Chase Air Tran Credit Card With 32 Credits is Back! [Expired]

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View From the Wing writes that the 32 credit Chase Air Tran offer is now available publicly.

I wrote about the targeted version of this offer previously.  But the public version is good news because we can sign-up for the new Air Tran card before it disappears after the merger with Southwest is complete!

Emily got the Barlcaycard Air Tran card last year when it offered 16 credits, the highest bonus I’ve seen, last year.  The current offer is for twice the number of Air Tran credits as the best previous offer.

It takes 16 Air Tran credits for a flight (subject to availability) on Air Tran or 32 credits for a business class flight subject to availability.

Unfortunately, this is a Chase card so you’ve got to prioritize your applications since Chase has most of the so many of the good offers.

If you’ve got the Southwest Companion pass, this is a good card to get because you can transfer Air Tran credits to Southwest, for free, and use them with your Southwest Companion Pass.  It takes 16 credits for a return Southwest flight, but in my experience, Southwest credits have much less award availability than flights using Southwest miles, but you can still get value out of the card.

If you don’t have the Southwest Companion Pass, you could be better off applying for the 50,000 point Chase Southwest credit cards and completing the last of the $2,000 minimum spending strategically so that the 50,000 points bonus posts to your account in early 2013 and count towards the Companion Pass in 2013.

That’s because it is easier to use 50,000 Southwest points than 32 Southwest credits.  Earning the Companion Pass in early 2013 means that your companion can fly free with you until the end of 2014!

Or you could delay earning the Companion Pass until later in 2013, and load up on some Air Tran/Southwest credits now since the Air Tran credit card will disappear at some point after the Southwest and Air Tran merger is complete.

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28 responses to “Chase Air Tran Credit Card With 32 Credits is Back! [Expired]

  1. any thoughts on if getting this card will extend my expiring airtran points?

  2. i currently have the barclays airtran card,can i also get chases airtran card?

  3. If you try applying online and get “offer unavailable” after submitting the application, you can apply by phone by calling 1-888-878-3136.

    I followed the link, was able to see the offer, fill the application and submit my application online. However, I got “offer unavailable” page. Then I went to the AirTran website and found the phone # and it worked 🙂

    • @Dluke – They should because when you convert your credits to a flight award, it will use your oldest credits 1st for the award which will expire in 1 year.

      @todd – The terms say “Cardmembers who currently have an AirTran Airways credit card may not be eligible for a second AirTran Airways credit card.” But then go onto to say “Previous and existing AirTran Airways A+ Rewards personal Credit Card from Chase cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer” so perhaps you could get it if you cancel your Barclay’s Air Tran card.

      @Sam Emara – Thanks for the tip!

  4. Darius…how difficult is it to use Southwest credits? I don’t see any way to determine what the availability would be on any given flight.

  5. Is it possible to get both of the Southwest Airlines Personal Cards (the Plus and Premier)? I have one of them and believe the terms and conditions make it seem like I can’t get both. Just trying to determine if both are an option.

  6. @Darius: I am 1000 points from obtaining my SW companion pass. I am sure I will get it by the end of the year. If I get approved for this AirTran card and get the 32 credits, what is the conversion rate for AirTran credits to SW rapid reward points?

    • @Greg – It varies by route. Some routes have great availability; others not so much. Here’s an earlier post on the topic.

      @Neal – You can certainly get both the Plus and Premier business versions. Some readers have got both versions, but I don’t know if they had them at the same time.

      @gocong – 16 credits = 1 round trip flight or 2 one way awards.

  7. Darius, you may want to also point out (no pun intended) that AT does not require addt points for international travel, quite rare among US carriers. At least they didn’t before the merger.

    PS my previous comment was in regards to if owning a AT cc, would existing points have a longer shelf life like the old AT card gave.

    • @Dluke – That’s a good point and I’ll point it out in a separate post. Thanks for the reminder The terms still say “For A+ Visa cardholders and Elite members, A+ Rewards credits are valid for 24 months after the posting date” so it seems like it doesn’t matter which card you have as long as it is an A+ Visa.

      @Ken – I suspect it is unlikely that they will convert to Southwest points.

  8. If we hold onto the 32 credits will they eventually be converted to SW points once the merger is complete?

  9. @Darius, my points posted to my Airtran account yesterday. Weird thing is instead of getting 32 credits and 2 upgrade certs, I was awarded 64 credits plus 3 for meeting the spend so 67 credits in all. Sweet!

  10. @Darius, not so sure. Others on Flyertalk are saying they have called the airline and complained because they weren’t given even 32 credits and no upgrade certs. I wonder if they have the ability to catch the mistake (if it was a mistake) and take points back?

  11. Just as a point of interest… I just had a similar experience to Wes. I completed my spend and SHOULD have had 34 AirTran credits put into my AirTran account (32 for the signup plus 2 for the $2000 worth of actual spending on the card). Well, I got those 34 credits credited to my account — THREE TIMES in a row. So, like Wes, I got a bonus for some reason. I ended up getting 102 AirTran credits dumped into my account.

    Now I wonder if they will try to pull them back. Clearly, since it happened to Wes too, this wasn’t an isolated incident. They appear to be multi-crediting people…

    – John…

  12. Also — as for the 2 free business upgrade certificates… Do those show up in my AirTran account somewhere? Or do they mail physical certificates? Anyone know?

    – John…

  13. So — as a followup… Chase/AirTran did indeed claw back the extra credits that they had put into my AirTran account. I had actually already transferred some to Southwest. The pulled back all of the ones that I hadn’t transferred. I don’t know if they’ll go all the way as to claw back the Southwest Awards that were generated from the transfer…

    – John…

  14. Hey Daraius,

    Sorry if I asked this question on some other post but I don’t remember. I have Chase Sapphire, PC, United and Disney (don’t really need this one but 0 AF). Airtran sent me the 32 credit personal (with special invite code/link) invite (expiring tomorrow) so I applied for it on my last round of apps (one and only app for Chase this time) and I got delayed response. I checked next day after the app and was told denied due to excessive inq. and app for credit, would not budge and not even get into offering moving credit around. All my other apps from other banks were approved. I tried again the day after that one and same results. Question 1) Did I make a mistake not calling on the same day I applied and got the delayed response? 2) Is it worth waiting for the actual letter with the reference number and calling back, does this kind of decision (e.g. excessive inq and req for credit with us blah blah 🙂 depend on the mood of the analyst I get. 3) If I call again (third/last time) would it cause any issues for future apps? Hoping to hear back soon here or send me an email, please… Thanks!

  15. Hi I just received this card and am looking at using the Airtran credits for one way flight to SFO but return using Southwest from Oakland.
    Being new to SW I am totally confused as to how many miles or points does the Airtran credits translate to SW on their website. ( anytime pts, wanna get away pts. etc.)

  16. I know air tran has a business card. Does anyone know of a link for the same 32 bonus points for the business card?
    thanks if you do!

  17. Is there any restriction on using the A+ travel awards on international flights (i.e., ATL to CUN)? …or tougher to get these flights using rewards?

  18. The transition from Barcalay to Chase resulted in blocking my old credit card and also the new Chase/airtran card . On telephonic Enquiry I was asked to wait for 24 hrs . Now more than 48 hrs elapsed No reply ??????

  19. Hi Daraius,
    I need to cancel my airtran credit card. I have 42 credit. What would happen to my credit if I cancel my card which help earn those credits. Thanks