100,000 Point American Express Platinum, 50,000 Point Premier Rewards Gold & 45,000 Mile Delta Airlines [Expired]

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Update:  Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available.

I suspect this won’t last very long, but it seems that most folks are able to see some terrific American Express credit card offers which are usually selectively targeted and not open to all.

Thanks to Travel Summary for finding these and consider using his affiliate link to Credit Cards.com as thanks!

Follow these clear directions on Travel Summary and you should be able to see targeted offers to you.

I was able to see:

  • 100,000 Point American Express Platinum after spending $3,000 within 3 months
  • 50,000 Point American Express Gold after spending $1,000 within 3 months
  • 45,000 Delta miles after spending $5,000 within 6 months

Note that you don’t have to enter your social security number in the box on creditcards.com.  If you do enter your social security number, it won’t be a hard inquiry unless you apply for a credit card.

Also note the possibility of not getting the full bonus if AMEX considers you to not be targeted for these offers , so do take lots of screen shots if you decide to apply!

The American Express Platinum has a $450 fee, but the 100,000 points are worth at least $1,000 so you’re still coming out ahead.  You can also cancel the card and get a pro-rated fee refund and you also get $200 to use towards airline incidental expenses.

However, you may be able to use this $200 towards buying airline gift cards.  Check out this post by Milevalue for more details on which airline gift cards count towards the $200 credit.

The terms say:

Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.

So you won’t be able to get the bonus if you had the American Express Platinum within the last 12 months.

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47 responses to “100,000 Point American Express Platinum, 50,000 Point Premier Rewards Gold & 45,000 Mile Delta Airlines [Expired]

  1. What do you think about having the Mercedes-Benz Platinum American Express? Is that a different product from a regular consumer Platinum card?

  2. danieloguinness

    I just checked my approval screenshot for the Gold and it’s $1000 in 3 months, not 1.

  3. Thank you for the very generous hat tip! Very much appreciate it!

  4. New Plat member. Points Envy would be so freakin’ jealous right now.

  5. I was planning a mini AOR next week but pulled trigger a week early.
    Amex Plat: 100k (3k spending in 3 months)
    AA Visa: 50k AA + 2 AC passes (2.5k spending in 4 monts)
    AA Amex: 50k + 2 AC passes (2.5k spending in 4 monts)

    Now I hope chase doesn’t come chasing after me.

  6. “note the possibility of not getting the full bonus if AMEX considers these offers to be ______ , so do take lots of screen shots . . . ”

    to be what? targeted? a mistake?

  7. If I received the AE Business gold card in Nov. am I still eligible?

  8. This is an awesome deal. I had to do an AOR that I had originally planned for the end of the month. 4 approved, and 3 got pending. Will get at least two of them, methink.

    Amol, yes MBP is supposed to be a different product, and Zoe, AE Biz card doesn’t count. You are (supposed to be) eligible.

  9. @Andy — thought so. Thanks for confirmation.

    Any other Membership Rewards cards that fall into this category of “Personal but not regular Consumer” cards? MB Plat … also isn’t there a Fidelity Gold Amex? MMS, am I giving you an idea for a post? 😉

  10. Instantly approved for both Gold and Platinum. Applied for the Platinum first.

  11. Webazoid,

    Which links did you utilize for the AA cards?
    Tyvm in advance!

  12. Awesome tip! I may just have to reconsider my upcoming churn to include one of these!

  13. shucks, just did a AOR this past wknd for 6 cards. all approved. one being the SPG. Can I get in on these still? tia

  14. Heh, … “Systems not responding …” I’ll bet.

  15. What If you opened an Amex gold over year ago, and cancelled it 30 days ago. Can I qualify. Also, I have the business platinum card that I got about 6 months ago. Will I still be eligible for this card ?

  16. Like many others, I’m confused by what it means to “have” another Amex product within the last 90 days. Does that mean it has to be more than 90 days since last opening one of those products? Or am I barred because I currently have a business gold?

  17. Darius,
    I have had the green card – regular amex card for years — does the below mean the offer is not good for me?
    Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.

    It says or any Green card

    or does the within the last 90 days mean that you have applied for a Green within the last 90 day???

  18. 100k MR points is pretty awesome, catch the right transfer promotion down the road and that is a very lucrative sign up bonus.

  19. Approved instantly! She has a busonees gold but my understanding is if it is business then she was eligible for this offer.

    I have Platinum business (was green business & recently upgraded for the $200 credit).

    can I get this bonus? A little nervous since it is a platinum card that I have but business & the offer is Personal Platinum.

    Darius – what do you think??

  20. D Thanks…. just got the Plat for 100,000 MR

  21. I was approved for the Platinum immediately, despite having a Mercedes Benz Platinum and a business Amex card. We’ll see if they keep their word (I did a screen capture just in case) about the 100K points.

  22. Got so excited that I applied for the PRG without “fully” reading the terms and so I’m sure I won’t get the bonus since I currently have the Platinum card.

  23. I have been approved for the platinum PERSONAL even though I have platinum business – I hope I get the bonus…

    If I have both personal & business platinum do I get a distinct $200 credit on each for a total of $400 & can I choose a different airline for each?

  24. I was able to apply for the Platinum card and get approved right at 10am Central this morning, but by 10:25 when my brother tried the deal was dead.

  25. Yea, it’s a dead deal. It sounds like the link stopped working at 11:22 am est

  26. The deal was dead for me as well. I hope this shows up again. I would probably apply for the Gold for 50,000.

  27. Winston Niles Rumfoord III

    I used the old two-browser trick to apply for BOTH the Plat and PRG. Got instant approval for both. However, at FT everyone seems to be saying Amex will never give the bonus for the “second” card (I applied simultaneously, so which was first?). Any suggestions?

  28. @Winston Niles Rumfoord III – I’m guessing whichever AMEX received first depending on how quickly your applications reached their system.

  29. Hi D- so I got approved for 100k plat offer but heres the question. I have an open PRG Business card whch I opened about 6 months ago and I have a closed prg personal card which I opened less than a year ago and closed a month or 2 ago (no APPLICATIONS) within last 90 days. Youre best guess of whether ill get the bonus besides ymmv

  30. Winston,

    I think you may have a fight on your hands, but if you are persistent enough you’ll probably win it and get both deals. I’d suggest starting by earning the points on the better card. I didn’t think of doing the 2 browser trick until it was too late, but I certainly would have clicked first on the better deal if I was to do that.


    According to the terms it seems you would not get the bonus. The business card is irrelevant, but the prg card, if one of the cards listed, was closed too recently.

    I applied for 7 cards last week, and was instantly approved for the 100K here. Fortunately none of my other ones were am ex. I tried card number 9 (delta card) later in the evening, and I did not instantly get that one, but it’s no big deal. I’m hoping my bluebird card comes today… I need it!

    • @Amol (@PointsToPointB) – Folks have got the bonus on both the Platinum and MB Platinum so it appears to be a different product.

      – Thanks! I updated the link.

      @David LAX – I fixed it. AMEX could consider you not eligible for the offer, but I suspect they will honor approved applications.

      @Winston Niles Rumfoord III – I really don’t know, but you may get both bonuses!

      @mike fein – I wouldn’t expect the bonus because of the PRG, but it will be a nice surprise if it shows up!

  31. dear darius,

    I applied for platinum card but got under review. It is not strange since i got 4 AME cards during last 75 days. I called two numbers you listed. All agents just said I need to wait 7-10 days and if they have any question, they will call me. Is there any way to get immediate action for my application? thanks

    have a nice day!


  32. @Aurelien W.
    Your bro just missed it by 3 minutes. That’s gotta hurt…

  33. I got instant approval for platinum before it expired! AOR are so exciting.

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  35. I applied early yesterday morning and got approved. I just called to double-check and they confirmed that it’s 100k for spending 3k in 3 months. Awesome!

  36. Got my card this afternoon. Called to confirm the 50K offer and it was confirmed. Even better is that he said this despite knowing that I already had a platinum card. So I’m hopeful that I will get the bonus when I meet the spending requirement, even though the terms said I wouldn’t.

  37. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this,recently me and my wife got the platinum MB card for 50k and now we were approved for the regular platinum (100k offer)and now I’m trying to figure out if I will get the 100k after the minimum spend and it will not be that easy for me to hit the $3,000 threshold so I would greatly appreciate any ideas on figuring out if I will get the bonus

  38. I just missed this offer, but am looking to get a amex plat. Should I wait for the 100K MR to resurface, or is that a long shot?

    • @steve – Unfortunately, AMEX’s is reconsideration is pretty bad so perhaps best to wait. If you don’t hear back, you could call and ask for a US rep or a supervisor.

      @Big boy – I believe you can get the bonus for both the Platinum and Mercedes Benz platinum, but your miles may vary. You can use Amazon Payments and Vanilla Reloads to help with the minimum spending.

      @newToMiles – The 100K offer was likely a mistake on AMEX’s part, so I wouldn’t expect it to be back soon.

      @rob – With the $450 fee, I’d expect it to arrive quick!

  39. Platinum card arrived the 9th, having been approved on the 8th. Efficient company, AMEX.

  40. Got my Platinum card today. Don’t know if I should activate it because I’m a PRG card member (since 18 mos ago). Should I go ahead and activate the card, spend $3k and hope that they will give me the 100k bonus? Or should I call recon or new account line and ask if I can get the 100k bonus as an upgrade for my PRG card? Will I get another credit pull then? I’ve been seeing an upgrade offer (50k pts after 40k spend) every time I sign on to my account online and never bother to take it because it’s not worth it to me. Please advise.

    • @ETY – It depends if it is easy for you to meet the minimum spending requirements on the card. If so, then complete the spending on the platinum and if the points don’t post you can always upgrade the gold for the extra 50K points.

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