Additional Discounted Hotel Rooms for Frequent Traveler University

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Link:  Tickets ($100) for Frequent Traveler University  – April 2013 in Washington, DC

Link:  Hilton McLeans Tyson’s Corner (~$100 per night)

I wrote that tickets & discounted hotel rooms were available for Frequent Traveler University in Washington, DC a few days ago.   But the discounted hotel block sold out very quickly.

The organizers have made available another 150 discounted hotel rooms for the event, but I don’t know how long these will last!

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3 Responses to Additional Discounted Hotel Rooms for Frequent Traveler University

  1. Raio B., Egypt

    Looks like the extra block of rooms is sold out or has not been loaded yet. Best rate offer is $109+.

  2. @Raio B., Egypt – It loaded at $89 per night so ~$100 with taxes when I just checked.

  3. Raio B., Egypt

    Thanks, it’s working now. I had put in an arrival date of April 25.
    See you then.

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