Why I Called the Chase Business Reconsideration Department

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I recently applied for the Southwest business card to get the Southwest Companion Pass and got approved after calling the reconsideration line.  Earning the Companion Pass in 2013 means that Emily can fly for free, up to the end of 2014, on every Southwest ticket I book using either miles or points!

The 50,000 point Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, and the Chase Southwest card are among the best business cards by Chase, so I thought I’d post my experience with the Chase business reconsideration line.  The Chase reconsideration line is closed on Sundays.

The credit line for business cards does not show in my personal credit report and impact my credit utilization or credit aging, so it doesn’t impact my personal credit score in the long term.  However, the credit inquiry does show in my  personal credit report, but the effect drops off after 3 to 6 months (though it does stay on my credit report for 2 years).

Business cards are an easy way to get extra miles and points, and as I’ve written previously, many of us may qualify for businesses even though we don’t realize it.  However, business credit cards may not have all the consumer protections which personals cards have.

With Chase business cards, it can take weeks to get approved.  I’m impatient so I call the reconsideration line to get approved as soon as I submit my application.  I ask the reconsideration analyst to use my social security number to look up my application.


Your Goal:  Get approved for the Chase business card which you applied for.  You’ve already got an inquiry on your credit report when you applied for the card, so you may as well try to get approved for the card.

Chase’s Goal:  Lending to small businesses is riskier than lending to individuals, so Chase wants to ensure that the credit extended is appropriate and likely to be paid back.  You do personally guarantee that you’ll pay back debt on your business credit card, but Chase still needs to do its due diligence.

Preparation:  Prepare responses to commonly asked questions such as how long you’ve had your business, prior, present & future revenue, expenses, profit and your personal income and employment details.  Also review my post on calling the reconsideration department at banks.

My Call

I applied for the Southwest business credit and called the Chase reconsideration line.

Chase Analyst:   Chase business card services.  How may I help you?

Daraius:  Hello, I just submitted an application for the Chase Southwest Business card and I was curious if you needed any other information to process the application?

I prefer asking the agent indirectly to check my application status, instead of opening the call with a plea to check my application status.

Chase Analyst:  Sure.  It will take 3 to 4 minutes to review your information and we can then make a decision on the card.  Do you want to continue?

Daraius:  Yes, of course!

Chase Analyst:  What is your reference number?

Daraius:  I don’t have a reference number, but here’s my social security number, XXX-YY-ZZZZ.

The agents almost always ask for a reference number, but you can have them look up your application via your social security number.  The reference number is usually in the letter you get from Chase declining your application or asking for more information.

Chase Analyst:  Thanks!  What does your business do?

Daraius:  I write a blog on how to best use airline miles and hotel points to travel.

Chase Analyst:  How long has it been established?

Daraius:  Close to 2 years now!  I registered the name earlier, but didn’t start until April 2011.

Chase Analyst:  What was your revenue for 2011?

Daraius: I didn’t earn any revenue in 2011.

Chase Analyst: How did you calculate your income or loss?

Daraius:  The usual way – gross receipts (which were zero) less expenses incurred with the business.  I’m a small business, not a big bank, so nothing funny here!

Chase Analyst: Ha!  That’s fine. What was your revenue in 2012?

Daraius:  Year to date revenue is $X.

Chase Analyst:  How much experience do you have with your business?

Daraius:  I used to travel 3 weeks out of 4 in a month for business and collected lots of points. Blah, blah…

Chase Analyst:  You don’t have to disclose separate income (alimony, child support etc.) unless you want to use it to repay credit card debt.  Is the total income you entered on the application still $X?

In my experience, the agents always ask this question.  I interpret this to mean that it is okay to include income from your partner as long as it can be used to repay the credit card debit.  An agent suggested that Emily include partner’s income (on a separate reconsideration call for her), but your miles may vary.

Daraius:  It still is.

Chase Analyst:  I see that you already have another Chase Southwest business card?

Daraius:  Actually I closed that card about a month ago.  It was the Plus version, but I want the Premier version which doesn’t have foreign transaction fees and earns me A-List qualifying point unlike the Plus card which I cancelled.

If I had cancelled the Premier version instead and applied for the Plus version, I would have said that I wanted a card with a lower annual fee.

Chase Analyst:  Is your address still [reads my address].  Do you want to add another user to the account?

Daraius: That’s still my address and I don’t want to add anyone else at this time.  Thanks!

Chase Analyst:  How much credit do you want on this card?

Daraius:  Not a whole lot – $5,000 should be enough.  I’ve also been using my Chase Ink Bold regularly, so I don’t need a lot of new credit

I didn’t want it to appear that I wanted a lot of new credit.  I just wanted to be approved!

Chase Analyst:  Let me put you on a brief hold and route this for verification.

Daraius:  Sure, take your time!

Chase Analyst: [After 7 minutes]  Congratulations!  Your Southwest card is approved!

Daraius:  Thanks!  And have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

The call took ~20 minutes, but I was approved for my Southwest Business card after the call!

What To Do If You’re Not Successful?

Call again – either immediately or later on.   You’ve already received the credit inquiry so you may as well try to get approved.  Often times, a different representative will be more sympathetic or easier to talk with.

Remember, you can always move credit from your existing business cards or even your personal cards with Chase to make room for a new case.  In some cases (usually when you have a shorter credit history/history with Chase), you may have to cancel a credit card to get approved for a new one with Chase as described in this post.

Bottom Line

The Chase Business reconsideration analysts ask a lot more questions than the personal analysts.  And some of them are “all business” (read = not much small talk) since that’s their job, so don’t take it personally!

But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and to think about your responses to some of the commonly asked questions such as how long you’ve had your business, prior, present & future revenue, expenses, sales and your personal income and employment details.

If you give them a reason to approve you, they will.  Good luck!

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237 responses to “Why I Called the Chase Business Reconsideration Department

  1. Oh, forgot to mention – they weren’t willing to move any credit from my new personal card or my Freedom card to help supplement the business line. And they specifically mentioned the minimum line for the business card is $5000.

    • @Tommy – Did you try explaining the credit inquiries? You could try again, but it depends on what you’re comfortable with.

      @New eBay Business – Congrats and thanks for sharing. Enjoy the 2 years of discounted travel!

      – Your business isn’t that new, so you should have a chance if you call again. You can offer to move credit (they do that). You could say that you’re not looking for a new credit line, but want to use the Southwest card for its benefits and were curious if you could move credit from your existing Freedom card. Good luck!

  2. Hi Daraius,
    I got approved for my personal card but the business card reconsideration said they need a copy of my EIN, which I don’t have because I don’t have a business formally set up. They approved my personal card by moving around some of my credit (had 21000 in avail credit thru the IHG and Marriott Card). You think they could do that again for the business card app?

  3. Hi Darius,
    You may have already answered this question. If so, I apologize. I just applied for both a personal and business SWA Visa. I’m waiting to learn whether I have been approved. Do you suggest making the phone call you described before receiving a rejection? In other words, should I call now before I know whether or not I have been approved or denied?

    Oh, one other question. I am listing my “business” as being an independent contractor in education. I teach part time for several colleges. There are no contracts or benefits. Would this be considered a business?

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks so much for this advice. My husband applied for the personal SW card and was approved back in February. It is the first credit card solely in his name — the rest are in my name and he is the authorized user. We applied for the SW business card and were turned down on the phone because he doesn’t have sufficient credit history. He asked them for a low limit, but they said no – not at this time. They said they will need to see more credit history from him. I’m wondering how long we need to wait after consistently paying on his new personal card before he can apply again? Thank you so much! I’d just do it in my name, but then we’d lose our shot at the companion pass.

    • @Chris – I’ve been able to get them to move credit from personal to business cards, but sometimes it takes a few calls to get the right rep.

      @Teresa – I prefer calling since it may take long for them to process your application. As long as you get paid, you likely may have a business teaching!

      @Marla – I’d wait 3 to 6 months at least before reapplying. But you could call again, but if he just got his first card it could be tough to get approved.

  5. You may want to note that the Chase business reconsideration line is apparently closed on weekends…

  6. So I am having a hard time getting approved. they can see that I have applied for 9 cards in the last 9 months (3 of which are chase). They are not even willing to move credit from another card to open a new biz card. They are saying because I have so many inquiries they are not willing to open another account. I have called 3 times now and they all are agreeing. Anything I can do?

  7. Do you need to file taxes on your business income (i.e. cash income) to qualify for a business card?

  8. I called biz line a day after applying ink bold to verify identity. They asked me questions about credit history. They said it would take 10-14 biz day for approval but my app had been submitted for review. Is this a rejection?

    • @How long? – They sometimes send it to a supervisor or fraud prevention department for another review. If they asked your questions about the business etc. and why you want the card and said that it is submitted for approval, you usually will get the card.

  9. when i called back they said i could try calling back in a day or two for decision. This is strange. In the past i was put on hold for 10 minutes and approved or denied.

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I applied for the Ink Plus Business Card and got the “decision pending” notice but called the reconsideration line and was eventually approved. I read your script to prepare and I have to say that it was very accurate to what the call rep asked me (in some spots it was verbatim). The call rep did ask me more specific questions about what profits I’ve earned on the revenue I listed on the online application and also what profits I expect to earn in the future. I just thought on my feet and gave an answer (profit projections for a startup company are all total guesses in the business world anyways so this wasn’t a lie, just an educated guess). They did ask me to move some of the credit from my other Chase cards to my Ink Plus which I agreed to. And that was that. I got approved. Thanks for all of your useful info.

  11. Darren: congrats! what was time interval between when u applied and when u called? Were you approved instantly once you called? Have you had any other chase cards? Thanks!

  12. The agent said he had recommended that I get approval but that my app needed to be processed first. He said that if it got approved, they would expedite the delivery of the card. I wonder what other layer of processing he was referring to. I hadn’t encountered this before. I hope it’s as you said that it went to supervisor or fraud department. Will call back in a few days and keep you posted.

  13. Just called and was asked the same exact questions. They moved my credit line around from my personal cards and got approved instantly! Thanks!!

  14. I was a little skeptical…but after finding out about the 50K mile Ink Bold card, I applied and then stumbled onto your page. I called using your script (actually I was worried that things would be held up because of ID theft last year and a fraud alert) but when I called they told me there was no fraud alert, and that my card had already been approved. They were also able to expedite my card delivery, and I’ll be able to start earning miles this weekend. So a big THANKS to you!

    • @Jon – Thanks! Don’t know how I missed this, but I updated the link.

      @Joe – Yes, you can get the bonus on both the Ink Plus and the Ink Bold. I’d wait 3 to 6 months between applications. Good luck!

  15. Just got it approved. I used your Ink Bold link for this application MMS! Will be shipped expediated. Thanks!

    chip.e: with fraud alerts, i think they are only valid for 6 months unless you write to the bureaus to request that they be extended to 7 years. if you’ll be churning, its easier to do w/o a fraud alert. with a fraud alert in place, you always have to verify your identity before approval. there is no such thing as instant approval.

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  17. Thanks for the walk through. I applied for the United explorer business and personal back in february and was automatically approved. Today I applied for the Chase Ink Plus and was told I’d hear back in 10 days.

    I called the reconsideration line, the conversation went pretty similar to yours, I was asked why I wanted this when I had the other and I told them I would be traveling and wanted a card with no foreign transaction fees. They reduced some credit from my explorer business card and within 8 minutes I was approved.

  18. Swing and miss…I applied for the CSP in the first week in April and got instantly approved, read your blog for the INK cards this week (3rd week in April) applied for INK Plus and got denied…….Called the reconsideration line was told that I had too many inquiries (CSP and Last month had to buy an SUV…new baby) and too short of a credit history (new to the miles game but used the same non-miles non-chase card for the last 8 years), too many charges to quickly on my CSP (met the 3k spend requirement in 3 weeks no manufactured spending)….FICO (after CSP and auto loan) 758 did I catch a CSR on a bad day or am I dead in the water?

    • @BrianD – An 8 year history is good, but since it isn’t with Chase they may be a bit vary. You could pay down the balance on the CSP and call again a few times and hope for a better rep. Good luck!

  19. applied back in Feb/March, and was rejected with the statement that my credit card balance (DISC) was too high ($1.3k out of 1.5 k limit) and because my business was about a year old… I tried again later, and got the same message again and again. I did apply for the Chase Ink Cash… I was thinking of reapply in May/June under one of those “annual fee” Ink CC’s and then downgrading after a year or something (assuming i get accepted of course)… any thoughts?

  20. oh a few things i forgot:
    I’m a student, opened up a CC about 1 Yr. 8 months ago, my credit score is 768, and I’ve only had one credit card (since I’m a student)… i assume this is why i got rejected/

    • @Prema – Your credit utilization is very high. I’d use the card to charge something small each month and pay the balance in full each month. After a few months you should be able to get a personal Chase card (the Ink card is a business card) and then after a few months get the business card. Good luck!

  21. I just did this exactly as suggested. We are a very established business. There were a number of pointed questions from the Chase rep. I ended up getting a good line I fully believe that this would not have happened if not for the call. Now this was the Chase Ink (charge card) We already had the Bold card with a lower line than this approval. If I did not call I think I would have been denied or a very small line.

  22. Another success story here. Followed your script verbatim and after they reduced my Sapphire credit line, they agreed to open my new Ink Bold Plus!

    Your blog has been invaluable in my travel hacking journey. Wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your referral links as I sign of my gratitude for all the valuable information you’ve shared with your readers. Keep it up and more power!

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  24. Your a genius! It worked!!!!

  25. Great post. I found the instructions to be very helpful and was approved for a business card using your advice. Thanks!

  26. So I applied for the ink card received a letter from fraud dep saying send over proof of tax I’d. When I called they said once I fax that and the document gets approved that they would send my card. I asked so that is the only thing holding my approval have you ever heard this. I hope I didn’t send documents to only still get denied. They said wait 7-10 business days should
    Receive my card

  27. THANK YOU. This saved me – I never would have known what to say to them when calling reconsideration.

    -I wrote down all of the responses I would make respective to what you said ahead of time.
    -Then I filled out an application
    -Then I called them
    -Instant approval!

    In case anyone is wondering, I have a 722 credit score, only 9 months average credit history, and I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card that was approved 3 months ago.

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  29. Hi there,
    Quick question regarding applying for a business card. Is the following reason a good enough one to apply for a credit card: I incur expenses usually on a weekly basis that have to do with my job that I can claim back later on when I file taxes. I want to keep all those expenses on the business credit card so that it is easier to have a record of them when I go to file my taxes. However, I don’t own my own business – I work for an employer so can I still qualify for the card?

    • @Nicoke – Good luck and let us know how it goes.

      @Erica – Congrats and thanks for sharing!

      @Al – I don’t believe that is what a business card is supposed to be used for, but you could apply and let them know how you plan to use it to track reimbursements.

  30. Thanks so much for the quick response. One last thing (apologies for all the questions!!), what about using it for rental property that I own ie. all that expenses that occur – does that qualify for a business?

  31. interesting… i just applied for the ink card and when I called the reconsideration line, the rep said that my application is fine, but it is just waiting on a credit analyst to review it. she said that they process them as they come in and i would have to just wait. she wouldn’t connect me to a credit analyst or anything. has anyone else got that kind of response before?

  32. T…I got the exact same response when I called the Reconsideration line about 10 minutes ago and was looking through here to see if anyone else had ever had this response before!!! Wonder what this means……

  33. Hi there,
    Any idea what the business reconsideration representative means when they say that, due to an “internal process rule,” he is not allowed to discuss the application with me? I was applying for the Marriott business card after just getting approved for the personal card (instant approval).

  34. Darius, if I just applied for the Ink Plus and my approval is being considered, can I immediately apply for the personal Chase Southwest card today (since I just saw from your email this morning it went back up to 50k points) or should I wait 3-6 months? I have not had a new credit card application (except for the Ink Plus business app yesterday) in a very long time, and have not had any new credit inquiries since last summer when I bought a house.

  35. I don’t have a business, but I have had an eBay account since 2005 that I periodically sell stuff from (some years nothing, some years maybe a few hundred dollars, not a lot). Can I count this as a business? If not, and I really don’t have a business, am I out of luck for the business card?

  36. Same experience as others are reporting this week, the first rep I spoke with said that due to the volume of applications they are receiving, they cannot handle the processing over the phone but he did acknowledge that they used to do that. The second just said it is standard operating procedure to run checks that take 1-2 weeks and I will hear about the decision then.

    • @Al – That should qualify as a business expense.

      @T @Paige @Ashley Wolfe @Michael – There have been lots of applications and lots more to come, so I wouldn’t call back for a while.

      @P – You could apply for the personal card if you’d like as well. But if you’re looking for the Southwest Companion pass, you would need 110K points within 1 calendar year.

      @Brian – If you sell stuff with the intent of making money, it could be considered a business. But if you don’t have a business or aren’t starting one, you can’t apply for a business card.

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  38. Called the second time around and found out I was denied. First rep told me I couldn’t expedite the process. Second one told me due to delinquent accounts (which were over five years ago…before I understood the importance of credit). Any suggestions about how to spin that? I was approved for a Freedom a week ago and attempted to have the CSR move credit lines along but he made it clear that they are two separate situations. Thanks in advance!

  39. HILARIOUS…look at you pathetic clowns getting all bent outta shape because you werent approved immediately. sit back and wait for a response like everyone else has to. you sound like drug addicts that cant wait for their next hit…

  40. I am a little pissed right now and ended up yelling at a supervisor at the Chase business reconsideration line. I know, yelling at someone you are tying to get something from isn’t too smart but I think I am screwed anyway. I have a Chase Sapphire that I was just approved for but I think the Bold card is a better way for me to go, and I do have a small business. I applied, got denied so I called in and was told that I have a Ch. 7 but it was 8.5 years ago so that’s not really a factor as long as I established credit since and they are saying on my Equifax it is only showing the Sapphire and a Discover card I also just signed up for. However, there is an entire credit card missing, actually a couple but are closed now, that is not reported to my Equifax. This entire card I have had now for 5 years and the first lady I talked to said that if this card was showing up they could approve me. However, she insisted I don’t have this other credit card and I am mistaken that it is a credit card and is probably a debit card. I’m not an idiot, it is a credit card which I just upped the limit on it and was able to get the lowest possible rate from the issuer just a few months ago. It is reported on TransUnion and Experian.

    I just called again today and the guy I spoke to right from saying hello was a prick, even before I even said anything besides my name. I didn’t realize they keep track of each time you call so he saw the notes from the prior call. Anyway, he again was saying the same thing about how the card isn’t showing up with Equifax and I insisted I wanted to show him that this is on the other reports. He claimed he then just pulled up TransUnion and it was not there either. However, while on the line, I pulled up my TransUnion directly from TransUnion and there it is, very first line for Satisfactory Accounts. I told him his system either is not pulling up the correct information or he is lying to me. He said it is neither of those.

    I then asked to speak to a supervisor, which I know goes no where as I have been in this line of work before. I knew I wasn’t going to get an account this a sup. The lady I spoke say the same stuff, that the card is not there so no Chase card for me. I asked about how to show them my correct report but she says they only can get it from the credit bureaus which I can understand why. I am pretty sure they are lying to me about pulling it just now on TransUnion. I’ll see if a credit inquiry was made and I never was asked if they could pull my credit report. Anyway, this lady now is saying that because the Ch. 7 I needed to have more established credit and by major companies then just this one, that is if this one was even on the report. She claimed that my Visa Platinum card from my credit union is not a major credit card. What? A Visa card from anyone is just another credit line and this would be a major national credit union that it is issued by. I also buy a car and or motorcycle every year and always qualify from anyone for the lowest rates. Basically I take it as she wanted a way out to deny me now even if this Visa card showed up on my report.

    Any ideas to what my options could be now? I wanted to write a letter and include proof of this card but I’m not even sure where to send it to.

  41. My husband applied for a Chase SW Business and a Personal card last week. Neither card was instantly approved. Called the reconsideration line the next day for both cards – the personal card was approved, but the business one was pending and could not be processed over the phone. Just got a letter today stating that he was denied due to “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”. My husband had 1 Chase SW personal card from 3/2011 – 10/2012 (the $59 annual fee one), was added as an authorized user to my Chase SW personal card 11/2012 (still is), just got approved for a new SW personal card ($69 annual fee), and this is his first business card attempt. So he has a total of 2 open Chase accounts, and 1 closed acct in all of his history.. His credit score is excellent – why in the world would they deny this? Could the authorized user on my account be contributing to the denial? Any advice when calling the recon line?

  42. I called the reconsideration line for the Chase Business Southwest card and the rep said the there weren’t enough credit cards open (1 Bank of America card) – so insufficient credit history for credit cards on the account (too few credit cards open). Any advice on what to say to the rep when calling the recon line back?

  43. Called the reconsideration line for ink plus. Got approved for bold 6 months ago. They said since I’ve only had the bold open for 6 months they want to see how I use it for a little longer. Told them I applied because I like the option of having a balance and the company has just started out. Any advice what to say when I call back?

  44. Any thoughts on what to do if a chase united biz app was denied via recon due to insufficient income for the biz. Legit biz but only about 4K profit this year. Already have a bold and personal card but they said could not move credit from bold (not a credit card) or the personal. Any hope here with a HUCA?

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  46. Only on the Web can an individual be popular and lonely at the exact same time. And my blog is a collection of answers individuals do not wish to hear to questions they didn’t ask.

  47. Thanks for the informative post! I’ve followed your advice on credit cards very closely and secured a bold ink charge card in July 2013 for the 60k points deal. (Thank you!) I’ve also applied for the Southwest personal and business cards at the end of October 2013. I was instantly approved for the personal card with a credit limit of $18k and was denied for the business card due to 1) my business being relatively new, 2) the bold card being recently open, and 3) Chase extending me maximum credit. I’ve called the reconsideration line 3 times within one day, asking for a transfer of credit between the Chase cards that I have. I even spoke with a supervisor, but they are very consistent in saying there’s nothing they can do. What else can I do for them to reconsider? My main interest is in the companion pass, and if there’s any advice as to how to get the pass in other ways, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

    • @Carly – Banks are tightening up on applications for business cards. I’d wait until the offer comes back next year. You can also transfer Marriott or Hyatt points to Southwest, but you usually lose half your points in the transfer.

  48. Its freaking impossible to get this card. I called twice to the reconsideration line but got denied twice. They said the reasons were “concerns that it not a business since it hasn’t generated revenue” (I initially put $0 for Annual Business Revenue/Sales on the application). It didn’t seem like the issue wasn’t too much credit on my personal lines.

    Also on the second call, they were noting that I had called earlier and were reviewing the notes. What kinda crap is that? I don’t want what I said the first time help jade the CSR the second time right off the bat. She just said she agrees with the first rep but did take a look at my application even though I felt like she was going to deny me anyways. I feel like maybe as soon as I hear that crap, should I just hang up and call someone else. If I wanted you to review notes from last time, I would tell you to look for it.

    How do you get approved via the reconsideration line if you have $0 revenue? I have read many stories of folks that got approved even though they have had $0 revenue and claim startup. I got two ladies in my phone call to the business consideration line and they both said “we need to see some revenue or business history in order for us to approve you” (I told them I was doing an ebay business).

    Does talking to a guy yield better results and should I mention the revenue I received from selling Wiis from many years ago? It seems pretty ridiculous about this whole process and I have good credit as well. The CSR wouldn’t even give me the option to shift personal to business credit which I have heard helps in getting the card approved.

    Any advice on what I should be saying like any keywords or how to answer the “whats are you revenue projections for 2014 or in the past year?”

    I won’t call anymore tonight but will consider calling again tomorrow as a last chance effort. Has there anyone called like 5-6 times to reconsideration line before finally getting approved?

  49. Its freaking impossible to get this Ink Bold card. I called twice to the reconsideration line but got denied twice. They said the reasons were “concerns that it not a business since it hasn’t generated revenue” (I initially put $0 for Annual Business Revenue/Sales on the application). It didn’t seem like the issue wasn’t too much credit on my personal lines.

    Also on the second call, they were noting that I had called earlier and were reviewing the notes. What kinda crap is that? I don’t want what I said the first time help jade the CSR the second time right off the bat. She just said she agrees with the first rep but did take a look at my application even though I felt like she was going to deny me anyways. I feel like maybe as soon as I hear that crap, should I just hang up and call someone else. If I wanted you to review notes from last time, I would tell you to look for it.

    How do you get approved via the reconsideration line if you have $0 revenue? I have read many stories of folks that got approved even though they have had $0 revenue and claim startup. I got two ladies in my phone call to the business consideration line and they both said “we need to see some revenue or business history in order for us to approve you” (I told them I was doing an ebay business).

    Does talking to a guy yield better results and should I mention the revenue I received from selling Wiis from many years ago? It seems pretty ridiculous about this whole process and I have good credit as well. The CSR wouldn’t even give me the option to shift personal to business credit which I have heard helps in getting the card approved.

    Any advice on what I should be saying like any keywords or how to answer the “whats are you revenue projections for 2014 or in the past year?”

    I won’t call anymore tonight but will consider calling again tomorrow or Monday for a third time. Has there anyone called like 5-6 times to reconsideration line before finally getting approved? I am just trying to figure out at what point do I give up? Is it too late to change my revenue figures for the past and 2014 projections?

  50. Hi Daraius,

    To follow up on my previous comment. So are you saying that there is nothing I should do about the Ink Bold card? I have called twice to the Business Recon line and got denied twice. Each time they told me that they would send me a letter telling me that I was denied. Does this mean they will send me 2 letters in the mail to say that I was denied?

    I want to make one more attempt at talking to Chase either through Business recon or Secure Message (SM). I have heard some people say sending a (SM) to see if the Business recon folks can help with that and it worked for them but I don’t know what the success rate is on that. Also if I decide not to pursue this any longer, how long should I wait before trying to apply for this card again so that they can wipe off all the “dirty notes” that are on my current Chase Ink Bold application?

    Do you have any advice?

  51. Thanks for the advice. I will apply again next year. I previously asked Chase if cancelling the Bold Business Card would help me get approved for the southwest business card. However, I was turned down and Chase said that it’d be good for me to keep the card open and use it to prove that I have a healthy business by continuing to make monthly payments. I’m not sure if they’re lying to me, what is your take on this? In the meantime, I’m thinking about actually cancelling the Bold Card this time and asking for a reconsideration again to see if the cancellation has any effect. Please advise if this will help or not. If not, please advise whether cancelling the Bold Card is a good idea in terms of my application for the southwest card next year. Thanks again!

  52. Hi Daraius, I already have the Southwest Chase Premier card and I just applied for the Southwest Chase Business Plus card. (In the application, I put that it was a retail business and I was sole proprietor, thinking to represent it as selling stuff on ebay). I put my home address as my business address as well. Just got a letter from chase asking for proof of business address. Not sure what I can send them. I’m also a bit wary of calling them on the phone b/c in the application they asked for revenue; the online application form wouldn’t let me put $0 so I just put a bogus amount. I’m kind of nervous about discussing fake financial info over the phone. I’d really appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks!

  53. Your script worked perfectly. My application was initially flagged for additional review, but was approved after my follow up call. My consulting revenue was minimal the past three years, but I volunteered additional data from previous years, which helped. Am really looking forward to using this new card.

  54. Terrific advice! I was well prepared for the phone call, knew just what to expect, and was approved for the Southwest Business Premier Card even though I just got the personal version 2 weeks ago! Companion pass here I come! My business is just a startup, but I do have 10 years experience in the field, so I think that probably helped.

  55. Thanks so much for this post, I prepared answers for all the questions in advance.

    Called and was asked almost the same questions, was approved after a 18 min call. Was asked to reduce limit on another card to which I readily agreed.

  56. Hey Daraius, thanks for your tips. You’re doing such a great service for us common guys out there and not just that… even though I’m a simpleton, my wife is very impressed that we’re saving money.

    I applied for both at the same time yesterday morning. I called up the business reconsideration line in the afternoon on the business card and they said it was pending and asked me questions about my business. Finally it was approved. Then I called up the personal card reconsideration line and they said it was denied as I applied for two cards simultaneously and he said he could review that after I mentioned that I wanted to keep my business and personal expenses seperate. He looked at my credit card history and asked why I have a united mileage plus card and I told him that that Houston has two airports and the mileage plus card works in one of them as that airport is a hub for Houston while the other airport is a hub for southwest and I don’t have a card to take advantage of the southwest flights I travel in. So after a few more questions on my credit card (3 new cards since last september and I’ve been on mileage plus since 2010), he approved it. They also said that they can’t allot me new credit for both cards so I moved around my credit line ($5000 for the business card and 8000 for the personal card).

    Now my question is – I see my personal southwest card on the chase website since it was approved but even though the business reconsideration guy told me that my business card was approved, I do not see the card on the chase website…. curious minds just want to know if this is normal or whether they’re prepping up for a verification process or something and I’m really not approved yet. Just wondering what you think and what you’re experience has been.


  57. How does Chase know that I’ve applied for 6 business credit cards in the last 2 years? I thought the credit report would not show that.

  58. 2nd try and again declined!!!

  59. Thank you for the information. I have a SW Premier Personal card that I got at the end of October and then waited for at least 3 months for applying for Plus Business Card. Applied a couple of days ago and it responded with comment of under further review. Found this article and called the Reconsider Line and after a few questions, was asked how much line I needed and responded with $5,000 to $6,000 and he gave me $10,000 and approved the card. By your information, I was well prepared having the last four years of gross income, net income from a small sideline business and liquid and retirement asset numbers. Thanks again for the valuable information that assisted me in getting approve toward a companion card.

  60. Thank you for the information. I applied and received a SW Premier Personal Card at the end of October and waited at least 3 months to apply for a SW Plus Business Card. I did a couple of days ago and it responded that is was under further review. I found this article and called the Reconsider Line and by being prepared with some financial information and from my last four years tax returns on a small sideline business, I was asked how much line I needed and responded with $5,000 to $6,000 and was given $10,000 and approved. Thanks for the article that gave me information to be prepared and this will get me to the companion pass amount needed and 1 year and 9 to 10 months of benefits.

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  62. Got approved for my first business card today. I’m a teacher who does some tutoring at home.

    My call to the CS Rep went almost exactly like the script you gave. It helped me to be prepared. Thanks for that!

  63. I was able to get the Southwest Business card by calling. I was instantly approved for the Southwest personal. They wouldn’t give me the Ink though and said they felt that the Southwest was sufficient for my business needs. I only called once on the Ink so maybe I will try a second time. I did also get the Sapphire after a call. Overall I guess I can’t complain!

  64. Maybe an oversight, but I can’t seem to find the number anywere in this post or any of those you link to. Perhaps it would be helpful to add it?

  65. I applied yesterday for the Ink Bold. Since reconsideration is closed on Sundays, I called this morning…twice. Both agents said the same thing, “your application is currently pending and you will receive a written response within 10 days”. When I asked if there was any way to expedite the decision, they both said unfortunately, no. The second agent went on to say, “we’re really busy today, tracking all of these calls so we can’t take time to process an individual application.” I’m not sure what he meant by tracking (i.e. I see that you JUST called?), or if he was implying that when they’re swamped they can’t process pending applications? Or perhaps it is just what you referred to in this post regarding the application being locked after an initial period: http://millionmilesecrets.com/2012/10/01/call-credit-card-reconsideration-line/

  66. I got denied for the Chase Southwest Business Plus card just now. They said it’s not intended to be a start-up business card and the minimum credit limit is $5,000. So, I would say a new business where you are making less than $5,000 or so a month (which is exactly what my business is) would almost always be an automatic denial. She commented on how great my credit report looked and how I have done a super job handling my expenses on my Chase Southwest Personal Plus card but that didn’t matter as much.

    I’m planning on calling again either in a few days or once I get my denial letter in the mail. I’ve technically been running the business for more than a year but have only been spending a good amount of time on it for a year. Maybe I should tell them this and they will reconsider. My hopes of obtaining a Companion Pass are slowly slipping away…

  67. So glad I read this page today. I had previously applied for a United Visa Business and was denied. I called and asked for reconsideration. They took everything into account as you said and it looks like a new card is on its way.

  68. In Jan 2013 I followed your advice and got 2 SW cards-one business and one personal, and got the companion pass. Thank You! But now I’m thinking ahead to when it expires and how I get another one. I still have both cards Should I cancel them so that I have an excuse to apply again in Dec/Jan? Or do I keep them and apply for the premiere cards? I thought I read that you shouldn’t cancel without opening a new card so you don’t lose your credit limit. Thanks for your help.

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  70. I applied for the Chase Ink Plus card online on Sunday and got the message that my application needs further review. At first, I thought it was because I just got the Chase Southwest card a few months ago with a $20,000 limit, but when I called the reconsideration line on Monday, all they needed was verification of my date of birth. I emailed them my driver’s license and two days later, I called back and I was approved for $5,000. Thank you so much for this post! It really worked!!

  71. Daraius….I recently ot approved on 2 Chase cards (Marriott Rewards and United Mileage Explorer Card in Aug/Sept – all within 45 days). I got declined on the Chase Ink last month. At the time, I did state I had an online business (amazon/craigslist). I also stated that my business was just a a couple of years old. They did mention that I couldn’t be approved since I don’t have a lot of payment history with newer credit cards (I have since paid the card in full TWICE in 2 months). I was promised a letter explaining WHY I was declined….and I’ve not received it yet. I’m thinking of calling and getting reconsidered again (after 2 failed attempts)…thoughts?

  72. Hi Daraius,
    I applied for the Chase Explorer business card since it is now offering 50k in United miles. After I applied I called the recon. line and they said they couldn’t find anything with regards to my business because it was too new. I called again a few days later and the second rep. said pretty much the same, that there is not enough history or revenue with this company yet. Is there anyway that you know of that could reverse that decision? I understand it is risky to lend credit to small businesses that are not established yet. But, my thinking is that somebody has to give me a chance at some point. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

  73. I want to thank you and tell you how all your posts, but especially this one really helped me out.

    I ordered a new Mac recently which is due in 3 weeks and I realized since I am spending big bucks that I should have applied for a high return new credit card first. So after hours on different posts on your site, figuring out which card I wanted, I applied for the Chase Ink Business Preferred 3 days ago. I already have SW personal and SW business cards, new in April which I used to get my second Companion Pass, and a Chase Amazon card, but had a lot of reasons why the Ink BP would be perfect. The 80,000 points and the 3X for cable, internet and phone make it really the best choice.

    I expected immediate approval since we have superior credit and have always paid our bills on time. But its was still pending today. So I called the Chase status line and used your technique to tell them I wanted to add some additional information because they might question why I needed a second business card. They passed me on to “Lending” who said they just were waiting for some verification. Even though I was ready with 5 reasons I wanted the card and the main reason my business income had dropped, after 2 minutes I was approved without giving them any explanation.

    I even called back Chase and explained that I needed the card faster than normal so I could change the card I used to order the new computer before it was shipped. Now I will have it in 3 days and can knock off ½ of the $5000 purchases needed immediately and can even use it for Black Friday and other sales this coming weekend.

    So thanks for the advice. I have been following you since your informative posts on Slickdeals in 2014 helped me get my first companion pass. I’m happy to use your links to give you the commission so you can keep up the good work.

  74. Hello Sir,

    I have called the 1 800 453 9719 number twice but both times they say application is Pending and it is being processed by another department.

    Is there any other number to call for the chase southwest business card for which i have applied 3 days ago?

  75. Why no courtesy to reply? Are you that busy?

    Also few other sites like rewardboss etc say not to call chase for business card reconsideration and let them take their time to approve as they say, like upto 30 days. YOUR THOUGHTS?