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Since the weekend a few readers have been emailing that they weren’t able to get approved for 2 Citi American Airlines cards or 2 Citi Hilton cards at the same time.  And if you call in, the reps say that you can’t have second card even if you have a legitimate reason for wanting them (like keeping your expenses separate etc.)

I’m traveling so I can’t write a longer post (check back on Saturday for a longer update), but it may be best to NOT call if you’re not immediately approved for a second Citi card.  Sometimes folks get automatically approved after waiting a bit.  Calling in seems to now result in a denial for the 2nd card.

I’m pretty sure that change isn’t a glitch and is intentional.  Stay tuned for more details later, or read this post from View from the Wing or this FlyerTalk thread.

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36 responses to “Citi 2 Browser Update

  1. I have a fraud alert on my credit report thanks to a computer database that was stolen from a local hospital. The only way for me to get any type of credit card would be to call them and answer questions or wait for them to call me. The reason I am posting about this is because this past Saturday I applied for both the Chase cards so that I could work towards the companion pass. When I called them they knew I had applied for two cards. I have been approved for the personal card, but I am waiting to hear about the business card. Oh and while answering questions I asked Chase why such security measures and they said that they have been having a lot of fake applications coming through lately and have been confirming pretty much every applications identity by phone calls or what not. Just a little heads up.

  2. This happened to me with Citi Hilton. Called in and was approved for one and the other denied. Called back got a different rep who said approval should not be a problem and put me on hold. She came back and said it looks like she is wrong and couldn’t get second approval.

  3. I can attest to just waiting.

    I did the 2 Citi AA cards trick in early January (~Jan. 10th). AE was approved immediately, and Visa was under review.

    I did not call regarding the Visa application. I received the AE and Visa cards at the same time … i.e. the Visa was immediately approved even though the online application said it was under review.

    I did get an e-mail in about a week after applying for the Visa that said “congratulations, you’re approved”, but the e-mail came about the same time as the credit card.

  4. I did this with the Citi Hilton mid January as well. Received instant approval on one. Then received an email saying the second app was denied due to multiple requests. About a week later I received an email approving the 2nd request. Just got the 2nd card in the mail this past weekend.

  5. I’ve been churning cards for years and this was the first time I tried the two browser trick. Never wanted to chance it and I was being approved left and right for 10 or more years. Tried this trick on Sunday and was immediately approved for the Visa but Amex is under review. Wish I would have done this earlier in my miles career.
    Will wait and see what happens. 50,000 is not the best offer I’ve seen and will not be upset if not approved. Too many other cards to apply for. :)

  6. Our first churning for my wife’s 7 credit cards around January 10 turned out to be 100% successfull.
    It looks like CC customer service reps or the whole system designers read all the blogs available :)

  7. In order to add another data point I’ll leave here the comment I left yesterday at Gary’s blog:

    “Yesterday I did the 2-browser trick and one of them told me to call me to verify information and the other one said «sorry, but we cannot approve your application», with no explanation why.
    Called on the first one and got approved. Call on the second one, and the lady told me she cannot see why I was denied (did not mention anything about being a duplicate app), I asked her if she could do anything since I wanted the two card to have separate expenses for biz and personal, she was a little surprised by that but seemed to agree it made sense, but then said she was very sorry, but without the system having an explanation for my denial she couldn’t do anything to try and approve the card. She said I would eventually receive a letter with that explanation, and could call the reconsideration line then.
    I called the South Dakota center at (866) 606-2787”

    Depending on what the letter says, I’ll consider if I should write their reconsideration department or not.

  8. My wife applied for two Citi Advantage cards over the weekend. At first it stated application processing but with 24 hours she was approved for both, without a phone call.

  9. It was a few weeks back now, but I was approved for two Citi Hilton cards on the 9th of January.

  10. On January 22 did the Citi AA two browser trick and was instantly approved for both.

  11. @Faye – exactly which 2 browsers did you use (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.)??? I wonder if it somehow matters in terms of how your application arrives, etc.

  12. Just last month, a relative applied for using the two-browser trick. One install approval, one wait. Close to a month later, second card was received in the mail. I think the lesson here is don’t call. Just wait.

  13. I meant “instant” not “install” approval.

  14. Applied for both using trick on 01/16 and was denied both. Called the Presidential/Executive hotline, spoke to a very nice woman who said they needed 24-48 hours to make a decision. Called back the next day and let me know I was approved for both!

  15. Did double browser for AA cards on Sunday 1/27/13. Approved form Amex instantly, told it would be a week to 10 days for Visa. Called, first operator said I couldn’t get the VISA because I had been approved for the AMEX. Hung up, called again, second operator noted I had been approved for the AMEX. I told her I wanted two cards to categorize expenses. Put me on hold for 3 minutes, came back and congratulated me on being approved for my VISA. Recieved an email on 1/30/13 telling me I was approved for the VISA.

  16. No problems for me. Applied last Friday, applied for 2 different Citi AA cards… and interestingly enough got approved for 2 signature visa cards… even though i applied only for one of it… very odd.

  17. Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! But this could be a sign that the online application could be changed to match the new customer representative’s training.

  18. Just wanting to note, a lot of people applied for one Visa & one Amex. I applied (1/26/13) for two Visa’s and was approved for the first, denied for the second. Called and was denied for second. Now I’m writing letter to executive office to see if I can still be approved for the second. Just received my cards in the mail today from the 1st successful 1/26 app.

  19. @Josh – Please let us know the outcome. Good luck!

  20. 2 citi v’s recently approved for hh. both instantly approved. it looks like they are being more aggressive with the credit lines to get you to your max aggregate line faster. This was the 2nd week of January. BOA and HawiaiBnk use the same processor for account approvals. with them my app status was pending, but I called and both were approved by the time I called. the rep said many people apply to both for the miles.

    Also, Barclaycard has 40k bonus miles on spending from $500-1,500 based on the specified offer.. it is worth $200 cash back or $400 statement credit towards travel and 10% annual bonus, which may or may not be as generous as the previous 10k bonus

  21. Applied and was instantly approved for both 1/9

  22. Quick question…I was denied for the amex after having been approved for the visa(using the 2 browser trick). I called twice with no luck. Now, however, I want to apply for a targeted mail offer from amex and an SPG card. Do you think I’ll get denied after having been denied by citi? Also, should I avoid applying for two amex cards on the same day?

    Thanks for all your help!

  23. @JonCski – Can you email me to collect your prize from the Tahiti giveaway?

    @milesdavisJM – They tightened the “rules” after that, so you managed to squeeze in!

    @JM – The AMEX cards from American Express are different from the cards issued by Citi, so you should be fine.

  24. Applied two citi hilton cards on 1/24/13 using the two browser trick, one instant approval, the other denied.
    Called several times but didn’t help. Kept being told that I cannot be approved for the same product. Received a letter later in mail stating the reason of denial to be “You have submitted multiple applications for credit.” I have given up… Guess I am just unlucky!

  25. @Daraius I responded last night I believe. It may have been to Emily’s account. I’ll forward it to you.

  26. Marriott Marty

    Applied for wife after 18 months and 5 days for 1 Visa and 1 Amex, used Chrome and Firefox – different emails, AMEX instantly approved [19K] and Visa pending. I will report back…

    A quick question for D! A friend applied for a AA business card a month ago, but 18 months has now passed for the two browser trick. Does he have to wait 95 days from the AA business app, or 65 days? I am confused with the required delay when [as he did] the business card was applied for first.

    Best! Your “detractors” should be called “Angry Blogies” as in angry birds…

  27. Does this mean that we cannot even Churn Citi Hilton card or We just cannot use 2 browser trick ..?? ..I got approved for one card in Jan and was planning to churn one in June –

    As per Citi, theywill not approve same product …Any thoughts ??

  28. @kg I recently got two citi hh cards applying w/ 2 browsers. should find out in 2-3 weeks if I get the full bonus on both cards

  29. @Chuck – Thanks for the update!

    @JonCski – Thanks! We will send it out tomorrow.

    @Marriott Marty – Citi usually allows 2 cards applications within 65 days (except business where you have to wait 95 days for the next business card). So if he plans on applying for applying for 2 AA cards, he should wait for at least 65 days to be in a new window for 2 personal cards.

    @KG – It likely means that you can’t have 2 of the same type of Hilton card, but that you should be able to get 1 Citi Hilton (ordinary card) and 1 Citi Hilton Reserve.

  30. D

    So It means I cannot churn the card ..I mean sign again for 1 Citi Hilton card after 3 months to get bonus again ?

  31. Using 2 browser trick, I was approved for AA Visa but denied the AA Amex card. Reason in letter states: “This specific offer is valid only for first time Citi/AA cardmembers. Our records indicate that you already have a Citi/AA acct. with us.” Is the best option now to contact the executive line (phone #) or email them about the denied application? Can someone share the exec. phone # or address? Thanks.

  32. @km – I’d write a letter to the executive office, but I’m not sure what will happen because of the “new rules.” Good luck!

    @KG – We’re not sure if that is still possible, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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  34. Are the links posted above for the citi amex and visa still giving the 50 k points. There is no landing page, so could you please clarify

  35. @Shon: I got my 50K miles today on the AMEX I applied for long after the landing page expired. My approval was in January.

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