Chase Ink Plus & Bold Minimum Spending Reduced to $5,000 (from $10,000) within 3 Months & Other Chase Ink Cards Reduced to $3,000

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

[Emily and I do NOT get a referral for any of the Chase Ink cards in this post.  This offer for 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points requires $5,000 less minimum spending than my affiliate link for the Chase Ink Plus & Chase Ink Bold which currently pays one of the highest commissions, but requires double the minimum spending $10,000.]

Note:  I just switched web hosts yesterday and am still ironing out the kinks.  One of those kinks is that only the links on this page go directly to the better offer for the Chase Ink cards.  So don’t use the links anywhere else on the blog for the Chase Ink cards because they may not go to the $5,000 minimum spending offer.  I’ll fix those as soon as I can figure out how (sometime tomorrow)!

Another kink is that I can’t attach screenshots of the offer either.

I shared a rumor earlier that the $10,000 minimum spending on the Chase Ink Plus was likely to decrease to $5,000 within 3 months.  I also explained the likely marketing and business reasons why this was very likely to happen and urged folks to hold off their Chase Ink application for a week.  After all, less minimum spending can only be a good thing, even if I don’t earn a commission.

I like sharing only the best credit card information on the blog – regardless of whether it pays me a commission or not.  The Chase Ink Plus & Ink Bold currently pays the highest commission, but the $5,000 minimum spending requirement version directly from the Chase website is currently the better deal. 

Even better, the minimum spending on the Chase Ink Bold also dropped!  I’ll admit to not predicting this and thought that it would remain at $10,000 within 3 months to differentiate the Ink Bold from the Ink Plus.

I suspect that my links should change to the lower spending requirement in a few days, but don’t let that stop you from applying for the better offer from the Chase website.

You can apply for the Chase Ink Plus even if you already have a Chase Ink Bold card.  And you often can get 1 Chase personal card and 1 business card on the same day, though you have to call the reconsideration department to get approved.

I don’t know how long this will last, but suspect it should be for at least a few months.  If you do apply, take a screenshot of the offer, just in case you need it later.

The highlights of the Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus are the 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus which can be transferred to many different airlines or hotels (including United or Hyatt), the 5X points on telecommunication and office supply stores, 2X points on gas and hotels, and no foreign transaction fees.

My affiliate links are moderately better for the Chase Ink Classic and Cash, since you get 25,000 points (compared to 20,000 points with the offer on the Chase website), but have to spend $2,000 more.  But focus on the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus first!

Bottom Line

The lower spending requirement of $5,000 within 3 months makes the Chase Ink Bold & Ink Plus even better!

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102 responses to “Chase Ink Plus & Bold Minimum Spending Reduced to $5,000 (from $10,000) within 3 Months & Other Chase Ink Cards Reduced to $3,000

  1. D

    I am 8 days short for the 90 days since my last app-o-rama. Do you think it is safe enough to do another round now (with 82 days) or should I wait?

    Additionally, last time I only applied to personal cards, should I apply to both personal and business in the same day or the “cycles” are different?

  2. I recently closed my “Old” Ink Bold after the annual fee came due. Can I now obtain both the new Ink Bold and Ink Plus in the same day? If you need to call for reconsideration, what is the reason that I would need both Ink cards?

  3. Arrrrrrrrrgggghhhh!!! I literally applied for the Ink Bold two days ago and just got off the phone an hour and a half ago with the reconsideration line for approval. I totally did not see your advice to hold off, plus I was really eager to get this one for the Vanilla Reload/Bluebird usage.

    Would I do best calling back or writing to ask them to match the current offer?

  4. i applied off the chase link when I finished it stated offer no longer available though the home page states the 5k spend. I wonder if your links will have the same issues.

  5. PR- You can call or send a secured message. Hopefully, they will match the current offer.

  6. Does anyone know if you *must* apply for both cards on the same day, or can you spread out the applications by a month or two? Thanks.

    • @Phil – If you applied for 1 or 2 cards last time, it doesn’t matter when you reapply. If you applied for a bunch of cards, it could make sense to wait 90 days. You can usually get a business card along with a personal card from the same bank.

      @Henrik – You should be able to get at least 1 card, but 2 could be iffy. You could say that you want 1 to pay off in full (the Ink Bold since it is a charge card) and the Ink Plus in case you need to roll over the balance.

      @PR – I’d send a secure message with a link to the offer on the Chase website.

      @marty dee – Hmmm…I wonder if they are testing the links now which is why you weren’t able to submit it. Thanks for sharing!

      @string33 – YOu don’t *have to* apply for both at the same time and could spread it out if you’re comfortable with that!

  7. note MMS’ self-righteousness self-promotion and how he not-so-subtly tells us these links are not the ones that pay him the highest commissions… geez, a year ago i used to be a fan of MMS as his style was informative and refreshing .. now this guy makes me sick. blatant stealing of ideas from the real thinkers and innovators in the community and .. now this attitude of smug moral superiority. puke.

  8. I tried to apply twice, first from the link listed on your site then another time from the link on the Chase home page. After I submitted the application, I received the same response as marty dee, that the offer was no longer available. I’m hoping you’re right and that they’re just testing the links! I will try again tomorrow.

  9. I just got the Chase United and Freedom. Can I apply for the Ink Bold or Plus? Or should I wait 90 days? Thanks.

  10. either minimum spend 5 or 10k can be hit in the 1st month. I dont see it as a big deal.

  11. i just got a chase hyatt card. Would that make a difference if I want to apply for the Ink cards 2 wks later?

  12. if i apply both PLUS and BOLD on the same, do i get one or two hard inquiry?

  13. I think chase have already max out my credit line with sapphire , united, and priorty club. Would I be able to pick up one of Plus or Bold? If So which should be I try for? Credit score 750 jane just go my Amex Hilton too

  14. would u risk applying for ink bold in this situation? old chase freedom from several years; new chase cards 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, and 4/12. 3 other cards from bofa and barclays and one citi aa.

  15. I sent a secure message to chase and they would not match the offer. I signed up 1 week ago. Anything else I can try to have them match the offer?

  16. I already have 5 cards marriott, southwest, airtran ,united, sapphire. Can I still get ink bold and ink plus?

  17. @notehowMMS – Exactly what are you contributing with this? Perhaps you could take your whining elsewhere, or offer something of value to all of us.
    @Scott – I just got a phone call from Chase last night, and after some conversation with the rep to explain my startup business plan, was approved for the Ink Bold with a $10,000 spend limit. I can see handling a $5,000 spend in three months, but $10,000 is likely out of reach without going heavier into Vanilla Reloads and the like than I’m comfortable with. I had applied just before the alerts to hold off a few days, and had been on “pending” status. I’ll try a secure message too since my approval actually came after the reduced spend requirement was announced. MMS, what would be your strategy for reaching a $10,000 spend, if necessary, as a new Ink cardholder with a longstanding relationship with Chase? I know I’ll get the 25k bonus, and that’s all I’m really counting on, but 50k would be really nice.

  18. any idea how long this offer will be for? I don’t plan to apply for any new credit cards till at least January 2013.

  19. on the phone with chase …… they matched. Now I can apply for my spouse.

  20. @notehowMMS: I don’t know about you, but I found this post quite useful, as I was waiting for the spend requirement to drop before applying (I did apply yesterday once I saw this post in my RSS feed). I am yet to see a notice of the requirement dropping on other blogs I follow, perhaps because the affiliate links have not been changed yet. Thanks MMS for this Breaking News post, and for other informative posts!

  21. Thanks, Million Mile Secrets! I currently have the Ink Bold. Say I want to buy $40,000 worth of Vanilla Reloads each year at Office Depot. Rather than putting $40k on the Ink Bold alone, do you think I would stay more off Chase’s radar if I put $20k on the Ink Bold and $20k on the Ink Plus? Or would you guess the two strategies would raise the same amount of attention/inquiry/concern from Chase since I would be the owner of both cards? Thanks again!

  22. I’ve been emailing back and forth with Chase over secure messaging (I recently got the Ink Bold with the $10,000 spend requirement). They are insisting that this offer is no longer available and that it was only available by special invitation. I even sent them the link that I get right from the Chase website when I do a Google search on “Chase Ink Bold”. Pretty annoying of them!

  23. Just thought I would share my experience…. I applied directly from Chase’s website last night after reading this (I have been waiting on the spend to drop). First time I got the offer is no longer available. The second app, doing exactly the same thing (going back through Chase’s website to the offer) it worked. I got the pending decision and called the recon line this morning and was approved. I did fail to verify when I had the girl on the phone which offer I had, but I think it is safe to assume I got the 5k/50,000 in 3 months offer. If not, I am sure Chase will fix the issue through a secure message.

  24. @ sarah – call the # on the back of the card, I had better luck calling then secure messaging

  25. Well just apply for the Ink Plus, pending now. call in and they say many ppl are apply so it will take a few days. Have to check back with them next week. *crossing finger*

  26. I sent a secure message to get a match (I applied for Bold just over 3 months ago) and was told no – since I didn’t get the “mailing” (even though I sent a screenshot). I just sent a reply to say that this offer was on the Chase website…

  27. Darius, I wish was not so full on my a-o-r for November or I would be all over this! If you have time (and you are always so sweet about answering reader questions) regarding two other Chase cards: Which do you think is better? The Priority Club card or Hyatt? Thinking about somewhere in Thailand/French Polynesia for next year but torn on this for my November apps. The bf has the Hyatt, so we have the 2 free nights from that. I was thinking of getting the same to double up, but the Thalasso looks so appealing and we both have Sapphires for the hyatt point transfers…. Or I guess there is the BoA/BoH Hilton option. So torn! Advice would be greatly appreciated!

  28. @Tommy, You might want to call back in. I app’ed last night, got pending, called first thing this morning and was approved. I used 1-800-453-9719 to get approved.

  29. I also tried to get them to match the offer for $5000 spend requirement. I just applied and got approved for the card 3 days ago for $10000. I sent a secure message but they replied back saying they won’t match it.

    • @note how MMS .. – I wasn’t trying to be subtle. I take pride in disclosing at the TOP of each post with credit card links that I get a referral and on which cards I don’t. You may have noticed that the top 2 Hot Deals are to cards which don’t pay a referral commission. In my mind it is the right thing to do. I spend a lot of time scouring for the best deals regardless of whether they pay a commission or not. But this isn’t the right part of the internet for you if you prefer seeing affiliate links without disclosure or affiliate links which may not always be the best offer.

      @Susan – Hopefully it works then!

      @Alex – You could try, but it could be tough since you already got 2 Chase cards.

      @MileageUpdate – Written like a person with access to lots of Vanilla or prepaid cards!

      @bob – It could be okay, but you’ll have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @Luke – I’m not sure, but let us know! With personal cards they *sometimes* fold into 1 inquiry, but I’m not sure about the business cards.

      @Tommy @leslie – I can’t comment specifically, but you may be able to get approved if you close one of those cards after calling the reconsideration line.

      @webazoid – If your last card was in April, it could be okay as long as you’re okay with a potential inquiry but not getting the card.

      @Scott – Perhaps try calling? Or sending the message again in a few days.

      @DaveS – I’d try calling today and sending a secure message again in a few days to match the offer. You could use Vanilla Reloads up to what you fee comfortable and spread them between CVS and Office Depot if that makes you feel better. You could also use Chargesmart to pay loans (ideally you’d use Bluebird for no fee, but it sounds like you want to go easy on the Vanilla Reloads). And don’t forget Amazon payments.

      @sil – I don’t know. I suspect until at least the end of November when AMEX’s 50K on the Business Gold expires.

      @ih – Thanks for letting us know that it works!

      @KateFromCA – Did the application go through for you or were there errors?

      @amdg – I suspect spreading it over different cards could be better.

      @Sarah @Frank – You could send another message in a few days once they are aware of the better offer on *their own* website. Or try calling like ih.

      @Josh Foley – Thanks for confirming that the link works!

      @Tommy – Good luck!

      @Rob P – I believe they match offers for up to 90 days prior.

      @Jess – Priority Club has hotels in French Polynesia; Hyatt does not. You can use Hyatt points in Bangkok (The Grand Hyatt is nice), but hotels in Bangkok are fairly cheap as well. You have to use the free nights within 1 year, so don’t apply for the Hyatt card if you won’t use them within 12 months.

      @jinga – Thanks for confirming!

      @Carlos – I suspect both are about the same, though you have to pay the balance in full on the Ink Bold.

  30. @frank @rob p – call the number on the back of the card – the live rep matched it for me!

  31. Applied for Ink Plus now with the new 5k limit. Got approved after calling the reco line. CSR confirmed the 5k–>50K UR points offer. Thanks MMS and good luck to others.

  32. Hey MMS,

    Which is easier to get, the Ink Bold or Ink Plus?


  33. Carlos: They’re equally easy to get.
    ih: Thank you, will do.

  34. @jinga – what # did u call.

    I called 800-453-9719 & they said still not there. usually it is there when I call 15 minutes after I applied!

  35. @ih
    I called the same number. I called immediately after applying for the card today morning. Was on hold for about 10 mins before I got connected to an analyst. Asked me about business (sellin crap on ebay), hold for 2 mins, approved. 🙂

  36. Thanks for the reply. So it looks like it’s between Hilton and PC. Any thoughts between those two? PC has nicer hotels, but Hilton is easier to accumulate points with . . . hmmm

  37. got it from another analyst – exchanged a portion of hyatt to this & done!!

  38. Thanks MMS for the latest 5K spending, I read it last night on your blog and then went to sleep, and OMG, I kept dreaming about it, on getting decline, hold with CSR ect. So I woke up and put my dream to test, I did my app-o-rama for the end of the year
    Chase Ink Plus 50K … approved after calling reconsideration line
    Amex Buz gold 75K (targeted offer) approved after calling Reconsideration line
    Citi AA Biz 50K (from your link) still in pending.. called citi.. as usual they suck, asked me call back next week, and was told everything looks good in app but does not have the power to approve, 
    I might apply later today for BOA virgin America Amex for 20K to transfer to Hilton, but cant find any better offer for virgin America yet


  39. Thanks for this D. Of the bloggers that i follow – you are the only one sharing this. Thanks!

  40. Applied for the Plus a few days ago with the $10K offer. But called CSR and they agreed to match the $5K/3 mos offer. Very nice.

  41. FWIW – The Ink Plus in my opinion has an edge over the Ink Bold at the moment since it offers 0% interest on purchases for 6 months. Free money to play with and pay off at the end of 6 months.

  42. Jess – just figure out where you want to go in the next year or so..and then look up the properties you want to stay at..sometimes I use TripAdvisor..etc..and apply for the card that looks good to you / gives you the most value when comparing how much $ it would have cost you for a room + tax. good luck!

    Both programs have great properties but it is not across the board..Some properties are awesome whereas some of their properties are ok..just do your homework, pick a place and enjoy!

  43. When I submit my application through this link it comes up with a page that says Offer Unavailable. Not “not approved” or anything, just “Offer no longer available.” Have I already missed it?

  44. @arky… go to chase website.. over is available there.

  45. Thanks adnan…still getting the same message though.

  46. WoW, Was waiting for 5k spend. Applied directly on chase web site. submitted and read offer no longer available. Called the apply by phone number. Did not get immediate approval:(.
    Subsequently called reconsideration line and in 5 mins approved for 30K plus card. I just love vanilla ice cream. Thanks. Sorry MMS, Just couldn’t wait for affiliate link.

  47. Yep…I had been applying for the Bold but I tried the Plus as well w/ the same result. Can’t understand it.

  48. Come on, folks. So Daraius benefits from some of his credit card links. Oh, and he mentions it upfront. Oh, and he’ll mention if his link isn’t as good as what’s out there.Exactly what is the problem with that? Last time I checked Daraius was not forcing anyone to read his blog, click through to apply for any card or follow any of his suggestions.

  49. My husband applied for Ink Bold on Oct 20th (I told him to go thru Daraius’ link). He called reconsideration line on Oct 22nd and was approved…for the 50K points with $10,000 spend. Today he called Chase and asked for the promotion 50K points for $5K spend and the representative approved his request. Yay! Now we only have $5K spend!

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  51. I applied for this card 2 weeks ago and received it yesterday. After reading this post I sent a secure message to ask them to lower the minimum spending requirement from $10k to $5k and was denied. I then called Chase and the rep said he couldn’t switch me to the better offer and suggested I call or secure message them once I spend $5k and ask them to honor the current offer. It sounds like a plan. I already spent $3k so should be able to do it at the beginning of month 2.

  52. I applied for the Plus card this morning (PST), waited a couple of hours and called the reconsideration line. Immediately got a rep. Went through a series of questions about the business. It’s new and I don’t have any current income from it, but projected $5k for next year. Reviewed my several cards already with Chase as well. He did not ask me to shift credit from any of my existing cards and approved me for a $6k credit line. Nice!

  53. Update: Called the reconsideration line back whom then transferred me to the Ink Bold department. Rep said he put the offer match in the system and that it should be applied in 7-10 days.

  54. I had my chase Ink bold for around a month plus and spent already $8k, I just called chase with the number in back of the card for the better offer and the rep put me on hold and spoke with his supervisor and said i should be approved for the lower offer of $5 spend and see ur point on the next statement.

    Seems that calling helps more then e-mail

  55. @NUT Huh? MMS.
    as someone who frequents many blogs on this subject
    This Blog is informative and always has great easy to find links
    It is higher on my Bookmark list than FT or DDF or any others
    while some of the things Darius posts I know already not everyone searches every blog every day.
    Thank you Darius for posting Links w/o commission !
    Keep up the Good Work!

  56. I was approved for my Ink Plus card on 10/30/12 with the $10K/50K offer. I just got off the phone with a CSR and was told that when I reach the $5K spend I can call back to receive the 50K points.

  57. I applied for the chase bold card today (via your link) and after calling the reconsideration line, got approved easily.

    I have an urgent question and I know this is not the forum but hopefully I can get some help. I applied for the Citi Visa and Citi Amex card right now (via your links – I know you don’t get referral pts but I always go thru all links from here fwiw)- with the 2 browser trick.

    I got approved immediately for the citi visa card but citi amex says pending (further processing required, will contact in a week). I will look up the american express reconsideration line number. Any suggestions as to what I should say? I read that I shouldn’t mention that I applied for the citi visa card right?
    That was my 3 card attempt of a churn today 🙂
    Thank you.

  58. @Pam, well i know u didnt ask the question to me, you need to call the citi reconsideration line not American Express, the Citi Amex card goes to citi, and you also pay the bill to citi. Well same thing happened to me, I called the reconsideration line, they didnt ask me about the approved card and I did not mention it. If they ask you can say you go to Costco and they only accept Amex, and you would like to earn AA point for your Costco purchases, and I think Neiman Marcus also accepts only AMEX, last time I check, not sure if they changed their policy

  59. I have tried the Ink Plus 3 times, and each after hitting Submit, comes back to the ‘Offer not available’ page.

  60. Applied to 4 cards today:
    Ink Bold – after calling reconsideration line I stayed 30+ minutes on the line but was finally approved after shifting some line from another Chase card. 50K after $5k

    MileagePlus Explorer – Denied, called reconsideration and Denied unless I close any of my accounts. I had to step back, as I only have good cards now I do not want to close any of them. 55K gone

    Amex HHonors – Instantly approved. 65K to papa

    Citi AAdvantage Business – under review. After my 2 calls with Chase, I will wait until next week, but I am assuming I will be declined…

  61. @adnan – thank you for your response – that is helpful.

  62. Which of these is a good # to call for reconsideration/pending status? I am assuming either of the two application status should work.
    5. Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

    800-763-9795 – credit department
    866-606-2787 – application status
    888-201-4523 – application status

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  64. I received my IB midOctober and have spent $3,800 so far. I just called the number on the card and asked if I could get the bonus points for 5k rather than 10k spend. I was told yes, they are honoring the new offer. I was told to spend the next $1,200 and then call in. She made notes on my account.

    The whole call took about 5 minutes and a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Yahoo! Thanks, D!

  65. @Josh Foley

    Woohoo thx for the number. After a 20min chat an asking about my “business” I was approved with some credit movement.

    They ask about gross , net biz income($500), length(3yrs), and project coming income, personal income, type of biz etc

    Then place on hold and ask if it was ok to move some credit limit around, I’m like SURE!

    Hold again and bam. Now I ChaseInk Plus, sapphire , united explorer, priorty club and Amex Hilton. This should be good for me for 6 months or so.

    Or till D find us something super good. 😉

  66. Does anyone have more details on what questions they ask during the reconsideration call? Thank you

  67. And good stuff MMS for posting this even though there is no referral credit. Props.

    • @Jess – Well it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You could do 1 now & the other later. I’d set a goal and then see which hotel chain is better for where you want to travel. That said, the Priority Club card is worth keeping just for the annual free night.

      @arky @H K– I’d try again later. It seems to work for some so is likely quirky.

      @AJ – Don’t worry about it. Do what is best for you!

      @Acker @Mimi K. @Carlos – Thanks!

      @Pam – I’d call the 1st reconsideration number and then the others if they can’t help.

  68. @carlos what I was asked for the Ink Plus biz card was how much I expect to spend, how much my business made for the last two years, how much my personal income was and what time of business it was. 5 minutes later, approved. This was the next day after the app (concurrent with Sapphire Preferred) and I was approved no problem.

  69. Thanks for sharing!
    I got the Ink Plus_Business 2 weeks ago, just called the 800 number on the back of the card, the Rep. OK’d without any question after I told her the info. I just viewed online. I thanked her and chatted a little w/her, told that I usually don’t like to phone bother. The Chase Reps are 100X better than Citi.

  70. Today I received my Ink Plus and my Marriott Rewards cards. I called chase and explained to the lady that after my application the offer for a lower spending amount came out, she put me on hold for a few seconds and then told me that they are going to honnor the offer. I do have to call back as soon as I reach the $5000. to let them know and I will have my points awarded. Then proceed to call Marriott with the same question since they had a 70K points the same day that I apply to my Marriott and they told me that my application was for 50K. They are going to escalate this up but can take up to 20 days. I am more than happy to wait for the next 20K 😉 Thanks Darius for all your wise advice.

  71. Someone on flyertalk posted that an Office Depot they have been purchasing reloads from pulled the reload cards off the rack Friday night and the manager thought it was going to be nationwide. The poster is apparently a legit guy but these reports need to be taken with a big grain of salt. My guess is it was just that one store and that most stores that have had them will still have them. Even if it is true CVS is going to sell them at all of their locations so there will still be reload cards to buy to meet minimum spend as long as you have one of those nearby.

  72. @Jack – Rumors of the vanilla reload’s demise are nonsense. I just bought a couple within the last hour.

  73. @jomama – Agreed. Found 3 today at OD. Also looked at several CVS stores and most had a spot for VR, but none stocked yet. Found 1 at Walgreens, but they wanted cash.

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  75. Anyone ever had luck applying for both Ink bold and Ink plus together.
    @Darius – do you think it is worth a try with 90%+ chances of success?

  76. Ok; thanks, Darius!

  77. @ all the complainers- D is the only blogger who has posted this offer DESPITE knowing he wont get a refferal for next 3 days. Check out the rest of the blogosphere and no one blogged about it. This is what makes Daraius special. Sure it is ALSO a business but he truly enjoys providing us with information to help us. Anyone who has an email relationship with D knows what I am talking about. Go post on another bloggers website asking why they havent mentioned this offer. Youll get deleted. And watch how on Nov 13th everyone will advertise this offer as HOT NEW OFFER.

  78. Hi D….keep up the great work with blog.
    Question – the last CC I applied was SWA CC personal on 8/1/12. Planning to apply for either Chase Bold ($5K spend for 50K pts) OR Chase Plus ($5K spend for 50K pts). End goal is to apply for both and get 100K (50K each). With that said, which one should I apply first?
    I will apply for either one today or tomorrow and the remaining one in about 3 months. When I apply & call them after 3 months, I need a solid reason on why I need the second business card since both are almost same. What do you suggest the game plan should be to avoid red flags? Thanks.

  79. Hi D…one more question.
    I also plan to apply for United MileagePlus CC for 55K points same day when I apply for either Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus. Will this result in two inquiry or one?

  80. Just tried applying for the Ink Bold, once via the link above and another attempt by going to directly. Both time got a message of “Offer Unavailable” after filling out the form.

    Anyone successfully submit and application this weekend? Maybe they are getting hammered because everyone wants in on the Bluebird madness.

  81. Tried a 3rd time without logging into Chase (auto form fill feature). Wasn’t instantly approved, I guess I will have to call the reconsideration line on Monday.

    • @Gmash – I really don’t know, but do let us know if it works for you!

      @Mr.D – 1 personal and 1 business card will almost always result in 2 inquiries from the same bank. I don’t think it matter which one you apply for first. That said, you could get the Ink cards next year and get another Southwest card to help towards the Companion Pass. You’ve already got 50K points in 2012 and another business card will get you 50K points, so you’ve got 100K points towards the 110K points. However, you have to earn all the 110K points in 1 calendar year, so you’d have to complete the minimum spending requirements quickly for the points to post in December.

      @Fundas – I can’t really tell, but do let us know if it works!

      @Nicholas – Glad it worked out and good luck with the business!

  82. Got the Chase Southwest cards (one personal/one business as sole proprietor) about a month back. I have also a new LLC, with its own EIN. Any issues in applying for the Ink Plus to take advantage of this reduced spend offer?

  83. Applied for the Ink Bold on Friday. Earlier that day I opened a chase business checking account (I honestly do want my business to make money, but it was really just to get the IB). While at the bank the business banker was able to submit an IB app for me. Wasn’t instantly approved. Called the recon line a couple hours later and after a 20 minute call and A LOT of questions, I was approved. Now all that’s left is meeting the 5k spend :-).

  84. Daraius, do you know if we can pay our Ink Bold credit card balance in multiple payments?

    For example, let’s say I have $10,000 in Ink Bold balance. I can pay $3,000 using Bluebird this month, pay $2,000 using Bluebird on 12/2/12 and pay the rest ($5,000) using another checking account. Is this doable without any fee from Chase? I know for other credit cards, this should be doable, just not sure about Chase chargecards like the Ink Bold.

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  86. Man this suck.. so after we all get approval… now OD is not going to sell vanilla reload card anymore.. just our luck.

    • @Thanh – I don’t see why not as long as you pay the entire balance off before the due date.

      @Tommy – That stinks, but you can still use it for 5X points for internet & cable and it has no foreign transaction fees.

  87. Oh well.. like Hitler said.. need to find other way to meet that spending requirement.

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  89. I applied for Chase Ink immediately after I am aware of this new promotion. I do have a business, but is a very very small partnership company. Got pending. Called several different lines and tried to get it approved on the phone. I was told it needs to be verified and someone will contact me within 24 or 48 hours. I waited for about 4 days and no one has ever contacted me. Called them again this morning and was told it has been already approved.

    Now I guess maybe it is just because of too many application over the past days. The system was not able to handle the.

  90. I was approved for the 50K points with $10,000 spend last week.
    How can I make Chase match the new promotion of 50K points for $5K spend?

  91. Hey Daraius, got my Ink Plus a little while back and I’ve been going crazy with it. Hoping it – combined with the Bluebird card – will really make a change in my miles and points progress.

    Thanks so much for all the advice!

  92. I secured message for a match on the $5k spend ( I sined up with the 10k spend a few weeks before) & got a no.

    Then I called in & was told I was set for the 5k spend all good.

    then I got a letter stating that if I could not meet the 10k spend I should call in.

    Called in & was told that they would match it but I should call in after I reached 5k.

    called in after I reached 5k & was told all set.

    Now I get again a letter stating if I cannot reach 10k then I should call in AFTER 3 MONTHS OF THE CARD BEING OPEN.

    I called in & they said yes until 3 months they can’t do anything.

    Any one else get these letters.

    have people got the points already on the match or does everyone have to wait the full 3 months?

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