Chase British Airways Avios Point Card is Back! [Expired]

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Via this FlyerTalk thread, Chase is again offering 100,000 Avios points for the British Airways credit card.

The terms are almost the same as the last offer.  You get:

  • 50,000 points after spending $1,000 within 3 months
  • Another 25,000 points after spending $10,000 within 1 year
  • And another 25,000 points after spending another $10,000 (i.e. a total of $10,000 + $10,000) within 1 year

Avios are good for short distance travel within the US.  They are also good for travel to South America without fuel surcharges, and are great to fly to Europe if you’re comfortable paying ~$400 each way in fuel surcharges (think of it as paying for coach, but traveling in business or first class).

However, in my opinion, getting 2 Citi American Airlines cards for 50,000 miles each or 100,000 miles in total is much better than the Chase British Airways deal if you have to just pick one offer.  But Avios points are a good addition to your miles and points collection.

Avios points are quirky to use, so make sure the card is right for you before applying.

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51 responses to “Chase British Airways Avios Point Card is Back! [Expired]

  1. The wording seems odd, is it 100,000 points after spending a total of $21,000 or $11,000

  2. Doh! I want this card but I was thinking that this wouldn’t come around again until summer. I got the Priority Club card last week and applied my wife for the Southwest card last night. Oh well, maybe next time.

  3. I’m crossing my fingers that this card will be around in Feb… My partner and I will be getting one each.

  4. No offense, but Avios are nearly always pointless. Buying revenue tickets is only marginally more expensive in many cases…

  5. Just an update, I saw this on the Citi website.

    Apply for the offer by February 27, 2013 to start earning this additional 100,000 bonus.

    This is great news for me… We will be able to apply for it in Feb!!

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  7. Oh man, I really want this card! But I have had it already when the 100K offer first came out (2010?). Then, when I tried again last year (with a new BA FF#) I got approved for the new card but rejected for the bonus.

    I would really like to know if anyone has ever been successful in getting the BA bonus twice! (Maybe by claiming they are “Avios” points now, whereas they were (old)”BA” points in the past???) Can anyone share an idea or a link to how to do it, if it’s possible?

  8. @AAExPlat, I disagree. There are many writeups on blogs explaining about the value of Avios for short-distance partner travel.

  9. @Tony, do you have a link to share on the Citi (future) offer?

  10. $1000+$10,000+$10,000=$21,000

  11. @bluecat I think he meant to say Chase

  12. I got the bonus twice, once in 2011 and again in 2012 – this year we qualified for the companion pass! Although the spend at $30K seemed a bit high in hindsight. However, we are looking forward to first class sometime soon!

  13. @David, I think you are wrong. Spend $1K in 3 months = 50K BA Avios. Spend $9K more in 12 months = 25K BA Avios. Spend $10K more in 12 months = 25K BA Avios. Total spent would be $20K x 1.25 BA Avios per dollar = 25K + 100K = 125K BA Avios you would earn if you spent exactly $20K on this card.

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  15. My mistake. Didn’t read the fine print. “if you make an additional $9,000 in purchases (for a total of $10,000) within 12 months”
    Still not sure if it’s worth it. I could get a bunch of other rewards for $30K in purchases (assuming I want the companion pass) I guess it depends how much I want to go to EU.

    • @KP – I believe it is $20K for the full 100K sign up bonus.

      @AAExPlat – That’s true for coach redemptions, but not for First Class or Business Class redemptions.

      @bluecat – Emily and I both had the card in 2009 and got the card the last time – one with the same ff number and the other with a new one.

      @David0603 – I wouldn’t go for the Companion Pass if $30K could be used towards other sign up bonuses, but it could be worth it if you can meet the spending without much difficulty.

  16. @Daraius, I am so hesitant on trying to churn this because I was rejected when I tried before (even with new FF#). Can I ask you if, when you churned it, did you use the same address as in 2009? Did you wait some long period of time between closing and re-opening? And, when you say you got the card, did you also get the FULL new bonus, or just part of it? Sorry for all the Qs, but you can tell I am gunshy…

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  18. Is this that good of a deal though? Just a few months ago, wasn’t the Chase BA card deal 50,000 points after first purchase and then another 50,000 points at the 1-year renewal? Basically, 100,000 BA points for no spend at all? (Just the $75 annual fee.)

    I mean, if you didn’t get that, this may still be a good option — but I just want to make sure I didn’t miss something. Seems like the deal from earlier this year was just a much better and easier way to get 100,000 points, right?

    – John…

  19. I got the Chase BA card earlier this year. Could I cancel it and then apply for this one and still get the bonus?

    Also, if I cancel my card, I won’t lose my Avios points, right?

  20. Avios, schmavios…Not interested in these. At. All.

    Ooooo, 100,000 of these nearly worthless “avios” (for a $20,000 spend? you’re kidding me…). Seems like way too much trouble for a very, very small potential return, in a system that’s just set up to fleece you. Look, if I wanted to spend a thousand bucks to fly somewhere, I wouldn’t be wasting my time prowling every Office Depot and Walgreens within 100 miles or mixing with the Unbanked at WallyWorld. Feh.

    Adios, avios!

  21. I am considering getting this as a round trip from Seattle to Honolulu is 25,000 avios. Any idea how much the taxes would be?

  22. Amanda: Should be $21.80 per person RT

  23. John, I also got in on that deal earlier in the year for 50k and another 50k at the second year anniversary for a $75 annual fee. Thank goodness because there’s no way I can meet the spend in the current offer. I wonder if they will offer that deal again? My husband didn’t apply at that time. I have already mapped out how I’m going to use the 100k miles to South America!

  24. BA is not a US carrier so there is a lot of value to using Avios for expensive short haul flights in the US, Europe, S America or Japan without YQ surcharges for example. 9k Avios can be redeemed where other programs would require 20-30k miles for flights that can easily cost $350-500++. No longer great for long haul premium redemptions or on flights with fuel surcharges however. Distance based chart can be useful when the two airports are close but in different geographical zones compared to other programs that might split North Asia and South Asia, or Europe and Africa…

  25. The strategy is to go all the way and $30,000 in one year to get the companion tick, AND you get to collect the 100k points along the way. I think its worthwhile if flying to the other side of the planet because you can use Avios to obtain your ticket, get the free companion, and only pay fuel surcharges for both, even getting both of you Bus or First class. The point is, if you are going to spend over $20,000+ on this card, might as well go for the companion.

  26. Other than complete luck, does anyone have any data on increasing your odds of applying for this twice, as I am in the same boat as others (canceled my Chase BA in July 2011). Daraius, I remember you mentioned a while back that you left your BA account # blank on your or Emily’s application.

  27. Thanks Daraius for the head’s up. Although this deal hardly compares to the BA 50k with first purchase and another 50k at the 1 year anniversary. A substantial spend requirement to get anything over 50k. It just makes me that much more thankful that I found the older BA offer on this very website! Cheers

    • @bluecat – Email me if you want more info! We both had different addresses (same city, though) when we reapplied and the card had been cancelled for a while. Emily used a different ff number, but I used the same FF number. We both got the points. We’ve got the bonus for the spending we completed on the card – it has a high spending requirement, but ~1 year to complete it. I believe folks were unable to get it again from 2009 to 2010, but readers have reported luck with the last version which had the dramatically higher spending limits to get the full sign on bonus. You could also try entering a new Avios number in.

      @John... – I don’t think this card is anywhere close to being the best card on the market now. The 100K offer (which was targeted, though) with 50K in 2 years had much less spending requirements than this card. However, this could be worth it for just the 50K Avios if you’re not a big spender and need avios points.

      @Ian Campbell – You won’t lose your Avios points if you cancel the card and the points are already in your account. I don’t know if you will get the bonus again. I’d guess not since you just had the card earlier this year. If you do try, please let us know!

      @leftpinky – Thanks for helping out!

      @Nick @DLuke @AK – Very good points.

      @DLuke – I really don’t know the magic way to get it again. Usually leaving the application number blank or setting up a different Avios account and entering that in could work. If you had the previous version which offered BA miles, you could get the newer card which appears to be a different version with avios points and a higher spending requirement. As always, your miles may vary.

  28. Since it’s the end of the year, you should mention that if the companion pass is your goal, apply shortly before January 1 and starting spending on 1/1/2013. If you’re going to do $20K spend, an incremental $10K spend for “doubling your miles” if you fly BA is worth it.

  29. I respectfully agree with AAExPlat – BA points are pretty worthless due to the huge fees BA charges to redeem awards.

  30. We live in Iowa and the closest airports are Cedar Rapids (CID) and Moline (MLI). AA has flights to ORD and DFW from these airports. So we always have to connect through ORD or DFW. Can we use Avios efficiently for flights within the US that require such connections? Or is it better for me to go for a different Credit Card?

  31. Bummer !!!

    I just applied for the British Airways Chase Visa card in mid October and got my card late October. They only offer 50K miles bonus back then. I wonder if anyone knows any tricks to get them honor 100K miles bonus since I only been using the card for just over a month. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  32. I see number of negative comment s above about Avios points. Could someone please explain to me the problems with using them to fly British Air or a partner airline to Europe or South America from he US? Thks

  33. SteveR | December 13, 2012 at 6:26 pm |

    I see number of negative comment s above about Avios points. Could someone please explain to me the problems with using them to fly British Air or a partner airline to Europe or South America from he US? ( 2nd posting- first one had wrong email address) Thks

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    • @SteveR – From the US to Europe, you will pay fuel surcharges if you use Avios points to fly to Europe. The fees are about $250 in coach or ~$400 in business or first class. This isn’t worth it in coach, but could be worth it in business or first class.

      From the US to South America, you won’t pay fuel surcharges and can use Avios to fly on LAN or American Airlines to South America.

  34. I use Avios points to book flights on American Airlines. Just “purchased” four round trip Tickets between ORD and EGE (Vail) for 15,000 miles each. That is a steal! Do a web search to find out how to use Avios points on partner airlines.

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  36. Need more info about yearly charges etc

  37. Hi Darius,

    I see above where canceling the Chase BA Visa will not affect the mileage already posted in ones BA Avios account, however, would this also apply to companion vouchers already posted. My wife & I each have companion certificates so I would like to close the Chase accounts to manage credit lines but will not if there is any chance of not being able to use the vouchers. Was wondering if your credit card was active when you used your voucher.

    Any tips you can offer for us to fly from DFW to Rome using the companion tickets & Avios? We want to make the trip July of 2014, 2 adults & 2 teenagers in First class. Looks like it would cost me about $5K for about $46K of travel. Do you think we can pull this off? I saw you had challenges booking 4 of your family to India. Since I am limited to BA what should my Strategy be starting around July/Aug this year?

    BTW – we are headed to Bora Bora Hilton this July thanks to Citi AA, Amex Hilton, and your blog.


    • @Rick – I don’t believe you need to have the card active when making the companion pass booking. Here are the complete rules. I think I had cancelled my card when we actually flew, but had the card when I made the booking.

      BA usually has good availability, but 4 seats are always tough. I wouldn’t limit yourself to only DFW and would try to search for flights from nearby cities as well. Have a wonderful time in Bora Bora!

  38. Does anyone know the fuel charges/fees British Air charges for the short leg from LHR to PAR (London – Paris)? I’m trying to avoid using BA for any part of an American award trip but it seems they always pop up for one leg of the trip. (Sad to have bonus points and then have to avoid one the the “partners.”)

  39. It’s funny how people can completely criticize the value of Avios just because they don’t need them. For me, Avios are worth more than any other type of mile. I live in Miami, and using Avios to the Caribbean is an amazing deal! Starting at only 9,000 Avios I can fly to almost anywhere in the Caribbean. One ticket from Miami to the Cayman Islands costs $460 on American–I bought 2 for only 15,000 Avios when I did it through Amex MR. I’m also planning on using Avios to fly from LA to Hawaii(using SW points to get to LA). People really need to do research before making such ridiculous comments.

  40. Hello
    Please advise- my husband and I fly to London once a year , does this card make sense for us, we currently use Amex and do not see any value with our air miles. Also should we apply separately to max on the points even though this means paying two annual fees.