Target American Express Prepaid Card – Another Way To Meet Minimum Spending

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A reader shared with me in confidence that American Express had a prepaid card at Target which can be funded with a credit card for virtually no fees ($3 for $1,000 in funding).

I don’t usually like keeping secrets on the blog, but I prefer keeping my word.  Note that confidentiality has to be negotiated in advance, so you can’t just send me an email with what you consider a secret and ask me to not publish it!

However, Frequent Miler recently wrote about the American Express prepaid card, so it isn’t a secret anymore.  I’ll share my experiments with the card once I finish writing about the other prepaid cards which I’m experimenting with.

You can buy and fund the American Express Target prepaid card with either a credit card (useful for meeting minimum spending requirements) or with gift cards bought using a credit card which has a high category bonus.

For example, the Hilton American Express card offers 6X Hilton points for purchases at drug stores, grocery stores or at gas pumps.  Or the Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus which offer 5X Ultimate Rewards points for purchases at office supply stores such as Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples.

You then use the Target American Express prepaid card for your regular spending or to withdraw money at an ATM.

The Catch

The big catch is that the card is hard to find in Target stores and is available in only certain states!

Here’s a list of states in which the card is available.  See Frequent Miler’s post here on how to find the card.

Bottom Line

The Target American Express card could be potentially better for many folks than American Express Bluebird.  That’s because you can fund the card with a credit card at a Target store which are usually easier to find than Vanilla Reloads at Office Depots or at Walgreen’s.

However, there isn’t an option to pay bills, but this card is still useful to increase the amount you can spend on a credit card.

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53 responses to “Target American Express Prepaid Card – Another Way To Meet Minimum Spending

  1. This has interesting possibilities. I’d be curious to know if you can use this Target Prepaid card to load the Bluebird like you can with a debit card. Darius, do you know? I’m limiting my Office Depot Vanilla Reloads on my Ink Bold to two $500 loads per month, but I was going to use my Fidelity AmEx card to buy reloads as well. 2% cash back on $500 is $10, which is more than the cost of the reload ($3.95), but with a $3 fee, the Target Prepaid card would be an even better load source.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I didn’t know about that card.

  3. I used to be an MMS fan but this is a pathetic and blatant rip off of frequent milers post from a couple days ago … have atleast the decency to add FM as a reference or hat tip pr whatevwr

    • @Rip off – Did you not read the post? I say and link –> “However, Frequent Miler recently wrote about the American Express prepaid card, so it isn’t a secret anymore.” And “See Frequent Miler’s post here on how to find the card.”

  4. Darius, don’t pay attention to Ripoff. Your work is highly appreciated. Thank you

  5. Appreciate the great information, as always. Appreciate it and looking forward to taking advantage of this to maximize points.

    @Rip off – stop bashing, he posted everything properly with the correct references and gave everyone credit. There’s ALWAYS one…

    • @Maury @Dave G – Thanks!

      @MileageUpdate – You can get money out from the ATM. Why wouldn’t you want to use it for regular purchases?

      @Mileguy – It works like a regular prepaid card, so you could use it anywhere.

      @Ken – You should be able to fund it with a visa or mastercard gift card at target.

  6. After I’ve loaded this card is my only option a cash w/d from an ATM ? I dont really want to use a prepaid card for all my normal purchases.

  7. Hi Darius, do you know if I could use the Target Amex in other stores besides Target?

  8. I’m confused by this. How can you use a gift card to fund the Amex prepaid Target card?

    “or with gift cards bought using a credit card which has a high category bonus.”

  9. Oh ok, so you mean buy the prepaid GC from OD for 5x bonus and then load that onto the Target Amex GC? The same goes for Krogers when Chase goes 5x category bonuses for the Freedom cards I assume too.

  10. how much was the initial card ? second, were you able to load anything with the purchased temp card ? third, if they dont allow to load the temp card, then how or what do you get to use the card initially or to wait for perm card to start load and spend ?

  11. @Ripoff and @Grant , I totally agree with both of you. This is real pathetic for Daraius to steal all this info from Frequent Miler and come with an excuse a reader tipped me—. Honeymoon trip series and credit card pushing is not what i look for for an educational read. Almost all these bloggers have no knowledge whatsoever and most of you naive readers think you found a goldmine by finding these blogs. All of the bloggers have recently been copying Frequent Miler who does a great job on certain categories.
    Then the Amex Blue Bird was featured a long time ago in the WSJ , then written about by Frequent Miler and copied by all others.
    Are you guys for real, look at he names of these bloggers, Deal Mommy, Miles Momma, New Girl in the Air, Just Another Points Traveler , Points Miles and Martinis, Heels First Travel and God knows what , then you have Ben with his childish posts and trip reports, pointsguy with almost empty content
    Gary Leff,s View from the wing is OK and has some good articles, Jared from OTR only publishes when there is something worthwhile and is a good read,
    Frequent Miler is always worth reading for some innovative ideas ,so is Seth of Wandering Arramean and Darren of Frequently Flying. For Delta flyers Rene of Delta Points does a good job and for newbies the best read is Geoff of Noob Traveler.

  12. @Rip off and @Lucy – I am shocked to learn that more than one blogger on the internet may be covering the same topic. 🙂 Come on. Darius mentions in his post with a big hyperlink that Frequent Miler also covered this topic. Not everybody is able to read every blog post out there so it’s a good thing that readers can see information that might have otherwise missed.

  13. Hey I need a quick answer — I have 23k points on usair my wife has 34k points.
    I can “share” my points with her and get a 100% bonuse thru midnight tonight –
    it will cost me $230 to do this —
    so she gets 46k new points bringing her to 80k points – bringing me to 0 for $230.
    so is it worth it?
    I guess it is really buying 23k points for 230$ normally on usair they charge 800$ to do that…
    What would you do? All suggestions welcome —

  14. More copied content in a pathetic attempt to line his own pockets. Please – either offer something of value or giveaway and try something else. Just don’t be a leech – have some respect for others and dignity for yourself.

  15. can I pick up one from out out of state while on travel or vacation, and use it back home where it is not available ? can I load the card where it is not sold? thanks!

  16. These posts complaining about Daraius are exhausting and stupid. Seriously, people, get over it.

    For the record, FM was NOT the first person to discover the Target Amex. In fact, there were very explicit discussions about it dating back at least 9 months on a less well-known forum on which FM has an account. So maybe FM shouldn’t be taking credit for this “discovery” either.

    In fact, the Target Amex used to be fundable by Target GCs, but that option got shut down, because the people who shared the deal 9 months ago abused it to death.

    • @Ken – You got it!

      @Choi – You can load the temporary card with a credit card.

      @Lucy @User Name – This really wasn’t a “secret” – perhaps it was to you, but it wasn’t to me.

      @Jason Nick – Thanks for your support and introducing a bit of reason to the comments!

      @groeder – Sorry, I missed your comment b/c of Halloween, but it is a good deal if you will use the miles for international flights.

      @liw5215 – It is unclear. Some have had success buying in out of state targets and loading elsewhere while others have not.

  17. Have you tried to fund this Amex Target by Cities AA card, Darius?

  18. If we use the hiton Amex (no annual fee) 6x points Or blue cash Amex 6% cash back to purchase this card. Would Target be consider as a “stand alone” grocery stores?

    So there is a $4.95 to purchase the $500 card =$505- $30.3(6%) . = $474.70
    reload: a $3 loaf fee for max $1000 = $1003 – $60.18(6%) =$942.82
    ATM fee : $3 to withdraw fee or $1.25(Costco ATM) fee for a max of $400/ day

    Is this correct?

  19. Thank you, Darius.

  20. @Tommy – Target and Walmart are considered Discount Stores so they don’t qualify. It used to be that the registers at WM/Target closest to the grocery section were coded as grocery, but they stopped that a while ago. At least for Chase it was this way.

  21. Man. So without the ink and bold card. Look like I’m stuck with only 1x point earn for these prepaid card. Arrr. Not sure if it’s worth it with all the fees etc.,

    How else can we earn more miles or points without having an Ink or Bold card?

    • @Tommy – With the Target prepaid card, you could buy gift cards at grocery stores for 5% cash back with the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred or at drugstores with the AMEX HIlton for 6X Hilton points. Or use it as a way to complete high minimum spending requirements on credit cards.

  22. D, has anyone been successful purchasing the target amex and then funding/ loading it in a state which doesn’t sell the target amex?

  23. I just registered my permanent Target AMEX. I see that, like the BB, it also has a routing number and account number. Technically, is there I reason I can’t use this to pay credit card bills?

  24. Have anyone succeed to get money from ATM? I was asked to choose checking, saving or credit card. I chose credit card, but it did not work.

  25. @karen-choose checking; i have gotten money successfully from target amex

  26. Is there a prepaid card I can buy that allows me to purchase the prepaid card with a credit card and reload with a credit card also>? Thanks!

  27. Can I do a cash advance from this card at my bank.

  28. It ill try the the ca in a couple weeks

  29. Will I get a pull from amex if I apply this card?

  30. Thank you so much for your help. I just change my name from happy9z to goals^n^dreams.

  31. I recently overheard a Target GSTL in California educating a cashier that the VISA and MC could not, but the AMEX GC could be funded by a Target GC. Can anyone confirm this from recent personal experience?

  32. I just stop the Target store to load fund into AE Target and the store clerk said, they don’t load at the store anymore, do it online. However online load options are checking and saving. Is the American Express Target option dead? Anyone experiment like mine?

  33. The Target Card can be funded by gift card/debit card/credit card at the checkout line of Target. Most of the cashiers have not seen the card before so they don’t know what to do with it…tell them to just swipe it the AMEX card. Then it asks them how much to load. They type in the amount and you swipe your gift card in the reader..sign it and your done. I’ve tried this with Gift Cards and no issue unless the cashier is one who tells you that only debit and cash are accepted. I had this occur on 1 occasion but she was wrong and so I went to another checkout line a bit later and got someone else. I think she confused the gift card with TARGET Gift card which does NOT work. In fact, it tells the cashier to NOT accept TARGET Gift cards. But other Visa/MC cards are NOT Target cards. So make sure you let them know this difference.

  34. If I load this Target Amex with any of my credit cards, does it shows as spending?

  35. Recentyl tried on several accounts to load target amex with another amex GC, cashier and manager would not let me do this, even if I reiterated that the amex GC is not a target GC!

  36. @Daraius have you used the Capital One Venture card to load the Target AMEX card? If so, did it count as spend or cash advance?

  37. Finally got around to trying to get this, tried two stores in Illinois last week and one in New Jersey this week, multiple POS machines, and all had an error at the last step in the process. After clicking to verify all the information and before payment the system gives an error to the cashier, “Offline to processor – can’t sell card.” These stores rarely sell them and had no idea of the problem. One manager suggested I called the customer support line, which produced a clueless guy who had difficulty understanding the issue and checking with a supervisor had no info on the issue. For more fun I tweeted askamex, they said they would investigate, so far no response. I wonder how long they have been offline. Must not be selling many if no one seems to know they are down.

  38. Hi,
    I loaded my AX Targee card and was wondering what my options where.
    I realize taking $400 out for $3 and loading for $3 but was wondering if I could purchase money orders or something else along those lines.
    Thank you

  39. Hola D,

    I have the same question, can I use the AX Target to buy MO? Thanks!

  40. The Post Office allows debit cards to buy money orders. The permanent TGT card (the one with your name printed on the front) is a debit card, right? So after loading the TGT card with a CC, can’t we use the TGT card to buy a money order from the Post Office? What am I missing?

  41. Ok, I realize this article is 1 1/2 years old and that can be a lifetime in the credit card and perks world since the deals are always changing and the loopholes can be closed quickly. But is the Amex Target card still the same deal and if so, what am I missing? It “can be funded with a credit card for virtually no fees ($3 for $1,000 in funding).” And “you then use the Target American Express prepaid card for your regular spending OR TO WITHDRAW MONEY AT AN ATM.” (!!!) So, if I have a card that needs me to spend $10,000, I can load it onto the Amex Target card for $30 ($3/$1,000) and meet my spending. And then I can withdraw it from an ATM? That sounds too easy and too good to be true! (Or are there fees to withdraw it from the ATM? I never pay fees so this is unfamiliar to me.)

  42. Everybody can have two cards as well.

  43. Can this be purchased in one state,and used/reloaded in another state that doesn’t sell them? And can you do reloads with a credit card? And can funds be withdrawn from an ATM?