American Express Small Business Saturday Registration Open – $25 per American Express Card!

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Link:  American Express Small Business Saturday

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 24, 2012 this year) American Express curries favor with small businesses by encouraging folks to shop at small businesses by offering a $25 statement credit for using an American Express credit card on a purchase of more than $25!

Registration is now open, so register all your American Express cards for the promotion.

I wrote more in about this promotion in an earlier post, but you can register your American Express credit cards, as well as those of authorized users since they have a separate card number.

You can also register American Express cards issued by Citi, Bank of America and Barclays, but not those of authorized users since they have the same card number as the primary card holder.  You will get a message indicating that the card is already registered if you try to register both the primary and authorized user, but you should be able to register either the primary OR authorized user.

Here are the terms and conditions for the Small Business Saturday promotion from the American Express website.

 How to Maximize the $25 statement credits:

  • Buy $25 gift cards, with separate American Express cards, for your favorite independent store or restaurant and use them later
  • Go to lunch or dinner and ask the server to split the check 5 ways (each above $25).  Don’t forget to tip extra!
  • Buy something you want and split the bill in $25 increments and pay for it with multiple cards
  • Buy gift cards or make purchases at small businesses online.  However, your card has to be charged on November 24th to get the credit, so it could be better to call and have them run your card immediately.  The terms say that only in-store purchases work, but I did get a credit for an internet & telephone purchase last year, but your miles may vary

Million Mile Secrets Marc is offering to help process your multiple American Express cards if you buy magazines through him.  He also offers to match the price of his magazines in case you find them elsewhere for less.

Bottom Line

The American Express Small Business Saturday is a fun way to earn $25 for every American Express credit card you have, as long as you spend at least $25 with an American Express card.

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27 responses to “American Express Small Business Saturday Registration Open – $25 per American Express Card!

  1. Thanks, Dariaus.

    You can also register American Express cards issued by Citi, Bank of America and Barclays, but not those of authorized users since they have the same card number as the primary card holder.

    Correction: You CAN register the cards of authorized users, but if you do so, you can’t register the primary user’s card. If, for example, the authorized user does not intend to register his/her card and you are an authorized user, you will be able to register.

    Thanks for posting this! I’m looking forward to free money.

  2. Based on last year, does anyone know if locally owned franchises of national chains count as small businesses? For example – the map shows a Speedway gas station nearby on the small business list, which would be perfect, because they will have gas gift cards I can get. I’m guessing it’s owned by someone locally and not a corporate location.

  3. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if this all had to be different purchases. Or could I use 4 cards to pay for a purchase of let’s say $110?

  4. @Marc K, just have the business split the purchase over different cards. As long as there is $25 on each card it will work. I bought multiple gift cards at the same place last year for $26/each and had no problems

  5. @ Chris Thanks, that sounds great!

  6. Be careful of adding authorized users. There have been reports of financial reviews by Amex. Otherwise enjoy free food! Can’t decide between burgers or Japanese or both.

    • @jac – That’s correct since the cards will have the same number. I edited the post to be clearer.

      @Ankit Gupta – I’m surprised that Speedway shows up on the map, but usually franchises of large chains aren’t eligible.

      @Romsdeals – Why not both!

  7. Yea, just got all 18 cards registered! I ended up ordering all that I could for addt users, but when it came down to it, I only was able to add maybe 6-8 more on top my existing stockpile due to age limitations, which surprisingly varied card to card a little. Note that the Amex website says they have allocated space for only a certain amount of cards, and then they will stop registration. Thanks Dariaus

  8. Publix grocery store shows up in my zipcode. I was really surprised because i think of this as a “chain”. What do you think? Also, I think there are some issues with the map. There is one of our favorite chinese restaurants on the map that we knew didn’t take Amex. We went there last night and tried to use one of our Amex just to check–they definitely do not take Amex cards but they are showing up on the small business website.

  9. Have been trying to register my cards, but the site will only let me register 1 card. I have SPG and BlueSky, and when I try to register the bluesky, it says Sorry, you are already registered. SPG is the only one I can get to work. (and the only one I have gotten an email confirmation on) How do you all get to register 8 or more cards, what am I doing incorrectly? HELP!!!

  10. Also like noted from mommy points. Register your Amex on your dining club(United,AA,etc). And earn miles plus $25 credit for local dining !!!

  11. Can you register a bluebird card?

  12. List is a mess. See several individual stores of large chains. This will be interesting to see if it becomes a big snafu with people not getting credits, or if AMEX ends up honoring the chain store purchases. I plan to take screen shots of the large chain stores on the map and hope they honor it. Also don’t buy anything you wouldn’t normally buy so if you don’t get reimbursed it is no big deal.

  13. @Jack: AmEx listings may be intentionally confusing to generate more biz. Those “eligible small businesses” that resemble chain stores might just be one category, department, or a subcontractor of the store. For example, I saw on the list “PUBLIX#####BBEXPRSS” as eligible small businesses. But groceries from Publix Supermarkets are always billed to AmEx as “Publix STR”. So eligible purchases might possibly be only the pharmacy (Publix Express).

    • @DLuke – Now you just have to go out and use those cards on Saturday.

      @Kathy – You could call the restaurant and ask them if they accept AMEX. If they accept AMEX and are on the map, you should get your credit.

      @linda – I really don’t know why you can’t register the BlueSky, but I’d try a different browser etc. It could be that it is already registered.

      @Tommy – That would work if there is a restaurant which participates in the dining program which you like.

      @Mathew – Unfortunately, you can’t.

      @Jack – I agree. That list is very confusing, because it leaves out lots of small businesses which accept AMEX and where you usually could get the credit.

  14. If I spend $20 (after tax) and give $5 for tip, will the tip be considered as part of the $25 deal?

  15. @Kathy PCA WALMRT PORTRAIT 02355 shows up on mine. I would bet $1M that transactions at that Walmart (even at the photo center) won’t end up qualifying, because they won’t ring up with that EXACT code.

    I wouldn’t risk spending it at Publix. If you’re adventurous, go now, buy something you need anyway, and see if it shows up on your AmEx statement EXACTLY as it is on their site.

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  17. Ok, I am still confused. Does the establishment need to be on their map to be eligible for this? Or, can I soend at a small business that I know for sure takes AMex but is not on their map? Please clarify. Thanks!

    • @Carrie @Max – The terms say that the small business has to be included in the map, but there are many businesses on the map which shouldn’t qualify because they are part of a chain store. I suspect that many small businesses which accept AMEX will qualify for the credit, but your miles may vary.

  18. @Carrie: I understood that businesses needed to opt in as well to participate in this promo. However, the map is definitely quirky. I’ve come across a few businesses that were pinned to a wrong location. When the visible map window does not include those locations, the businesses don’t even come up if you type their names in the search field.

  19. I had a question regarding this promotion. On my SPG and Blue Amexes, the credits have already posted, but on my Citibank AA Amex, they havent. When I called them to ask, they said they wont give me a credit (but sounded confused by it all). Do you know if Citi AA Amex qualifies and, if so, does the credit just come later (since it’s a different issuing bank)?

  20. WARNING about enrolled cards for which you receive no email confirmation of enrollment:

    I was wondering why I didn’t get confirmation emails for enrolling my two Citi AmEx cards, whereas I did with my Hilton HHonors and my Virgin Atlantic AmEx cards. When I tried to re-enroll the two Citi AmEx cards, said these cards were already enrolled. I found this suspicious, so I called AmEx’s Digital Assist and Escalation Team at 800-297-7500. They said that the promotion only applied to cards issued directly by AmEx. I said that this wasn’t fair because I had no way of knowing this AND because the website told me that my Citi cards were enrolled. The supervisor at the given phone number issued me $50 worth of statement credits to make up for this (which she said I should be seeing on the account within 48 hours).

  21. @Brian & @Lita:

    My family & I used 2 Citi Amex cards, both of which we enrolled (& received enrollment emails for doing so), and neither of which we received email confirmation about AFTER we spent on SBS. However, the credits showed up this morning on our accounts.

    I’ve read elsewhere that Amex has asked people to give them until Dec. 1 to post all credits, and to call if they don’t show up by then.

    • @Brian – I got the credit on my Bank of America Virgin Atlantic card.

      @Lita – Glad you got the credit! The Virgin Atlantic is issued by Bank of America so looks like the credit for those processed automatically.

      @jac – Thanks for sharing!

  22. Hi there,
    I noticed that when registering your Card for the American Express Card Member Offer for Small Business Saturday one of the restrictions says Corporate Cards and all prepaid Card products (other than American Express Serve ) are not eligible. This may sound like a silly question but is a Amex Business Card considered (ie Amex SPG Business, Amex Business Gold Card…) count as a “corporate card” and therefore ineligible?

    • @Sandy – That’s a good question. The Starwood Business Card is not a corporate card. By corporate card, they are referring to cards issued to employees of large companies which have the American Express logo on it.