News You Can Use – Blog Migration, 20% Fewer United Miles to Europe, & 5% off America Airlines Tickets

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1.   Blog Migration.   The blog migration is complete, and thanks for your patience.  If you get an error message or if links are broken, try clearing your cache.

Hopefully the blog should load faster and have less downtime.  So come on over whenever Boarding Area is down.  I kid, I kid!  I dislike it as much as anyone when Boarding Area is down.

I’ve also updated the links to the better Chase Ink offers in the Hot Deals, Bank Points Credit Card  and Business Credit Cards tabs.  I should get affiliate links to the better Chase offers during the afternoon/evening on November 13th.

Folks reported more luck with calling the number at the back of their Ink card and asking Chase to match the lower spending requirement than with sending a secure message.

2.   20% Fewer United Miles to Europe.   Pay 20% less United miles for coach award tickets to Europe if you book them before November 15, 2012 for travel between January 15 and March 13, 2012.  This means that you pay only 48,000 miles for return trip to Europe versus the regular 60,000 miles.

However, as MileValue points out, American Airlines and US Air have regular off peak awards for less miles than the discounted United awards.

3.   5% off American Airlines Tickets.   The Flight Deal points to a 5% discount on paid (not using miles) tickets on American Airlines.  The discount is valid on flights up to December 31, 2012 and INCLUDES travel during the holidays with no blackout dates!

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23 responses to “News You Can Use – Blog Migration, 20% Fewer United Miles to Europe, & 5% off America Airlines Tickets

  1. Its like the old rap wars. Instead of East v West Coast its Boarding Area v Non Boarding Area. Seriously, Does United ever run these discounted Awards for Biz Class. Ive only ever seen coach and each time I see one I always hope it includes Biz?

  2. you killed vanilla deal by your ugly wife!!!!!!!

  3. I signed up for that Ink card that you recommended but I now can’t find the reloads at office depot. I want my 5x points you promised.

  4. Good job douchebag. You and your ilk led the unwashed massed to Office Depot and ruined what could have been a long term opportunity for all of us.

  5. OMG just learned that you killed the deal. Thnx.

  6. Thanks for killing the office depot deal douchebag! I hope your blog gets taken off the net. Your wife looks pregnant and fat!

  7. I blame you [comment edited: personal information removed] for the loss of this deal

  8. What’s with all the hatred people? Is there really a need for name calling? No reasonable person would have expected this to last forever. This was posted in lots of other forums and blogs before it was posted here. Wasn’t the only blog talking about it. Plus there are still places to buy Vanilla with a CC. D – not usually in favor of censoring comments, but maybe it’s time?

  9. He should take his blog down, then there wouldn’t be comments.

  10. I agree with Greg. This information was all over the place. The days when a tiny group of people can find a big loophole and keep it all to themselves for an extended period of time are over. Probably none of the whiners here discovered any original technique. They simply want the word to be spread exactly as far as them and then no further.

    And that’s really for the good. There are plenty of great opportunities out there, playing by the rules as the companies intend them to be followed. All the losers mad at MMS are welcome to go away and sulk somewhere.

  11. Instead of complaining, send a letter to the Chase Executive Office and Fraud Department, explaining how he encourages people to churn their cards and profits from it. This should kill his affiliate account and possibly put him on the blacklist for all his churning.

  12. I know you’re all about letting comments go, but there’s really no place for personal attacks against either of you two. I might not agree with the content of the posts, but that’s business, and there’s a line to be drawn. It’s one thing to admonish the post, another thing to have ad hominem attacks.

    And to be honest, I was the one behind the video. And I stand by it — it’s all business!

  13. If you don’t like the blog, don’t read. The personal attacks against his wife are unnecessary and immature. Grow up!

  14. @ tom- are you thinking when you type that garbage? He is a partner with chase. He helps sell their credit cards. They are fully aware of his business and what he does. He is valuable to chase so im not sure why you think they will care as long as he is bringing in business.

  15. I really don’t understand all of these hateful comments. All of you, haters, learned some trick by reading a blog, you probably didn’t figure it out yourself. If you did discover it all on your own, why did you share it then? This information regarding Office Depot, Vanilla Reload, and Bluebird have been available in EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE discussing miles and points for weeks.
    The personal attacks, specially on his wife, are just senseless. Grow up, people! If you don’t like the blog, go read something else.

  16. DoNotClickReferralLinks

    I have nothing personal against this blog, but I would really advise everyone not click the referral links! This guys interests are obviously not the same as ours, he wants us to click the links! He could careless, if he blows the deal in the process. You had a photo of your wife! Seriously? This was not some sort of secret, you didn’t have to really make it so clear for Chase to understand the deal. Please do not do this again!!!!!!!!!!! Just post about cards, don’t copy stuff off other blogs/forums

  17. @kya, for newbies like you maybe you just saw it on a few blogs lately, these guys have no moral, by stealing the work of frequent miler , who had this going for quite some time .

  18. another thing, all aside, i see no reason for jerks out there to post nasty comments on his wife, that is immature and stupid.
    In all fairness , in the past he did a good job on this blog by writing some very useful ideas , but as always greed catches on, also most of the dummies out there who keep using the word TRICKS and SECRETS , there are no tricks or secrets, these are words used to sell to the masses, each dummy out there think they discovered something new

  19. No need for the harsh words about Daraius or his wife, if you disagree with him or have a comment , do it the civilized way.

  20. @lucy
    “No Moral” is a little too harsh to describe the situation here.
    Daraius is just trying to spread the deals to more readers, that’s what he’s been doing this while. He does quote the source always, so that’s not considered “stealing”

  21. Anyone knows if discounts apply to the middle east as well?

  22. BTW – I was referring to #2