I Was Wrong & Right…

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A few days ago, I suggested that links to the 50,000 point Southwest credit card would change because the Southwest website said “Final Days” next to the image of the 50,000 point credit card.

Well, the Chase website and the Southwest website both show links to only the 25,000 point offers now.

I also wrote “I don’t know if the non-affiliate offer will disappear as well (I’d guess not, but I don’t have any inside information).”

But I found links to the Southwest Plus personal and Southwest Plus business cards still have a 50,000 point bonus!  And this FlyerTalk thread has a link to the Southwest Premier personal card with a 50,000 point bonus.  I couldn’t find a link to the Southwest Premier business card with the 50,000 point bonus, but please comment or email if you have one!

These aren’t my links, so take a screenshot if you decide to apply.  I also don’t know how long they will last.  You can still fly for free for two years on Southwest with these cards!

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41 responses to “I Was Wrong & Right…

  1. Hey Daraius, there is still a working link on Traveler Plastic for the Southwest Premier Business card:


  2. Sorry, I just tried that link again and it’s not working anymore.

    Feel free to delete these two comments!

  3. Is there a working airtran 32 credit link anywhere? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the links Darius, I just applied for the Biz Plus and the application went through, will call them tonight to get approved.

  5. Is the southwest companion pass good for international travel as well or just domestic.

  6. Awesome work Daraius.

  7. @Gmash…. Where do you plan to on southwest international?

  8. Southwest looking to fly to Latin America in 2015, Puerto Rico sooner, but the CP expires in 2014 if you get it in January…

  9. so nobody outside of SWA higher ups knows right now since those destinations aren’t offered currently…

  10. Hi Daraius

    Do you know how to create a new Southwest FFN without it automatically combining the new FFN with your old FFN?

    Thanks for your time and work

    • @David Yorke – Thanks, but seems like both Premier links aren’t working anymore.

      @Igor – Not that I know about.

      @Aurelien W. – Good luck!

      @Gmash @adnan @leftpinky – Southwest doesn’t currently fly international routes, but that could change in the next few years. They’ll fly to Puerto Rico in 2013.

      @bobsamson – I haven’t tried with Southwest, but if you sign up for a new account they may not merge the accounts.

  11. I applied for the Chase SouthWest Plus & Business Plus on Wednesday. I have an alert on my credit reports so I called Chase today to move things along. I was asked a question that really threw me off-guard and I haven’t heard any blogger mention anything like this: “I see you have had 13 new credit cards in the last year. Can you tell me why you have been so aggressive pursuing credit cards?” Now I was approved for both cards (so that makes 15!), but how in the world do you answer a question like that? Have you churners EVER been asked anything similar?

  12. Oops! I didn’t take it that far! Sorry! (dangit!)

  13. @Eric Coffman I have been asked that question before. I am only 20 years old so my credit history only just over 2 years. I had one credit card for one year and then after a year of credit history I began to “churn”. In the past 12 months I have been accepted for 16 different credit cards.

    I have been asked the question “Why so many cards in a short period of time”, I’m not sure if my short history sparked the question or the fact I have been “churning” aka applying for a lot of flyer/point cards.

    I always answer honestly and tell them my job requires me to travel and I want to gain miles for different programs and find which loyalty programs I like the best.

    Now do I travel a lot for work? No. But I do travel some, and I truly do want to find out which programs I like the most. I think this answer can be truthful to almost any churner!

  14. Chase asked me once why I applied for 2 travel credit cards within a month and I just told them that I plan on traveling a lot in the future and I want multiple reward credit cards to fit my travel needs and get the best bonuses. I pay my cc’s each month in full on time so I’ve never been denied.

  15. Darius, could you tell me if there are any specific reasons why you applied for the personal Plus + business Premier? Would it be possible to get the personal Plus + business Plus?

  16. I was approved for both the personal Plus & business Plus.

    • @caly – I already had the personal premier and business plus before and got the bonus, so I wanted to get different versions of the same card. You should be able to get the sign on bonus with the personal and business plus versions.

  17. Thanks, Eric!

  18. Hello, was trying several times to sent you a personal email about southwest card that i need help asap, but your email is changed, it comes undelivered everytime. anyway to contact/ thank you

  19. i plan to unlock the 50k miles on my RR personal around beginning of jan. i was also planning an AOR in january to apply for the RR business 50k bonus. if there is a chance of the 50k bonus being unavailable when i do my AOR, my buddy has offered to apply for the personal and gift / transfer me the miles. does anybody know if those 50k transferred / gifted miles count toward the 110k needed for the companion pass? thanks! great blog!!!

    • @Pete – I really don’t know if the links will still work in January to the 50K offer. You also can’t transfer Southwest points between accounts. You could apply for the Southwest business card now while it is still available and ensure that the points post in January.

  20. Do I need to do both apps at the same time (like the 2-browser Citi card deal) or just apply for one after the other?

  21. This link for a business card worked for me tonight, however I had to download a new browser to get it to open, lol –

    I usually use Chrome and kept getting an error but it opened in FireFox and I received the “application under further review” response. I was instantly approved for the personal card however.


  22. I just received an invitation from SW to get a premier card with the 50,000 points. It had an invitation code so maybe they are just inviting rapid rewards members to join. Wanted to let you know.

  23. I actually waited a couple days before I called the reconsideration line because I was nervous about it. However, by the time I did call, they had already approved me for the business card. (I had instant approval on the personal card.) I had one denial because I had trouble with the links and I think my app may have gone thru twice but she said they didn’t pull another credit report because it was 2 apps for the same product so they just deny the 2nd.

    Relieved…I didn’t have to answer questions, so there may be a little benefit to waiting a couple days before calling the number and letting them just do their thing! 🙂

  24. I was nervous and waited a couple days before calling. Turns out the “under review” message I received may have been because my app for the biz card went thru 2 times as well as for the personal app at the same time. (I was having issues with the link since I waited to the last minute!)

    Anyhow, by the time I called I was already approved for the biz card with one denial on the duplicate biz app (which she said did not generate a credit pull since it was for the same product.)

    I didn’t have to answer any business questions, so waiting paid off!

  25. ugh…sorry….my message appeared to not post but disappeared, then both posted. Delete at will. 🙂

  26. i was wondering if there was any downside for applying for the personal cc and then the business cc a month later, instead of applying at the same time.

  27. Has anyone confirmed the links above that are still live for the plus versions of the personal and business card are eligible for the 50k bonuses? I applied a few days ago and was accepted but now I am holding my breath that the bonus will in fact be 50k and not 25k.

    Also, just wanted to say a quick thanks for a great site Daraius.

  28. If I have the personal RR Plus card and want to get the personal RR Premier card, what is the best process?
    1. cancel the Plus card and then apply for the Premier card?
    2. keep the Plus card and apply for the Premier, and if I get turned down call the reconsideration line?
    3. some other better plan?
    Any insight from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • @Bill – The application page loads for the Plus version so you should get the 50K points if you applied through the 50K link.

      @Scott – I’d go with #1 if you want another personal card. If you want a business version, you can keep the personal card open.

  29. Just an update as I applied a little over 2 weeks ago using the Business Plus link above. Today the card arrived and I confirmed the 50k bonus with the csr while activating the card on the phone. I then went ahead and used the link above and applied for the Personal Plus card online today and got a “pending review”. I will wait a couple days and see if I get approved and if not will call the reconsideration line. As a point of reference this was my 4th cc application within 30 days (1 Barclay, 1 Amex, and 2 Chase (1 Business 1 Personal)) I am guessing the reason I was not instantly approved is because of the 4 recent inquiries as I have only one other personal Chase card.