Will You Lose Your Miles & Points After Cancelling a Credit Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Toby writes in with a common question:

Love your website, and have 5 cards between my girlfriend and me.  What are the rules in cancelling a card?  I don’t want to pay the $89 yearly fee, but will it wipe away any unused miles?

The short answer is that it depends!

You will NOT lose airline miles or hotel points already in your airline or hotel account by cancelling a card.

But you’ve got to be careful with points issued by banks such as American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards points and Citi Thank You points because you can lose ALL the points in your account by cancelling them.

Airline Miles & Hotel Points

If you cancel an airline or hotel credit card, you will NOT lose the miles or points which are already in your airline or hotel loyalty program account.

For example, if you cancel your Citi American Airlines credit card 10 months after getting the 50,000 mile sign-up bonus, you will not lose the 50,000 American Airlines miles which are already in your American Airlines account.

Often times, customer service representatives lead folks to believe that cancelling a card will result in you losing your miles.  What the representatives are really trying to say (besides scaring you into keeping the card) is that you will lose the miles and points which haven’t yet posted to your account.

For example, let’s say that your credit card billing cycle is from August 20 to September 15, but you cancel your card on September 10th.  In this case, you will lose the miles which you earned from August 20 up to September 10, and which would have posted to your account around September 15.

But you won’t lose the miles and points which are already in your account.

That said, some cards do have provisions in the terms and condition to take back the sign-up bonus if you cancel the card in 3 or 6 months.  I’ve read very few reports of this actually being enforced, but I usually don’t cancel a card for at least 6 to 8 months.

– Miles & Points Expiration

However, the miles and points in your airline or hotel account will still be subject to the regular expiration policy of the airline or hotel.  For example, American Airlines miles expire after 18 months.

But it is very easy to keep the miles “alive” because most earning and redemption activity will extend the expiration date of your miles by 18 months.

For example, you could redeem an award, use miles to buy magazines, buy or transfer miles, earn miles for dining, or buy something for $1 or $2 on the American Airlines shopping mall.  You could even earn miles by flying!

I use Award Wallet to track the expiration of my miles and points.  However, Award Wallet doesn’t track the expiration of American Airlines, Southwest & Delta miles.

Bank Reward Program Points

You usually will LOSE the points earned from a banks’ own reward program which are already in your account, such as American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards points and Citi Thank You points, when you cancel a card unless you transfer the points out or have another credit card which earns points in that program.  You can transfer points online or by calling the banks.

You can find a list of Bank Reward points credit cards issued by the different banks in the Bank Rewards Points credit card tab.

The rules are a little different for each bank reward point program.

American Express Membership Rewards points

You will lose ALL your points, if you cancel a card which earns Membership Rewards points.

However, there are 4 ways to save your points already in your account.

American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards

1.   Have another Membership Rewards card.    You won’t lose your points if you have another American Express card which earns Membership Rewards points AND which is linked to the same Membership Rewards points account as the credit card which you cancel.

Sometimes, business and personal cards result in separate Membership Rewards accounts, so make sure that you have both your personal and business cards linked to only 1 Membership Rewards account.

2.  Transfer to Airline Partners.  Transfer your Membership Rewards points to airline or hotel partners before cancelling the card.  You can even transfer Membership Rewards points to anyone else’s airline or hotel accounts.

3.  Grace Period.  The terms suggest that you have 30 days to transfer the points out of your Membership Rewards account if you cancel all your Membership Rewards cards, but have at least one open (non-Membership Rewards) American Express card.

If you voluntarily cancel enrollment in the program or cancel all Linked Accounts enrolled in the program but keep at least one AMEX Card open and in good standing, you will have up to 30 days from date of cancellation to redeem the points accrued in the program account.

I interpret this to mean that you can cancel all your American Express Membership Rewards points, but still have 30 days to transfer points as long as you have another American Express card such as the Starwood or Hilton card.

However, if you do decide to take this route, I would confirm with the Customer Representative that you do indeed have 30 days from cancellation to use your points before losing them.  This could be risky!

4.   Reinstatement.  If you get a new Membership Rewards card within 1 year after cancelling, you *may* be able to request your points be reinstated by writing a letter to the Membership Rewards Correspondence Unit.

Their address is:  Membership Rewards Correspondence Unit, AMEX Membership Rewards, PO BOX 297813, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-7813.

Their telephone number is 1-800-567-1083.

Be sure to highlight your previous history with American Express, high credit score, and responsible credit usage in the letter.  Telling them you’ve seen the light and are returning to American Express shouldn’t hurt either!

Again, I wouldn’t use this as my primary way to avoid losing points and there is no guarantee that American Express will reinstate your points.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards

You will lose ALL the points in your account if you close a credit card which earns Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  There is NO grace period to transfer the points out of your account after you cancel the card.  You can’t transfer or use them immediately after cancelling.

However, there are 2 ways to save your points.

1.   Transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to airline or hotel partners before closing your card.

You can only transfer Ultimate Rewards points to airline or hotel partners if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or JP Morgan Select.

You can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points to anyone else’s airline or hotel account instantly on the Ultimate Rewards website.  Technically, the terms say that you should do this only to transfer points to your spouse or domestic partner, but it appears to work for transfers to any account.

There is no cost to transfer points.

2.  Transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to another Ultimate Rewards card before closing your card.

For example, if you are closing your Chase Ink Bold card, you can transfer the 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points in your account to your Chase Freedom card.

You can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points to anyone else’s Ultimate Rewards credit card account if you have their credit card card number.

There is no cost to transfer points.

 Ultimate Rewards Points Bottom Line:  Don’t cancel a Chase Ultimate Rewards card unless their are NO points in your Ultimate Rewards account associated with that credit card!

Citi Thank You Points

Citi Thank You Points

Citi Thank You Points

You usually have 30 days to use your Thank You points earned from a credit card before losing the points in your account.  There are lots of ways to earn Thank You points, but this post only discusses the expiration for Thank You points earned from credit cards.

1.   Grace Period.  The terms suggest that you have 30 days after cancelling your Thank You credit card account to use your points.

2.   Transfer to Another of Your Accounts.  You can call Citi (1-800-THANKYOU) or transfer online your Thank You points earned from one credit card to another of your credit card’s Thank You point account.  But you have to use those transferred points within 90 days.

However, if you cancel the Thank You Point credit card which earned the points which you transferred, the transferred points will expire in 30 days even though they are in another account!

3.   Transfer to Another Person’s Account.  You can transfer Thank You points from your account to another person’s Thank You points account.  But you have to use those transferred points within 90 days.

However, if you cancel the Thank You Point credit card which earned the points which you transferred, the transferred points will expire in 30 days even though they are in another account!

For example, if Emily transfers her ThankYou points to my account, the points will expire in 90 days.

But if she cancels her card within those 90 days, I will have only 30 days from when she cancelled the card to use the transferred Thank You points in my account.

Bottom Line

You won’t lose airline or hotel points which are already in your airline or hotel account when you cancel a credit card.

But you could lose points earned in a Bank Rewards program such as American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi Thank You Points.

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100 responses to “Will You Lose Your Miles & Points After Cancelling a Credit Card?

  1. Maybe this is considered too elementary for your readers, but if you want to close your Chase Freedom account, you can just use the points like cash to pay part of your last bill. For example, 10K points pays $100. Since it’s a free account, you may wonder why anyone would cancel it, but we are considering it because for some reason its website is just too slow and hard to use, and we really like to be able to pay our credit card bills online. So we’re probably going to have to give up on this one since we haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is.

    As for Membership Rewards, I’m sorry to say that this program is not the program I signed up for. It seems to have lost all value. I’m wondering if you have any suggestion for something someone could do with a bit more than 10K points. Thanks…when I first got the card, I was thrilled, but these orphan points seem useless and discourage me from wanting to use it any more since I’m afraid the points will never amount to anything worthwhile.

  2. @peachfront – I got the card to transfer points to United miles. Seems fair enough to me.

  3. @ Daraius, you must be careful with the Chase Ultimate Rewards. When you transfer the points to someone else, the recipient has only 60 days in which to use them (transfer, spend or whatever) or they will disappear.

    I nearly was caught by this when I transferred my wife’s points to my account and I got very annoyed with Chase until CS rep changed them from “clock ticking” category into my general general pool of points.

  4. Sorry, I meant to say Citi’s Thank You points above.

  5. And, I made another error – it is 30 days, not 60. So don’t transfer unless the recipient is planning to use them right away. I now value these points quite low and will transfer my 50,000 to an Amazon gift certificate (and then get another Thank You card … 🙂 )

    Here is their exact wording, point 7 in the T&Cs:

    “Transferred Points received expire 90 days from the date they are received.”

  6. Too early for me – it is 90 not 30. Maybe I should go back to bed.

  7. This is a off topic, but my Hilton points were about to expire. I called Hilton and they told me to buy 1,000 points for $12.50. I did it and now my points are safe.

  8. Frank, Darius states all of this in the article. Thanks for cluttering up the comments with confusing nonsense.

  9. Thanks, Frank, but, silly me, I don’t fly United. I fly Delta, and I thought Amex had a relationship- with Delta. However, the last time I logged in, I was unable to find a way to transfer a small amount of miles, roughly 11K MR to Delta…any other suggestions? I’m probably going to go try again while I’m all fired up.

  10. Hi there,
    I got 2 southwest cards from chase with 100k bonus, I want to close the cards but afraid that my pints will disappear. According to your post, it wont, right?
    Thank you

    • @peachfront – You can always cash out the points before cancelling, but I didn’t include that in the list. I’m surprised that you are having a tough time with the Chase website – I think it is one of the best credit card websites and I’ve been banking with Chase online for over 10 years!

      Which Membership Rewards card do you have? Not all of them let you transfer points to airline or hotel partners. Transferring to British Airways could make sense since you can redeem for short distance American Airlines flights starting at 4,500 Avios. If none of these options are appealing, you could cash out for gift cards or use the “Pay with Points” option.

      @Frank – Ha! It is early on the West Coast, but thanks for helping out.

      – Easy. Frank was trying to help!

      @Pelp – If the points are already in your Southwest account, you shouldn’t lose them when you cancel the card.

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  12. Darius, are you sure Amex Reward gold points can be transferred to anyone’s Hotel or Airline account? I thought the names have to match?

  13. Hello! I’m planning to apply for Citi Hilton Reserve card today using Darius’s link today. I would like to cancel at least one of the two Citi AA cards (one Visa, one AMEX) that I would like to cancel as well. I’m glad I read this, because it seems like I can cancel both and keep my AA miles, unless they give me a really good retention offer.

    I have about $10K credit limit on each Citi AA cards. When I do apply for the Citi Hilton Reserve card using Darius’s link and get approved immediately, but have a low CL, should I call Citi to transfer my credit limit over? Or do people generally only call when the app is put on “hold?” I have not applied for a citi card since May 2012. Thanks!

  14. I canceled my American Express card after transferring all my Membership Rewards balance to my delta program. About 40 days later, Amex sent me a $50 check reimbursement for some points that I earned and they have not being posted to my account at the time of cancelation.
    Does anybody have similar experience?

  15. How does it work with US airways card I had the card 3 months and was rejected when trying to churn saying I already had the card . So thinking of canceling the 3 month old card and try to apply again in few months. I am hoping miles earned will be safe as I didn’t see any 6 months condition in the terms.

  16. @peachfront – With AM 10K, you can always get a HomeDepot $100 gift card. Thanks.

  17. I was told by an AMEX rep that when I cancelled my SPG card I had one year to use the points before they eliminated them. Have you heard of that?

  18. @Frank- You had me completely freaked out this morning. According to the Chase rep I spoke with this morning, you are COMPLETELY WRONG regarding combined points expiring. I realize now you made an incorrect reference, and were referring to Thank You Points – but I think this needs clearing up-

    I transferred over 100K in Ultimate Rewards from my wife’s account to my account to keep them all in one place – in anticipation for an upcoming trip to Europe this April.

    The rep says they are safe and will NEVER expire.

    SO TO REASSURE OTHERS WHO WERE ON THE LEDGE LIKE ME- Ultimate Rewards Points (either transferred or combined DO NOT EXPIRE!

  19. Rob: I also freaked out! But then I read Frank’s other posts and it literally made me LOL. I am planning on sending all my points to my husband’s account, so initially it worried me.

  20. What is missing from today’s blog is the (daily) photograph of Emily.
    See you ( I hope ) at the Chicago seminar.

    • @Stephen S – If the miles are in your account, you will get to keep them after cancelling. However, it could be worthwhile to hang onto to the Citi American Airlines AMEX card since you get 10% of your AA miles redeemed back (up to 100K a year). You can also use the AMEX for various AMEX promotions throughout the year. In my experience, Citi isn’t that great with transferring the credit line over, but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask.

      – Very interesting. I wonder if these were for the points pending from your previous status, since AMEX posts points a bit later than other banks.

      @Brian – If the US Air miles are in your account, you won’t lose them by cancelling.

      @Rod – They were likely referring to Starwood’s point expiration policy which is 12 months unless you have earning, redeeming, credit card or other activity. You can do an audience rewards trivia survey to keep your points alive.

      @michael thaler – Ha! Emily and I look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

  21. 1) Actually Amex MR has another option – you can transfer your MR points to someone else’s MR account that you trust (wife, siblings, trusted friends and etc).

    2) @ Daraius – I have personally transferred my SPG to my wife’s US Airways and my MR points to my brother’s Air Canada Aeroplan accounts without any issue.

  22. @ Daraius,

    If you have not already done so…maybe you might do an article some day on the expiration policy of airline/hotel miles. You touched on it a bit by referring to the 18month policy of American Airlines. Maybe you could put them all in one blog posting w/ideas on how to “keep them alive” and kicking.

    I know I’m siting on US Air Miles, Delta Miles, and United Miles right now. I would have to look them up but I know one of those three never expires and the other two will (I think 2 years after their last activity).

  23. Hi,

    I didn’t know where to ask this question, I wish there was a forum 🙂 But does anyone have a Delta Promo Code so that I can get a discount on purchasing tickets? Where can I acquire one of those?


    • @Million Miler – You have to call to have them transfer to someone else’s account, and it is ymmv, but good point! Let me know if you figured out how to transfer MR points to another MR account online. You can transfer some Starwood points to other airline programs without the names matching, but not all.

      @BillyBob – That’s a good idea for a future post! Delta miles have no expiration date (as of now). US Air and United miles expire in 18 months of no activity.

      @Nissim – I don’t know of any codes, but this thread on FlyerTalk may help.

      @peachfront – The whole point about collecting miles and points is to use them in a way which makes you happy, so enjoy the gift cards!

  24. Thanks, all. Yes, our problem with the Chase website has us perplexed too. But we can’t seem to get it fixed. Every time we want to pay a bill, we have to jump through a huge hoop just to get logged in, and any “fixes” don’t stay fixed. I’ll sleep on it awhile, but we’re probably going to have to give up on it.

    I discovered that the Home Depot gift cards were on sale, and I was able to purchase five $25 GCs with the orphan MR Amex points. Total cost was something like 10,650. Maybe not the most sophisticated use of the points but I am happy. Even comes with free shipping.

  25. @Daraius – Transferring points from one MR account to another can only be done over the phone. You are right it’s YMMV, but if the agent doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to allow you to transfer, just use the old trick to politely hang up and call again. Always worked for me!
    – Re SPG transfers only work with some programs, which ones have you seen not working out of curiosity?

    • @MillionMiler – I was debating whether to add the AMEX MR transfer from account to account since it is so ymmv. Perhaps I’ll do a separate post later. I don’t believe the points transfer to AA if the names are different.

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  27. quick question: I am considering cancelling my Alaska Airlines Signature card because I don’t charge enough to make the fee worthwhile. I put all my spend on UAL. They have cancelled the route I need. In order to preserve approx. 80K miles, can I buy a minimum of Alaska miles with a different credit card to keep my account active. Is there another solution??? Thank you!

  28. Hi Daraius,

    I’m a huge fan of Million Miles Secrets and have benefited tremendously from your insider tips and suggestions. I confess that I look forward to reading your new entries on my way to work on the subway! I recently booked a flight on U.S. Airways to Brazil using the sign-on bonus. Since I don’t foresee myself traveling on another U.S. Airways flight before Brazil, should I close my card before my trip to avoid the $85 annual fee or wait until after my trip? I also don’t have much loyalty to U.S. Airways since I’m trying to build up my mileage on United and AA. I doubt the airline will void my flight, but I’d like to be safe than sorry. Thanks for your feedback!

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  30. Darius,
    I am planning to close my southwest premier card. 2nd year annual fee charged on Oct 1. I am told by Customer relationship, I can collect the annual fee back within 60 days after the cancellation.
    I have accumulated 29k miles which i assume I will not lose when i closed the account. But, some member comment that the option to exchange to miles to a gift card will not be available if the chase southwest card are closed.
    Is this correct?

  31. ** correction ** 60 days after the annual fee charged.

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  33. @Chris, I just paid my 1st annual fee for the SW premier card. How do you go about collecting the annual fee back if I cancel the card within 60 days?

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  37. I think my citi thank you points expire 2 years after earned.
    Transferred points expire in only 90 days.
    You can look up when your points are expiring at
    http://www.thankyou.com under My Account / Points Summary / Expiring Points


  38. Phil, usually the refund period for the annual fee is in the terms under “annual fee”. I think the normal period is more like 30 days.

  39. Darious,
    Has this logic changed for United or are they trying to ‘scare’ me in reference to your article? I have United miles thanks to the United Explorer card that have not yet been used. The annual fee is coming up so I’m looking to cancel but retain my points of course. However, when I logged into my United.com account and click on the ‘Mileage Expires’ hyperlink, a text box saying the following displays: “Thank You for being a Chase MileagePlus cardmember. Your miles will not expire as long as your credit card account is active, your annual membership fee has been paid and the card is not in default. Upon cancellation of your credit card account, your miles will expire in accordance with the MileagePlus program rules.”

    By them expiring, I’m assuming that’s if I have no additional activity after a set amount of time and that they won’t be automatically removed. Is this assumption correct?

    • @Brian – What they mean is that if you cancel the United card, your miles are subject to the normal expiration policy. For United, they miles will expire if you have 18 months of no activity. And they are trying to get you to keep the card as well!

  40. I had the US Airways card for exactly 3 months and canceled today. The rep on the phone said if I cancel, I forfeit any rewards I earned. I currently have about 35000 in my US Airways Dividend account. So if they do take the miles I earned away, can I call and say I changed my mind and want the card after all? And maybe get my points back? So I can just use them and cancel the card for reals later on.
    I’m just all paranoid now.

  41. Is the above still true as far as you know regarding the ultimate rewards?
    Thank you,

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  43. looking for the link for amex aa citi cedit card with 40-50k miles

  44. Great article. It brings a question which I think I already know the answer to. With sapphire, if I downgrade to the no fee, non preferred card rather than cancel ( so that way I can help my average account age in my credit score), I assume any non used ur points would be lost?

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  46. Another question on UR points- I know for the chase freedom card to be able to earn UR points, I must have another UR earning card. But for purposes of annual fee avoidance, if Transfer my ur points to the freedom and close down the sapphire, AND I have no other open UR earning cards, will I still be able to transfer the remaining ur points to transfer partners? Or do those points become treated as if they were all earned on the freedom standing alone?

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  49. Is there anyway to retrieve my point that I lost bc I closed my Chase Sapphire preferred card?

  50. Daraius,

    What airlines/hotels can I transfer my Citi ThankYou points into ? Is the transfer ratio good? I didn’t see you mentioned about transferring ThankYou points into airlines/hotels points in your post above.

  51. what does “ymmv” mean when referring to Amex reward points?

  52. So I have a question about transferring a balance from an Alaska Airlines visa. I bank at USBank and they recently offered my husband an I a 0% interest credit card. At first I said my usual, “no, no, we have a lot of cc’s” but then we started talking about transferring balances from other credit cards and I (embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of this before) had an epiphany; the $5,000 balance on our airline card that just wont go down because of high interest could be transferred to this no interest card, but will we be able to keep our miles/keep the airline card open? What would Bank of America say? I’m almost afraid to ask them because they are usually such jerks (who happen to have a pretty awesome mileage card). Thanks for any help with this!

    • @Amanda – You get to keep the miles and points even if you do a balance transfer. That said, I wouldn’t apply for miles and points credit cards if you can’t pay the balance in full because the interest rates charged are very high.

  53. Hi Darious,

    Have you ever heard about the new Southwest policy regarding cancelling their personal or business creditcards?
    I called in today trying to cancel my business card, and was informed that

    1. If card cancellation is voluntary, then I have to redeem the points before cancellation or else I lose them right away.
    2. If card cancellation is by Chase, then I have 3 months to use them…

    This is a little different from the discussion above where the agents try to trick people that they expire when what they mean is the points expire after 2 yrs, and after inactivity…

    Has anyone had similar experience and what’s are our options if we don’t want to redeem them for SW giftcards??

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  56. I received (2) A+ bonus points on my 1 yr anniversary with the Chase AirTran card. I have just received my statement which included the $69 Annual Fee, but I am planning to cancel the card. I’ve already transferred all my A+ points to Southwest and redeemed a RR Standard Award. When I cancel the card (within 30 days of the AF posting) and ask for a refund of the AF, can they somehow claw back the (2) A+ bonus points if I have no points in my A+ account? Thanks.

  57. If I have a Chase Ink Bold and want to cancel it ( as my year is almost up ) shortly after I receive my new Chase Ink Plus , do I need to transfer my miles before cancelling it or are both credit cards part of the Same Ultimate Reward Program? with the same rules?
    Thanks in advance for your response

  58. Hi Daraius. What about Barclays Lufthansa miles and more credit card? I heard that points don’t expire for as long as the Miles and More credit card is open. What about after I close it? Will my points expire? Thank you.

  59. I’ve had a citi card for 15 years. I’ve always paid on time and have never had any issues. A couple months ago I tried to make a payment online, their site was down for 2 days. I paid as soon as their site was able to take payment. They called and said my payment was late, I explained and they agreed it was their fault payments couldn’t be made. The following month I made a payment online and it was successful, even got a confirmation#. A few days after that they called and said our account was closed due to delinquency. The computer tried to withdrawal from a bank account that’s been closed for 7 years. I called them to explain their errors to them that made me appear delinquent. They said there was nothing they could do and since they closed my account (not me), my $1600 in thank you points I’ve saved up were cancelled immediately when they closed my account. Is this true? Can they deny me my money? Is there a way to get them back?
    Thanks in advance

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  63. @ Jesse…. this is why you don’t take chances with a lot of points on the line. Citi’s site was never down for two days (I use it daily) but even if it were, it’s up to you to make your payment by phone, from another financial site, by mail, in person, or whatever. Don’t wait until the last minute and you won’t be at risk for any glitches which do indeed occur. I’d pay all bills at least a full week before their due dates. Sorry you lost your points but aside from pleading your case with CSRs I doubt there’s much you can do.

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  66. I have a question. I charged $3000 to my Chase Sapphire Preferred to get the 40,000 bonus points. That same amount of 3K is being credited back to the card. I just got the 40,000 bonus points and submitted a request for cash back. The refund is being processed today also. What will happen? Will I get the direct deposit before they figure out the return has happened?

  67. If I get a card and earn my bonus miles and then cancel the card after say 8 months. Can I reapply for the same card and bonus miles? Will they notice? How long do you have to wait to reapply?

  68. Eileen Jarvis

    Question why is so hard to cancel your air miles card ? the customer service line no one ever helps its all automatic & when they call you back its still automatic & the wait time is very long no matter what time of the day you call . I went on line to cancel my card & it goes on about everything else except for cancelling the card. I have been trying since last week

  69. I have the Barclaycard Frontier Airlines Mastercard. I opened the card two years ago. After making the initial purchase they added the promised 40,000 miles/points to my account. I don’t use the card on a regular basis. I’ve paid two annual fees of $69 each. I just discovered that while my account is still open, Barclaycard has removed all of my miles/points, they said I forfeited them since I hadn’t made a purchase within 6 months but they were kind enough to keep my account open since I paid the annual fee. Can they do this?

  70. Jagir Jhaveri

    Citi does not allow to transfer credit line so I cannot consolidate. So do we lose the credit limit or are there any other option except keeping the card?

  71. I called Citi yesterday to cancel my TY Premier card, and they said I would lose all points ever earned with that card if I do not transfer or use them within 60 days of cancellation, even though I still have a Citi Prestige card. I found this odd. Thoughts? By transfer I am assuming an airline transfer, but maybe I’m wrong here.

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  75. Excellent tips

  76. Thank you! I have been looking for a answer to this question.

  77. Does this also apply to default or bankruptcy. We have over a million AAdvantage miles, about half of them earned on our barclaycard and are facing default. Can Barclaycard actually reach into our AA account and take back those miles? Also, will AA cancel the miles because we declare bankruptcy?

  78. Charles Hugh Taylor

    I have an AMEX corporate card that has a lot of points. I was hoping to purchase “e-gift cards” for a variety of retail outlets (e.g., Home Depot, retail stores, restaurants, etc.) before closing out my account. I am not anticipating any travel/hotel expenses for the next several years and the e-gift cards seem to provide me with the best value. I plan to give most of the e-gift cards (via the e-gift card number) to my kids but I am concerned that once I drop out any unspent e-gift cards will become invalid.

    Can you tell me if the e-gift cards that purchase will still be valid even if I no longer have an AMEX card?