a new Citi AA card. But the discussion above about the 40K MC being a “different product” has me wondering. Can I apply next churn for the AA MC, since its a different product, or do I have to wait the full 18+?

  84. Confirmed. Option 2 still works. My wife was approved for the Platinum Visa and denied for the Gold. After writing a letter to the Citi reconsideration department she was approved and received the new card last week. We called and confirmed the additional 30K miles before activation.

    I tried option 3 and was denied for Visa. I then applied for the Gold and was denied. I sent the same letter that worked for my wife to the reconsideration department for the Gold card and I received a call from Citi saying that it was their policy to only approve 1 card in each program every 60 days so they could not approve my Gold application.

  85. @Andy – That is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  86. Hi Daraius,

    I saw that the AA Personal cards that offer $150 credit and 2 AC passes is dead. However, the visa personal card link in this post is working (The Amex one does not work) . I want to check with you if the Visa link ( you have posted here is the one that gives $150 credit?


  87. @Sara – Thanks! The Visa link was updated and doesn’t provide the $150 credit, but does work for the 50K miles.

  88. @ Andy I got same result denied gold card. What kind of letter did you write and whats the reasoning you gave for needing both cards.

  89. If I buy AA ticket with an AA gift card, will I earn miles? I need to know quick. Thanks!

  90. @Becky – You will earn miles when you fly using the ticket.

  91. Has the Citi Business card b0nus been reduced to 3ok miles?

  92. @Ed – The link on the blog should still be for 50K miles.

  93. Just a data point for you, my wife was instantly approved for the gold mastercard 3 days after being approved for the visa offer.

  94. @Dale – Thanks for sharing!

  95. FYI, one of your links appears to be broken. Second link under “OPTION 1” — to this page: Thanks!

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  97. It seems the link for personal platinum card and business card can’t work. Should I wait for the next promotion campaign to apply the AA credit cards?

  98. I received 2 fliers in the mail for a Citi Mastercard 40,000 mile bonus and Citi Platinum Select (Visa) with 40,000 bonus miles. Can I apply for both? Is this (80,000 miles) the best offer available today?

  99. @Adam – The best offer for the MasterCard is 40K, but the best offer on the Visa is 50K. It is unlikely that you will get both versions.

  100. how about the business one? I already got the amex and visa personal.

  101. @leslie – You may be able to get the business version.

  102. Are there still cards with annual fees or vanishing points if there is no travel after one year? The Chase Ink card has a hefty annual fee but gives 50,000. What’s the best deal without an annual fee?

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