Our 2nd Honeymoon in Paradise – Air France Business Class – Los Angeles to Papeete

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Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class

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Here’s a video review of the Air France business class cabin.  Daraius isn’t the best with cameras. 🙂

Emily Jablon:  Soon enough it was time to board our flight and we made our way to the gate.  The Air France business class cabin looked very new, and the seats were wide and comfortable.

Each seat had hangers on it so that you could immediately hang your jacket instead of waiting for the flight attendants.  There were also pillows and blankets.

Air France Business Class

The Seats

There were 2 seats by the windows, but the middle section had 3 seats.

Air France Business Class

Pillow and Blanket

The flight attendants distributed the amenity kits and offered us water, orange juice or champagne.

Air France Business Class

3 Seats in the Middle

The amenity kit had the usual goodies and included a shoe bag for your shoes.

Air France Business Class

Amenity Kit

The seats were comfortable and there was a reading light on the side.  The light was very dim, so it didn’t help while reading.

Air France Business Class

Reading Lights

There was a small TV in front of us.  It wasn’t very big, but it didn’t matter since we both hardly watch TV on flights and went to sleep.

Air France Business Class

Small TV

The controls for the TV were in the side of our seat.

Air France Business Class

TV Controls

I planned on sleeping the entire seven hour flight, so after takeoff I put my seat into a bed.  Daraius stayed up and had dinner.

Daraius:  Here’s the Air France Business Class Menu, for those of you who email me asking what the wine offerings were!

Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class Menu

Here’s a picture of the wine list.

Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class Wine List

I had the Foie Gras to start described as “Champagne foie gras terrine, poached shrimp with mayonnaise cream sauce, coconut and fig chutney on cranberry-raisin bread”

It was okay.  I had much better foie gras in French Polynesia.

Air France Business Class

Foie Gras & Shrimp

To save time, since this was a night flight, I was served the cheese and orange chocolate cake at the same time as my appetizer.

Air France Business Class

Dessert & Cheese

I had the scallops with lobster bisque sauce for my main course.  It wasn’t a memorable meal, but I wasn’t in the mood for a long memorable meal.  I just wanted to go to sleep!

Air France Business Class

Scallops with Lobster Bisque sauce

I was worried when I saw the seat sign which suggests that the bed doesn’t recline 180 degrees.

Air France Business Class

Seat Recliner

The bed didn’t recline a complete 180 degrees, but was almost flat.

Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class

The bed was almost flat and much more comfortable than the Lufthansa or American Airlines business class seats where I slide off!

Air France Business Class

Almost Flat!

The pilot kept on coming out of the cockpit and chatting with everyone in the cabin.  At one point, I saw him escort a woman who was looking for the toilet.

I went to sleep so I didn’t have breakfast.  We got up just before landing and it was still dark outside.

Overall, we were very happy with our Air France flight.  It was a great way to start our honeymoon!

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39 responses to “Our 2nd Honeymoon in Paradise – Air France Business Class – Los Angeles to Papeete

  1. Those TVs look really funny but at least the seat goes all the way down. I can’t stand Lufthansa’s Business Class seats.

    • @Frequent Flyer University – Ha! I’ve seen bigger TVs in coach on some airlines…

      @Jim – The food was okay, but the service was good. Fortunately it was a night flight, so I didn’t care too much!

  2. Man I would starve on that flight. None of that looked good…

  3. Darius, do you think it’s worth the extra pts cost to fly business class vs coach? i know coach can really suck, but it’s so much cheaper and if you take a sleeping pill, you basically blk out.

    • @dyhppy – If you have the points, sure. If not, it is much better to fly in coach than to stay at home. It is a night flight and you can go to sleep and you’ll have arrived by the time you get up. It is also much easier to get coach awards to French Polynesia.

  4. I too would go hungry as I’m a super picky eater. Is there is kids menu that I can rode from? Wold the coach menu have more traditional menu items that I can order from? I have my first transatlantic flight next year and am now thinking I should pack a bunch of protein bars to get me through the flight

  5. That is a tiny tv screen, and I’m not sure I’d be able to see anything from my seat. All that white material around it must have served a very important purpose, if they decided not to expand the screen instead.

  6. This is why I always have snacks on long flights in case the food portion is too small or disgusting.

  7. How long was the flight from LA to Papeete?

    I know that LA to Honolulu is about 5.5 hrs.

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  11. Hey, just saw the video of the plane. One request, would it be possible to enable the captioning feature of YouTube on the video? It is voice-to-text captioning, so it might not accurately translate the audio but is better than none.

    • @Blue – The voice captioning might be a distraction and it isn’t like we’re saying anything important! The videos are more a way to show folks what the hotels and airplanes look like! But thanks a lot for the feedback.

  12. @Million Mile Secrets – Understood, just wanted to know what was being said. I’m only asking because I’m deaf and I rely heavily on captions.

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  18. yuck about the 3 seats in the middle.. i had i think 4 on klm business atl to ams and the food was not edible..
    the wine list looked great though..

  19. What airplane were you on? Airbus? Boeing? Do you remember the model #? Taking a trip on AF soon and want to compare the biz section

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  26. Thank you so much for your fantastic information! I’m a travel agent and need some help. Can you answer a few questions regarding the row of bus. class seats directly behind the bulkhead:

    1. Where is the TV for those seats?
    2. Would you choose this row vs. a regular row?
    3. Where do your feet go? The other rows have a cubby hole where the feet go when laying down.

    Thank you SO much!

  27. Thank you! I’ll see if I can get the other answers from Air France, thanks.

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  31. Wow, that’s crazy that you slid off the Lufthansa and American Airlines seats.

    I’ve been flying business class with Air France and KLM for years. They can be a mixed bag but generally good overall. I did more recently get to fly First Class with Air France which was amazing. The service was exceptional.