How to Get a $100 Statement Credit for the Chase Hyatt Credit Card

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

[Disclosure:  The Chase Hyatt credit card with the $100 statement credit is better than my referral link to the Chase Hyatt credit card which doesn’t offer the $100 statement credit.  However, my referral link has the $1,000 minimum spending waived until 10:00 am EST on October 8, 2012.]

I was the first to blog last Friday that the minimum spending on the Chase Hyatt credit card was likely going to increase to $1,000 within 3 months. 

My affiliate link to the Chase Hyatt card still offers 2 free nights after your 1st purchase, but will increase to the offer on the Chase website for $1,000 within 3 months at 10:00 am (or earlier) on October 9, 2012.

Now I want to share a potentially better offer to the Chase Hyatt card, which gets you a $100 statement credit!  However, the minimum spending requirement for the $100 statement credit offer is $1,000.

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Ben for sharing this!  As always, I updated the Hotel Credit Card tab with a link to this post so that you only find the best credit card offers on Million Mile Secrets.

 Step 1 –

Go to

Step 2 – Search For a Paid Room

Search for a room in any city for any date.

Step 3 

Click on “View all Rooms & Rates

Step 4

Click on “Book Now

You should see the offer in the right side of the screen.  You don’t have to complete the reservation to see the offer.

The terms say “This bonus offer is for new cardmembers who respond to this instant credit offer on and first apply for the Hyatt Credit Card through as part of making a reservation.”

Bottom Line:  I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it’s worth a try to save $100 if you’re applying for the Chase Hyatt card soon!  Either way, the 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card will save you money if you redeem them at almost any Hyatt hotel.

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57 responses to “How to Get a $100 Statement Credit for the Chase Hyatt Credit Card

  1. IS there a difference between logged in and logged out of a Hyatt account? Do you need any points in your account?

  2. Thanks for the sharing! Kind sadly that I just submit my Hyatt application yesterday, without the 100 statement credit link, and got approved for $ 5,000. Can I still call Chase to adjust it?

  3. Thanks for sharing, I was bummed that the $75 statement credit offer was removed but rejoiced about today’s offer! Just applied and was granted $15,000 credit limit! I think this is best offer we will ever have on this card, great time to apply! Now just need a Citi card to apply for…

  4. Speaking of which, not to get too off subject, what is best Citi card out right now (and best signup bonus)? I heard they are giving out great limits right now…or maybe I should wait?

  5. How long do deals like this typically last? I’m planning on getting the Hyatt card at the beginning of November and would hate to miss out on an easy $100.

  6. I logged in and went through all the steps and didn’t get the offer.

  7. I got Hyatt Visa last week without spending requirement and $75 statement credit. Now, current offer is $100 statement credit, but I have to spend $1000 to get 2 free nights. Is it better to stick with my current offer or ask Chase to match new offer? Potential profit is $25, but I have to spend $1K.

    • @John – Depends on what your goal is, but the Citi American Airlines, Hilton Reserve, and Thank You cards are all good.

      @George – The previous $75 statement credit lasted for ~3 months.

      – Only you can tell what is the better choice for you!

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  9. I can’t get it to show up no matter what I do

  10. I realize you don’t need to complete the res. in order to get the offer to appear,
    but do you have to complete the res. in order to meet the terms of the offer?
    i.e., … once I get the offer to appear, if I then apply for the card through that application, when approved, will I get the card w/the bonuses and statement credit – even if I didn’t make a res.?
    Asking b/c the language above says “as part of making a res.”…
    I guess the follow-up Q is … if it is NECESSARY to make a res. in order to get the bonuses, is the reservation cancellable (Without penalty)…

    • @compddd – It isn’t working for me either. Perhaps it will be back soon.

      – I interpret “as part of..” to mean in the process of making a reservation. But I don’t think (this is speculation) that you have to complete making a reservation.

  11. I can’t get it to show up … even turned off AdBlock 🙁

    I have Hyatt Platinum via Milepoint, but haven’t stayed at a Hyatt in a long long time. If I get the card, I get the 2 Suite Upgrades — do I need to use those WHILE I have Hyatt Platinum?

    • @AK – I think this is dead now. You can use the suite upgrade certificates on any paid reservation before the expiration date of the certificates. You will always have Platinum status once you get the card, so it doesn’t matter. If you cancel the card before the suite upgrade certs expire, you should still be able to use the certificates because they are deposited into your account.

  12. I had tried it first without logging in and it didn’t show up for me either way. Just tried it again and got nothing.

  13. Offer still works as of 10/22, but you have to go one step further (actually click on “Book Now” once the rates are shown), and you need to be a Gold Passport member (free signup). Haven’t gotten approved yet but application went through. Good luck.

  14. I just received my hyatt card, and confirmed with customer service that I will receive the 100.00 credit, after my first purchase (I did not book a room with hyatt, as the website indicates you have to do.)

  15. Offer still works. Need to sign in to Hyatt Gold Account and follow steps listed in article. I didn’t get it at first and made some adjustments to my searches.

    Some observations:
    * Try using a US hotel location (I tried Tokyo and it didn’t work)
    * Pick a close date (I tried doing it for next year and it didn’t work)
    * Keep trying because it took me two tries to get it to show.

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  17. Seemed to work OK for me, instant approval of 5K and 100 statement credit, thanks. I’m going to stay at the GRAND HYATT KAUA`I RESORT & SPA for my wife and I’s anniversary. Now I need to get my wife to sign up so we can have 4 nights 🙂

  18. Just applied for Chase Hyatt CC with the 100 dollar credit, but was not approved right away. I am wondering if the reconsideration line is different for this cc or they all the same for Chase?

  19. I think I found it 1-888-245-0625. ty

  20. My partner and I were both instantly approved for this offer after applying on 11/18 and already seeing my $100 credit! Can anyone confirm how long it takes for the free night awards to appear after hitting the $1000 spend?

  21. I think the $100 statement credit offer is gone. Either that or I just can’t find it…

  22. The $100 statement credit worked for me, 12/3/12. I haven’t applied yest, but got the offer. I tried at work a couple days ago and didn’t see the offer, though. Were you at work, Linda? Or, try a longer stay or something. The first time I chose an international hotel for 2 nights and didn’t get the offer. The second time, I chose a U.S. hotel and 4 nights. I got the offer.
    I would just try again and again, because it is still being offered.

  23. If you book in a category 6 hotel, do you just get a standard room, or can you get any room (ocean view, or suite, or whatever they have?)

  24. Thanks, Darius. I applied 12/4 and just called today (12/17) to check my status. I had to move some money around, but I was approved with the 2 free nights and $100 statement credit. Looks like I’ll be using these at the Grand Hyatt Berlin in a few months.

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  28. Hi Daruis,

    I’m looking at Hyatt rate today, and I found that the offer is 2 night free on first purchase, instead of $1000 dollar. Let me know if you want me to send you a pic of the offer. =D

  29. Hi Darius,

    I was wondering how we should redeem the 2 free nights?

    Your blog has changed our lives, very grateful!



    • @Jessica – Thanks for reading! Use the 2 free nights wherever it makes sense for you. We used ours in Paris for our honeymoon, but you could use them in the US, Hawaii, Europe etc. I’d look at the top Hyatt hotels and see if they fit in with your travel plans to get the most value from your points.

  30. The $100 statement credit is gone, but there is a new one for $50!

  31. @Darius – I automatically received the Platinum level of the Hyatt Gold Passport with the Hyatt Visa. It states members get free internet. How does that work at Hyatts with a resort fee? I mean, the main benefit for the cost of the resort fee is the internet access, so would they waive the resort fee for Platinum members? Is it two free nights or is it two free nights with whatever fee they can tack on?

    • @matthewD – The resorts usually charge a fee, and you may get a few dollars off if you have Platinum or Diamond status. Also, some resorts don’t charge the resort fees for award or free nights.

  32. @Darius – quick question about the Hyatt Credit Card offer (2 free nights). Are the two free nights at any Hyatt Hotel given as points or actually two free nights? I do not have a hotel credit card so not too familiar with how Hyatt rewards works. I am planning a trip to Hawaii at the end of the year and see there is a Hyatt Place in Honolulu (category 3) – requires 12K points per night. I am already a Hyatt Gold member and was browsing their website today regarding their program. Btw, really enjoy your blog and recent trip planning to Maui!

    • @amyS – You don’t get points, but get 2 free nights which are linked to your Hyatt account. You can use these free nights at ANY Hyatt hotel, so the best use is often at the top Hyatts which charge 22,000 points a night like the Andaz or Hyatt in Maui or the Grand Hyatt in Kuai. You could use them at Honolulu if you’ll be traveling there, but you can always transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt if you need points to use for Honolulu.

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  34. I got two free nights at the Hyatt Paris Vendome, no problem. Was also upgraded to a huge suite at a Hyatt in Denver. I was going to cancel the card but the upgrade made me decide to keep it.

  35. Just so everyone knows, if you call the gold passport line, you can sign up for the Chase Hyatt and get the $75 annual fee waived the first year. Just say they mentioned it the last time you spoke to them. This is better than the $50 bonus currently using the booking a room method.

  36. You have to sign up for the Chase Hyatt card first and then call in to waive the fee, is it right?

  37. I just went through the steps described above and pretended that I was going to make a booking. At the very bottom of the page (that gave the total price) it asked if I wanted to apply for the credit card. I was offered both the $50 credit AND the $75 annual fee waiver. I didn’t make the booking but I applied for the card! 🙂

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  39. Is this offer still available?