Chase Southwest 50,000 Points (~$835 in flights) Credit Card is Back! [Expired]

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Many thank to Million Mile Secrets reader Shawn for letting me know that the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus personal and Rapid Rewards Plus business credit cards are again offering a 50,000 point sign-up bonus!

As always, I updated the Airline Credit Card tab so that you only find the best credit card offers on Million Mile Secrets.

Unfortunately, the minimum spending requirement has increased from $1,000 to $2,000 within 3 months.  Also, the Southwest Premier cards are still offering a 25,000 point sign-up bonus.

I love the Southwest cards because ~$835 in free Southwest flights makes this the card with the best sign-on bonus for domestic US travel!

Even better, the points from the credit card sign-up bonus have been counting towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass is the best airline perk because it lets a companion travel with you for free whenever you travel on Southwest.  It doesn’t matter if your flight is booked with points or paid for with cash – your companion flies free!

You need 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points in a calendar year to qualify for the Companion Pass.  I earned my Companion Pass in 2011 from 2 Chase Southwest credit card sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points each and from transferring hotel points to earn the balance 10,000 points.

Her’s an earlier post on how get the extra 10,000 points for the companion pass, once you get 100,000 Southwest points from the credit card sign-up bonus.

Companion Pass Strategy:

If you don’t have the companion pass currently, you can complete the minimum spending in January 2013 so that the points post to your Southwest account in 2013.  If you earn the Companion Pass in January 2013 it will be valid for the whole of 2013 and up to the end of 2014 for close to 2 years of free flying!

Of course, we don’t know if the points from the credit card sign-up bonus will continue to count towards the Companion Pass in 2013, but it has been counting so far.

If you already earned 50,000 Southwest points this year (2012), you could get another 50,000 points from a credit card and earn the remaining 10,000 points to earn the Companion Pass this year.  Companion Passes earned in 2012 will be valid up to the end of 2013.

The Companion Pass counter resets on the 1st of the year, so you’ll have to start from scratch even if you already earned 50,000 points in 2012.

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167 responses to “Chase Southwest 50,000 Points (~$835 in flights) Credit Card is Back! [Expired]

  1. @Shelley – I don’t think they will do that, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

    @Dave – No worries! Yes, the Companion Qualifying points resets on Jan 1, 2013, but the points still count towards redeeming for flights. It is going to be VERY close for you because the points usually post a few days after you statement closes in which you complete the minimum spending. If you earn the companion pass in 2012, it is valid until the end of 2013. If these 50K points hit your account in 2013, you have to earn another 60K points in 2013 (because the companion pass points resets in Jan 1, 2013), but the pass may be valid until the end of 2014.

  2. @Million Mile Secrets,

    In one of your early post, “The points will usually post a few days after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes” So I have apply for both card and one card I had completed the min.. (by accident) on Dec 8th. I already received those purchase point this week in the SW account. And this statement due date will not be till Jan 5th. So does that mean that my 50k bonus will post in Jan? *crossing finger*

  3. @Tommy – The due date doesn’t matter, it is the statement closing date which matters. You usually have to complete the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closing date for the points to appear in your Southwest account. You may have got lucky, and received only the points for spending, and could receive the 50K in January 2013.

  4. @Million Mile Secrets,

    So the statement was 11-15 to 12-08, min spend was completed on 12-3 , due date Jan 5th. Purchase points just posted to SW on 12-10. … rep said that bonus will post 6-8 weeks after min spending., but read that most flyerTalk posted days after statement close. 🙁

  5. @Tommy – Usually you have to complete the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closes to ensure that the bonus points post in the next statement date. Looks like yours will post next year, but at least you have the full 2013 to get the remaining 60K points.

  6. @tommy- I have cp already and my wife completed min spend 3 days before close on nov 15 and they havent posted yet. They will post after dec 15 close. (For those that question our timing each of us names a child as a companion and we plan on going through all the points in 2013 flying everyone for free on a few trips and requalifying in Jan 2014 for 2014 and 2015…)

  7. @million mile-Darius
    I sent a secure email to Chase on Sunday and never heard back so I just called Chase and they updated my statement closing date from 12/21 to 1/2/13 with no questiins asked, so hopefully the points post in 2013.
    Thanks 🙂

    Looks like I’m not the only one not having issues meeting the minimum spending limits 😉

  8. @Shelley – That’s good to know and thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks again for the awesome blogs! I followed your advice and got the Companion Pass in January 2012 … now I got the Business Premier Card with another 50k points to post next year … should give me enough points to get the Companion Pass extended through 2014.

    I love all of this free flying!!!

  10. I currently have 107k points as of today December 26th. I won’t receive the points from my credit card statement until it posts on Jan 20th for the month of December. Will they backdate my account and give me companion status?

  11. tryingtotravel

    I guess I have too many chase cards……….. tried the two screen method and declined for both………. How long should I wait before trying to get another chase card? 6months or 12??

  12. Hi, My closing date for my new Southwest Card is on January 8, 2013. I have spent the necessary $2000 for the 50,000 bonus points. When can I expect to see those points available for booking flights? Does it really take 6-8 weeks? I am looking to travel end of April and unsure if I should book something on another carrier or wait it out and hope for the best. Flying Manchester, NH-Orlando and would like non-stop

  13. @Robert – Unfortunately they won’t backdate your account and you will start with 0 Companion Pass points in 2013.

    @tryingtotravel – I’d call the Chase reconsideration line and try and negotiate an approval.

    @KP – The points usually post a few days after your statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes.

  14. Hey, I previously signed up for the consumer credit card and received a free round trip flight. I read their terms and conditions and didn’t see anything about not being able to signing up for both and still receiving the bonus. I signed up for the business credit card while the 50k point bonus was still in effect, I just was wondering if you know if I will receive the bonus.

  15. @Justin – You can get the sign up bonus on both business and personal version of the card.

  16. One last question. I bought an Apple MacBook with it. I actually don’t need it anymore and plan on returning it. If the points are already in my rapid rewards account, will they deduct it out of there?

  17. @Justin – Technically, the terms say that you need $2K in net purchases, so they could audit your account and remove the points. In practice, I’ve read perhaps only 1 or 2 cases of that actually happening over the years.

  18. Will it affect my points if I pay my balance off before the statement closes? The only factors should be spending and timing within the 3 month window, right? I hate having a balance hanging around out there.

  19. @Emily – You’ll still get the points as long as you complete the minimum spending within 3 months. Paying off your balance sooner rather than later is always better!

  20. Not to be overly worried, but I just checked my SW account and the spending (to fulfill minimum spend) I made on Jan 2 posted. The 50k has not posted. So, since i made spending on Jan 2, monthly cycle closed on Jan 6th, I should see the 50k by the end of the week or so?? Thanks in advance!

  21. So I have the Chase Southwest card. Not interested in paying the annual fee coming up, but don’t like the idea of losing the years of use on the card for credit reasons. If I convert this card to something like a Chase Freedom card would I keep the years of service? And would I be able to reapply and get the bonus again for the Southwest card at some point? I tried searching, but I couldn’t really find people with expereience on this one.

  22. @johnnieD- it likely wont post until the end of your next cycle (feb 6th or so).
    @michael-“converting” sw card to freedom card wont keep years of service on sw card. it has to be the SAME card but a no fee card… as far as getting the bonus again. you can still get it on the other version (if you have plus card you can get bonus on premier card) but to get again on plus card id wait 2 years according to unofficial rumors.

  23. @JohnnieD – If you completed the minimum spending a few days before the statement closing date, you’d have to wait until the next statement to get the points.

    – What mike fein says!

  24. tryingtotravel

    THANKS SO MUCH- AFTER TWO CALLS ……….. APPROVED FOR BOTH !!!!!!!!! now I need to find about 5000.00 more in expenses………….. weighing out fees vs savings on trips for that one now!

    Thanks again!

  25. @tryingtotravel – Congrats! But you don’t have to spend $5K to get the points. See this post for more ways to get the points.

  26. The January statement for my Chase Southwest personal card closed yesterday and my 53,000 points just posted to my Southwest Rapid Rewards account. I am happy to announce that they still DO count towards the Companion Pass qualification. I am currently at 54%. My business card statement closes today, so hopefully the remaining 52,000 points will post just as quickly and will complete my qualification for the Companion Pass. I already transferred some points from Hyatt (took about a week for them to post), so I will be over 110,000 points once they post. Thanks for the tip about getting this deal!

  27. Just to follow up, the 52,000 points from my business card posted to my Rapid Rewards account today and my progress towards a Companion Pass is at 100%. Does anybody know how long it takes for your Companion Pass to get activated once you receive all the points needed?

  28. @rilys – Very exciting! You should get an email in a few days that you’ve earned the Companion Pass. Or you may be able to call and set it up if you’re impatient!

  29. @Daraius: I was too excited to be patient, so I called and they activated it for me. I gave them my companion’s RR number, so I am all set to go now. The current expiration showing on my account is 12/31/13 but they told me that the new one for 2014 will automatically kick in on 01/01/2014. Is this correct or the customer service rep did not know how to put the correct expiration date? Thanks for all your help!

  30. As a word of caution, when calling to manually activate your companion pass, the agent activating it might not put the correct expiration date. The CSR I spoke to initially set my CP to expire on 12/30/2013 and told me that on 01/01/2014 it will automatically renew for another year. Not trusting Southwest’s automated system, I called again. The next agent told me the same thing. The 3rd agent told me that I got it all wrong and that I only get the CP for this year. I said “thank you” and ended the conversation politely without arguing. When the 4th agent picked up the phone, I began the conversation by reading the rules from the Southwest website: “Companion Pass qualification will be based on a calendar year. A Companion Pass Member will maintain his/her Companion Pass for the remainder of the calendar year in which status is earned, and the entire calendar year immediately following. (For example, a Member who earns a Companion Pass on July 15, 2011 will maintain the Companion Pass for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012.)” So the agent told me that what I read was correct and if I had qualified for the CP in the middle of the year, then I would have gotten it for the remainder of that same year and the next year, but since I qualified in Jan, then I only get it for 2013. I said “thank you” and ended the conversation politely without arguing. Finally, the 5th agent I called was experienced enough and knew the rules. She told me that it looked like my expiration date was wrong because my CP was activated manually and once the system went through its process, my expiration date would have been adjusted to December, 2014. She apologized for the inconvenience and told me that she would manually change my expiration date to correct it. She told me that I understood the rules correctly and that once you qualify for CP, you are supposed to get it for full 12 months. A few minutes later my account said: “Current Companion Pass Status: Earned through 12/30/2014 ” My recommendation, unless you need to use your CP right away, give it a little time and let the system cycle through your account and give you the correct expiration date (unless you don’t mind calling 15 times until you get an agent that knows what they are doing)

  31. @rilys – Thank you for that very detailed report! Other readers are also having the same issue, so I’m waiting to get my pass to see if not calling in means that the pass is valid until the end of 2014.

  32. I did not call and my expiration date registered properly as 2014. As said on other deals on other blogs, do not call unless you want to spend time unscrewing what a “helpful” customer service rep might do for you. In this specific case, waiting for the automated system is better.

  33. I was instantly approved for the personal card and my business card was considered pending. I called the reconsideration line the day after and after a few questions I was approved! I have not received my personal card yet (It’s been about a week) but I have noticed the account on my chase account. I do not however, see the business account on my Chase account. Should I be worried? Should I wait til next week to call back?

  34. @Erik-your business card will not show up on your online Chase account, which is for your personal cards. There is a telephone number on the back of the biz card, 800-346-5538, where you might be able to ask. However, I don’t know whether they will be able to give you a status. Maybe sit tight?

  35. @Kim – I agree. Mine posted correctly as well!

    – What Kim says! You will have to set up a separate account for the business card.

  36. Great thanks for the info guys!

  37. My son applied and was approved for this card the beginning of November. However, he didn’t apply through this link, and he received “just” the 25,000 bonus miles. Do you think they would adjust this if he called? Any suggestions as to what to say?


  38. How long do I need to keep my southwest cards? I applied in December 2012 and just received the companion pass. I am concerned that if I cancel too soon it will disrupt my companion pass-but I feel like I need to close them because I want to apply for two Ink cards. I am worried that having five southwest credit cards with chase will make me ineligible for two chase Ink cards. Thoughts? Suggestions?

  39. @BAM – They usually match to better offers within 3 months so send a secure message or call as soon as possible that you saw a 50K offer and can they please match to that offer.

    @Aly – How do you have 5 Southwest cards?! If you got the Companion Pass and the miles in your account, you can cancel the card, but I’d keep it open longer since you just got it. Perhaps you could close the Southwest cards you opened earlier instead.

  40. How long do you have to wait from having a prior Chase SW card (but having closed it down) until you are eligible for bonus miles again? I had one about 20 months ago I closed….thanks!

  41. In reply to rilys post that in January you got everything, I called SouthWest agent today and they said in the Terms and Conditions bonus points for signing for a card DO NOT count towards Companion Pass. Are you saying the agent on the phone was wrong, or maybe this is something they just added recently? I want to get both cards (I have a business too) but am worried I’ll do it all for naught.

  42. @JT – Don’t call, but it still works. But ymmv.

    @AC – If you book revenue tickets, you get a credit (without any penalty), but have to use the credit within 12 months. If you book a ticket using points, you get the points back in your account.

  43. I don’t want to seem repetitive but my question is: If I cancel the SW Plus card I have now, will I be able to apply to get a new one and get the 50,000 points? Otherwise i will have to go for the Premier card and only get the 25,000 points and find a way to make up the other 25,000 points. or do I wait until the Premier card goes back to a 50,000 bonus? What do you think?

  44. @MMFow – If you have the personal Plus card, you can’t cancel and get the bonus again. But you could get the business Plus card. I’d wait for the Premier card to have 50K points before applying. It usually happens every 3 to 4 months.

  45. I just read on DansDeals that in order to apply and receive the 50K bonus points for the personal and biz cards = 100k combined – you should ideally apply with two different RR numbers.
    What are your thoughts on this ?

  46. @Genise – It worked for me and others with the same RR number, but your experience could be different.

  47. When applying for a Chase SW credit card for my wife, can I put my Rapid Rewards number in the box to get the rewards in one account?

  48. Hi –

    Does anyone know when this will expire?


  49. @Cory – It was expanded to include the Premier cards today, as well as the Plus version.

  50. Kenny –
    Thanks for that news! Do you have a link to the offer(s)?

  51. I got the personal Premier card in November but the 50k bonus points posted in January. A lot of people are mentioning getting multiple cards but aren’t always specific about which flavors they’re getting. I’d love to get the companion pass, but was under the impression that going for BOTH the Plus and Premier PERSONAL cards wasn’t going to cut it. I don’t have a valid excuse for a business card, so am I stuck trying to rack up the extra 60k points through spending/mileage bonuses?

  52. @JSun – No. It may work, but if it doesn’t it will take a lot of time to get the points so I wouldn’t do it.

    @Chris – You may be able to cancel one version and get the other, but I prefer getting the business card. I don’t believe you can have both the plus and premier open at the same time.

  53. Hi- I am into this thread late so pardon my basic question.
    It looks like I should apply for the Premier and Busines Premier cards at the same time. Earlier in this thread “tryingtotravel” spoke of the “two screen method”. Assuming this means having both card apps open and applying at the same time in different windows, is the is the best way?
    It did not work for them.

  54. Does anyone know if Chase SW cards are churnable at all?

  55. @Al– You can apply for the cards one after the other, but will need to call the reconsideration department to get approved for the cards.

    @Daniel W – You can get the Plus vs Premier and business vs. personal cards.

  56. @Daraius

    But can you ever get the bonus again for the same type (e.g. personal) and version (e.g. premier) of the card?

    For example, if I had applied for the Personal Premier and gotten the bonus. I could still apply and get the bonus for any of the other 3 SW cards, but I could never get the bonus again for the Personal Premier even if I cancelled it and then waited a set period of time (e.g. 12 months) before applying again. Correct?

  57. @Daniel W – Perhaps after 2 years, but your experience could be different.

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  59. Thanks Daraius!

  60. I think i might be confusing myself, but which 2 cards do I need to apply for to get the 100,000 miles. I know I’m suppose to apply for the SW Rapid Reward Premier card that has a 99 dollars annual fee, but which one is the second card that I’m suppose to apply for?



  61. I just successfully applied for both the Personal Plus and Premier card and received instant approval. 100,000 points with just $4,000 total spend, pretty cool !

  62. I already have 1 Chase card (Amazon) & just applied for the Premier card but not sure my next move. I thought I could sandbag points till Jan then cross the finish line to maximise this deal. But I realize now it’s per calendar year. Should I;

    1. Apply straight away also for the Plus & just go for it now this calendar year.
    2. Wait a period of time before applying for the 2nd card to up my chances of being approved for 3 Chase cards (I have excellent credit)?
    3. Cancel/Decline the Premier, then re-apply for both cards in Jan.
    4. Keep the Premier but not activate it till mid Oct, then not spend all $3000 until Jan 1st rolls around. Thus the 50k points aren’t “earned” until Jan therefore starting my companion pass calendar year in Jan. Is that possible?

    PS – Trying to use to pay my mortgage with a credit card but my biller Pennymac isn’t on their list. Do you know another way to hack this?

    Great blog! Many thanks in advance!

  63. @AK – You could get the Premier business card or a Plus personal card as a 2nd card depending on your needs.

    @Tom – I’d go with either #1 or #2. YOu can’t do #4, because you have to complete the minimum spending within 3 months from when you are approved for the card. You could use Bluebird and Vanilla Reloads to pay your mortgage bill.

  64. Thanks for the advise. I just got approved but I decided to gamble on option 3 except apply for both cards in Nov making it easier to hit the spending requirements in come Jan.

    I don’t have a business, which 2 cards would you recommend applying for and is it better to not apply for 2 cards at the same time?

  65. @Tom – If you don’t have a business, you can only apply for the Plus and Premier Southwest cards.

  66. If you need the 50k miles bonus, I have an invitation for you. email me at This will help you get the 50k miles and help me take my kids on vacation this year.

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