Win a Star Mego Do 4 Slot + $500 Gift Card!

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To mange your high expectations up front, my contest is a poor man’s version of a Star MegaDO4 giveaway.

Star Mega DO4 is the fourth iteration of the Star Mega Do, which is billed as a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience where you can fly on a plane with other frequent fliers and mile junkies, hob-nob with airline and hotel executives including an update from United CEO Jeff Smisek!

I was on Star Mega Do 3 last year and had a great time, but won’t be able to attend this year.

Here’s the complete schedule of Star Mega DO4.

Unlike other contests where you can win a paid seat on the domestic portion of the Star Mega DO4, my contest is a bit more no-frills.  As part of my sponsorship with Star Mega Do4, I have one coach seat reserved on the domestic portion of the trip.

However, you still have to PAY $999 to the organizers of Star Mega Do 4 for the coach seat if you win my contest.  You also have to pay ~$600 for stays at the Hyatt from November 13 through November 17, 2012, in addition to paying for flights to get to San Fransisco (where the event begins) and back home from Chicago where the event ends.

I’ll throw in a $500 Visa gift card to help cover your expenses.  So my contest is for an option to purchase a seat to a sold-out event and a $500 gift card.

“Some Contest.” you say!

Well, tickets to Star Mega Do4 sold out in less than 20 minutes, and there are lots of folks who wanted to buy tickets, but weren’t able to.   Until now..

The Rules

Leave ONE comment on this post telling me what most frustrates you about collecting miles and points.

I’ll draw a random winner after 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, October 14, 2012 when the contest closes.

To ensure that only folks who want to buy a ticket to StarMegaDO 4 take part in the contest, I won’t send you the $500 gift card until you pay for your seat on the Star Mega Do 4 charter.

You have to pay for the seat on the Star Mega DO4 charter within 48 hours of receiving an email from me.  If not, we’ll move on to another random winner.

Good luck!

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63 responses to “Win a Star Mego Do 4 Slot + $500 Gift Card!

  1. What frustrates me most is when miles/points don’t post like they’re supposed to!

  2. Hi MMS,

    Just a note- you state:

    “I’ll draw a random winner after 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, September 14, 2012 when the contest closes.”

    Did you mean October 14?

  3. What frustrates me is the phone agents when making award reservations. I prefer online access..

  4. When I have more miles than time to travel and use them!

  5. I get most frustrated trying to use miles when I have little date flexibility in my schedule, and no award seats are left

  6. Delta with it’s search engine which shows availability on KLM and Air France for Biz class only to find out there isn’t any. Not the case for all flights but some. Nevertheless, my 2nd favorite awards redepemtion is Delta. I love the challenge of searching for a low fare awards flight.

  7. Phantom availability. Whether it be Delta’s infamous award calendar or seeing partner flights available on United’s award engine only to end up with an error message, it ultimately ends up for me being the killjoy to the excitement of using those precious miles.

  8. My only complain is when ticket is booked on partner airline using miles I cannot volunteer for a bump. Other than that I love the game…

  9. I love collecting miles but my biggest complaint is my wife’s lack of flexibility to take advantage of these awesome opportunities, both in collecting where she limits me to only signing her up for 5-6 cards a year and in using the miles, where I’m always having to use the maximum miles to travel in the convenient parts of the day or struggling to book on the busiest weekends. We go through miles much faster because of this lack of flexibility but what are you going to do.

  10. One thing that frustrates me about collecting miles is initially getting rejected for a credit card that has a good initial bonus and then calling the reconsideration line…argh!

  11. What frustrates most is having 1.2 million miles/points and little to no time to burn them.

  12. what frustrates me the most is not remembering when I did my last churn-able CC to make sure that I get the points on the next church for the same CC. I never keep track on these things!

  13. matthijs melchiors

    What frustrates me most is that a lot of people will get super jealous when they know you are taking numerous exotic vacations every year. I guess when in turn I tell them that it doesn’t cost me a dime, they get aggravated even more. Start collecting people!!

  14. They are a gift to me and my family!!!!

  15. No Problem…even if there is a problem.

  16. I wish i had more points and more time to use them.

  17. They are manna from heaven and frosting on the cake!

  18. It is frustrating keeping track of offers and having to make sure you get what you are suppose to get.

  19. I’m pretty new to this but something frustrated me pretty bad recently. I applied for the Chase United card under a advertizement for 50k bonus miles that can be boosted up to 60k with correct spending. Got approved but the welcome info states that I only get 30K bonus miles. When I look back at the united page it now says 30k also. I’m going to give them a call after I review the actual paperwork that domes with the card.

  20. Using miles on the dates I want are the most frustrating. Going on all these non-direct routes is a huge waste of time when I only have a limited amount of vacation days that I can use.

  21. You jump though hopes to get the points and than they don’t want to give you the seat unless you pay double for it.

  22. I get frustrated when waiting on miles to deposit so I can book an award flight where the perfect itinerary exists only to have the low-level award disappear the day before the miles post.

  23. I am most frustrated by points that aren’t worth anything. (hilton honors?) Why cant they at least make it easy to understand what I can get with my points

  24. I’m frustrated by low award availability.

  25. I really hate having to pay ‘redeposit’ fees when something comes up and I have to change an award trip. Those fees are really high when two or more in a family are traveling.

  26. It’s frustrating to not be able to spend your points effectively. We read about all of these great trips that the bloggers take and think it’s a snap to fly to Paris for some cheap amount of miles but, when we try it ourselves, it costs waaaay more. Or we think we have to pay someone to help us book our awards! Yikes!

  27. It’s frustrating that Chase (and other banks) limit the maximum number of cards you can have with them because they typically offer the best/beneficial reward cards

  28. Keeping track of credit cards, payments to ensure we are never late on a payment

  29. What frustrates me most is how different CSRs have different/no idea about promotions going on. Some CSRs are clueless, while others tell you different T&Cs, while others simply mix up promotions.

  30. delta skymiles

  31. What frustrates me the most is I cannot seem to find any available flights to the place where we want to go at the dates we want. Thanks.

  32. keeping track of all the spending requirements of multiple cards, and paying them off on time. (Sometimes automatic bill pay doesn’t go into effect until 1-2 billing cycles later.)

  33. With a growing number of redemption options on partner airlines, I wish it was easier to parse through all the available combinations online.

  34. What frustrate me most is that you have to use double miles and pay early redemption fee if you get your tickets with 14/21 days of travel

  35. When miles don’t post like they’re supposed to!

  36. When I sign-up for bonus promotions and they aren’t honored (UNITED!)

  37. Broken award calendars.

  38. The most frustrating part is that I didnt start sooner

  39. The most frustrating part is that some airlines (hearing this delta?) choose to make things difficult for us awesome folks!

  40. I hate how you can’t have household accounts!

  41. what frustrates me the most are the promo with myriad sets of terms that are “hidden” or vague, and limited to 1st 1000 registers.

  42. Frustrated when awards are not available yet my total of miles get larger and larger.

  43. We have all the trip reports and pictures from the blogs for vacation ideas, millions of miles and points, but finding award seats for family of 4 and around the school calendar dates isn’t quite as straightforward.

  44. I wish there was a better way to transfer miles between programs other than

  45. Having to book a “standard” award instead of a “saver” award because ONE seat in 1st class is booked, while all the others are still available. (I’m not interested in the contest. I’m just venting)

  46. Limited availability in the premium cabin:(

  47. It really frustrates me when you have no choice but to call them to book AND then they have the audacity to tell there is a convenience fee for doing it over the phone! Arrghh

  48. What frustrates me is the decreased amount of awards
    seats being made of available on flights.

  49. Got rejected because “too many recent inquiries”…

  50. not knowing which cards to choose after getting the first couple of obviously good ones.

  51. My limited amount of available free time to take leave and take advantage of award flights because of my military commitment.

  52. Trying to keep track of all the details!

  53. Trying to remember what card to use for what .. to rack up the most miles

  54. I wish these damn portals would report purchases correctly. The sheer number of missing transactions is astounding.

  55. Not having good enough enough credit to take advantage of all the great credit card offers!

  56. Keeping track of credit cards, when payments are due, when they can be canceled when the minimum spend has been met to earn the rewards.

  57. It is frustrating to not be in time to take advantage of all the deals that are out there. I missed out on tickets to the megado and would be astonished and grateful if I won the opportunity through you to purchase one.

  58. I dont know if airlines actually have a IP address reader. But isnt it frustrating when you are looking for availability, and it shows for about 3-4 times the spots you need, and then when you come back from checking elsewhere its not there anymore?? Then reappears hours after?? Haha .. Seems like they dont wanna give it to you since you didnt decide when you first check or for overchecking!! Haha

  59. Available time to read, research & complete all the possible deals on blogs, newsletters & traveler community sites. Spending too little…may miss something a fantastic opportunity. Spending too much…upsets the family apple cart. However the later can usually be smoothed over with a great trip on points/miles, night on the couch & batch of cookies.

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