Chase Hyatt Credit Card Minimum Spending (Potentially) Increasing Soon!

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Link:  Chase Hyatt Credit Card

Update 2:  The minimum spending for the Chase Hyatt credit card is now $1,000 even with my affiliate link.

Update: My referral link will increase to $1,000 in minimum spending on October 10, 2012.

The current offer for the Chase Hyatt credit card, via my affiliate link, is 2 free nights in ANY Hyatt after your FIRST purchase.

This is great because you don’t have to complete a minimum spending requirement to get those free nights.  And you can use these free nights in any Hyatt hotel.  Emily and I used our free nights on our honeymoon at the Park Hyatt in Paris where the room rates are usually $800+ a night!

However, the offer on the Chase & Hyatt website is for 2 free nights AFTER spending $1,000 within 3 months.  $1,000 in minimum spending isn’t a huge requirement, but it does add up if you’ve got other cards.

This follows the trend for the Chase Southwest and United cards where the 1st purchase requirement has given way to a $1,000 minimum spending requirement.

The last few times when my affiliate link was better than the public offers was with the Chase Sapphire Preferred where the offer from my affiliate link was 50,000 points instead of 40,000 points on the Chase website.   And with the Chase Ink Bold where the minimum spending through my affiliate link was $5,000 instead of $10,000 on the Chase website.

But the offer from my affiliate link soon changed to match the public offer.

Which makes sense because I can’t imagine why Chase would let affiliates market a better offer than what is on their own website.

Chase Hyatt Benefits

– You get 2 free nights in any Hyatt after your 1st purchase.

  • Existing Diamond members get the 2 free nights in a suite
  • Existing Platinum members get 2 suite upgrade certificates for paid stays, but the 2 free nights are in a standard room

You can match your existing status from other hotels to Hyatt.  For example, it is fairly easy to get Hilton Gold status.  If you request a Diamond trial challenge, you will get Diamond status for 60 days and your 2 free nights from the Chase Hyatt card will be in a suite, even for stays beyond the 60 day trial diamond period!

Call Hyatt at 800-228-3360 or email them at [email protected] to request a challenge.

– The card also gets you Hyatt Platinum elite status which means free internet

– You get 1 free night in any category 1 to 4 Hyatt every anniversary which more than makes up for the $75 annual fee

– Way back in June, I wrote about a way to get a $75 statement credit for the Chase Hyatt card, which effectively waived the 1st year $75 annual fee.  I listed that post in the Hotel Credit Card tab, in the Hyatt section, even though it didn’t pay me a referral, because it saved you $75.

However, that doesn’t seem to work anymore, but let me know if you have better luck!

Bottom Line

On October 9, 2012, the minimum spending for using my affiliate link will increase to match the $1,000 currently shown on the Hyatt website.

$1,000 isn’t particularly high, so I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the Chase Hyatt card now if you didn’t plan on applying for it.

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57 responses to “Chase Hyatt Credit Card Minimum Spending (Potentially) Increasing Soon!

  1. Thanks for the heads up D, I am waiting til mid November to apply for cards, so this will be interesting to track til then.

  2. $75 statement credit still works! I just got my Hyatt card on Oct. 1 and a customer service rep confirmed it. 🙂

    • @Grant Thomas – I suspect the minimum spending will increase by November, but it isn’t increasing by much. $1,000 in 3 months is ~$333 per month.

      @Marie – Thanks for confirming! I know it worked a few days ago, but I can’t get it to work today.

  3. This is what happens when a card becomes popular….up goes the spending requirement and/or down comes the sign-up bonus. Glad I got mine when I did. Personally, I think the spending requirement should be based upon how good a Chase customer you are. If proven that you actually use other cards, then spending minimum should be lowered 😉

  4. I wish it was points instead of free nights within the year –

    HH points are there for good but these nights have to be usedf within the year & I am not sure if I will get to a Hyatt anytime.

    I hope the Park Hyatt opens in NYC soon!

  5. I was waiting on getting this card and I think I’ll do a bit more waiting.

    Besides this card, are there any ‘must do’ deals going on with credits cards that I can’t ignore?
    Because I don’t plan on applying for credit cards for another couple months. Is it safe to save my app-o-rama till later? Is there anything coming up you know about, like if deals usually start off the new year? =]

  6. Is there a current offer for Hyatt Platinum Trial before applying for this card now? Also I did use the Visa Signature Free Platinum offer in May and Platinum status has now expired after 90 days. Does that disqualify for me for any Platinum offer now?

  7. I can’t get the $75 statement credit offer to show up. MMS do you think it might show up in a week or something when their systems get updated? They are spotty today and it keeps saying error when I try and book a room.

    • @Susan – I suspect it is a routine evaluation of their portfolio to increase profitability. The sign-on bonus is great, so why not make folks work a little to get it?

      @ih – The 2 free nights expire in a year, so you are forced to use them. That can be good or bad!

      @Corey – There’s no harm in waiting. I’d get the 2 Citi AA cards before the Hyatt card.

      @Kroozer – I updated the post, but you can always request a trial/match to Platinum or Diamond and then apply for the card. I’m not sure if you’re disqualified, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @compddd – If it shows up later on, it will likely be for the offer with $1,000 minimum spending. But it doesn’t hurt to wait a day to see if it appears tomorrow.

  8. The new offer with 1k spending is supposed to go live on Oct 9th or Oct 6th?

  9. Daraius, you wrote “If you request a Diamond trial challenge, you will get Diamond status for 60 days and your 2 free nights from the Chase Hyatt card will be in a suite.” If I were to book the two free nights within those 60 days for a stay beyond those 60 days, would I still get the suite upgrade?

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  12. What is a suite? is it different from a standard room? is it expensive? is it beautiful?

  13. Just got instant approval yesterday (after a Diamond trial from Hilton Diamond) through your link, looking forward to getting the two reward nights to use them on an upcoming trip to Tokyo.

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I used the sign-up image link on the Hyatt Paris Vendome reservations page, and got the $75 annual fee waived without having to e-mail or do anything. Applied for the card maybe 2.5 weeks ago. Not sure if it’s changed since then.

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  16. How much do 2 nights at a Hyatt hotel cost?

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  18. @Daraius Hello, What is the fastest way to obtain Hyatt diamond status, hyatt website says 25 eligible stays or 50 eligible nights, dont really understand the difference between stays vs nights. I have some traveling in March in Paris, was wondering if its possible to get it before that?

  19. Just called Hyatt for a diamond challenge and they will only give that if you have elite status with another program that was earned through stays. Any suggestions to be able to secure a diamond challenge. i’m hyatt gold right now. Thanks.

  20. I have two free night certificates showing in my Gold Passport account from the Hyatt credit card signup bonus that say they expire on July 31st. Do I need to complete my stay by July 31st or book by July 31st?

  21. Once you meet minimum spend and the statement closes for the month, how long before you get your free night certificate?

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  23. I just booked my free nights at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, however it is unclear from my booking whether I will be charged the taxes and service charges for each night?

  24. TAXES

    I’m trying to find where it says taxes won’t be charged. I know Dariaus says they won’t and other sites say they won’t but there is no site/link reference. Is it just from personal experience? The credit card offer only says refer to Gold Passport program. Searching on the Gold Passport T&C for the word taxes simply says taxes may be incurred. I ask because where I’m going the taxes could be over $500. Does anyone have a link to something in writing from Hyatt that states taxes are not charged using awards for free nights? – and remember there are at least 2 kinds maybe 3: The 2 free night awards, the Annual Cat 1-4 award and Gift Card Nights (you would buy these for somebody else). They may all have different policies. I’m looking for something in writing regarding the taxes specifically for the 2 free nights and the annual night. Thanks!

  25. I had a heck of a time with multiple dummy bookings and only after the umpteenth time did the offer with $50 statement credit appear.
    Isn’t it just possible just to go to the following link directly?

  26. Darius,

    I’m looking to go to the Carmel, CA Hyatt at the end of September. Do you think if I apply for the card now, spend $1,000 in the first of the three months, that I would receive the free nights after that first statement? Or would I have to wait until the third month ended? What has been your experience?


    • @James – The free nights usually post to your account a few days after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes (if you completed the spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closes).

  27. Hello! I am looking to stay at the Maui Hyatt Regency next July and looking to have Hyatt match my Marriott Platinum status and then apply for the credit card. So, looking for 2 free suite nights there and then will upgrade or use Sapphire point transfer for a few more nights in a suite. My question is – if I cannot meet the match within 60 days – what will I be treated as when I check in next July? I understand that they will still honor the reservation as a Diamond but internet/lounge/anything else? Many thanks, your knowledge is invaluable! 🙂

  28. And let me expand on this … so I call to get a match diamond trial today..wen i see i am diamond i then apply for the credit card. I have to spend $1000 and then I get the certificates for the suite stays. Then I have to book those within 60 days of when I became trial diamond? Is this all possible? Dont get me wrong, I can spend $1000 in a matter of minutes… 🙂 What happens if the certificate is booked outside of this 60 day trial window?

    • @tster – For 60 days, you will be a Diamond, so you should book the room within the 60 day period. Outside of 60 days, you will be treated depending on what your status is at the check-in time (though your free nights will be suites if you apply for the card as a temporary Diamond member).

  29. I reapplied for this card after 2 years and was approved.

  30. Million Mile Secrets,

    “@tster – For 60 days, you will be a Diamond, so you should book the room within the 60 day period. Outside of 60 days, you will be treated depending on what your status is at the check-in time (though your free nights will be suites if you apply for the card as a temporary Diamond member).”

    I am still not clear. If you get diamond status and your two free nights are suite night awards can you redeem the free suite night awards after your 60 days diamond status trial period has expired?

  31. Would my wife and I each be able to get the Hyatt card and get a total of 4 nights? We both had Marriott cards but we used all those points up.

  32. Hello, I wanted to know what kind of room I’d be able to get for free at Park Hyatt Maldives with the 2 free nights and would I be able to upgrade to a better room by paying a little extra? I’m also going to get the chase Ink and transfer the point to Hyatt, so would I be able to use them together for 4 free nights?

  33. You should probably change the content of the article to say that the diamond offer is discontinued. I followed the text of that and got the diamond membership and then applied for the chase card only to find out that the offer for free suite nights no longer exists. It was kind of a shitty experience.

  34. So as newToMiles posted, the “Existing Diamond members get the 2 free nights in a suite” is not longer available?
    For that I need to be a Diamond member when I apply, NOT when I redeem?

    Thank you for your input! This is my first comment but I have registered for 5 cards through your links already.

  35. Daraius, I have a question regarding to this hyatt visa I opened in September of this year and I hope you can help me. I did my calculation wrong and I thought I spent $1000 within 90 days to get the 2 hyatt passes bonus but 2 days ago I just found out that I was 16 dollars away from it, and now it’s 10 days over the 90 days. I called Chase and they said they have no control over the 2 hyatt passes, I need to talk to hyatt passport about that, they are the one who adds the 2 passes to your account when you meet the minimum spending within 90 days. Is it true? Is there anyway for me to still get the 2 passes? Do they have a “grace period” for that or no? I know it’s totally my fault because I did my calculation wrong first but the 2 hyatt passes bonus was the main reason why I signed up for this card. Please tell me what can I do at this time. Thank you very much!

  36. I would like to use my two free nights after meeting minimum spending at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome where you honeymooned. However, I will also have a teenager with my wife and I. Do you think they will let me book a Park Deluxe King (max 3 people) with my certificate or would they likely limit me to the Park Queen (max 2 people)? Thanks!!

  37. I have the Hyatt card and 2 free nights. I am wondering if I could sign up again for this to get 2 more free nights under a company name but use my Hyatt member number? I know I am being greedy…. LOL

  38. Kevin –

    I just tried to use the rewards at the Park Hyatt in NY. I was told NO for Deluxe Rooms, only Standard Rooms (of which they were sold out) but Deluxe was not sold out. The operator also said, there are very few “Standard” rooms available in general, so it is hard to get them (paid or free).


  39. I know that every 2 years you can reapply to get the sign up bonus again. But would I need to cancel my old Hyatt card first? Or is it ok to reapply for a Hyatt card after two years when i already have one and get the sign up bonus again? How does that work in general when trying to get the sign up bonus a second or third time?

  40. Dariaus,
    We will be Hilton Diamond in about 30 days. Do I understand you correctly, at that time I could get a 60 day waiver for Hyatt Diamond by asking?
    If so how do I keep that Diamond status with Hyatt?
    Sorry we were unable to attend the Elk Grove, IL get together this year – hopefully we will see you next year.