Credit Card Updates: Ink Plus Reduced Minimum Spending, 50,000 Miles Citi American Airlines, 50,000 Points American Express Platinum, Chase Hyatt, 50,000 Points American Express Business Gold, $400 Barclaycard NFL

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

[Disclosure:  The Citi American Airlines offer for 50,000 miles is better than my referral link for 30,000 miles, the Hyatt 2 free nights with $100 statement credit is better than my referral link without the statement credit, the American Express Mercedes Benz Platinum with 50,000 points is better than my link for the regular Platinum card with 25,000 points, and the Barclaycard $400 NFL card is not my referral link.  I do get a referral for the 50,000 point American Express Business Rewards Gold.]

1.   50,000 Point Chase Ink Plus With $5,000 Spending.  I recently posted about a Chase Ink Plus offer which required only $5,000 in minimum spending within 3 months – instead of the usual $10,000 –  to get 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points.  However, the offer was soon pulled within hours, and all affiliates were asked to remove their links.

Readers are still trying to get Chase to honor the reduced minimum spending.  However, American Express recently paid an $85 million fine, for among other issues, misleading credit card sign-up bonuses, so I’m fairly sure that Chase is working furiously to determine the best way to honor the offer for lower spending on the Ink Plus.

Frequent Miler writes that the Ink Bold with the $5,000 minimum spending could be back on November 11, 2012 – which incidentally is also when the Chase Exclusive program is changing.  I’ve been trying to confirm this with Chase, but folks in Manhattan understandably have other priorities right now.

But I would place very high odds that we’ll see a change in the Ink Plus for a number of reasons (all speculation on my part).

Firstly, we have the Chase Ink Plus offer with $5,000 in minimum spending going public for a few hours.  Secondly, I know from personal experience that marketing promotions for products (& especially new products) are usually planned well in advance.  The Chase Ink Plus was available to all around July 27, 2012, so it will be around 3 months on November 11 – just the right window to add some marketing “excitement” to the current offer.

Thirdly, there isn’t much differentiation between the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus.  Sure, the Chase Ink Bold is technically a charge card which means that you have to pay off the balance each month in full, but you can roll over the balance on the Chase Ink Plus (but shouldn’t because of high interest charges).  Reducing the spending requirement on the Ink Plus together with the current 0% APR offer differentiates the Ink Plus from the Ink Bold.

Lastly, the Ink Plus is likely a more profitable product for Chase because they can charge high interest rates.  So reducing the spending requirement to get the 50,000 points sign-up bonus is a great way to get folks to sign-up for the card in the hope that they will pay interest in future.  But Million Mile Secrets readers know better than to do that!

2.   Citi American Airlines 50,000 Miles.   Million Mile Secrets reader JW (thanks!) pointed me towards a FlyerTalk post which has a new link for BOTH a 50,000 mile Citi American Airlines Visa & American Express card after spending $2,500 within 4 months.  These are slightly better than the offers which I wrote about a few weeks ago because you get 2 Admirals Club day passes.

There is an offer landing page which suggests that the offer has expired, but you almost always get the sign-up bonus with Citi cards if you can submit an application through the older offers.  And remember that you can apply for 2 Citi American Airlines cards at the same time for 100,000 miles – that’s enough for a business class trip to South America or Europe.

Both these offers are better than my referral link which is for only 30,000 miles.  I’ve updated the Hot Deals tab with these better links.

3.   50,000 Point American Express Platinum.  

Offer No Longer Available

View From the Wing shares a link to a 50,000 Membership Rewards points American Express Platinum offer after spending $3,000 within 3 months.  This is better than my referral link for 25,000 points.

However, I’d suggest you pay the extra $25 annual fee and get the Mercedes Benz American Express Platinum for 50,000 Membership Rewards points (not my referral link, either) after spending $1,000 within 3 months.

There was a link for a 50,000 point American Express Platinum card, but some readers did not get 50,000 points after completing the minimum spending.  American Express claimed that the offer had to be “attached to their profile” to get the full sign up bonus.  I’ve had similar emails where folks haven’t got the full sign-up bonus from American Express Hilton cards as well.

If you do apply, take lots of screenshots and be prepared to fight for your points.  And please let us know if you got the full 50,000 points.

4.   Chase Hyatt with $100 Statement Credit.  I wrote earlier about how to get a $100 statement credit for the Chase Hyatt credit card when you search for a hotel room. This is better than my referral link which only offers the 2 free nights at any Hyatt without the $100 statement credit.

ZR & RDU (thanks!) have commented that the offer is temperamental and you may need a few additional steps before you see it.

ZR wrote:

Offer still works as of 10/22, but you have to go one step further (actually click on “Book Now” once the rates are shown), and you need to be a Gold Passport member (free signup). Haven’t gotten approved yet but application went through. Good luck.

And RDU wrote:

Offer still works. Need to sign in to Hyatt Gold Account and follow steps listed in article. I didn’t get it at first and made some adjustments to my searches.

Some observations:
* Try using a US hotel location (I tried Tokyo and it didn’t work)
* Pick a close date (I tried doing it for next year and it didn’t work)
* Keep trying because it took me two tries to get it to show.

5.   50,000 Point American Express Business Gold.  The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN offers a 50,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months.

After that, the bonus will likely return to 0 (zero) points as it was for most of the year, though I suspect we’ll still see the 1-day only offers for 75,000 points, but with a higher spending requirement.

6.   Barclaycard NFL $400 Credit.   I wrote earlier about a Barclaycard credit card which offers 40,000 points after spending $1,000 within 90 days.  However, that link has expired, but the offer is still available via these links on Flyer Talk.

The card doesn’t have an annual fee and you can redeem 40,000 points for $400 in statement credits.  However, only  transactions above $25 qualify for statement credits.

Barclaycard usually uses the TransUnion credit bureau, so is often a good choice for folks who have lots of credit inquires with Experian and Equifax because of many credit card applications from Chase, American Express, and Bank of America.

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49 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Ink Plus Reduced Minimum Spending, 50,000 Miles Citi American Airlines, 50,000 Points American Express Platinum, Chase Hyatt, 50,000 Points American Express Business Gold, $400 Barclaycard NFL

  1. Any word on if we will see the Sapphire Preferred reduce the spending requirements? A few months ago there was the brief “drop” and there was speculation that it may be coming back. I would like to add this card for myself/wife but the spending requirements is a tad steep for us.

  2. Annual fees of $450 or$475 for 50,000 MR is worth it? MR points are relatively easy to come by. Would you suggest spending $450 for 50,000 MR points.

  3. I have always played in what I consider the two major card/airline alliances: Chase/United MP (*Alliance)/UR, and also Amex/MR/DElta/Skyteam. Been doing that for years. I have never bothered with American – always ignored them, their program, all credit cards associated with them. American and Citi and any of their affiliates are completely virgin territory for me (and my spouse).

    Lately I’ve been reading good things about American’s plans to upgrade their premium cabins and I’m thinking it may finally be time to get in their game. But I’m not in a big hurry. I’m looking for the best possible offer. Are the American sign-up offers you list above among the historic best they ever offer? If not, I can afford to wait for something special. If so, I might be tempted by these. I know about the 2-browser trick. Any other tips you can offer specifically for someone who has never interacted with any of American’s FF program, their credit cards or other affiliates before?

  4. Here is the reply I received from chase re the reduced spend after I emailed the screen shot:

    Thank you for your follow up e-mail.

    I have confirmed that you did apply during the 2 day
    period the offer was available. If you are unable to
    exceed the $10,000 spending threshold that the account was
    set up with within 90 days of the account open date but
    you have spent at least $5,000, please contact us after
    January 30, 2013, at which time we would be happy to add
    the remaining 25,000 points.

    You will receive 25,000 points 4-6 weeks after the first
    purchase posts to your account ending in 5867.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.


    Dawn Stuhr
    Senior Service Specialist

  5. How soon can one apply again for the Citibank AAdvantage cards? Just canceled my Visa and Amex when the annual fees came due.

  6. Thanks for this post MMS, bookmarked for my next churn in mid November 🙂

  7. My wife signed up for the Ink card during the brief window when it was 50,000 points for $5,000 spend. Chase initially denied the offer despite screenshots and clear evidence that we signed up for that offer. It took 4 sets of emails before Chase finally agreed to honor the deal. We have to write them when we spend $5,000 to get the points, so I think their system is not set up (now) to honor that deal. Hopefully they will re-offer the deal this month so it is not so painful for people.

  8. the link for the amex platinum does not work. This is what i get
    We apologize that the offer you are looking for is no longer available.
    Click here to learn more and apply for the current offer available to existing
    American Express ® Cardmembers.

  9. Darius,
    You said the Mercedes-Benz Amex Platinum has a $25 fee, but looking at its landing page its says its $450.

    Am I missing something here?

  10. Darius,
    I opened my first Chase checking account in August and signed up for the Freedom and Sapphire Preferred cards in September. IF the spending requirement for the Ink Plus goes down, do you think I can apply now or should I wait a few more months? Thanks!

  11. The Amex Biz Gold card you mention stipulates that you can’t have had the same card within the last 12 months. I know with most churns, that would refer to 12 months from the last time you applied for that particular card, but is this different? Is it 12 months since you cancelled the card?

  12. I’m Hyatt Platinum — got it through Milepoint membership. Applied for Hyatt CC on 10/26 as part of app-o-rama after going on Hyatt website and trying to book a dummy reservation for Hyatt Santa Clara for some random date in Nov. Saw the $100 statement credit link and then accessed that to apply for the CC. Didn’t have any issues getting to the link, but took screenshots, just in case! Called reconsideration line (thanks Dariaus for the quick list of all reconsideration #s) after an hour and was approved! Received card on 10/28 — thought that was pretty fast! Activated CC and confirmed bonus — 2 free nights + 2 suite upgrades (as existing platinum) after $1K spend in 3 months + $100 statement credit after any first purchase — I thought to get statement credit it had to be a Hyatt purchase, but the agent re-confirmed that you get the credit after ANY purchase!

  13. When applying for the citi american airlines visa and amex personal cards would it be better to use 2 different offers from different landing pages or the same offers? For eg one for 50k after 2500 spend and one after 3000 spend?

  14. Seems like the Inky Card should be hard to hit the 10k spend. There are lots of supplies to be bought if you are growing your business.

  15. Darn no edit, I meant “shouldnt be hard to hit”

  16. I have regular AMEX Plat which I plan on cancelling early next year (and getting prorated annual fee) after using the $200 towards airline incidentals and applying for this card in Dec to take advantage of the incidentals credit for 2012 AND 2013. Is it ok to hold 2 Charge cards at a 1 Platinum and 1 Mercedes Plat? Thanks. If so then I would be able to get $600 in future incidentals

    • @Flyer – Depends on your goals, but you can get $200 in travel expenses waived each year on 1 airline and could use them to buy gift cards in low denominations on certain airlines. You also get lounge access with the card, so could be worth it to some.

      @jomama – American Airlines is much better with award travel than Delta, in my opinion. They partner with Cathay Pacific, British Airways and other oneworld airlines, so there is lots of award travel to be had. The best offer for AA which I saw was for 100K miles, followed by a 75K mile offer. I don’t think we’ll see those return anytime soon, though. If you do apply, I’d sign up for an AA account 1st and then enter that number in the 2 card applications. You can get both cards for 100K miles total if you apply for both at the same time – otherwise you may have to wait 18+ months since you were last approved to get the cards again. You could also get the business card for another 50K miles ~3 months after you get the personal cards. AA lets you redeem for 1-way awards, so that adds to their flexibility. Here’s a series of posts on booking award travel with AA.

      @tucsonbabe @Ken – Thanks so much for sharing and glad that they are honoring the offer!

      @Henrik – You may be able to get both of them again if it has been 18+ months from when you were last approved (not cancelled).

      @Grant – You’re welcome!

      @pilot – Try clearing cookies or using a different browser.

      – It is an “extra” $25 fee compared to the regular American Express Platinum – not $25 only!

      @LauraS. – It could be okay, but depends on a lot of other factors as well (length of credit history, income, other cards opened etc.)

      @Tom – The terms were recently added, so not sure what really happens. My take is that 12 months since last cancellation, but could be wrong.

      – Glad it worked out and thanks for sharing your details.

      @ann – It doesn’t appear to matter – you could do 2 of even the same cards or 1 Visa & 1 AMEX.

      @MileageUpdate – True that!

      @Dave – I’ve heard of folks getting the sign up bonus on the Mercedes & regular platinum, but they didn’t have both the cards open at the same time, so I’m not sure if you can get it if you have both cards open. But please let me know if you do try it out.

  17. I just submitted application 2 days ago for the Chase Ink Plus Visa with $10,000 minimum spending in 3 months. Still pending approval at the moment. What do you suggest I should do if the minimum spending is being reduced to $5,000 now?

  18. I’m interested in the Amex Plat. Is the 50k sign up considered large for this card, or common enough that I could reasonably expect to get the same amount sometime next year?

  19. Would you please consider separating these types of posts into separate blog postings in the future?
    It’s difficult at times to discern the comments when they are in response to one of 6 different offers within one blog posting.
    Maybe some like all their info in one posting but the responses are all over the place at times and one can, at times, not understand what reader comments go with the different offers written about.

  20. Now, how about that Barclays NFL $400 Statement Credit!!

    I did the $200 ( statement credit last year and cancelled the card after about 6 months.

    I wonder how much time I might need to wait to take advantage of this again? I also am getting ready to open another US Air card for some more US Air miles. I understand that the Barclays US Air card is a highly churnable card as long as you close the previous one before applying for another one for the bonus miles again. Can you comment on that?

  21. I always find Barclay hard to get multiple cards on. With USAir and Travelocity already out there its hard to get a 3rd card, IMO. But the $400 seems lower than what most sign ups are worth.

  22. Tried the two-browser trick. I definitely had the American Airlines VISA application in one browser and the AmEx in the other… yet somehow the VISA application didn’t go through the first time I clicked to submit it. Fortunately, there was an issue with the AmEx application also, so I had time to re-synchronize. However, I failed to notice that the VISA application (which did not give me a reason for having re-set the entire screen) had apparently become an AmEx application. Hence I got two approval messages… but each for an AmEx! My next attempt to apply for the VISA appears to have occurred too late; I may have to call the reconsideration line…

    • @Jean – You’ve already applied and got the credit hit, so I’d try to get approved. If the offer reduces, you could ask to get matched to it, though there are no guarantees that it would happen soon.

      @PJ – The Mercedes Benz Platinum has always had the 50K offer and the regular Platinum is for 50K. I’ve seen 50K offers once or twice earlier in the year.

      @BillyBob – Thanks for the feedback, but 6 separate posts may be a bit too much. You may be able to get the Barclays US Air or NFL cards. However, I’ve heard that they are wary of applicants with many credit inquiries. Emily got a 2nd US Air card, but I wasn’t able to get one.

      @MileageUpdate – As always, your miles may vary.

      @Lita – You’ll get the 50K sign up bonus for each of the AMEXs (confirm when you call to activate the card).

  23. I went through the two-browser trick tonight and was approve for both the AA citi personal visa and amex. Hope they come soon – I’m eager to have a non-Chase, non-Amex card to charge Vanilla Reloads on. I figure that the risk of getting punched out is greatest when buying vanillas with a Chase or an Amex card. Citi has no skin in the game at all, so I figure I can probably buy as many Vanilla reload cards as I want (well, as I can find) if I use their card. Yeah, I won’t get 5x UR points, but I’d be happy with 1x as long as I can rack up points in some program. I have a bathroom remodel coming up, and the contractor will take checks, but won’t do credit cards without a surcharge. Lots of points to be had there in my bathroom.

  24. Thanks for your post Daraius. I didn’t realize the amex plat mail offer I got for 100,000 points with 3k spend in 3 months was worth the 450 annual fee since its not waived. But if the normal is 25k points and you’re recommending it with just 50k points I’ll jump on this. Do you know how common this 100k offer comes?

    • @jomama – It takes about 10 days to get the cards in the mail, but I agree with your take with Citi. There isn’t much risk with Citi and I haven’t read reports of Citi closing accounts etc.

      @Ryan Thompson – I’m not recommending any of these cards – they are just updates for folks who may be interested in them. 100K AMEX points are worth at least $1,000 and you can use the $200 airline travel credit to buy airline gift cards in 2012 and 2013, so you’ve made up the cost of the card. Plus you get free lounge access & can cancel and get a pro-rated fee back. 100K points is a very good offer! But do a bit of online research to see if AMEX Membership Rewards points are right for you.

  25. Applied for AA Vista/Amex cards 2+ years ago and got a ton of miles. Recently cancelled the cards, just did the two browser trick, and got approved for both the Vista/Amex personal cards. Whoohoo!

  26. I REALLY want to apply for the Ink Plus or Ink Bold if and when the new offers become available however, I have been approved for 4 Chase cards in the past 10 months… the Marriott and SWA cards in late Dec., the Priority Club in late April and the United in late Aug. How long would you recommend waiting before applying for the Ink Plus or Ink Bold?

  27. Daraius,

    Thanks for the tip (and link to the FT thread) for the NFL cards. I came here looking for more info on the Ink Bold/Plus and walked away with instant approval for $400 on $1000 spend. You’re the man!

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  29. Daraius,

    Looks like the new 50K Amex and Visa with the 2 admiral club passes and statement credit are no longer working. I was just trying to use them and I can’t find an active link on your page or flyerthread.

    Please confirm.

  30. I had the same experience as Tom above. I tried the links from the FlyerTalk thread and the pages did not load.

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  32. I got a denial in mail for NFL card. It says that I applied after the offer has expired and my credit wasn’t pulled. Should I call reconsideration?
    I have screen shot of sign up bonus.

  33. do u have any active link for citi AA buisness 50k?

  34. data point: hyatt $100 statement credit deal is still alive, applied today and was instantly approved.

  35. My wife & I both were approved for Barclay NFL cards…bought MVD cards ($500 x 2) at Dollar Store, got cash advances at local bank. Instantly received $400 statement credit towards first billing cycle! Easiest $400 I’ve received in a long time….thanks!

  36. Anyone know if Barclay’s cards are OK to buy Vanilla Reloads? They don’t come through as a cash advance, do they? I just got the offer to put $750 per month on a newish US Airways card and best way to do it would be Vanilla cards. Thanks!