How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application

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I’ve been getting questions on how to fill out the application for Chase business credit cards – likely because of rumors that the spending on the 50,000 point Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus may increase soon and because the Southwest card still offers a high sign-up bonus and is a great way to get the Southwest Companion Pass.

Why Business Cards?

For a limited time, you will get 50,000 points on the Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Bold.

50,000 points on the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Bold will get you:

  • Gift cards or Cash Back – $500 value
  • Travel through the Ultimate Rewards Portal – $625 value
  • Transfer to Southwest - $833 value
  • Transfer to hotel and airline partners – $750+ value

The 50,000 point Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, and the Chase Southwest card are among the best business cards by Chase.

The credit line for business cards does not show in my personal credit report and impact my credit utilization or credit aging, so it doesn’t impact my personal credit score in the long term.  However, the credit inquiry does show in my  personal credit report, but the effect drops off after 3 to 6 months (though the inquiry, as opposed to the business credit line, does stay on my personal credit report for 2 years).

Business cards are an easy way to get extra miles and points, and as I’ve written previously, many of us may qualify for businesses even though we don’t realize it.  However, business credit cards may not have all the consumer protections which personal cards have.

Top 3 Chase Business Card Applications

These are the top 3 Chase business cards in my opinion:

  • Chase Ink Plus – 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 within 3 months (used to be $10,000)
  • Chase Ink Bold – 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 within 3 months (used to be $10,000)
  • Chase Southwest Plus Business – 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 within 3 months

50,000 Ultimate Rewards points is $500 in cash back, $625 towards travel from the Ultimate Rewards mall, ~$833 when transferred to Southwest, a 1-way business class ticket to Europe or South America when transferred to United, or 2 nights at a top category 6 Hyatt, like the Park Hyatt in Paris.

Ultimate Rewards points from the Ink Plus and Ink Bold can be transferred to different airlines and hotels and my favorite transfer partners are United, Hyatt, British Airways, and Southwest.

The 50,000 points from the Southwest business card does currently count towards the Southwest Companion Pass, which can get your companion up to 2 years of free flying!

Chase Business Card Application

The Chase Business Credit Card applications ask virtually the same questions whether you are applying for the Southwest Business card or the Chase Ink Plus.

The screenshots below are from the Chase Ink Plus application.

 Step 1 – Check the Boxes

Check the box which remind you that you are personally liable for the debts of the business.  The next box asks you to certify that your account is clear of bankruptcy and that you haven’t been denied credit by Chase within the last 6 months.

Check the Boxes

I always click the box, saying that I haven’t been denied credit, even if an earlier Chase application was initially rejected, but a call to the reconsideration line got me approved!

Step 2 – Shortcut for Chase Customers

If you are an existing Chase customer, you can fill out your user ID and password to have the application enter in existing data for you.

Shortcut for Chase Customers

I don’t have any rational basis to justify this, but I always fill out the information manually.

Step 3 – Tell us about Your Business

  • Legal Name of Business:  If you are a sole proprietor, your legal business name could be your own name, “John Smith” or the name of your business for example, “Custom Cookies.
  • Business Address:  This is your home address if you run the business from your home.
  • Type Of Business:  Sole Proprietor (if the business is run by just one person).
  • Tax Identification Number:  This is your social security number (as a sole proprietor).
  • Years in Business Under Current Owner: For example, if you have been thinking of selling homemade cookies for the last year and have been buying ingredients to test different recipes enter “1.”
  • Nature of Business:  Select the option which fits in best with your business. For example, if you sell crafts online, I’d choose “retail” or choose “other” if none of the categories describe your business.
  • Number of Employees: You have at least 1 employee (yourself) if you are a sole proprietor, so select “1.″
  • Annual Business Revenue/Sales: Enter the total amount you receive annually for selling your products.  It can be zero, but don’t fib!

It is very important to fill out all information in credit card applications truthfully.  It is much better to say that you have no annual sales than to enter a fictitious amount.  In her last business card application, Emily entered revenue of less than $100 and was still approved for the card.

Step 4 – Tell us about Yourself

Authorizing Officer must be one of the following:  As a sole proprietor, I select “owner”

Tell Us About Yourself

Gross Annual Income:  The application doesn’t ask for individual income, so I’m comfortable entering our combined household income in the form.

You should be able to fill out the other information (name, address, etc.)

Step 5 – Authorization

Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions and hit “submit.”


One of the terms says:

“I agree this is a business account and shall only be used for business purposes and not for personal, family or household use.”

I can’t tell you what to do – you’ve got to decide that for yourself and as always do what you’re comfortable with.  Emily and I have both used our business card for personal expenses and sometimes our personal cards for business expenses.

But know that Chase would like you to use the business card only for business expenses.  I suspect this is a way to protect consumers from the lower consumer protections which business cards have (compared to personal cards).

Bottom Line

Business cards are a great way to get extra miles and points, and they have the added benefit of not decreasing the average age of your credit history because the business credit line doesn’t sit on your personal credit report.

You also don’t need an established business to get approved for a business card, and many of us have businesses without knowing it.  But it is important to be truthful on the application!

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97 Responses to How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application

  1. Can u transfer UR to British airways, if yes how

  2. In my case it was during Hurricane Sandy, and I didn’t want to call reconsideration right then, figuring my concerns were pretty minor by comparison. After a few days Chase called me to ask the questions about my business. I haven’t really started up yet (entered proceeds of $0 on the form), but have thought through a viable plan and was able to describe it to them carefully. Approval was no problem.

    I’ve wondered too about the statements about not using a business card for personal use. I wouldn’t use it on an expensive consumer product, because of the difference in protections offered, but what’s the difference if buying gas, a meal in a restaurant, groceries, car insurance, everyday goods of all types? And, in most instances, how would anyone know the difference? If I buy gas, is it for personal or business purposes? Are groceries for the family or for a lunch with clients?

  3. what if you actually have had a personal bankrupcy at some point?

  4. I just recently received the Ink Bold and was concerned about the business card being used for personal expenses. So, when I called Chase to activate my Ink Bold card, I asked the Chase Ink Bold Customer Service Rep. several questions. First, I asked him if I could use the card for my HOME Internet and he said, “yes.”
    Next, I said that I know I can use my Ink Bold for my cell phone but what about my wife and daughter’s cell phones and he said, “yes.” Then he basically said to use the card however I see fit to use it. Even though Chase states that the card needs to be used for business purposes only, the customer rep. is telling me to use it how I wish.

  5. What a joke. Want to hold my hand while I tinkle too?

  6. Jason, you have attitude. Why not start your own blog and publish the things you’re readers are interested in.

  7. @mark – Log on to, click on “Point Transfer” at the top and make the transfer!

    @DaveS – As you point out it is hard to separate expenses – especially if you’re a sole proprietor.

    @Beth DeRicco – If it is still on your credit history, you’d have to tell Chase that.

    @Charles - That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    @Jason – No, I don’t *want* to, but you can pay for professional help if you have issues down there. :)

    @Lively – Thanks!

  8. you can pay for professional help if you have issues down there +1

  9. Starting a blog is another way to qualify as a business :). You need to separate your website expenses with your personal expenses. You also need a Chase Ink Bold and Plus for gift cards at a certain office supply store for employees :).

  10. LOL, spoon feeding at its finest

  11. @MMS- touché.
    @lively- If I focused on proper grammar do you promise you would follow?

  12. @MMS- touché.

    @lively- If I focused on proper grammar do you promise you would follow?

  13. Hello Daraius;

    Following your advise I recently applied for and received ( November ) SWA personal and business cards with 50K bonus offers for a 3K spend. I did this with the understanding that I would be almost to the 110K needed for companion pass. Your post today says that business cards do not count toward the companion pass. Did I misunderstand your earlier posts? Need help ASAP to make the necessary changes but I am concerned that CHASE will not give me a third card. Please advise.


  14. I am wondering whether the people reading your blog realize that the reason why business cards are marketed so heavily on the blogs is because they pay much larger referral.

    The Ink Bold for instance can pay up to $200 or even $250 per referred person. That is why bloggers are so inclined to have you sign up and list endless reasons why you qualify as a small business/sole proprietorship.

    Daraius has a business (the blog) and revenue (the credit card referrals), so in a magic beauty he has much more of a claim to have a ‘real’ business than most of you.

    Again, for full disclosure, it should be noted that he cannot be neutral on this topics, and business cards are definitely the best revenue driver (2 to 4 times the personal cards).

    If people who sign up are ignorant enough that they need yellow arrows, do they realize that business credit cards are ‘better’ for banks too because they offer much less protection to the borrower, such no zero liability in certain instances? Personal credit cards are a better friend because they were designed with more protection to the common person.

    You don’t need ethics to earn an MBA. Daraius got an A in that class, but more and more act classless.

  15. @Rob
    Southwest business card counts toward Companion Pass.

  16. My apologies if this has been answered somewhere else on the blog but I have been wondering this for a while.

    My mother ( a judge) is an adjunct law professor. She is reimbursed by the law school for certain expenses she incurs during the semester. Can she apply for a business card for the sole purpose of separating her expenses incurred during the semester from personal expenses? Is this a valid reason to apply for a card and will the credit card companies view this reason in a favorable manner and (most likely) approve her?

    Thank you.

  17. @romsdeals - I actually did that when I first started writing the blog!

    @Rob Black – The points from the Chase Southwest business card does currently count towards the Companion Pass. Not sure where you read that it doesn’t in the current post! BTW, I believe the minimum spending on the Southwest card was $2,000, not $3,000.

    @James - That is sometimes true – for example the Southwest business card doesn’t pay a referral and many cards don’t have a business affiliate link. You also don’t see much touting of the AMEX Business Rewards gold with its zero point sign-up bonus, even though it pays a high commission. The Chase Ink Plus/Bold are 2 of the best cards available today!

    I’ve applied for business cards for much longer than I wrote the blog, as a sole proprietor. And I mentioned in the post that the consumer protections on personal cards are better than on business card.

  18. just called chase reconsideration for applying bold, but no go due to short cc history, they are looking 2 -3 years history length. Any chance I will be approved if I call it again?

  19. Applied for Ink Plus on Saturday. Just called the reconsideration line and they said I was approved on Monday. I was worried because I did not use my name as the company name. Thanks for the tips.

  20. One more thing …calling the business line is sometimes a lot quicker than calling the personal line for assistance…but they are also less lenient on giving courtesy points.

  21. same question as Andrew….

    I got citi business cards by saying I am employed and incur reimbursable travel expenses and want them to be separate. Can I do the same with Chase?

  22. Jason, sorry for the grammatical mistake…but once again, you prove you’re a wonk.

  23. Has the term for “business purchases only” always been there or is that new?

  24. Had a noob friend ask me how to apply for the Ink Bold without a business. I could explain but I am too busy, just sent her a link there. You ‘re welcome:-)

  25. Andrew & John: Yes and Yes…Hell YES, this is a perfect combination. She can say she is a visiting professor/lecturer and has many business expenses and wants to keep track of them separately. With good credit record she can get them EASY!
    Oh how I wish I had my own links and handhold the newbies:-)

  26. Hey D,
    Partner and I were approved for the SW biz and personal cards last week (used your links to thank you for introducing us to the companion pass). Got the cards in the mail a couple of days ago and are actually nearly at the spend on all four cards (had some big purchases to make).

    The statements close late Jan, and of course I’m trying to be really, really sure the points don’t post until 2013. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case where the points post until the statements close, but I wanted to see if you or anyone else had. I need to make a purchase soon that will put me over on one of the cards. Thinking about using a diff’t card, just to be safe, but I still have a long way to hit the extra spend for the comp. pass, so I’d rather use one of these cards, if possible.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  27. Is annual business revenue before or after expenses? I own a rental property that results in about $16 gross but only $1K net annually…

    I love miles and points but as a working parent with small kids, i often lack the time to read Flyertalk and Milepoint in depth. Your blog has easily saved me well over $200 so you are welcome to whatever referral fee for the credit card I picked up through you link.

  28. Just want to highlight the importance of screening your chase rep. Got tangled up with two different reps that wouldn’t budge on approval because the business is too new and has no revenue. Should’ve hung up much earlier and tried different rep. No biz card for me…

  29. Success Story. Applied for the CHASE Ink Plus Tuesday. Called the business reconsideration line today using your script. Learned that the initial response was a “no” even though I have credit score of 800+ and a 20 year history of business income because of recently opening a Hyatt card. Responded to questions similar to your experiences and was approved!

  30. BunMama – Revenue is how much money you take in so naturally before expensive. Profit is everything after expenses.

    My question is,

    I signed up for a personal SW card with the 50k bonus and I also signed up one for my LLC. I put down the same RR#. That’s ok, right?

  31. Hi,
    Can the same business apply for both cards Chase INK and CHase bold, and receive the bonus for both?

  32. Sorry , I mean BOLD and PLUs chase ink

  33. wait…. so when do I click the agree to terms box? Before or after I fill the other parts out? Does it matter if you click the box first or second?

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  35. @fastrader – It doesn’t hurt to call back.

    @steelo – Congrats!

    @Andrew - You could give that reason during the reconsideration call, but you can’t apply for a business card unless you’re an authorized user. She could apply as a sole proprietor and them explain that she wants the card to help separate expenses.

    - It has been there for at least a year that I know about.

    – Thanks for helping out! Do I see a new evolution to your blog?

    @CJ – I’d get as close to $2K in 2012, and complete the remaining spending in 2013 to ensure that the points post in 2013. This is probably overkill, but I’d rather play it safe.

    - Thanks! I believe it is gross revenue on the application forms.

    @Mulbry – You can always call back again…

    @BruceUtah - Congrats!

    @Frank – That should be fine as long as one was a personal card and the other a business card.

    @Julia – You should be able to get the bonus on both cards.

    – There are buttons at the top and another set of buttons at the bottom to click.

  36. I got the Chase Ink Bold last year, and now want to apply for the Chase Ink Plus. I used the ebay business with $0 income and had no issues (after calling the reconsideration line). In the past year I have sold about $500 of software, mostly Staples FAR stuff. Am I better off mentioning that $500, and if I do so, is there a tax issue folded in there? Or start again with $0?

  37. My wife applied using your links for Chase Bold and got approved after calling to re consideration line. Thanks for your inputs.

  38. @Alex – If you have $500 in revenue, you should mention that. If you made a profit selling the FAR stuff, you likely have to pay tax on it, but talk to your accountant.

    - Glad it worked out and thanks for using our link!

  39. I dont know if this question has been asked before. What if I have some of these business cards for my main business-bills to my business address. If I have another business that I start (using home address) can I get some of these same business cards? I might be starting something new and it would be nice to get more bonuses etc.

  40. Even though consumer protections are greater are a consumer based credit card people go a little overboard. You still have protection, and far more than a cash or check transaction. One reason for less protections is because in the business world there may be transactions that present different risks than consumer based transactions. Not still have protections against fraud and such and it will be up to the card holder to be aggressive if needed. Also If you have a compnay and give employees cards then you might be liable more than you might think since they can charge things to those cards.

  41. Nice info :) DW got Ink with recon, not too harsh :) About 15 minutes in all, on way to another 50K URs! Sweeeet…

  42. @HSinAz - Glad it worked out!

  43. I know this isn’t Chase-related, but I just applied for the Citi AA business card, and then called reconsideration right away. After 15 minutes waiting while they “reviewed my application,” I was told that they were needed some verification paperwork and were sending me forms in the mail.

    Has anyone had this happen? Does anyone know what the required paperwork is so I can get a jump on having them ready when the forms arrive?

  44. @Jeff – Usually it is proof of your business like a utility bill, business license, checking account statement. If you applied with your full name as the business name it should be easy to supply.

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  47. Just wanted to leave another data point – applied for the Ink Bold last night and the application said “In Review” so I called in this morning to the reconsideration line. First call went badly, rep said since my business didn’t have a long enough history (2+ yrs needed) or generate enough revenue (I had put $500 conservatively on the application) to be approved. Called back a few hrs later and the rep said since I had already spoken to someone earlier today and been declined there was nothing he could do, but I asked to speak to a supervisor who was able to reverse the decision after I explained the business was in a “startup” phase with revenues expected to grow. Lesson: don’t be discouraged by a rejection, as Daraius says it never hurts to call back.

  48. @IM – Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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  50. I just applied for the SW Biz and was turned down because I opened two Chase accounts earlier this month (Sapphire Preferred and SW Personal). Two reconsideration line reps in a row have told me they cannot open more than 2 lines in a month. Is this new? True? False? Anybody had experience with it?

  51. @tscateh – 3 cards in one month could be pushing the limit, so it isn’t surprising.

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  55. Thanks for the great tips! I just applied for the ink bold and I was quite nervous of all the questions, but I followed all of your tips and when I called the reconsideration line they didnt even ask me any questions! I was able to get instant approval and a rush order on my card too! Thanks so much for the tips on filling out chase business applications.

  56. I applied to both bold and ink plus about 7-10 days ago (it was 50,000 points) and I just received the cards, do you think I will be eligible for 60,000 points?

  57. Rick
    people have sent sm to chase, requesting to match the promotion, and have been successful

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  60. I am FT employed, but dabble on eBay and craigslist and make sales of second hand items. I was looking at my application tonight and realized that I put my income from FT employment under my business gross revenue (almost six figure), should be in the range of $200 from 2012… I am kicking myself for not checking it! It looks like they still approved me for $20K CL. Planning to call the CSR and explain the mistake, is this good idea folks?

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  63. I’m curious. When applying for one of these cards the terms often state, “Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer”, yet I seem to recall reading things that suggest it’s possible to cancel a card when the annual fee comes due and then reapply 6 months to 2 years later. Can you apply for the same card and collect the same bonus more than once?

  64. @HJ – It varies based on the card. AMEX cards have this listed in their terms and conditions and usually you have to be without the card for 12 months to get it again. That said, some cards are worth keeping for the strong annual benefits.

  65. I would love to get this card. I have lots of work expenses (not my own company) and will now have roughly $10,000/annually in purchases at FedEx Office.

    I have 2 main questions/concerns:
    1) Is FedEx Office eligible for the 5x office supply bonus? I would think so but don’t see it mentioned on blogs.
    2) I don’t have my own business, this would be my first business card. I see a lot of success stories posted above, but I’m just a little nervous to try. Am I over thinking this?

  66. @Ben – I haven’t checked at FedEx Office, but I’ll test and see. I suspect it should count as a 5X store.

  67. Thanks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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  70. I applied for this card this Monday and was told that the application was under conisderation, however I have yet to hear back from them and it is Friday. Does it normally take this long to get a call?

  71. @Reuven Kishon – It takes a few weeks sometimes to get a reply for a business card application.

  72. Hi Darius,

    I enjoy reading your blog and continue to learn few things every now & then. Thank you.

    I applied for 2 Citi Select AAdvantage card eight days apart in July, 2013 and got instantly approved online. Two days ago ( after 6 1/2 mos ) I applied online for Citi Advantage World MasterCard for I don’t have any MasterCard and of course, wants to earn 50K bonus points. Rec’d a message acknowledging receipt of my apps. and they will let me know within a week. The next day I called reconsideration number and was told my app was denied for I already have Select AAdvantage card, despite explaining I had visa cards and wanted to get a MasterCard for some benefits I don’t get with my visa. Won’t budge. I tried to call after 48 hrs, told Agent same script and had same answer. Bummer, I got a credit pull and did not get approved.

    Here are my questions.
    1) I rec’d a target email to apply for the Citi Business card, how long should I wait before applying for this card?
    2) When I do apply for the Citi Business, they have to do another credit inquiry, will they stay on my credit history as 2 pulls or will be combined as one if my 2nd app is done within 5-7 days apart (unless I have to wait longer to increase my chance of getting approved?) FYI, my score is 800 per Credit Sesame when I applied.
    3) My husband applied for same card and got instantly approved. This is his 1st card with Citi. How long should he wait to apply for their 2nd card?

    Thanks for your help.

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  79. The business revenue suggestion is really misleading. “It can be zero, but don’t fib!” So I put $1000 in and got declined for not to have enough revenue. I called the recon line two times but still couldnot get approved. Here’s something everyone should aware when applying for ink business card. The min credit line they would approve is $5000. And your business revenue should at least couple times of the credit limit.

  80. Hi Darius, I recently applied to SW Plus personal and Premier business credit card. I was instantly approved for the Plus personal, but got a letter of denial for the business credit card. I called the reconsideration line twice, but was denied twice stated the reason that my business (selling books on ebay) is too new (2 months) and is not generating enough revenue ($60 to date, $400 ’till the end of this year). What is my chances of calling in again and having someone to approve this?

    Should I apply for the same Premier business credit card again for another more stable business (travel agent, helping people buy plane tickets for 3 yrs). I know I should have gone with this instead, but forgot about it at the time I was applying for the business card. I really want to get the companion pass, but I’m afraid they will deny me because I just applied to this card recently. Also having another credit inquiry may hurt my credit score (great credit score right now). Can you please give me your thought on this matter?

    Thank you,


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  83. Well D, I just applied. I got informed that I need to wait for their decision. I am a little nervous as I was expecting an approval actually as I have 2 other Chase cards currently. However this is my first ever business card application. Hopefully all goes well. I will let you know.

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  87. I applied for the Chase Ink Bold and after almost four weeks of waiting I finally received a call but was denied since my business revenue was too low. I claimed $2400. They said my business should be making over $5000 or more a year and I’ve only had my business for 2 years but they recommend five years. Bummer!

  88. Odd about yall getting declined and them talking about min revenue.

    I have a registered business that i use every now and then to sell some stuff with and do web design for friends and family with. I put income of 2,500 with business length of 2 years. Later down in the application in the personal application area it asks for your gross income…that for me (and my wife) is over 70k. I was approved instantly.
    So really i dont think you were denied based solely on the business revenue and length of being in business.
    PS: All info i posted above is actual info..none was fibbed

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  92. Todd McCluckster


    I’m tempted to apply for the Chase Ink Plus card in person to get the 70K ultimate reward points, but admittedly I have no business. In fact, when I got my Chase Ink Bold card last year, i created a fake business and was approved.

    I’m wondering if this is a risky game to play. I did not take into consideration that they may report these expenses to the IRS. I certainly did not file any business related tax returns this past year…

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  96. Just applied for the Chase Ink card with a few years history and $200 income. Called the reconsideration line after pending app and received approval for a $21,000 line! That surprised me. How long until I can apply for the SW Chase business card?

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