Club Carlson 85,000 Bonus Points Credit Card

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Via FlyerTalk, Club Carlson has announced a new Club Carlson credit card with up to 85,000 bonus points as a sign up bonus from US Bank.

Club Carlson is the hotel loyalty program for Country Inns and Suites, Radisson, Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson,  and Park Plaza.

I’ll write more later, but in the meantime here’s Mommy Points with her thoughts on the card.

PS:  I won’t be able to get to much of the comments and email until Monday.

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36 responses to “Club Carlson 85,000 Bonus Points Credit Card

  1. I’ll write more later… after I read what everyone else has to say…

    I am looking at all the referral cards on the top, right and left… feels like I made it to a referral brothel.

  2. stop whining. you know what you get here… why do you come day after day to post infantile comments that only serve to satisfy YOU? it adds nothing and you could just move on with your life…

  3. Either put up or shut up…stop being a force for negative on this blog…keep up the good work on these cc offers.

  4. Most of us want to know about the credit card offers, and I’ll be interested in looking into this one. This isn’t a tomato gardening blog. If you want to read about tomato gardening, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your interests. MMS, how do you value the Club Carlson points?

  5. $75 annual fee up front and 40K points at renewal make it 125K pts for $150 in annual fees. over 12 months + 1 day.

    Eh, could (almost) use this for four nights at a Radisson Blu in Yurup. But still would have to pay for breakfast. Meh.

  6. Enough…personally I hope Daraius and Emily get lots of referrals and monetary benefits from this great site. They are earning it by helping others. Would love to see a huge Nike or Coke banner on top of this blog page!!!

  7. Enough – ENOUGH!!

  8. Thank you Daraius and Emily for having this site.

    I stopped reading FlyerTalks over 18months ago and simply wait for your emails in my inbox.

    Please make all the profit you can so you both will happily continue this amazing site!

  9. Lol classic blog post

  10. Yes, you “will” write later after reading up on what everyone else had to say so you can shuffle up the words and plagiarize their material as usual.

  11. What a douche u are MM

  12. This seems like a pretty sweet deal actually. Especially if you took advantage of the Club Carlson deal this year or last year and got a ton of points built up. For $75, you get 85,000 points — and the kicker is that “free 2nd night.” Basically, EVERY time you use points to get a free night — you’ll get a 2nd night free (up to 50 nights per year). Works for me! I’m in…

    – John…

  13. The value of Club Carlson points seems on the lower end of the hotel point spectrum to me (at up to 50k for 1 night). However, the 2nd night free thing means the 100k points I got last year on their promotions is now 4 nights in a Blu instead of 2, plus 2+ more nights from the card bonus. A winner for me.

  14. Hi Darius,
    Do you the reconsideration line for this unfriendly US bank?

    • @Enough @Plagiarist – I was presenting 4 sessions over the weekend and meeting readers at FTU in LA so I didn’t have time to dig into the details with this post. But don’t worry, I’ll have more posts with circles, arrows, and pictures and “secrets” soon!

      @it is enough @Joe @DaveS @harvson3 @DaveW @smay @Biochemist – Thanks!

      @John… @Val– The free night is very nice and if Club Carlson keeps on having great promotions, the card will help in stretching out the number of free nights.

      @Vrt – I don’t believe they have much of a reconsideration process, but the number is 800-947-1444

  15. Darius,

    Why is this deal not posted on the Hot Deal section? I normally use your application link page as you normally keep it the more current (no dead links) compare to others so please keep up the good track record.

  16. I applied yesterday and got approved instantly. I only have 3 years credit history but I don’t have hard pull in the past 6 months. Go get it!

  17. US Bank seems to be picky. My wife applied for this card, Priority Club, and Chase Hyatt yesterday. She was approved instantly for both Chase cards, but she received the 7-10 days decision for this Club Carlson card. According to discussion on FT, my wife would get a rejection letter soon. She had 2 credit inquiries within the last 12 months, but the inquiries happened a month ago. I guessed that’s one of the reasons.

  18. Could I apply for 2 or 3 cards at once? Does the 2-browser trick work here?

  19. i see this was asked already…but does anyone had any success with applying for both cards (i see two slightly different cards on MMS)???

  20. I do hope so too, Darius. I think your reply here is for my comment on the Chase Airtran card thread. By the way, my wife’s application for this US Bank Club Carlson card was approved after 3 days since the days she applied. We both thought that she would get a rejection letter after receiving the 7-10 days message.

  21. Can the points from this card be converted to cash or gift cards as I don’t fly but am ALWAYS looking for FREE money?

  22. Hi,

    I have applied for Club carlson card but, I didn’t get the instant approval. I received 7-10 days decision for this Club Carlson card. What is does it supposedly mean?
    did i got the rejection? or approval?

  23. I posted this before in possibly the wrong place . . . . .

    I have been reading this is a tough card to be approved for if you have many apps in past 6 months to year! I started this in September of 2012 and have applied and been approved for 7 cards in that time (3 apporamas) . . . Last apporama was in early March for 2 cards. I have no US Bank. Is that too many to get approval do you think?

    Should I apply or do I need to wait 6 months or longer? UGH

  24. Well, I got my first possible rejection for a credit card in like three years since starting into miles and points. I hadn’t applied for any credit since Summer of 2012, so well over a year. I tried to do four cards in one day, US Airways, Chase Freedom, Chase Ink, and Club Carlson. I got instant approval for US Airways and Freedom. I need to call in for the Ink, but I got the 7-10 day on the Club Carlson. I did them last, guess they should have been first.

    Then I got an email this morning saying I was denied for CC. I called in and yeah, just got a person who says I’m denied and can’t do anything. Supposedly the reason is application activity. It is frustrating because my credit score is in the 700’s, I don’t carry any balances, and pay all of my bills on time, and I’ve never had a card with US Bank. My Mom has fairly poor credit, but just got approved for the CC card on my recommendation. This is the first travel card she’s been approved for, she’s tried for some Chase products with no luck, so I thought it would be a slam dunk for me.

    So, I guess I will just wait about 6 months or so, not apply for any cards in that time, and then apply for this card. Maybe I will try the biz instead of the personal next time. I don’t know if that would have made a difference this time?

  25. sugar land wine

    I’m not familiar with the IDA and ARS services? I have good, not great, credit, but a long history. I got the 7-10 day message a day after getting the Chase Sapphire instant approval. any suggestions on next steps?

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