Credit Card Updates: American Express Hilton With 50,000 Points & Alaska Air Credit Card with 25,000 Miles + $100 Statement [Expired]

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1.   50,000 Point American Express Hilton.   Up to February 28, 2013, you can get 50,000 Hilton points instead of the regular 40,000 points with the no-fee American Express Hilton card.

I like having this card because it gets me access to discounted AXON awards.  Hilton points are usually very easy to earn since there are many different ways to earn them.

2.   25,000 Miles + $100 Statement Credit. 

Update:  Looks like the $100 statement credit offer is no longer working.

Million Mile Secrets reader Daron (thanks!) writes in with a link to an Alaska Air credit card.  Besides the 25,000 Alaska Air miles after approval, you also get a $100 statement credit after spending $1,000 within 3 months.  The card also has a $99 companion pass which is valid in coach.  The $75 annual fee is not waived for the first year.

You may be able to get this card (like other Bank of America cards) every 3 or 4 months either by cancelling the earlier card or applying for a new one, but your miles may vary.  You can also redeem Alaska Air miles for travel on Emirates!

However, Bank of America has the terrible practice of giving you fewer miles if you’re approved for a lesser version of the card.  You get only 5,000 bonus miles if you’re approved for the Platinum Plus version or 3,000 bonus miles if you’re approved for the Preferred version of the Alaska Air card.

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39 responses to “Credit Card Updates: American Express Hilton With 50,000 Points & Alaska Air Credit Card with 25,000 Miles + $100 Statement [Expired]

  1. I assume the Alaska Airlines card has a $75 annual fee, right? Seems like that should be mentioned.

  2. My wife was finally approved on Saturday for this Hilton card when it was 40,000. Any suggestions on how to get 50,000 instead?

  3. IF you’re downgrading from the AMEX Hhonors Surpass to the regular Hilton card you mention above, is there a way to get the bonus? Cancel completely and apply separately, or do you have to wait?

    If you downgrade, does it count as one continuous line of credit on your credit report (helping your age of accounts)?

  4. I really liked the Alaska Card, I think it is one most west coasters should have, and now it got even better. I will be getting it for the third time now.

  5. @David – Yes there is a $75 annual fee not waived.

    • @David @romsdeals – I edited the post to mention the annual fee. Thanks!

      @Jason – You can send AMEX a message or call, but they haven’t been good about matching offers recently.

      @Adam – If you downgrade, it helps your age of accounts, but you don’t get the sign up bonus.

      @Scott – I’m thinking of getting it again the next time…

  6. I have the question about the bluebird card as I recently just received it. Can I use a credit card to buy two vanilla cards, deposit into my bluebird account and then pay this credit card bill next month? Do you think AMEX will mark this activity as “sensitive action”? I just don’t want to abuse their rules.

    Thank you very much.

  7. Oops, just realized that you have answered my questions in the previous posts.

    Thank you very much.

  8. Can spouses combine points in the hilton program?

  9. Dear DL,

    Thank you for your email.

    I have checked your account but was not able to see this particular offer being solicited to you.

    Therefore, we will not be able to issue additional 10,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points to your account.

    Please note that these promotions are solicited by our Marketing Department. Therefore, each promotion solicitations may be different towards every individual.

    All our promotions are time bound, solicited and unique. They cannot be applied manually to an account on which they were not solicited.

    While this particular offer is not available to you, we are always creating new offers to help our existing Cardmembers earn more points. When an offer becomes available to you, we will send you a letter or email explaining the opportunity and how you can take advantage of it.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


    Anupama Mishra
    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

  10. Can I cancel this card in 3-4 months? Would that still allow me to keep my Alaska miles? And, whats the minimum duration I need to wait to apply for it again? Please advise.

  11. If I applied for the AMEX PRG last week for the 50K offer, is AMEX going to view it as asking for too much credit? I also applied for the Chase Explorer card at the end of December. I’d really like to get the Hilton card though.

  12. Is it possible to have two of the Amex Hilton cards at once? I already have one from an earlier promo.

  13. what are bluebird cards and vanilla cards? (sorry to be off topic)

  14. Applied and was approved for the 50K Hilton Points Amex promo today. Got a hold of a very nice lady and she offered to expedite the card in 2-3 days so I can start using it immediately. I’m not sure if this is an offer to all new Hilton cardholders or this was offered to be since I am an existing Amex customer.

  15. I agree that there’s a concern with being approved for a lesser version of the Alaska Airlines card, but if there’s going to be a credit pull anyway, and the alternative would be outright rejection, is something better than nothing? I’m not quite convinced the practice is “terrible”, but maybe I’m not thinking of some angle of it.

    • @john – Not that I know of.

      @DL – At least you tried to get it matched! Thanks for letting us know how it went.

      @Somy – See this post for more details on whether you will lose your miles.

      @Andy – It should be okay, but that depends on a lot of personal variables, so your miles may vary!

      @Squeezer – Not usually (or you may get a second one, but no sign-on bonus), but your miles may vary.

      @kathy – See these posts.

      @wade – AMEX did that for the 100K Platinum card, so perhaps this is a new trend.

      @DaveS – I don’t like the practice, because BOA doesn’t publish criteria for what gets you the lower version. If they said that folks with a credit score less than XXX or income lower than $X, will get a lower version, folks could make an informed choice about whether to apply or not. Right now, there’s no way of knowing which version you’ll get and 3,000 miles for 1 credit hit isn’t worth it to many.

  16. If I already have an AMEX Hilton (no annual fee) card, can I apply for a new card to get the 50K bonus? I got my existing card several years ago – so it’s been awhile since I last applied for one, but I don’t know if the terms mean you can not be an existing account holder or if you can not have applied within the last 12 months – ?

  17. Regarding downgrading to help AAoA, Amex is unique in that any new account is backdated to your original membership year (you get the month when you applied for the new acct). So provided your original Amex membership year is older than your AAoA, your AAoA will also benefit from applying for a new acct.

  18. I think BofA and Alaska are getting a little bit desperate. They downgraded this card so much over the last year (the companion ticket no longer applies to first class fares, and they dropped the 1000 mile bonus for purchasing Alaska Airlines flights on the card), it sounds like there have been huge numbers of cancellations. Somehow, I think the current offer will appeal to churners, but not rebuild the loyal clientele who actually used the card year after year.

  19. Just to clarify – should i cancel my existing AMEX Hilton (no ann’l fee) card first, and then apply for a new card to get the 50K bonus? Or,should i just go ahead and apply for a new card to try and get the 50K bonus without cancelling the existing card (which i applied and received several of years ag0)? Thanks.

  20. I’m interested in the AmEx Hilton Honors Surpass card: more bonus points and better bonus points on spend than the regular AmEx Hilton Honors card. The main reason I want this is because I heard you get bonus points on all pharmacy spend, eg CVS where I buy vanillareload cards. Application form today though only mentions bonus spend on “stand alone supermarkets” and gas stations. Anyone now if CVS qualifies still or have the benefits changed?

  21. I went ahead and asked Chase if they would match me to the Explorer Card offer with the $50 statement credit and they did. Thanks!

  22. It looks like Bank of America has already pulled the AS application with $100 statement credit. “This application may be unavailable for maintenance, development improvements, or this offer may have expired.”

  23. I received the Amex hilton 40K deal a few weeks ago, called back and was given an extra 3,000 points (NOTE ** knew I was speaking with a new account rep** got lucky). Amex will not “update promotions” as the supervisor I spoke to told me (Still requested to speak with her boss to try and get the full 10K). Also, he said to receive another Hilton specific card under Amex one would have to wait 13 months from the last approved application; meaning Hilton has the option to deny promotions on a second approved card. For example, if someone applies for the Surpass card after the HHonors card, Amex can deny the sign up bonus. The supervisor flat out said, “We know people churn our cards and we don’t really care too much.” I’m not sure if I believe this manager. Has anyone else heard of this policy? I assumed submitting an application for the HHonors and Surpass card in the same day would work.

    He further explained, this policy fits under all Delta cards as well. Meaning, having one Delta card could bar one from receiving another signup bonus within 13 months of the first approved application.

    • @km – If you’ve had the AMEX Hilton card for a while, it may help your credit score to keep the card open.

      @Alex – There is speculation that the benefits may be removed, so stay tuned.

      @Andy – Congrats!

      – Oh Well. Thanks for letting me know!

      – Thanks for sharing. What the rep said is consistent with what the terms say about a 12 month wait to get the bonus again.

  24. I can’t get to the AK Airline care….when I hit the link, I am directed to a phone number…guy on the phone confirmed the 25,000 miles, but didn’t know about the $100 statement credit….he asked me for an offer number…anyone know it?

  25. Darius, the Alaska link is broken. Do you have another one you can refer us to?

  26. It looks like the AMEX hilton no fee card does not give you the 6 points anymore on supermarkets, gas and pharmacy. On the application link, it does not mention it. The 6 points is only for Hotel. I wonder if they took away the supermarket bonus for existing card holders also? Can you confirm as they used to give an extra 3 point bonus for those categories. Thanks!

  27. Thank you for replying, MMS, and staying on top of the links even for those that you don’t earn a referral credit!

  28. Anyone has print screen of alaska air offer with $100 credit? Gt card and wanted to confirm it, but was told this was not part of the offer. Hmmmm…

  29. Hey Darius- i kept my old Amex Hilton card open (the one I had been approved for nearly 10 yrs ago) as you suggested and applied for the new Amex Hilton card (no annual fee) with a new Hilton acct. number. But just learned that with the new Amex Hilton credit card, I won’t be getting the 50K sign-up bonus since i have an old Amex Hilton card. Any thoughts or experience on how I could get Amex/Hilton to change their mind and still get the 50K bonus? Write a letter to exec.? Thanks.

    • @km – If you got the card, you usually will get the bonus. Citi has stopped letting you apply for 2 cards of the SAME type at the same time, but it is unclear what the “rules” are if you’ve had the card for a long time.

  30. Just to clarify – it’s not the Citi amex card i’m referring to – it’s the Amex Hilton card that is not letting me get the 50K sign-up bonus because they say i have an existing Amex hiton card, which i applied for 10 yrs ago. So was wondering if you or others have experience in writing a letter to convince Amex (exec.?) about the sign-up bonus?