Credit Card Updates: 30,000 Thank You Points Citi Forward & 50,000 Points American Express Business Gold [Expired]

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1.   Citi Forward.   This FlyerTalk thread has a link to a 30,000 Thank You Point Citi Forward card.  The card doesn’t have an annual fee and earns:

  • 10,000 Thank You points after spending $500 in the first 3 months
  • Another 10,000 Thank You points after spending $1,000 in months 4, 5, & 6
  • The final 10,000 Thank You points after spending $1,500 within months 7, 8 & 9

So you earn a total of 30,000 Thank You Points after spending $3,000 in nine months.

I wrote about a limited-time 50,000 Thank You point and a 40,000 Thank You Point offer last week which offers more Thank You points as a sign up bonus, but which also requires more minimum spending.

You can usually redeem 1 Thank You point for 1 cent towards gift cards or travel or 1.33 cents towards air travel if you have the Citi Thank You Premier card.  So 30,000 points is worth $300 or $400 if you have the Citi Thank You Premier.

Points to Point B notes that the Citi Forward offers 5X points for dining, books (which currently includes Amazon), and movies so this could be a good choice for some to use for dining, since you are effectively getting a 5% return.  On the other hand, the Citi American Airlines & Hilton cards are much better than the Citi Forward in terms of the sign-up bonus.

However, the offer has contradictory terms in the offer landing page (2X points) and in the terms and conditions (5x points).  I’m not sure whether the 2X or 5X points will ultimately be honored.

2.   50,000 Point American Express Business Gold.   Today is the last day to sign up for the American Express Business Gold card with 50,0000 Membership Rewards points.  As I wrote before, this isn’t my affiliate link so take a few screenshots if you do apply for the offer.

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21 responses to “Credit Card Updates: 30,000 Thank You Points Citi Forward & 50,000 Points American Express Business Gold [Expired]

  1. One thing unusual with the business gold card from Amex is that the annual fee is waived for the first year. Amex rarely does that. In fact, I’ve not seen them do it before.

  2. @rob — they don’t waive the AF on their Platinum card (although they did at one time). However, they have waived Gold card fees pretty regularly. I currently have a Gold card in my wallet that is on no annual fee.

  3. @AK. Live and learn, I suppose. I’ve only ever had one gold card, and that for a while, and years ago so I don’t recall if it had a fee the first year. I’m just as happy without for this new one.

  4. According to the fine print for the 30,000 TY point Forward card offer, the 5X feature applies “UNLESS you are participating in a limited-time offer”.

  5. how do they calculate the 12 month rule for the gold card bonus?

  6. Max is correct. This 30K offer has been around for a while; however, it seems that these higher bonus point offers don’t have the 5x points for restaurant and book store purchases. Landing page says 2x points on those categories.

  7. Hey, just a random question…why don’t you get the referral bonus? Inquiring minds…

  8. @Max @ANC RED-EYE – Good to know that, though it would have been better if they updated the terms to specify the lower earning rate.

    @Jaime – I’m not sure, but I believe it is 12 months from when you cancel the card.

    @Heather @ passthedressing – I get a referral for the lower 10,000 point offer on the Forward card and I’m not supposed to promote my affiliate link to the American Express Business Gold card, but I can mention the public offer which doesn’t earn me a referral.

  9. I forgot to take screenshot of the Amex Business Gold 50k offer, does any reader have a screenshot and would be willing to share with me? Upload to would be great. Thank you.

  10. Can one get rewards for the various ThankYou offers from Citi? I have a Citi TY Premier that I got 50k for, but I’d like to get either the business or this forward (so I can keep it because it has no annual fee).

    If so, will the points automatically go into the same TY points account if the CCs are under the same name, SS#, etc.?



  11. @Anh – I don’t have a screenshot, but perhaps other do.

    @Doug – You should be able to get the bonus for the same Thank You card again (as of now) or for a different version. You can also get 1 personal and 1 business at the same time. I believe each card generates a different Thank You account, but you can pool them together (though the transferred points expire within 90 days), so don’t transfer unless you really need them.

  12. Daraius, please re-read my last post. I agree it is 18+ months wait to re-apply for the exact same Citi card. But its much less of a wait between applying for different types of Citi cards (I said earlier 45 days but I’m guessing more like 90 days). My alternative strategy for churning the 3 Citi AA cards should work I think and generate more points. Is there a flaw in my thought process?

  13. Oops, my last comment should be in your recent app-orama section (sorry!)

  14. Can you apply for two personal and one business citi card at the same time? I was thinking about trying the Citi forward, thank you preferred, and the Citi business thank you card.

  15. Is it no longer possible to contact Amex through secure online message? I don’t want to call them.

  16. @hamken – Nope. It is either 2 personal cards or 1 personal & 1 business within 65 days, though the time between 2 business cards should be ~95 days and ymmv as always.

    @Steve – I haven’t checked recently.

  17. Thanks for your help.

    One more thing, I already have the MC and Visa Thankyou Premier. I applied for both this year (Feb & August). Do you think I have a good chance to get the Thankyou Preferred 40k offer? Should I try to apply for the 30k forward and wait next time around for the TY preferred?

    Thanks again

  18. @Hamken – I really can’t comment specifically, but you may be able to get another 1 or 2 personal cards, but your miles may vary.

  19. On your November 27 entry above. I merged two personal TY accounts without expiration in 90 days. I was under the impression that they expiration is only if you transfer to someone else. Do you know what is correct? And holiday bests and happy new year to you and your family!

  20. Sorry — posting again because I had to fix the typos!

    On your November 27 entry above, I merged two personal TY accounts without expiration in 90 days. I was under the impression that the expiration is only if you transfer to someone else. Do you know what is correct? And holiday bests and happy new year to you and your family!

  21. @Jetsfan – I believe that transferred points from a credit card expire in 90 days. Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!

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