American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card Update

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The #1 credit card deal, every since I started blogging, has been the ability to get 2 Citi American Airlines cards (either the same card or different types) using the 2-browser trick.  Initially you could get 2 cards for 75,000 miles each, but last year the offer reduced to 50,000 miles.

But that’s 100,000 American Airlines miles for 2 cards, which is more than enough to go to Europe or South American in business class, or anywhere in the world in economy!  Just think about that – 2 credit card sign-ups could get you a dream vacation!

Sure the Chase Sapphire Preferred and American Express Starwood cards are good cards and you should eventually get them, but the travel opportunities unlocked with 100,000 miles from 2 Citi American Airlines cards is far, far superior to almost any other sign-up bonus available (except perhaps the 50,000 point Southwest cards for domestic travel) – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

For the record, I don’t get any referral for the 50,000 mile Citi American Airlines cards, but still list them as the #1 deal on the Hot Deals tab.  My referral link is for a 30,000 American Airlines miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months, which isn’t the best offer in the market by a long shot.

Expired Offer

Well, the 50,000 mile links to the Citi American Airlines Visa and American Express cards (my #1 deal), which also offered a $100 statement credit and 2 lounge passes, stopped working last week.  Thanks to everyone for letting me know.

I updated the links for the Citi American Airlines Visa to another offer for 50,000 miles, but this does not offer the statement credit or lounge passes like the previous offer.  However, this offer requires only $2,500 in minimum spending instead of $3,000 for the earlier offers.

However, I haven’t been able to find a similar offer for the Citi American Airlines American Express card.  Please comment if you can find better offers!

Why does this matter?

This matters because you can usually apply for 2 Citi American Airlines cards – either at the same time in different browsers or one-after-the-other in different browsers.

If you don’t apply for both at the same time, you usually have to wait 18+ months from when you were approved (not from when you cancelled the card) for your last Citi American Airlines personal card to get the sign-up bonus again.

So, for example, you can apply for 1 Citi American Airlines Visa card for 50,000 miles and another Citi American Airlines American Express card for 50,000 miles and get the bonus for both cards.

This isn’t a new discovery, and this FlyerTalk thread discusses it in great detail.

How to Get 80,000 to 100,000 American Airlines miles

Here are a few other Citi American Airlines cards with large sign-up bonuses which you can apply for at the same time as the 50,000 mile Citi American Airlines Visa card.  I’ve also updated the original 2-browser trick post, Airline Credit Card tab, and the Hot Deals tab with these links.

None of these are my referral links, but earn you many more miles.  My referral link is for only 30,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months, and I’d prefer you get the better offers below!

However, some of these links are expired or don’t display a landing page, but folks on FlyerTalk have received the bonus.  You also won’t find these offers on the Citi webpage.

1.   50,000 Miles Visa.  Some readers have had luck applying for 2 Citi American Airlines Visa cards, for 50,000 miles each, using the 2-browser trick or one after the other.

However, you may need to call the Citi reconsideration line to get approved if you don’t get approved online.  Each card requires a minimum spending of $2,500 within 4 months, so you’d have to spend $5,000 within 4 months for 100,000 American Airlines miles.

Thanks to Jeanie for posting it on FlyerTalk.

2.   40,000 Miles MasterCard & AMEX.   You earn 40,000 American Airlines miles after spending $1,000 within 4 months on the Citi Platinum MasterCard or AMEX.  Thanks to libralibra for posting it on FlyerTalk.

Here are the links:

If you do pair either the 40,000 mile AMEX or MasterCard with the 50,000 mile Visa, you can earn 90,000 American Airlines miles for $3,500 ($2,500 from the Visa and $1,000 from either the AMEX or MasterCard) in spending within 4 months.

If you’re worried about the minimum spending, you could apply for both the MasterCard and AMEX for 40,000 miles – so 80,000 miles for both – and spend $1,000 on each or $2,000 total within 4 months.

3.   50,000 Miles Visa & AMEX.   You earn the 1st 40,000 American Airlines miles after spending $2,000 within 4 months on the Citi Platinum MasterCard or AMEX.

You earn another 10,000 American miles when you spend another $3,000 within the 1st 12 months of being approved for the card.  So you’d have to spend $5,000 in total for the 50,000 American Airline miles.

You also get up to a $100 statement credit for select American Airlines purchases – gift cards, fees & taxes, etc.  However, you get a $1 statement credit only for spending $1 at American Airlines, so you’d have to spend $100 to get the full statement credit.

But you could buy a $100 American Airlines gift card and get it for free after the statement credit.  Thanks to libralibra for posting it on FlyerTalk!

Here are the links:

If you do pair the 50,000 mile AMEX with the 50,000 mile Visa in #1, you can earn 100,000 American Airlines miles for $7,500 ($2,500 from the Visa and $5,000 from the AMEX) in spending within 4 months.

This is clearly the most expensive way to complete the minimum spending, but the AMEX card requires $2,000 within 4 months and you can differ the remaining $3,000 for the AMEX over the next 8 months.

What Should I Do?

I can’t tell you what to do, but option #1 or #2 (from the options above) make the most sense for me.  That’s because they have the lowest amount of minimum spending required to get lots of American Airlines miles!

Here are the 3 best combinations for the personal American Airlines cards to me:

1.   100,000 miles after spending $5,000 within 4 months 

2.   90,000 miles after spending $3,500 within 4 months

  • 50,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 4 months on the personal Citi American Airlines Visa
  • 40,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 4 months on the personal  Citi American Airlines AMEX or MasterCard

2.   80,000 miles after spending $2,000 within 4 months

  • 40,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 4 months on the Citi American Airlines AMEX
  • 40,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 4 months on the Citi American Airlines MasterCard

The Rules

Here are some rules (your miles may vary) to keep in mind before applying for the Citi American Airlines cards:

  • You can’t submit more than 2 personal applications within 65 days
  • You can apply for 2 personal cards first, and then apply for the American Airlines business card for more miles after 65 days or longer
  • If it has been 18+ months since you were last approved (not when you applied and not when you cancelled the card) for the Citi American Airlines personal cards, you could get the sign-up bonus again
  • If you don’t apply for both the American Airlines cards at the same time or one after the other, you likely won’t be able to get another for 18+ months from when your approved for your last American Airlines card
  • If your application is pending, call the reconsideration line to get approved

Bottom Line

The Citi American Airlines 50,000 mile credit cards have some of the best sign-up bonuses available.  The card also gets you 10% rebate on miles redeemed for award travel (up to 10,000 miles back a year) and 1 free checked bag which could make up for the annual fee after the 1st year.

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145 responses to “American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card Update

  1. How long after I close my 2 AA cards can I apply for a new one?

  2. @shannon – The application page still works. See this post for more information.

    @dan – You may be able to get the sign-up bonus again after 18+ months from when you were last approved for the AA personal cards.

  3. They close my citi gold after I called to cancel the account but gave me a bronze card, it has been almost 2 years since I got approved for the gold. Can I apply for the new one or do I need to cancel the bronze card?

  4. @Jeff – You don’t need to cancel the previous AA card to get approved for another one, but you could if you’d prefer cancelling it.

  5. Hey just wanted to let you all know that Applying for the Visa and American Express worked, just needed to call the reconsideration line twice, (once for each card) and all was approved with the bonus miles.
    Thanks for the great tips!

  6. I have a question regarding the AA Business card, I have read that it is churnable every 90 days and they look at the date of the last application. Do you know if that is still the case?

  7. @Jake – Congrats and thanks for confirming that it still works.

    @jason – I believe it is ~95 days from when you cancelled the business card, but as always, your miles may vary.

  8. Hello,

    I currently have the business card for about a week now, how long should i keep it before i cancel it and apply for another one?


  9. @james – I’d wait until you get the miles in your account before cancelling.

  10. Hi, I am trying to apply for 50K aa visa credit card and 40K aa amex card on two computers at the same time, it might be only 1 minute between one and another.
    then I receive the application ID on visa, but “Thank you XXX. We have received your application and further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within a week via email regarding our decision.”
    And I made a call to the citi, and got the 50k visa approved, the rep said the card should arrive whithin a week.

    NOW, what should I do with the 40K amex card?
    do I wait until further notice, because I didn’t even have the application ID.

    thank you for your time,

  11. @Jerry – I’d call the reconsideration number and ask them to look up your application by your social security number.

  12. Hi, thank you for your help, I called in this morning, and get approved on the Amex 40k card within 5 minute, it’s simple and no hassle.

    Thank you,


  13. @Jerry – Glad it worked out!

  14. Follow up, I apply for my wife and parents this morning, 40k+50k citi visa and citi Amex, they all get approved right away on both account, my question is, when they say “approved “on the page, and show the initial credit limit, that’s about it, if we complete the minimum spend on the first month, how long will the bonus miles credit to account?

    Thank you for your time,


  15. My friend got two Amex cards in November, and the miles already posted! He also got a statement credit of $100.00 on each statement after buying a ticket from Thanks for sharing the wealth guys!

    Now, how long does my friend have to wait before he can apply for the AA Biz card?

  16. @Jerry – The miles post once the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes (provided you completed the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement close date).

    @Yuri – I’d wait at least 65 days and perhaps after 3 to 4 months to be safe.

  17. Is it possible to do three applications at once in three different browsers?

  18. jim
    ive read on this site, that you cant apply for bussiness and personal on the same day. plus it seems citi doesnt approve more than two cards on the same day

  19. Just curious why people don’t apply for the Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Is there a reason that everybody only does 2 instead of all 3? Example: Do #1 above for Visa, #2 above for Mastercard and #2 above for Amex. That would get me 130K miles for just $4500 spend right?

    Is it just for the credit hit? Or is there some link between Mastercard and one of the other cards that prevents you from getting it? I am very new to the miles bonus game and have been wondering this.

  20. @Adam Duke – Because Citi allows you only 2 applications every 65 days and the 3rd usually gets automatically denied.

  21. Sorry… I’m coming a little late to this party. In late January 2013, I applied and was approved for AA Citi Visa for 30K miles after $1,000 spend. Also, same day, different browser, approved for AA Citi American Express with 20K miles after $750 spend. (Both personal, not business, cards.)

    My question is… I’m seeing people mention larger mileage bonuses available. In order to obtain these higher amounts am I required to 1) spend more than the amounts above, or 2) mention any particular offer/code to the Citi rep? What are my odds of getting more points?

  22. @Eric – It is unlikely that Citi will match you to these offers since they have expired, but still work if you apply. You could send them a message or call, but I wouldn’t expect them to match to the better offer.

  23. I think you keep your posts up to date, but I want to check because I’m not 100% sure. Do the app links on this page still work? I’m thinking of doing either 90,000 miles after spending $3,500 within 4 months or 80,000 miles after spending $2,000 within 4 months. Will that still work for me if I use the links provided in your options?

    Thank you!!!

  24. Hi, I had my personal citi visa for two years and last week I got reapproved for it again and got the 50,000 bonus. ( still havnt canceled the old one, soon tho) is it too soon to reapply for the citi business mastercard? Do I have to wait 65 from the time that i got the personal visa? Or can I apply right away? And does my old business mastercard have to be cancelled first? Ot can i just apply for another like I did for myoersonal? Thank you for any input.

  25. Also any links to a citi mastercard business with good bonus would be appreciated 🙂

  26. @Mera – The links are updated, but the ability to get 2 personal cards at the same time is virtually over. But you could get 1 business and 1 personal card.

    – With the business card, you may need to cancel before reapplying. You can usually get 1 personal and 1 business Citi card at the same time, so if you have had only 1 personal application within the last 65 days, you can apply for the business version.

  27. So the two browser trick doesnt work anymore? Why cant you get two personal card at the same time? When did this start?



  28. If I complete the spending in the first day, when will I receive the mileage?

  29. @brenda – You usually receive the bonus after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes.

    @james – You should be able to get 1, but the 2nd personal application usually gets declined, though you could write a reconsideration letter.

  30. Just to make sure I understand correctly: application for 2 personal cards at the same time no longer works? Instead I can apply for one personal and another business at same time or one after another or wait for 65 days after applying for the first to apply for the second? Thanks.

  31. I had applied for the offer of 100k for spending $2500 in the first 4 months for both visa and amex. Visa already gave me 50k but now amex is insisting that the offer was for spending $3000 instead of $2500 and I’m about $300 short and already past the 4 months period. They are requesting for proof of the offer but I didn’t save one. What should I do?

  32. @audrey – I don’t have a copy of the offer, but try sending a secure message and perhaps they will give you the points.

  33. Wow just saw this……
    Can you transfer a balance from another credit card to get these miles?

  34. Darius – Do you know if it is possible to hold all three plus the business version? I have the AmEx/Visa from a November AoR and would like to apply for both the business & mc this week. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks, sir!

  35. @Me – You don’t earn miles for a balance transfer, and you shouldn’t be playing the miles and points game if you carry a balance.

    @Jess – Yes, you can get the bonus on all 3, but you can no longer get the bonus on the Amex and Visa version. As always, your experience could be different. Just note that you can’t get approved for more than 1 Citi card per day, so you may want to apply for the 2nd card after a few days.

  36. I currently have the Citi Amex AA and Citi Visa AA. Applied for this in the beginning of this year using two browser trick. Can I apply for the Citi Mastercard AA?

  37. @Michael – Can’t say for sure, but if you don’t have 2 Citi apps within the last 65 days, you should be able to get this card.

  38. Hi,
    Quick question, hopefully you can help me. So, I want to get two cards for 40,000 miles each (Citi Mastercard and Amex), your option 2 above. Do you know if it’s still working? Should I try the two-browser trick at the same time? My goal is to get around 65k points for my trip… I currently don’t have any Citi or AA card, the last one I got was 18m ago. Thanks!

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  40. The link to the AA Amex card does not seem to be working any longer – is there another similar offer you can recommend or another link?


  41. @Sharon – See the link in the Hot Deals tab or on FlyerTalk.

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