Chase Hyatt Free Anniversary Night

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I applied for the Chase Hyatt credit card (see here for how to get a $100 statement credit which is better than my affiliate link) in March 2012 and used the 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt in Paris for our honeymoon.  Since those 2 free nights were valid at any Hyatt, I wanted to use them at a Hyatt which I wouldn’t pay cash for and the $800+ a night Park Hyatt fit the bill!

So I was surprised when I received a mailer saying “Happy Anniversary” a few weeks ago.

Turns out that Chase and Hyatt were reminding me that I would get 1 free night at any category 1 to 4 Hyatt for keeping the card (and paying the $75 annual fee) and that the award would be deposited directly into my Hyatt account in March.  But the fine print says that it could take 4 to 6 weeks from my anniversary date to receive the certificate.  The mailer said that the award night would be valid for 1 year from when it was issued.

The Chase Hyatt card isn’t a very good card for putting spending on since you earn only 1 Hyatt point for regular spending and 2 Hyatt points per $1 spent at restaurants, car rental agencies and airline tickets purchased directly from airlines.

You do earn 3 points per $1 spent at Hyatt hotels. But you also get a 5% discount at Hyatt hotels (excluding Hyatt Place, Hyatt House and Hyatt Residence Club locations) for using certain American Express business cards through the American Express OPEN program.   So the Hyatt card isn’t necessarily the best card for using at Hyatt hotels, except for Hyatt hotels outside the US since the Hyatt card doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee (and most American Express cards do charge a foreign transaction fee and the OPEN savings aren’t valid outside the US).

But I will keep this card for a long time because of the free annual night (at a cost of the $75 annual fee)!  It isn’t as good as the free night from the Priority Club card which is valid at ANY Priority Club hotel.  We used our free nights from the Priority Club card in Bora Bora last year!

I don’t know why I’m been reminded of an anniversary night which will hit my account two months away, but at least I can study up on which category 1 to 4 Hyatt hotel to best use my free night certificate!  Any suggestions?

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55 responses to “Chase Hyatt Free Anniversary Night

  1. I’m looking forward to getting my certificate too. I just used the free night certificate that came with my paying Marriot Premier Visa annual fee, and save a good $65 on an airport hotel. Not an amazing value, but much less than I would have paid for any other hotel at Newark Airport.

    In your opinion, what are the best value properties to redeem the Hyatt cert?

  2. A slightly minor point I feel you left out…You did not indicate anywhere in your posting about an annual fee?

    To me, it’s important to understand if there is an annual fee when speaking of a “free” night for keeping this (or any other) card one more year, when the first year annual fee was waived. The Marriott Card is an example of this or an airline card (US Air) where I don’t believe the annual fee is really worth it, especially if you don’t get great benefits from using the card (i.e. 1 point per $ spent).

    It is true that spending $75 for a night in a $500-$800 a night room is a nice discount but annual fees add up when you keep many cards that have them. For me, I would rather cancel a card (after getting my rewards) and then attempt to go for the “churn” of that same card later on down the line and another year without an annual fee. YMMV!


  3. Plan on getting this card to get two free nights in Maui for my birthday ($718 saved)

  4. If you cancel the card after the free night is awarded, the free night is NOT removed from your Hyatt account.

    We received 2 cards late last year and it worked no problem. The $75 annual fee was refunded.

  5. Curacao is where I would use it.

  6. There’s a category increase coming up in a couple of months. By locking in a res in the next couple of weeks, my wife and I can use our two free “up to cat 4” nights at the Hyatt at 48th & Lex. Looking at typical rates, our two $75 annual fees gets us at least $700 in hotel redemption. I consider that an awesome deal.

  7. @Bill h @Darius–

    Lex 48 is definitely woth it for only $75 annual fee you are getting a room over $300 on most nights. I would book it now since it is going up in February?? to a category 5

    that being said – My anniversary is coming up in May & I do not see keeping it for $75 a year – most hotels in the NYC/NJ area which are category 4 are not worth it.

  8. Interesting…I thought the annual free night was only if you spent some huge amount of cash: $20K? My memory is obviously not correct there! My wife has this annual fee coming up in May. I’ll have to re-examine this…

  9. Book Hyatt LEX 48 on New Years Eve, then cancel if you don’t plan on going and book somewhere else! I wrote an article on speculative hotel booking.

  10. Got my card, they gave me a free anniversary night right away (dont know why), cancelled my card just before the year end and found that they had given me another free night automatically. Love those guys!

  11. @David F – I was curious about that myself. I had just cancelled the card and got the fee refunded. I went to check on how many points I had in my account and noticed I had my anniversary award. I’ve been waiting to see if it dropped. Good to know it doesn’t.

    I’ll be using my on the last leg of my Bali trip. Instead of spending the last day on the nearby island and rushing on a boat to the airport. I’ll be going to the main island to stay at the Grand Hyatt Bali (Cat 3, ~$220). This way I don’t have to rush to the airport and get one great night of rest and relaxing before the 22hr flight.

  12. Do you know if the 5% off with American Express Open Program would also apply at a restaurant inside a Park Hyatt?

  13. Just left the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome hotel this morning. Stayed 2 nights in a great room, got free wifi, and buffet breakfast both days. Total price was €10 (€5 tip for breakfast both days).
    On a side note, if you are young and don’t dress in €500+ clothing, you will feel like white trash staying here compared to all the paying customers.

  14. I believe the going rate for our upgraded room was over €900 per night. Wow.

  15. “I don’t know why I’m been reminded of an anniversary night which will hit my account two months away” I know why, it’s because this is right around the time when you would normally cancel a card to avoid dealing with the annual fee. They are hoping to get you to keep the card for the free night, and worried you’ll forget about that benefit. I got a similar reminder about my upcoming 10K bonus miles when I renew my US Air card, and a month later I still haven’t even been billed for it. They weren’t born yesterday, they understand how churners think. 😀

    • @Travel Bug – The best value depends on where you’re traveling. This could be useful in a city where the rates are high due to a special event etc. or where the rates are usually high. There are Hyatt hotels in category 4 or below in most major cities in the US so that would be a way to save cash. And there are interesting international destinations – Baku, Mexico City, china, Oman, Istanbul, Mendoza, Tokyo, Mendonza etc.

      – Good point. The $75 annual fee is worth it only if you redeem for a room which costs more than that.

      @David F – Thanks! And good to know.

      @Scott – Thanks!

      @ih @Bill H @romsdeals – Thanks, but I don’t know if I’ll be in New York anytime soon!

      – The Citi Hilton Reserve requires a $10K spend within 1 calendar year, but the Hyatt card does not require any spending.

      @bluecat – Looks like you’re in their good books!

      @Jason – I’m not sure, but I suspect it won’t count if you’re billed directly from the restaurant (as opposed to from the hotel).

      @Grant – Glad you had a nice time! I miss the breakfast over there.

      @Robert Hanson – I suspect you’re right!

  16. @Grant – I ate breakfast at the restaurant in my backpacking clothes. I felt very underdressed, oh well. LOL

  17. @ Daraius- Per the fine print on the Amex OPEN site you linked to, the 5% Hyatt discount does not seem to extend to non-US properties. Do you agree, or am I missing something?

  18. Hey guys,

  19. Hey guys,
    A little of topic,but I was wondering if anyone knows about getting flowers to earn points towards a companion pass because on the teleflora website on the bottom of the page it says that the points don’t qualify for the pass is that wrong or it is a new policy?

  20. Agree about the 48 Lex, but I think it’s changing to a cat 5 soon so book quickly! I’m really surprised the London Churchill doesn’t get more press as a way to use the sign up award nights. My two nights (upgraded to a club room) will end up costing BA $1250!

  21. Any chance this could get used at Kauai?

  22. I just used my free night last weekend in Melbourne. There are 2 fantastic Hyattsin Melbourne (Park Hyatt cat 4 and Grand Hyatt cat 3). I was in town for the Australian Open so got great value for the cert when nights were going for 600+!!! Even with points, the grand Hyatt at a cat 3 is a steal if you can ever make it “Down Unda”!!!

  23. Category 4 Hyatt properties can still be incredible, with several Park Hyatt locations. I would love to see the numbers behind free night redemptions to see how well these awards are being valued.

  24. @Tav

    The 2 free nights in the first year of having the card would work at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, but the annual free night after your first year is only good for categories 1-4 and that one is a cat 6.

  25. @Big boy-my SW points from a telefloral purchase last November counted toward the Companion pass. Unfortunately, the multiple purchases I made on 31 December did not. However, another MMS reader (I forget who) said his purchase in January did count. Daraius said he was going to run a test, but I don’t believe he has reported back on the results yet.

  26. As a mom of three my outings are limited but if I keep mine another year I think a free night cat.4 Hyatt Escala Lodge in Park City for a ski trip would justify …….only if this is not a card to churn. I was thinking it was?

    I also still have a free night from club carlson.Used at the Martinique on broadway paired with the 48 Lex. could also make for a cheap 2 nighter in NY.

    • @Dennis – That’s correct. It isn’t applicable for stays outside the US.

      @Big boy @Kim
      – It worked for me ~10 days ago, but it looks like ymmv now.

      @The Deal Mommy – Glad to know that BA is paying. We loved our stay at the Churchill in London!

      @Jeff – Very nice!

      – That sounds like a good use of the nights.

  27. @Scott, just finished a stay at the Curacao property. They honored our Hyatt Gold Passport award booking, but have not been a Hyatt since December 15, 2012.

  28. Do you know if these nights acculmulate over time? In other words, if I hold this for two anniversaries, will I have 2 free nights? Or, will the first expire if I don’t use it?

  29. The nights expire. You only get one at a time to use.

  30. Can I book I multi-room suite for 2 nights…lets say for 7 guests?

  31. @Grant & Daraius
    Do you mind sharing how you received free buffet breakfast both days at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome? We are going to stay there using the award next December. Thanks!

  32. Do you know how long it takes for reward points to post to your account after you have paid your Hyatt credit card bill? I want to make a reservation for November, but I haven’t received my 2 free nights yet on my account, and I paid my bill 48 hours ago. Thanks!

  33. Hi Darius –

    I have been really looking forward to using the free Hyatt since I heard about it but haven’t been able to plan a Paris/Tokyo/Shanghai vacation to enjoy the “best” Park Hyatt’s.

    Two questions for you:
    – is this card “churnable”? Can I get the free nights again once I have used them?
    – if I get this card for my wife (or my dad, mom etc) can they book their free nights and add me as a “guest” on their reservation?


    • @caro777 – You get the 2 free nights once the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes. You can call Hyatt to see if the free nights are in your account.

      @duffman – I don’t believe you can get the bonus again. Others should be able to add you as the 2nd guest and you should be able to check in to the hotel yourself.

  34. Will the free nights be credited to your gold passport account online, or must you receive a certificate number in the mail? I received a similar mailing about 2 months ago, but no rewards have hit my online account.

  35. Can these free nights be at ANY Hyatt? Carmel, CA ?

  36. I’m having trouble with the anniversary free night. I’ve hit blackout dates in LA, Santa Barbara, Seattle, etc. What’s up with that? Never had that problem with Marriott

  37. Tried to use my free nights from my Hyatt card and husbands who is diamond, for next September in Hamburg and was told the nights were already sold out. Also same thing for next June in Copenhagen, with lifetime Platinum Marriott free anniversary night, couldn’t get one of the free rooms. What’s the point of having all these cards if you can’t use the benefits? Do they open up rooms closer in?

  38. I am interested in getting the Hyatt card. Do the two free nights for the sign up bonus have an expiration time frame?

  39. I used my Hyatt Visa in Costa Rica because there are no foreign currency transaction fees. However, when I got my statement, one of the vendors put charges through as a cash advance rather than a credit charge. This resulted in a $10 fee and $0.50 interest charge. I called Hyatt VISA and their solution was to call the vendor in Costa Rica and have them reverse the entry and to reenter as a credit charge. This obviously is impractical and I had no idea that this card even had a cash advance feature. All of my other transactions came through as credit charges as I intended. Even after talking to the supervisor Susi, Hyatt VISA refused to be helpful and would not reverse the minor fees or offer any other viable solution. In frustration, I told them to cancel the card. Totally worthless customer service.:mad:

  40. Hey Darius, I just had to cancel my Hyatt card in order to get approved for the second SW card to get the companion pass. I have not used my 2 free night certificates that came with the sign up bonus yet…. Do you know if they will take those back or if they are in my account to stay?

  41. Hi! I was wondering if you know anything about combining anniversary night rewards? Is it possible to use one anniversary night from person A and one anniversary night from person B for a 2 night stay? Thanks!

  42. I have two of these cards (spouse and me) so we have 2 free anniversary nights to use. Has anyone tried using their free nights at the end of the year, right before the next set of anniversary nights are awarded. This would allow 4 straight nights in my case. Is this possible?

  43. I’m thinking about using my free nights to stay at the Park Hyatt in Manhattan. But for the amount of tax on the room, I can stay someplace cheap. Should I save my nights and use them where there’s a lower tax or do you get out of the taxes too?

    Also, do you know if a family of 4 can get a room using the free deal or is room occupancy limited?