Hyatt “Imagine The Possibilities” – 65,000 Points + 22,000 Points Blog Giveaway!

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Link:  Hyatt Imagine the Possibilities Facebook Contest

Imagine The Possibilities

65,000 Hyatt Points Could be Yours!

Emily and I, along with Mommy Points, and Jeff Zidell (the Vice President of Hyatt Gold Passport) will help select 3 winners from among the top ten entries with the most votes in the Hyatt “Imagine the Possibilities” Facebook contest.  The contest ends on November 16, 2012.

Each of the 3 winners gets 65,000 Hyatt points to use on their getaway.  Hyatt has also graciously given me 22,000 Hyatt points to keep or to giveaway.  Of course I’m going to give them away on the blog, so stay tuned for that giveaway soon.

I’ve had lots of wonderful Hyatt stays – from when I asked Emily to marry me last year in London, to our honeymoon in Paris to spending time with family in Goa.


At the Hyatt Churchill in London

So why don’t you take part in the Hyatt Imagine the Possibilities contest?

Even if you don’t want to take part in the contest, it is fun to browse through the different entries.  I especially liked reading the “This Trip is Special to Me Because” section!

Good Luck!

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13 responses to “Hyatt “Imagine The Possibilities” – 65,000 Points + 22,000 Points Blog Giveaway!

  1. The part of it that’s a deal killer for me is that it’s another of those, “Everybody vote for me again and again with all your email addresses so I can enjoy fun nights at the Hyatt” contests. Sorry to be the wet blanket here, but lots of people hate those, and refuse to participate. The 10 nominees aren’t going to be the ones with the best ideas, but rather those people who are most annoying or best organized in getting people to vote for them. I guess you have to make money, and this sort of corporate relationship is part of that, but this kind of “contest” is not what the blog is for.

  2. For those that do not use FB all these tied in promotions are getting annoying. These companies need to understand that there is still a large segment of the population that does not and will not use FB and need to offer an alternative to it when doing things like this.

  3. These promotions are quite unpopular with many on Facebook/Twitter. It requires you to either massively spam friends and family in order to win, or game the system/buy votes. At least you get to judge the winners, that should hopefully mitigate cheaters/gamers.

    And why no mention of your stay at the Huntington Brach Hyatt as an IBM employee?

  4. I’d like to get my hands on these 65K HGP points! Please vote for me!

    • @BobChi – I don’t get paid (in cash or points) for running this promotion. I could have kept the 22K points offered to me, but chose to give it away to readers.

      @V @Ernesto @BobChi – Facebook has crossed 1 billion users, and is a very popular platform. Sure, everyone isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t want to participate, but I don’t see why an alternative platform should be provided. We’re NOT entitled to 65,000 free Hyatt points, and if some of us want a chance to win them, we’ve got to play by the rules of the sponsor!

  5. x2 to what V said. Sorry D but I pass on the FB.

  6. Out on FB too. FB is lame and getting more annoying every time i hear it mentioned.

  7. I’m with Daraius on this one. I use Twitter to follow people, but I never tweet (as of now). Since I don’t tweet, I miss out on a lot of promotions, but that’s my choice. The companies are getting us to do their marketing for them, and in return we have a shot at winning some nice prizes. If you don’t want to participate for whatever reason, then don’t, but there’s no reason they should have to provide an alternative to FB. It’s their business and their call if they want to ignore those people who don’t use FB.

  8. soo many contest, so many chances to win, Had to sign up for a passport just for this .. is there any sign up bonus?

  9. Facebook has crossed 1 billion accounts. How many are fakes driven by contests like these?

    You’re getting feedback from your readers. We don’t like these “vote for me” contests. Hyatt can choose to go that route and risk alienating their customers. They may be getting more mixed feedback, with some positives, than you are. Meanwhile, you should consider what YOUR readers are saying.

  10. thanks but no thanks…i’m not participating in this contest because it seems to me the one with the most friends will most likely move on to the final 10, it’ll be better if the judges decide the top 10 based on the content instead of # of votes…

  11. I completely agree that we are free to take it or leave it, and it’s the company’s decision how it wants to do its marketing. I am on Facebook, but for social purposes only – not to serve as a corporate shill. But I think companies need to know that whatever excitement there ever was in these see how many friends you can get to vote for you marketing contests is long gone for lots of people. I think most realize you have no chance whatsoever to win these unless you can drive lots and lots of people to the website to vote for you. It has nothing to do with the quality of the entry (until the very final stage).

  12. I’m just amazed that D is able to get laid with suspenders like that. Dang son, you’ve got to have it going on to rock that. Cheers mate!