70,000 Mile American Express Delta Credit Card is Back!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Via MileValue, the American Express Delta card with a 70,000 mile sign-up bonus and a $100 statement credit is back!

You earn 25,000 miles after your 1st purchase and and another 45,000 Delta miles after spending $5,000 within 6 months.

I wrote about this offer previously and mentioned that some of you will feel uncomfortable with changing the URL to this offer, while some won’t.  As always, do what you feel comfortable with.

Online Travel Review has simple instructions on how to get the offer to show up.

This is much better than my regular affiliate links offering 30,000 miles after spending $500, though there are slightly better non-affiliate link offering 30,000 miles & a $50 statement credit, which of course I’ve listed on the Airline Credit Card tab.

At the very least, you can redeem 70,000 Delta miles for $700 in travel on ANY delta flight using the Pay with Miles feature of the American Express Delta card.

If you do apply for this take lots of screenshots of the offer and the sign-up bonus. Please be extra careful to check the terms when you apply!

In other credit card news, the Chase Air Tran offer went public with a 16 Air Tran credit sign-up offer, which isn’t very exciting.  I’d be a lot more excited if the 32 credit targeted offer which I wrote about a few days ago went public!

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46 responses to “70,000 Mile American Express Delta Credit Card is Back!

  1. have people had success with getting this bonus a second time? i cancelled the card in april..

  2. Hi,
    I applied for two amex personal cards in September, and I am thinking about a business card. How long am I supposed to wait before filling the application form?


  3. @Emily – I would be interested in that also. My wife cancelled her card a few months ago. I think with AMEX they are kind of strict with the number of times you can get personal cards within a 2 year period of time. Would love to get on this one if possible.

    • @emily @Derek – ThePointsGuide – I don’t know. The terms on the regular offer say that you can’t get it if you have had another Delta personal card in the last 12 months. But for 70,000 miles it could be worth it to see if that is true or not…

      @andy – Ideally, I’d wait at least 3 months since your last application if you applied for a bunch of cards.

  4. Daraius, I just cancelled my Delta card one week ago but I read the terms and conditions of this offer very carefully and it says you cannot have this card if you already have one. It does not say anything else !! Here are the exact words:

    “Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. ”

    I think I’ll apply again and see what they say. I told them I did not like the card because Delta miles were very hard to use (which is true) and I traded the credit line for a new Hilton card. But with a 70,000 mile bonus I may be able to get over my feelings for Delta miles ….

  5. Here’s what I got when I tried online travel review’s link with name and # replaced:
    “You are not authorized to view this page.”!

    • @Frank – The terms are ambiguous to me “You may be permitted to have more than one Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account; however, you are eligible to receive welcome bonus miles for only one Card account. Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card”

      It seems to suggest that you can’t upgrade or already have an existing Delta card, but it is unclear what happens if you cancelled your card recently.

      @Pointsandtravel – Try the link in MileValue’s post.

  6. Also, what about my just getting 2 new AMEX cards this last month? Do you think that may have a negative bearing? I did drop both my Delta cards this last month and got an MR card and a Hilton card.

    I guess they can “just say no”.

  7. Hi, this may be off topic, but I have the blue cash preferred from amex which gives 6% cash back on groceries. Is that the card to use or should I use another card to earn points and miles? I prefer cash back, but if there’s a card which gives equivalent or higher than 6% in points and miles, I would consider it.

  8. Me again: Looks like the landing page is flawed. I started to complete it but there is no field for the required First Name or Last Name !! It is a genuine AMEX site.

    I even tried with a different (valid) user name and Delta number – same thing.

    Has anyone else tried this link?

  9. How is the redemption on Delta, specifically for international flights? My husband and I need to travel to Africa twice early next year to complete an international adoption. AirFrance, a partner with Delta, has the most direct route to our destination. Plus, we can stopover in Paris! I hesitate to do a Delta card, as I wouldn’t use the points for anything else (they don’t have a lot from the West coast) but for this sign up + 10k in spending I could have one of my roundtrip Africa tickets! And if not, I could at least get the $700 off IF you can spend it with partner airlines. Anyone know the answer to this?

  10. OK, so I just read the milevalue article which described the “buggy” site exactly as I found it. I went ahead and filled it out as best I could and lo and beold it seemed to know all about me. The app said it would let me know in 14 days. Maybe I’ll be as lucky as he was and get an email shortly! I doubt it but i will leave my reconsideration call for another day. Normally I call immediately but somehow I think this time I should wait due to one other complication …

  11. I’m so bummed. Bad timing again. I just applied for this card 2 weeks ago for the 30,000 bonus miles after spending an easy $500. I received the card a couple of days ago and have yet to activate the card. I called Amex to see if there is anything I can do to apply this new promo to my card but there is nothing they can do. They said even if I applied for another card, my existing application would void out the new offer and I would only get the same promo. The supervisor offered me 5,000 courtesy points since she knew there was nothing I can do. Oh well, at least I tried. I’ll just apply for another card program after I am done with this. Let’s just hope I don’t have bad timing again!

  12. @david. That suck you know if it was a chase card. You would have gotten that offer match without any issues

  13. D – Got instant approval for this card. Thank you. But 5K spending :-/ I already have 3k + 3k spending in SPG card’s within 4 months.

  14. I am having the same problem, there is no place to put your first name on the app page. What do I do about that? Did anyone had success applying? Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. alright so i figure it out. i got a instant approval.here is the link.
    if it doesnt work change www262 to 265

  16. getting “you are not authorized to view this” over and over. tried with firefox and safari.

    have the amex delta plat, and canceled the delta gold about 6 months ago so probably not eligible for all the points anyway but wanted to see if i could get it to work.

    so far no go.

    • @Frank – I really don’t know, but do let us know what happens.

      @Ryan – If you’re using your cash back for domestic US flights in coach, you’re unlikely to better than 6% cash back. However, if you want to travel internationally or in 1st or Business Class, there are likely better cards. B

      @Rachael – Delta low level award availability is bad. Partner availability is better, but you may have to find your way from your home city to the international departure city if there are no low level awards available. Here’s what the terms say about Pay with Miles: “Eligible only on Delta and Delta Connection® carrier flights booked at delta.com under the DL code.”

  17. Ok did finally get it to work with milevalue’s link. Thanks but will not apply because Amex will most likely not give most of the points because of other amex cards and recently canceled gold.

  18. Well, Daraius, this is what I arrived to today:

    We are pleased to approve your application for the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express.

    I have saved screenshots, particularly all the T&Cs that have no mention of having had the card before, even just a week before. I guess they wanted me back after I told them how useless Delta miles were! 🙂
    Assuming I get my 70,000 I then won’t feel so bad about never getting low-cost Delta flights.

    Now comes the problem of spending another $5K. Guess I’ll have to take some trips! 🙂

  19. What are your thoughts on the targeted AirTran card. My link is still working and I spoke with them on the phone and they said I could apply by phone even though the link was supposed to expire yesterday. Last year my wife and I took a flight to Jamaica on Airtran and the cost was $900. It sure would have been nice to have those credits then. The only problem is that my last churn was 7/17 with a seconday pull from Barclays on 7/23.

    I am itching to pull the Airtran and Amex Delta today. I know that rule is 91 days. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

    • @Corridor! – Chase usually has a good phone reconsideration process, and 32 credits is a very generous offer. The AMEX Delta is at least $700, so could be worth a try. Air Tran is integrating with Southwest, so there are fewer flights available on Air Tran metal. But you could use those credits on Southwest (if you find availability using credits).

  20. does Amex ever match offers? I just got the Delta card a few weeks ago.

  21. What are your thoughts on doing two cards before the 91 days? I believe I can pull it off with Chase. What about with Amex? While my scores are high, (770) the inquiries are there. I read that most people applying for the Delta Amex were being approved. Even if they didn’t have that high of a score or had a lot of inquiries.

    *If I could just find a bank to pull Equifax. 0 on my report! =)

    Thanks again.

  22. Thanks for your quick responses. I will see you in a week.

  23. Hi, can I buy $100 Delta gift card and get the Statement credit? Thanks.

  24. AirTran completed! The Chase rep was excellent. He just asked to move some credit over from an existing card. That was my fourth Chase card in 11 months! I now own five of them.

    Off to the next one!

    Thanks again for all your help!

  25. the link to the 70k amex works but when you finished all the inputs and pressed continue , there is a message that says “system down” and ask you to return to delta website. tried it a few times but still doesnt work. anyone got any success, please share. thanks

  26. @Choi

    I just applied at 1:26pm central time. It told me that I would have a response with in 14 days. I refreshed my email at 1:28pm and there was the approval email. I used FireFox.

  27. ok thanks Corridor, its 2:00pm pacific time, I m going to try again. by the way I use Chrome

  28. I can’t even get the first page to load.

  29. the link is dead at 2:24pm pacific time

  30. I just checked and it is dead.

  31. Is there anyway to contact Amex and get them to honor this offer as the link seems dead? I called Amex’s online approval group and they had never heard of the 70/$5k offer and had no suggestions who to call.

  32. Thanks to your suggestion, I got the Amex gold business card (no set limit) and was able to put $10k in 3 mths.
    I have 3 other credit cards with approx $10-$20k limits each which I haven’t used at all in the last 2 mths.
    I got a credit sesame account. My Credit score showed excellent but my debt was very poor – ” Careful! Your credit card balances are higher than your peers.”
    I was trying to meet spending reqs on business amex gold card which does not have any limit. Any thoughts why I got a poor rating?

    • @Pam – If your credit score is good, you may want to look at your official credit report (you can get 1 per year for free) to see if there are any high balances appearing on the report. I wouldn’t worry much if your credit score is good.

  33. My wife got a targeted delta amex gold offer for 75k miles after 10k$ spend in August (25k miles after first purchase and 50k miles after 10k$ within 6 months). We called recently to verify the offer terms, and they said it was only 45k miles now. In fact, before the CSR let us talk, she went on and on for a minute about how she has never seen such an amazing offer, and told us how lucky we should feel. I think this was just the setup because she could see that they downgraded the offer. We told them we have screenshots and they said it doesn’t matter, not even a manager could change it back to the one we originally signed up for. They were willing to give us 2500 apology miles, and they said that was the max they could do. Looks like David got 5000 courtesy miles. Sounds like it’s time to call back until we talk to the right CSR. Is there anything else we should be fighting for besides getting the original offer reinstated e.g. lowering the minimum spend to 5k$ or adding the 100$ statement credit? Would they be willing to match this most recent offer?

  34. @ Daraius

    I just wanted to say that a couple of weeks ago I got a targeted offer in the mail for an AMEX Delta. In my case it was 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 over a 3 month period. That makes it a better option than the typical 30,000 miles offer and I think that $1,000/3 months might be easier to reach for several people than $5,000/6 months. Unfortunately I am unaware of a link for this offer, but perhaps others were targeted too.

    • @Jameson – That’s a great offer, but it sucks that they pulled it out from under you. I don’t know if they will match the offer (I’d say no), but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Perhaps you’ll get more apology miles from it!

      – That’s a good offer as well, and the relatively low minimum spending requirement is great. Thanks for sharing!

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  36. Will they honor the bonus if you’re using someone else’s targeted link? 50k/1k