3 Tips About Transferring Club Carlson Hotel Points

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Club Carlson is the hotel loyalty program for Country Inns and Suites, Radisson, Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson,  and Park Plaza.

Club Carlson has run very generous promotions over the past year where you could earn 50,000 points or more for a single Club Carlson stay!  Emily and I took advantage of these promotions and also had our family participate.

However, we have Club Carlson points across many accounts so I wanted to consolidate all our points so that it is easier to track and use our Club Carlson points.

How to Transfer Club Carlson Points

All you have to do is call Club Carlson, 888-288-8889, in the US and ask them to transfer the points from one account to another account.

You will be asked to confirm the account number and name of the person to whom you want to transfer points to.

It took me less than 5 minutes to transfer points from my mother’s account to my account

1.   Transfers are Free

You do NOT pay a transfer fee to transfer points from one Club Carlson account to another Club Carlson account.

Some hotels such as Hilton do charge a transfer fee to transfer points from one account to another account.  These are usually a poor value.

For example, Hilton charges 0.25 cents to transfer 1 Hilton point to anyone else’s account.

 2.   Transfer Points to Anyone

You can transfer Club Carlson points to anyone.  Unlike Starwood hotel points which you can transfer only to persons staying at the same address, you can transfer Club Carlson points to anyone.

The person to whom you transfer points can have a different last name or a different address and you can still transfer points to that person.

3.   Transfers are Immediate

My points posted immediately after calling Club Carlson to transfer the points between account, and I used the transferred points to make an award booking.

Bottom Line

It is nice to be able to transfer Club Carlson points between accounts without being charged a fee!

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28 responses to “3 Tips About Transferring Club Carlson Hotel Points

  1. Thank you! I was just wondering about this 🙂

  2. So, just to be clear… They let you transfer from your Mother’s account to yours without any issues? You didn’t need her (or, at least, a female that might pass as her) to call? So, should be no issues me calling to transfer from my wife’s account to mine as long as I have her account number handy, correct?


    – John…

  3. Has enough time passed, for all the points from the ” View the Book” promotion, to have posted to our accounts. If we may have a few hundred points still in the pipeline, I can wait. But, I’d like to get all of them transferred to one account soon.

    It was really nice meeting you both in Chicago. You two are a sweet couple.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I was looking all over the Club Carlson site for how to combine points the other day.

  5. Great tip! I actually have a question about Hilton. I was just wondering if you could transfer Hilton points between family members and you answered that question in today’s post. This is my dilemma. I have about 170,000 Hilton points and want to book 4 nights at the Conrad Hong Kong. But I don’t have the Amex Surpass card. My husband has card but he doesn’t have hardly any Hilton points. Is there a way I can use my points but get an AXON discount? I am an authorized user on his account.

  6. Excellent and useful, thank.! Naturally, Club Carlson being based in Minnesota, they are quite friendly!

  7. One more thing is that you can change the name of the account holder online. So you can simply change the name online, and then call in to merge “your” accounts. Makes it even easier!

  8. Thank you, wondering of we can do the same via email from within the account??

  9. I once did a transfer to someone whose name I didn’t even know and still they transferred the points. The agent asked a couple of questions but they did the transfer. YMMV.

  10. Club Carlson is doing a 50% bonus on point sales right now, so these tips are especially timely. Nice work, Daraius. 50% bonus info –> http://milevalue.com/buy-club-carlson-points-for-0-47-cents/

    • @BeachMiles – It was great meeting you too and connecting a face to a handle!

      @perryplatypus – Glad it helps!

      – I’ll email you.

      @Rapid Travel Chai – They were strikingly efficient too!

      @Frequent Flyer University – I didn’t know that you could change names online.

      @Pam – I’ve not tried that. Please let us know if you do!

      @Ian – Nice to know – thanks for sharing!

      @MileValue – Thanks for the analysis.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Really interesting and useful info. It is the service provided by club carlson point.

  12. it took me 3 min 30 seconds per transfer!
    Thanks Darius!
    I wish I would have known it was this easy i would have done the 100 pt Book promo with more names!
    I only did 3!

  13. Interesting… I just called to gift points from my wife’s account to mine. They told me that they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have her permission to do so. They told me that she would have to call and either add a note to her account that I have permission to move her points — or she would just need to do it herself.

    Very annoying. I may call back later and see if a different rep is in a better mood and will just do it. I can always have my wife call if I have to, but would rather her not have to do it.

    – John…

  14. Note that I’m even a Gold member. Didn’t get acknowledged as such when I called and it clearly didn’t make a difference for trying to get them to help me move the points! heh. 🙂

    – John…

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  16. Same problem here – she said I had to have the person on the phone to transfer points. My 2 year old won’t be happy 🙂

  17. As gold elite member, are you eligible for room upgrades like Hilton and such. We have a family of four and be better off in their suites than two queen bed.

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  19. I’m staying 4 nights and would like to capitalize on the 2 night promo/free night. Anyone transferred points to spouse and book two nights in each persons name back to back, thereby getting the promo twice for a 4 night stay? I realize you might have to check out & back in…

  20. Do both you and your wife have the Club Carlson credit card? If you both do, then you should be able to do what you want just fine. If only you have it, then you won’t be able to get the “2nd night free” deal when she makes the reservation. The credit card status is associated with a particular Club Carlson account — so her Club Carlson account wouldn’t have that status, I believe.

    – John…

  21. If I wanted to take advantage of the 2-night stay where the 2nd night is free, but I wanted to stay 6-nights for example, would I be able to book 3 separate 2-night stays? So each 2-night stay would only cost me 50,000 points (instead of 100,000 points) , so times 3 would be 150,000 points? Or do they limit this?

  22. Hi Daraius,

    I called up Club Carlson and they told me I have to pay for 2-nights (100K) and the 3rd night would be free, and that I would be able to book 6 nights by doing 2-nights (100K) 3rd night free, and another 2-nights (100K) and another 3rd night free, for a total of 200K.

  23. Is the free transfer of points still valid? I went to do a transfer online and it wants to charge me $7 per 1k points.

  24. @Brandon did you follow thru on your 6 nights reservation (2+1free and 2+1free)? Did that worked?
    I am booking 7 nights and would like to save 50K points if I can. Thanks

  25. hi. how can i use my carlson points in hong kong? thanks.