Frequent Traveler University, LA

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Over the weekend, Emily and I were at Frequent Traveler University.

More Than a Million Mile Secrets (Picture Courtesy of @Ranflyer)

I presented in 4 sessions:

  • An introduction to miles and points
  • Credit cards together with Gary from View from the Wing
  • A “secret” session with Gary from View from the Wing, Ben from One Mile at a Time, & Seth, The Wandering Aramean
  • And a category bonus session with the Frequent Miler

Category Bonuses with Frequent Miler

There are some great reviews of Frequent Traveler University from MileValue & Frequently Flying together with lots of pictures so check those posts out!  Points Envy’s dastardly plot to disrupt the event failed yet again.

Travel Summary’s concise summary of the event is spot-on:

My review of the event is pretty simple: you’re not really missing too much if you read the blogs regularly, but you’re missing out on a great opportunity to put a face to a name with bloggers and others on Twitter. As many others and myself have stated, networking goes a long way.

If you’ve been collecting miles and points for a while, you’ll get the most benefit from talking to the other attendees and trading stories.  Emily and I had the most fun meeting everyone at the event and connecting a face to an email or comment and going out to lunch and dinner with folks!  Thanks for stopping by the Million Mile Secrets booth.

Emily at the Million Mile Secrets Booth

The next Frequent Traveler University is from April 26 to April 28, 2013 in Washington, DC and we look forward to meeting lots more folks there!

A big thank you to Tommy and the rest of the Milepoint crew for putting together the event.  It takes a lot of work behind the scenes when an event goes as smoothly as the recent FTU in LA did!

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17 responses to “Frequent Traveler University, LA

  1. MMS you really look like Rowan Atkinson in that picture of you with FM lol. Sounds like fun. Will have to check out DC.

  2. That first pic made me LOL. Washington DC is a lot closer to me…might try and make that one. 🙂

  3. I agree that $99 + expenses isn’t worth it to listen to a few blowhards talk about things I’ve been reading about for years on Flyertalk and the blogs. But, it would be worth $99 just to hear Darius speak out loud AND see Emily in person.

  4. Even if the speakers involved are not blowhards, get me in a seminar with guys yik-yakking on a technical topic and I’m asleep. People can’t talk as fast as I read, and my brain drifts off. However, at least Dairius and Emily put on some nice outfits and class up the photographs. I love her leopard print dress. The two of them obviously get a big kick out of using their sense of style. They’re the first evidence I’ve seen that these seminars aren’t painfully sleep-inducing.

  5. Was this pic taken at an In-n-Out?

  6. LOL,

    $99 to see you regurgitate stolen ideas from FM?

  7. Contrary to popular belief, MMS and me get along fine! Emily is very nice too! We may have some differences on style (I will NEVER wear a bow tie!) and blog content (cough), we know better not to take things too personal and too seriously!

    Regardless of the grief I am giving you and so liberally allowing here (in spite of other bloggers who censor shamelessly), it is evident and remarkable what you have accomplished in this space in such a short amount of time. That takes great talent and hard work. We may rip a lot of bloggers in my blog but we do recognize and admire talent and hard work. Another aspect you do not get as much credit as you probably deserve is that you DO have disclosures and you do push non aff links, unlike MANY others who “conveniently” do not!

    To my fans, I am NOT taking it easy on you:-) I am always calling it as I see it! Your talent in writing and explaining things is one of your biggest assets (and remains a primary reason for your controversial “pics and arrows” content!). Your insistence to keep carrying on and not changing is also to be admired…even though it may not make much sense to all of us:-)

    So, thanks for being a good sport. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I will take it easy on you…No I am not! I need to find time to take a look at the interview questions again and see if I can top the PointsEnvy interview.

    Need to take care of sick daughter now.

    One more thing:



    • @Peachfront – There are lots of opportunities to chat with folks live!

      – It was. How did you guess?

      @Em – But it could be worth it to be obnoxious face-to-face with me. 🙂

      @TravelBloggerBuzz – “Your insistence to keep carrying on and not changing is also to be admired.” I can say the same about you, too! It was nice chatting in LA, and hope your daughter feels better soon.

  8. Maybe Sears can have a triple-dip promotion where you get 30x back for using gift cards through the UR mall to buy jeans that actually fit you. Until then….

  9. The cups. Love In-N-Out burgers….I’m willing to fly to California every time I get the craving for one. My husband on the other hand isn’t willing to fly 6 hours to indulge my insanity. :)~

  10. Both of you are class acts. It is rare nowadays to see young people dress up so nicely for any event.

  11. Darius,

    How many people attended the LA event?

  12. I have 85K Avios points and I seem to never find any US domestic or International flights available to use those Points on.. is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong?

    • @Supermom – You should be able to find flights using Avios points. For AA flights, search on the AA website for MileSAAver flights which you can book with Avios points on the BA website or by calling BA.

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