What is “Bluebird-Like?”

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On Sunday, I explained a few alternatives to buying Vanilla Reloads from Office Depot because Office Depot no longer sells Vanilla Reloads.  I wrote:

“There are many new prepaid cards on the market, and some are very much like Bluebird in that you may be able to load them with a credit card.”

If you were searching for Vanilla Reload card, you couldn’t help but notice the different types of reloadable cards available.  Many readers commented and emailed asking about PayPal, Green Dot and other re-loadable cards hanging just next to the Vanilla Reload cards in stores.  Frequent Miler wrote about his experiences with some of the reload cards as well, and I’d urge you to pay attention to his cautions.

I suggest using these methods only to help meet a minimum spending requirement and not to go overboard.

Re-Loadable Cards

1.  Green Dot.  These reloadable cards are available at almost every grocery store or pharmacy.  The premise is similar to Bluebird – load a compatible prepaid card with a Green Dot card and use it to withdraw money from ATMs or as cash-back during regular purchases.  You can even use it to pay bills, but there is a $1,000 limit per payment, and you can transfer money to your Pay Pal account.

U Can Fly Free 2 has a great summary on Green Dot prepaid cards.

In my experience, I haven’t been able to buy this at CVS or Walgreen’s with a credit card, even at those CVS and Walgreen’s stores which sell me Vanilla Reload cards with a credit card.  Either the cashier freezes up when she sees a Green Dot and barks “cash only” even though I’ve just paid for a Vanilla Reload with a credit card.  Or sometimes I sweet talk the cashier into trying to sell it to me and the system doesn’t process a credit card purchase.

I haven’t been able to buy them at Kroger grocery stores either.  However, U Can Fly Free 2 reports buying them from Randalls which is owned by Safeway.  This will be a wild goose chase for many folks, so do this only if you’re up for experimenting.

2.   PayPal.  The premise of the PayPal card is simple – load your PayPal account with the PayPal reloadable cards bought with a credit card.  You can then transfer money to your PayPal account, pay others, etc.

I’ve read many reports of folks suggesting that their PayPal account was closed because of suspicious activity – including funding their Pay Pal account and then withdrawing money.  So I’d caution you from using this in excess.  It likely *could* be okay if you use it to meet minimum spending requirements.

But I don’t know personally know anyone whose PayPal account was actually closed and I don’t know what the “limits” are.  I’ll offer myself up as the guinea pig and report back on my experiences.

3.   RELoadit Cards.  Miles Abound writes that he was able to buy a card at a  grocery store with a credit card, but I haven’t seen them in any store near me in the past 2 months.

I even got a PayPower prepaid card in anticipation of reloading it with the REloadit cards, but I haven’t even seen a REloadit card, let alone try to buy one with a credit card!


Some of you won’t like this post, just like you don’t like other posts which you feel expose “secrets.”   But read on before you leave a comment.  I don’t censor comments on the blog.  You can leave a comment and it will appear in real-time on the blog.  I welcome comments which don’t agree with me, or point out typos or inaccuracies in posts and I post youtube videos which poke fun at me on the blog.

But just because you left a comment on the blog doesn’t mean that I have to agree with you and do what you want me to do!

There has been a great increase in “drama” comments – comments either personally attacking me or others, comments intentionally left to mislead others, or comments where the author feels slighted because I acknowledged his/her comment but don’t change my behavior.

This is a miles and points blog, but here’s an important life lesson.  You don’t change anyone (perhaps children up to a certain age) by telling them how incorrect their way of thinking is and how they should see the light and do what you tell them to do.

I’m not going to stop posting ways for folks to have Big Travel with Small Money.

Bottom Line

I don’t expect the proliferation of prepaid cards and re-loadable cards to stop, but the ability to buy them with a credit card will be very YMMV (your miles may vary). And be very careful with this since we don’t know the limits and you risk having your account shut down.

But please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments or via email!

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83 responses to “What is “Bluebird-Like?”

  1. My blood pressure is surprisingly normal!

    I have partial success with RELoadit/CC. Payday express lane, flustered cashier with a growing line ….

  2. MMS, to me, the BB was special for 2 reasons– Bill Pay and potential for high balance (up to $10K). But I’ve been noticing a lot of these prepaid AMEX cards (such as the Target, for ex) also have routing numbers and account numbers. I don’t expect these to pay mortgage bills, but couldn’t they be used as checking accounts to pay credit card bills?

  3. My own personal impression is that for the most lucrative purposes the game could never have been sustained and is now over. Still these alternatives may have uses for some people. I appreciate your concise, helpful observations. I would be all for deletion of the “drama” comments to save your readers the time of scrolling through them, but you’re the blogger and I’m not. I did get a Bluebird, and the Chase Ink is in the mail, so I’ll be watching to see any useful opportunities. On the other hand, I’d suggest not focusing so frequently on a segment of the points and miles game that has clearly diminished in value (or never was central) for a lot of people, and getting back to a more well rounded approach.

  4. I would honestly like to see you come up with your own ideas instead of pilfering Frequent Milers ideas. Every single post about reload cards, that you have posted has come from his blog. If all you are going to do is copy and paste and add some arrows and screen shots then I can get the same information from him and use his referral links.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out. It’s sad the level of venom that has grown in this world. It sure was a shame the vanilla reloads did not last longer, but someone must have been hurting badly from it and looks like it was Office Depot. I still think Rick The Frugal Travel Guy got it right on though that in reality it is still far easier to just sign up for credit cards. Less hassle, less cost. Stephan @ Rapid Travel Chai also has a good post on it this morning: http://boardingarea.com/blogs/rapidtravelchai/2012/11/14/my-week-in-points-november-4-10-is-this-a-game/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+RapidTravelChai+%28Rapid+Travel+Chai%29. In order to make Reloadit or any of the others work you have to be prepared to do a lot of grocery store trips and eat a lot of fees. I’ve found a way to work it into a routine without it costing so much time but for the average Joe it takes too much effort. Which takes me back to the VR cards which I think were killed off by the veterans/hardcore who were panicked that newbies would kill the deal. Newbies don’t go into OD and buy the entire rack worth in one go. That is what killed the deal. Never mind, on to the next one!!!

  6. I would honestly like to see you come up with your own ideas instead of pilfering Frequent Milers ideas.

  7. Please do not stop posting about re-loadable cards and how to meet minimum spend, I find your posts extremely useful and can hardly wait to see what you post each day. The people that post drama comments must also find it useful because they keep returning.

  8. @Carlos — Did you come up with your own post, or pilfer it from MyTwoCents? Or is this an example of one person posting the same venomous comments under multiple identities.

    Also, I hope that Carlos and MyTwoCents are visiting all of the other travel blogs that have written extensively about VRs, OD, and Bluebird and complained about the pilfering they are doing.

  9. I haven’t been following all the “drama” and I’m really not interested in it. I enjoy your posts and like that I can follow one blog and get all the info I need in one place. Thank you from the readers that are just interested in traveling for the least amount of money possible.

  10. Thanks for these posts! I never got in on the Office Depot deal, but it helped me to get more spend on my 0% credit card rather than that money coming out of my bank account. Step-by-step instructions and your personal experience made this much easier, thanks!

  11. I’m not sure pay pay is a thing

  12. Your blog is great, and I appreciate all of your updates and great ideas. I don’t search all the blogs regularly, just yours, so it’s helpful when you pull ideas from wherever you get them from.

  13. Hi MMS, a personal experience and question about Bluebird bill pay. I linked my Bluebird account with my Discover card and initiated a payment in my Discover account. Everything looked normal except the transaction was never posted in my Bluebird account. This morning I received a notice from Discover that the payment was returned because the bank doesn’t accept the electronic payments. Is that because I didn’t make payment from my Bluebird account? But I have successfully linked my Bluebird to several other credit accounts and can receive direct deposits from these accounts. Has anybody experience this? Do you know if Bluebird will charge me returned payment fee? Thank you so much!

  14. Thanks, I’m going to call and write Harris Teeter corporate right now to tell them what you’re up to so we can put an end to this before it starts. I suggest you do the same. call 1-800-432-6111, option 2 or write to Harris Teeter, Inc, PO Box 10100, Matthews, NC 28106-0100

    Join the cause!

  15. Paypal will get your account closed. Mine was shut with no questions asked, and I am still trying to get my money back. I made 2 transfers in, then out the next month, for differing ammounts that the net transfer in. On the second go around they closed my account. Nothing big either, 500 in the first time, 1000 in the second, 525 out the first time, then tried a 800 out, which worked but the closed my account down.

  16. Keep up the good work, having met you in person at an event, I know you are smart and decent guy. Love what you do, ignore the negativity, people will always find issue with one thing or another.

  17. Good post. The drama is irrelevant and pointless to most of us. Personally I don’t think you are killing any deals and couldn’t care less how many pictures of your wife or GF or BFF or dog or anyone or anything else you choose to post on your blog as long as you keep making good posts that help me get miles and points. Or how much you make on credit card referrals. That’s the whole essence of a blog. You post whatever is important or meaningful to you or your life and viewers are free to read it or move on. So, to all those whiners on this blog and FT that rip into you, get a life- or get your own blog.

  18. @Ali – Are you saying that you provided Discover card with your routing/account number that is assigned to your BB account and then tried to schedule a payment from within Discover, in hopes that they would withdraw the funds from BB using the ACH function and this failed? I haven’t tried the bill pay function as yet, but I had pondered the idea of setting it up this way. Perhaps the BB account is setup to only receive ACH credits and not debits. Keep us posted, I might call them and pose this idea and find out if it is possible.

  19. Love the blog – love posts. Just wanted to chime in that paypal is no joke. I have never used it for anything but its intended use – paying for ebay auctions and other things I have bought online. HOWEVER — three times my account has been frozen for ‘suspicious activity’ that took over a month to resolve. No explanation is ever provided other than that is paypal policy. Again, this was with regular usage – well within the terms of use. I am wary of putting too much money in paypal because they are not transparent and entirely unreasonable with their actions. Unfortunately, there is not a good alternative to paying for ebay. I would never press my luck with reloading cards through paypal or any other mileage techniques. There is a good chance your account will be frozen and you will not see those funds for a long time, if ever.

  20. Tim formerly avid reader

    I can’t believe I am saying this but in this post at least, mytwocents and Carlos are wrong. He gave credit to Frequent Miler. Just because FM did it first doesn’t mean it’s off limits. And bluebird and MMS are synonymous now.

  21. Just a quick Bluebird nightmare-
    Paid property tax, they never received. Called Bluebird, received an email stating the “investigation should be complete in 10 working days.”
    Not good.
    All my cc payments and transfer into checking went fine.

  22. For the love of christ, you guys are terrible.

    Given what happened at OD, I can’t believe you don’t realize what you are doing.

    Scorched earth policies for some internet fame.

  23. IMHO if you pretty much copy word for word and add nothing new to the discussion and do it just to generate blog hits, and then you profit off it it is stealing. In my mind that is stealing potential referral money and readers away from FM. I used to frequent this blog daily as there was good information and ideas exchanged back and forth. Now it is all bout reload cards.(ok a couple posts about it was ok, but look at how many posts have been about it since BB came out) I was honestly hoping that once VR died that Darius would get back to posting other deals and ideas. Maybe he has just run out of ideas….

    IMO each blogger should have a niche. Mommy Points had the Grand Slam, Delta Miles has delta, the AA guy has AAdvantage miles and FM is the expert on reload and gift cards and has been for a while. (yes I know he can’t copyright this method etc etc etc) It seems as though this blog now is without a niche and just pumping credit cards anyway they can. Again, I have no problem with bloggers making money, but IMO you have to earn it by providing unique content. If there is not unique content then people will stop reading the same regurgitations of the same idea, and the “interviews” with other bloggers.

    I am sure many of you will state that I am causing “drama” or that I am a MMS hater etc. I am no such thing, I was an early adopter of reading MMS and have seen it slowly but surely go down hill. Many will say “if you don’t like it go elsewhere” That is not what I desire, what I desire is to see the blog back to the good old days with new ideas and creative ways to earn points.

    I am not trying to bash MMS. I am just trying to give a suggestion to steer his blog, if he doesn’t take my advice so be it. After all I am only a SN and one person out of how many people who read this? If he doesn’t change his blog then he will lose this reader and the referral income he received from my apps. It is ultimately his choice, and my referral money may not mean anything to him. Again it is up to him to keep his blog fresh and interesting, not me.

  24. for paypal, if u can find a place that takes paypal cards, u can just buy it and credit it to your paypal account and transfer to your bank? does OD or staples sell paypal cards at 5x?

  25. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Oh, no wait, it fell already! On to flying the friendly skies.

  26. Paypal and NS are junk. I reloaded the cards $500 at a time, wait couple of weeks to transfer to bank account. After three repeats, my account was completely shutdown, unable to login. They didn’t give any reason, nothing. Good thing I already transfer money out. Why would MMS suggest such a method? Stay away.
    After OD, all of us are left with empty hand.

  27. MMS is by far the expert on how to maximize your credit card apps, and how to get them approved as quickly as possible. Even one of the top couple of leaders on how exactly to redeem the bonus points from such. Bar none. The problem is, he’s *not* the expert on prepaid and it just goes overboard when he begins posting daily about it and not about what he *is* the expert in.

    I’m thankful that it’s been better as of late (but is that only because OD killed the VR?) however if this blog is to return to it’s “peak” it seriously needs to get off the prepaid bandwagon. Perhaps post about it every now and then, but for the love of god, just post a breif synopsis and a link for people to read up on instead of a copy/paste.

    If people *truly* care about the topic, then they won’t have a problem navigating to (gasp!) another URL to find details on the info. But is it really about professionalism or about a certain bottom line? That’s the question MMS needs to ask himself, imo..

  28. @Mytwocents you wrote, I’m not trying to bash MMS… Yummm yes you are, if you do not like MMS then stop posting here and move on. It is simple, however, you have a bone to pick and you wont stop beating a dead horse. Grow up and move on…

  29. I personally would like to see more discussion about travel. It seems like TPG is the only guy who isn’t posting 24/7 about these prepaid products. There’s a reason I use his affiliate links.

  30. This uncensored blog just at my comment, thanks!

  31. What is most frustrating is you take all this time to post a comment, you click submit and it disappears:-( Anyway, if you don’t know, I started a blog with a unique niche, ranting about other “travel” bloggers. MMS has been mentioned many many times! He will be mentioned tomorrow about this post. And, heads up MMS…are u sitting down, I will finally say something positive about you!!

  32. It will be very interesting to watch where prepaid cards go from here.

    On one hand, stores/chains insisting “cash only” claim that fraud is created by those who use stolen credit cards to purchase prepaid cards.

    On the other hand, there has been report on how drug dealers are paying cash for prepaid cards to launder money.

    Two competing forces here.

  33. @wade – All my other accounts met this problem. And I just called Bluebird and one CSR told me I cannot pay bills by providing the payees with my Bluebird routing and account number. The only way is to use their Bill Pay service. Yes, I think you are right. Thanks.

  34. @Ali – Bummer, well hope you are not stuck with NSF fees. Hopefully BB use the invalid account return code , this way you might not get charged or can dispute or ask for courtesy waiver of any of the fees.

  35. @Daraius – disingenuity at its finest! You profess simply to give the facts on how to use public techniques. Well, “sounds” great. But it’s obvious you didn’t use many of the techniques you explained other than “test” cases – only $100 here, $500 there. Instead, you made your money thru the referrals – which ruined the game, except for those who are pimping, er, blogging. And for that you refuse to accept responsibility.

    Say, how much $$$$ did you make this year since you started incessantly blogging about VRs/Ink/BB? I’m sure your actual usage of the techniques you (over)exposed only generated rewards that were a minuscule fraction of referral income you generated thru your blog. And that’s what people are so pissed about – you took money out of their pockets and put it in yours – for short term gain (and long term enmity from those who you ripped off).

    Now, back to FT and FM’s blog where I find useful information months ahead of the regurgitated crud I find here…

  36. Darius, I do hope you consider disabling blog comments. Your blog would be better without them.


    In the meantime, I’ll go back to reading the RSS feed. Cheers!

    • @AK – See, I do care about your well-being! I’ll be happy if I can just find a RELoadit pack.

      @Dave – With Bluebird, you couldn’t push money out of the card via the routing number and account number. I’m not sure if other cards are the same way or not.

      @DaveS – I agree that this was unsustainable and thanks for your feedback!

      @My Two Cents @Carlos @Martin @Gabriel @This Guy – Thanks for the feedback.

      @MilesAbound – Very sound observations. Credit cards are still the easiest way to large sign-up bonuses, but re-loadable cards makes it easier to hit the spending requirements.

      @Doug @Nick – Thanks! I’ve always wondered why they keep returning to post comments.

      @Pat @Papergirl @SB @Stephen @Gil @Jill P @susan – Thanks for reading!

      @Ali @wade – You can’t use the routing and account number from Bluebird to make bill payments. You have to go into the Bill Pay system to send payments or checks to others.

      @Scott C @Eric @jason – Thanks for the warning on Pay Pal.

      @ace – If the check hasn’t been cashed, you should be able to get your money back.

      @webazoid– I’m going to try that, but everything I’ve read suggests that your account will get closed for doing that.

      @TravelBloggerBuzz – But you just posted 2 comments! If it makes you feel better, Boarding Area eats up my comments as well, so they don’t show up. I suspect it is something with the spam filters.

      @Jimmy @TravelByPoints
      – I agree. Prepaid cards are a great way to launder money or illicit funds, so there is a lot of oversight.

      @Ron – Emily and I maxed out on our Bluebird reloads for October and November if it makes you feel any better.

      @Khad Young – I particularly agree with reasons #3 to #5 in the link, but I really do like reader feedback.

      @Jimmy @TravelByPoints – Thanks for digging that up. Very interesting!

  37. Hi Daraius. I find your blog VERY helpful. I guess I don’t see a “niche” with your blog except staying on top of everything to do with Big Travel, Small Money. You are my go-to blog for staying up on deals out there, in general. For those of us without a ton of time to scour every niche blog site, MMS is a GREAT place for the highlights. I have GREATLY appreciated your heads up, your tips, your warnings. I think you do a GREAT job. I hope you’ll continue to post the “secrets.” I don’t have time to dig on flyertalk for them. I wish people wouldn’t flame you; you do us a great service. Keep it up, dude. Love your blog!!

  38. For MMS haters, here are a few publicly available numbers that might be of interest to you. All bloggers listed below had extensive coverage of BlueBird/VanillaReload, which was sufficient knowledge for true beginners.

    (1) Number of blog feed subscribers (from Google Reader feed statistics)
    MMS – 2,679
    The Points Guy – 7,146
    View from the Wing – 3,770
    One Mile at a Time – 2,995

    (2) Number of Twitter followers
    MMS – 2,679
    One Mile at a Time – 31,666
    View from the Wing – 26,809
    The Points Guy – 14,618
    Frugal Travel Guy – 3,741

  39. MMS, your blog is totally useless. You kept pumping BB and eventually killed the best deal in years. You even recommend Paypal in the blog. It’s the best junk. Can you come up with MMS Reload Card and distribute to OD and let us buy with CC? We are left with empty hand at the moment and waiting for MMS Reload.

  40. 2 questions:
    1) If UFB debit card earning AA miles Bill Pay option already meet the purpose, why need to load the BB?

    2) Saw a “MyVanilla” “Personal Reloadable prepaid Card” sold @ CVS which is a visa card – looks diff than “Vanilla Reload”, but it shares the same website to load (vanillareload.com) -> are they the same thing? I can send you a picture screen shot if you want more details.

    Thanks D! Keep up the posts! Can’t wait to see your post everyday!

  41. Handled the hate like a champ, MMS. Kudos. But seriously, more talk about travel, please. I particularly enjoy your reviews of business/first cabins and luxury hotels.

  42. Hi Daraius, I hope you can stop laughing from all these comments and answer my ‘serious’ question: is it any credit card which will not post your points/miles, if you use it to pay for VR at any store?
    Amex SPG T&C: 1 Starpoint® for every dollar of eligible purchases.
    1. Eligible Purchases means purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents.
    Thank you,
    P.S. I like your new banner. Who is designer?

  43. Darius, glad to hear that you are going to keep doing what you do best. I don’t understand the mentality of people that read your blog and then criticize you for posting high quality information. What makes THEM more worthy of information? They all got their information from somewhere ,it’s not like the Lord whispered into their ear and told them …”you are the CHOSEN one, now here are some tips on earning airline miles”.

    I smell snobbery and elitism. Also envy/jealousy . Every blogger makes money on referrals so I’m not sure what the problem is with people.

    Keep up the GREAT work! I just started getting into this and wish I had discovered your blog and “the hobby” earlier. I’ve already booked a flight using miles for Xmas time to visit family…tickets would have been super expensive during that time if I paid cash.

  44. Just wanted to say that your blog is amazing and to ignore all the haters 🙂

  45. I love this blog and it has provided me with lots of good information…ignore the haters. If you don;t like it nobody said you have to read it. There are millions of other websites out there .

  46. @MMS – Could you post pictures of the different types of card when you write about them? There are so many options that all seem the same and I don’t want to buy the wrong ones. Thanks!

  47. I have learnt a lot from your blog. Keep up the good work.

  48. I started reading FlyerTalk years ago and now there are number of bloggers that address this “hobby.” I think the MMS website adds to my overall knowledge along with the daily comments from fellow readers which can be informative, such as how quickly PP accounts might be frozen. Even the bitter comments from folks that want to keep their methods secret or those that resent anyone earning referral money are entertaining.

    • @cow – I don’t believe you earn miles with the UFB Direct Bill Pay option.

      @This Guy – We’ll get back to the Bora Bora trip reports next week.

      @Tatyana – The terms say that, but when you buy the Vanilla Reload it gets coded as a regular purchases from the store. Glad you like the logo – I got it from 99 designs.

      @laflyerguy @RT @Sol Neuhardt @scott @bwiflyer @Nunya – Thanks for reading!

  49. @cow. Don’t buy that card. I did. Will cost $6-10 to get the money back at ATMs

  50. has anyone successfully bought a vanilla reloadable at CVS using either a amex/visa/mc gift card bought from Staples/OD?

    • @webazoid – Some readers have had success, but other say that CVS matches picture to the card and gift cards don’t have your name on them.

      @Michael Belisle – I’ve read only 1 report, but lets see if there are more.

  51. I was reading on flyertalk. They say there that amex knows that you are buying vr cards. I just hope this is not the case

  52. @webazoid, I have bought from CVS… and am still buying… they just got it this week, and the store manager is not sure if this is cash/debit only or CC acceptable, so she sells it in CC. They sell green dot only on CASH, since this is a new product they don’t know.

    Well on other note in general I think OD stopped selling V cards because they were loosing money not because of the blogging, I imagine, last week I bought 5K worth of vanilla card (well with 4 diff card to meet min spending) now it cost me $39.50, but it cost OD $125.98 (at 2.5%) merchant fees. I am pretty sure Chase convinced them bout how much they were paying in merchant fee.

  53. Can u use reloadit card to reload your bluebird?

  54. and what is the best card to purchase prepaid cards at CVS or walgreen apart from hilton amex? I want to get away from amex.

  55. @ace see my post on another MMS board regarding my experience. http://tinyurl.com/JCskiPP be patient on the property taxes. It takes them a while to post the taxes.

  56. Bluebird is changing. As part of these improvements, we are ending the current bluebird program and closing all accounts from that program on December 8th, 2012. We want to minimize any disruption this may cause to you and give you plenty of time before your current bluebird account is closed. So, you can continue to use your current bluebird Card and access your account here at bluebirdmoney.com until December 8th, 2012 or until you close your account.

    A refund check will automatically be sent to you for the remaining balance on your current bluebird Card at the time the account is closed on December 8th or if you close your bluebird account before then. Prior to December 8th, you will also have the option to transfer your current bluebird Card balance to a new Bluebird Account.

    If you have already purchased a bluebird Feeder Pack, please load it to your current bluebird Card before December 8th, 2012. Feeder Packs cannot be used to load funds into the new Bluebird Account. If you would like to receive a refund for the purchase of a bluebird Feeder Pack, just follow the directions on the back of the Feeder Pack package.

  57. I need to make some large property tax payments soon. Do you know what prepaid cards I could get on my Ink card (or Hilton Amex) and use to pay property taxes to maximize points?

    • @adnan – It likely was Office Depot losing money on the interchange fees and Chase losing money on the 5X bonus which led to its demise.

      @CHRIS – You can’t use the REloaditt cards to load the Bluebird. See this post for a list of potential options at CVS.

      @JonCski – Thanks for sharing.

      @Darpan – That is for the test version of Bluebird which launched earlier this year.

      – Office Depot stopped selling the Vanilla Reloads, so the best option is to try to get Vanilla Reload cards at CVS/Walgreen’s etc. and then load it to your Bluebird card.

  58. I tried to buy the green dot and reloads at wal mart. On the front of all the cards read $3 fee. Only cash or debit. I read that the fees were more and it was no prob. To buy with cc. ?
    I did buy a gift card with cc. Bought a few things and ask for cash. No sir.
    If you don’t have an ink card 5x – only a One mile for one $
    what cc card is best to use on green dot or bluebird ?

    FYI if you live in the south east and shop at Publix
    check out their gift card deals. Buy as many $500 cards as you want “only with a CC!” 1% discount starting at $3000 and goes up to 5% off.

  59. Dear Darius,

    For ink family business card, the perks in office supply is for calendar year or membership year?

    • @Jeff – I don’t believe you can purchase the green dot card with a credit card. If you have a card which earns only 1 mile per $, I’d use Vanilla Reloads to help meet minimum spending on other credit cards and perhaps cards whose points you value highly – American Express SPG, Chase Ultimate Rewards points etc.

      @cindy – It is by membership year.

  60. MMS,
    I saw on your prior posting that you can re-load bluebird with wells fargo prepaid card. Is this still true?
    And, can we reload wells fargo prepaid with gift card that is purchased from office depot / supermarket?
    2ndly, can we reload bluebird with Amex Target prepaid?

    • @Chris – You can reload Bluebird with your Wells Fargo cards when using a Chase card to fund the Wells Fargo card, but do a test purchase 1st. I don’t yet have the AMEX Target prepaid, so I can’t be of much help there.

  61. MMS, can you load wells fargo with visa/mc gift card though?

  62. @MMS refering to Chris’s comment do have any info which kind works, i did get some gift card to try it out for smaller amount didnt work.

  63. Love your blog, please dont ever stop posting!

  64. Hi, I went to a Walmart and they told me that i can load only 100$/day using debit card on my BB card. Am I missing something?

  65. This is what it says in BB FAQ.
    Debit Card(s) (in aggregate) Up to $100 per transaction
    $100 per day; and
    $1,000 per month*

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  67. Hey Dariaus,

    Have you ever used one of the Reloadit.com vendors? I’ve had some trouble finding VR cards in my new locale, but I can get $950 Reloadit, which is better.

    NetSpend, AccountNow, Vision Visa, The REACH Visa

    I’d like to pay monthly housing via check or ach.


  68. We may be losing VR in Louisiana. Searching for an alternative I found your May post about GOBank but nothing since May. Is it still a vialble alternative to BlueBird?

  69. I need aprepaid credit card that accepts ach payments! can I get one at cvs ? and how much are they?

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  71. DO NOT USE RELOADIT!!!!!!!

    This is a public service FYI…

    Check their site before buying. http://www.reloadit.com
    You, more than likely will NOT be able to connect to their service. At the time of this post, I cannot.

    >>> I ended up filing a complaint with our GOV at: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumerfinance.gov (855) 411-CFPB (2372)

    I now have my $$ two weeks after purchase!
    I have heard that others have never rec’d their money back as of yet.