The Barclaycard US Air Affiliate Link for 40,000 Miles is Really for Only 30,000 Miles

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[Disclosure:  The link to the 30,000 mile Barclaycard credit card earns us a commission, but the 35,000 version does not.  The 35,000 mile version is much better because it waives the annual fee and gets you more miles.]

On Friday, I wrote that my affiliate link to the US Air card offers 40,000 miles after 1st purchase, but the annual fee of $89 was NOT waived.  And I strongly suggested that the links to the 35,000 mile offer from FlyerTalk with the annual fee waived and without the bait and switch wording in the affiliate offer is likely the better deal.

However, I checked my affiliate link today and it offers only 30,000 miles after your 1st purchase and 10,000 miles after a balance transfer.  Earning miles for a balance transfer is almost always a bad deal, because of the fees, so I see this as a 30,000 mile offer with the annual fee of $89 NOT waived (making it even worse).

I also consider it misleading that the ad text screams out “40,000 Bonus Miles” and the fine print later says that 10,000 miles comes from a balance transfer for which you have to pay a fee.

Bottom Line

So my mother-in-law rule says that the links to the 35,000 mile offer from Flyertalk with the Annual Fee waived for the 1st year is the MUCH better offer (despite it not paying us a commission).

That’s because you get 35,000 miles after your 1st purchase with the $89 annual fee waived, which is much better than 30,000 miles after paying a $89 fee (and which also has the possibility of getting you only 15,000 miles for $49 if you’re approved for a lower version).

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30 responses to “The Barclaycard US Air Affiliate Link for 40,000 Miles is Really for Only 30,000 Miles

  1. Good job Daraius. Now you just need to convince Gary and MileValue to have the same ethical standards 🙂 You’ve certainly earned my next set of clicks.

  2. Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks for the job you do and for your links. I used 3 of them for my mini app’orama last night.

  4. Hopefully, the no annual fee version sticks around for a little while. I would like to churn it as many times as a I can before the mileage programs merge.

  5. Daraius,

    I already have this card. Do you think there’s any chance I could apply for a second to get the bonus? I don’t want to lose my companion certificates…

  6. To churn this card do you need to close the existing one or can you apply for a new card with the current one open..

  7. man, you are making other bloggers look really bad, 🙂

  8. Was affiliate always 30k or just recently 40k miles and switched? Surprised no one noticed til now

  9. Either way the time will get short to maximize the use of this card. Cant say Im happy to see Barclays disappear as an option. Looking back we’ve lost NWA Continental and now USAir(really AA since they were bought out) in a relatively short period of time.

  10. And the balance transfer has a 3% fee, a $300 if you want that entire 10K US miles.

  11. I just got the 40k $89 annual fee in mail, can I apply for this card?.

  12. Daraius,

    Even with all of your warning to users to click on another link instead of yours for a better deal, do people still click your links anyway and take advantage of the worse deal (ex. from your webpage)??

    I’m just curious if people still click when told not to – You can’t fix Stupid!

  13. Is there a link to a good discussion of how to churn this card?
    Questions I have are:

    (1) Do you have to close your existing US Airways cards before opening new ones and still get the bonus?

    (2) How long do you have to wait between closing a US Airways card and opening a new one to get the bonus? What’s the shortest period of time someone has maximized this offer?

    (3) What’s the best excuse one gives to closing this card? (I have had this card twice and they really put on the hard sales pitch when you try to close it over the phone – bringing up my entire non-purchase history and reminding me that I got the bonus miles, etc).

  14. @MileageUpdate,

    Where did you get that AWESOME picture of Boston (and Logan Airport) after the recent blizzard up there? That pic is one of the best I have ever seen with the snow covering everything but the roads clearly outlining the area. I’d love to see other pics that the photographer may have taken that day from the air.

    (sorry, I would have posted this question at your website but I did not see an area to do so).

  15. @webazoid
    Seems to me also that it was 40k and switched to 30k. I might be mistaken

  16. Daraius;

    Just did app-o-rama with mostly your links.
    Chase Freedom, Alaska Air 25k, American Airlines, US Air 35K,
    CITI Hilton all approved
    CHASE Hyatt under review
    thanks for all your help

  17. A link still exists for the 50,000 offer (really only 40,000 of course). Found a link on FlyerTalk that pointed to it. I signed up pretty quick after seeing affiliate links (such as yours, Daraius) being downgraded.

  18. Thanks for blog about US air. I just applied for me and myself with 35k/no fee and approved for Platinum MasterCard. what is the diff between Platinum and premium card?

  19. Darius, What about Barclays Virgin Air links?? I’d love to get the card from you guys becayse you are SO GREAT w/ service to us newbies!!!!

  20. Hoping to see more pics with arrows of the mother-in-law. Move over Milf Points! There’s a new girl in town.

  21. Totally agree with MilesAbound

  22. Darious

    I and my wife both have US airways 40k miles each. The website wouldn’t allow one way award travel and 40k mile is not enough for international round trip. To make good use of it, can I transfer the 40k miles to UA or AA account? How do I book star alliance partner flights with the US airways miles cos the website is not showing many of the star alliance partner flights.

    Thanks for any detail information

    • @Joaquin @shon @BillyBob – Some folks have been able to get another one after cancelling the existing one and applying after 3 to 4 months. Even fewer folks appear to have got a 2nd card with a first card open, but that could be an option for you if you don’t want to lose the Companion Ticket if you cancel your card.

      @Webazoid @longroller |
      – Thanks for the application status link. It was 40K just a few days ago and appears to have changed recently.

      @Jason – Sure, if you haven’t applied for the offer you got in the mail.

      @BillyBob – Almost never.

      – Just be firm and say you want to cancel. Or you can say that your partner manages the finances and asked you to call to close the card and it better get closed!

      @ROB BLACK – Thanks for using our links!

      – Thanks for the link. Too bad it offers fewer miles (15K) if you’re approved for the lower card version.

      @yrajan – I believe the companion ticket costs more with the lower card.

      @Kathy – There is a 20K version on the Airlines Credit Card tab which is better than my affiliate link for 10K.

      @jim – You can’t transfer the miles to United, though you may be able to transfer them to AA in ~1 year or more. You can search for flights on the United website and then call US Air to book those flights.

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  24. Data point: i cancelled my us 40k last month after 10 months. Due to merger, i decided to reapply sooner out of cycle from last month’s churn of aa x2 and amex plat. Approved this weekend for 35k. So us card definitely churnable.

  25. See gary’s post:

    looks like if u click on the 35k link first, then the 40k link, u can get the 40k bonus with fee waved first year. too bad i missed out on this!

  26. see the T&C from the NO fee version link posted on this page…it says all the reward rules are appplicable to only 89 fee version of the card..does it mean that NO fee version get zero bonus ???


    About the US Airways Dividend Miles Program:

    The following terms and conditions apply only to your participation in the US Airways Dividend Miles reward program associated with the $89 Annual Fee Dividend Miles MasterCard. Please read this information carefully. Upon account approval, your acceptance of your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard Account (“Account”) will signify that you agree to all of the following provisions.

  27. Hi Daraius,

    Thanks for your tip. I went ahead and applied for a second card anyway and was instantly approved. Just a data point…

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