Credit Card Updates: 50,000 Points Chase Ink Bold & 50,000 Points Chase Southwest Premier Personal

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1.  Chase Ink Bold.   My affiliate links for the Chase Ink Bold haven’t been working since the last few days.  The affiliate marketing company very helpfully suggested telling folks to apply for the Ink Plus instead (they earn a commission when I earn one).

Update:  My affiliate links to the Chase Ink Bold are working again.  Thanks to everyone who uses them!

But the links to the Chase Ink Bold are still working when you go to the Chase website and use the links on the Chase website. I’ve redirected the links to the Ink Bold on the blog – in the Hot Deals – credit card pages – to those on the Chase website.  I don’t get a commission when you apply for the Ink Bold on the Chase website, but that’s better than dead links on the blog.

I don’t suggest applying for the Chase Ink Plus until November 14, because it is likely that we’ll see a reduced spending offer on the Ink Plus.  Chase usually matches you to the better offer if you applied within the last 90 days, but that could stop anytime.

So it could be better to wait 10 days to apply for the Ink Plus, unless you’re not worried about meeting the $10,000 within 3 months spending requirement or plan on using American Express Bluebird to meet the minimum spending requirements and can’t wait to get started!

2.  Chase Southwest Premier.  On October 8, I wrote that my favorite credit card offer for domestic travel – the Chase Southwest 50,000 point cards – was back.

However, only the Plus version of the credit card offered 50,000 points, but the Premier version still offered only 25,000 points.

Well, many thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Wes for letting me know that the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier personal credit card is again offering a 50,000 point sign-up bonus up to December 6, 2012.

I love the Southwest cards because ~$835 in free Southwest flights makes this the card with the best sign-on bonus for domestic US travel!

Even better, the points from the credit card sign-up bonus have been counting towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass is the best airline perk because it lets a companion travel with you for free whenever you travel on Southwest.  It doesn’t matter if your flight is booked with points or paid for with cash – your companion flies free!

You need 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points in a calendar year to qualify for the Companion Pass.  I earned my Companion Pass in 2011 from 2 Chase Southwest credit card sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points each and from transferring hotel points to earn the balance 10,000 points needed for the Companion Pass.

Her’s an earlier post on how get the extra 10,000 points for the companion pass, once you get 100,000 Southwest points from the credit card sign-up bonus.

Please comment if you know of a link to the Business version of the Southwest Premier card with 50,000 points!

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29 responses to “Credit Card Updates: 50,000 Points Chase Ink Bold & 50,000 Points Chase Southwest Premier Personal

  1. Darius, just to confirm, if you already have the Chase Southwest Visa Signature, you cannot get the bonus again for this offer correct?

  2. will chase let you have southwests plus and premier cards at the same time?

  3. Hopefully SWA will keep expanding their Int’l routes. PR is a good start.

    • @todd – You should be able to get a combination of the personal or business cards, but I don’t know if you can have 2 personal cards at the same time.

      @MileageUpdate – Southwest will take over some of Air Tran’s routes next year, so the international routes will keep expanding!

  4. I’m still new at this so forgive me if I ask a stupid question, but how do you know if you have the Premier or the Plus? My husband and I both applied for the Southwest Signature Visa last October when they were having the 50,000 mile promotion. It was the card that offered the 3000 bonus points annually. Is that the Plus version?

    I still have the card, but my husband cancelled his in September so he wouldn’t be assessed the annual fee. We’ve also both applied for Chase cards in the last month (I applied for the Hyatt card on 10/1/12 and my husband applied for the Sapphire Preferred on 10/13/12). How much time do we need in between Chase applications? Do you think my husband would have any chance of getting the Premier card? (we have excellent credit)

  5. So if you wanted the companion pass would you wait to apply in 2013 so you can get both credit card sign-ups?

  6. I got the southwest plus card in sept 2011 and closed it in aug 2012 since I didn’t want to pay annual fees (had picked a couple of cards for which I was willing). I hadn’t read your blog yet but now I know better 🙂

    When is the earliest I could do the 2 swa chase cards (plus and premier) together to get the companion pass – any suggestions?
    My last 2 chase card apps were in Oct and I currently have a total of 2 chase cards (one of which I will cancel in aug 2013, the other plan to keep). thanks

  7. What are the differences between the Plus and Premier versions of this card?

  8. Hey Darius,

    I would like to know if there is a active link for the 50k Biz card?

  9. Hello all, the Southwest card sounds like a great deal, but is the $99 annual fee still assessed for the first year (not waived as with most cards)?

  10. @Steve, Personally I have not seen a SW card with waived first year annual fee. I just factor that in when calculating how valuable the sign-up bonus is, and with 50,000 points it’s still very valuable.

    • @Amj – Not a stupid question. You can tell by the annual fee charged – $69 for the Plus or $99 for the Premier. The Plus offers 3,000 bonus points on renewal and the Premier offers 6,000 points on renewal. Or you can look at the card. I think your husband should be able to get the Premier card and the bonus again. If all he applied for was the Sapphire Preferred, it could be okay to try for the Southwest Premier card, but he’d have to call the reconsideration line. Or you could just wait since the 50K offer seems to appear every 2 to 3 months.

      @Jeff – You could do that or you could apply now and make sure to complete the total minimum spending in early January so that the points post to your account in 2013 and count towards the Companion Pass then.

      @Pam – You could do 1 business/personal card later this year and another business/personal in early 2013. If you were just approved for 2 Chase cards in October, it could be best to wait a while before reapplying

      @BillyBob – No foreign transaction fee with the Premier, 6,000 points on renewal (vs. 3,000 on the plus) and $99 vs $69 annual fee are the top 3 differentiators to me.

      @LJ – I haven’t found one as yet, but there very well could be.

      @Steve @Trevor – I haven’t seen one without the fee, but it is still a good deal!

  11. Hey,

    For the 50,000 bonus for the premier card, does anyone have the actual website before the application page. I called SW to get the promo for the 50,000 since I recently applied with the 25K bonus, but they needed the website that directed me to the application page.

  12. I signed up for the Chase plus card last year, got the 50k and kept it around. At the beginning of this year I found out about the companion status trick so I signed up for a chase premier card and then 3 months later signed up for a chase plus business card. Now I had 100k points in my account, I spent 10k and once I hit 110k total, I got my points.

    Chase has never waived the annual fee on this card however I did successfully get them to give me a 3k points bonus on the plus personal card just two weeks ago. Just tell the CS rep you want to cancel and you’ll be transferred to an account specialist who has the power to give you a 3k bonus on top of your annual bonus of 3k for a total of 6k!

  13. Hmmmm. I’ve been googling the SW Business link and they all seem to be dead. I got both the consumer and business cards on October 9th…when all the blogs were promoting it.

  14. @Greg, the website is

    @Daraius; I applied for and was approved for the card. I did not do the 2 browser trick as I wasn’t thinking about the companion pass at the time. I guess I am SOL?

  15. Thanks for the input. What sort of credit do you think this card requires? I’m a university student that never carries a balance and only pays on time, but my oldest credit card was opened in 2008. I’ve also been opening a new card every 3-5 months (bonus-hunting), though it’s been 3 months since my last app.

    Think I might have a shot?

  16. If I’m not eligible for a business credit card, is there I way I could have my wife also sign up for a this card and transfer her 50,000 to me as well as transferring the additional 10k from other methods? In short, can I achieve 100,000 points through two people’s personals instead of one person’s personal and business cards?

  17. I will confirm that I currently have both the Plus and Premier personal cards and have received the 50,000 point bonus for each. I was automatically approved for the Premier card and was able to get the Plus card after calling reconsideration when I applied 2 months later.

    • @Greg – I don’t have the actual landing page, but send them the application page or a secure message and they should match you to it.

      @Harry @ PF Pro
      – Thanks for the tip!

      @Lively – The Southwest Plus Business version on the blog still offers 50K points.

      @Wes – With Chase, your 2nd application is usually denied, but you can call the reconsideration line to get approved. You can’t get the points for the exact same card at the same time, but could apply for the business card with 50K points. If you complete the minimum spending such that the points post to your account in 2013, you have the whole of 2013 to earn the remaining 60K points.

      @Steve – I can’t comment specifically, but folks with a similar profile have got approved. You may need to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @Ryan Thompson – Some readers have done that by entering the same Rapid Rewards number in the application, but it will be a pain to try to get the points if they don’t post for whatever reason. Here’s a post on business credit cards.

      @CCC – Thanks for confirming!

  18. Is it possible for two people to get the 50,000 and combine points to meet the 110,000 requirement for Southwest? If we aren’t comfortable opening and business card.

    For instance, could my wife and I both open a card and get the 50,000 each… then transfer from one account to the other. Would that count towards the companion pass? Then we’d only have to find 10,000 more. Or do transfers not count?

    Thanks for any insight!

  19. whoops… looks like you were answering the question (same as @Ryan Thompson) as I was asking it.

  20. Thanks @Daraius but I never could find a link to the business card version…

  21. Had to call the recon line because I’ve had so many Chase cards lately but was approved after shifting 10K from my Airtran card to the new Southwest Business card. So both Southwest cards and the 32 credit Airtran card should have me flying free for quite a while.

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  23. And Chase sent the wrong card! They sent the regular Visa that did not have all of the benefits. A call to them straightened it out and they will be sending the right one out. It pays to review your paperwork before you activate your card!