When to Call The Credit Card Reconsideration Department?

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If you apply for credit cards regularly, at some point your application will get denied.  This is most likely because of too many recent credit inquires on your credit report.

But Million Mile Secrets readers know that calling the bank’s reconsideration department and making your case will usually help get you approved!  For more information on how to convince the banks to approve you for a credit card and which telephone numbers to call, check out my earlier post on how to make your credit card reconciliation telephone call a success, which has 278 comments so far.

It almost always makes sense to call the credit card reconsideration department.  That’s because you’ve already got the credit inquiry recorded on your credit profile, so you might as well try to get approved for the credit card and get the sign-on bonus.

When to Call?

But readers often ask when is the best time to call the reconsideration line?  Is it as soon as you apply?  Or is it when you receive the denial letter via email or by US mail?  Perhaps it is best to call a few days after applying?

My Experience

In my experience, I get the best results by calling as soon as I finished applying for the credit card online.  And by hanging up and calling back if the representative doesn’t approve me or if I sense that the representative was unsure or just “making stuff up” to get me off the phone.

However, I wouldn’t call the Barclays bank reconsideration line more than once or twice, because they track the number of times you call and have been known to sometimes close ALL your existing Barclays bank credit cards if you have too many inquiries on your credit report.

In my experience, Chase and Bank of America have the best telephone reconsideration department, but I generally have better luck writing to the Citi Executive office.  Capital One and US Bank don’t appear to have much of a reconsideration department.

Calling Early

I usually call the reconsideration line as soon as I finish applying for the credit card or batch of cards online for a few reasons.

1.  Impatience.   I’m human, and impatience is one of my flaws.  I want to know the results as soon as possible and deal with getting approved immediately.  Once I know I’m approved, I can mentally move on to the next phases of completing the minimum spending and dreaming of using my miles and points!

2.  Application is Not Locked.  With Chase, I’ve noticed that the telephone representatives can manually process a credit card application if you call immediately, or a few days after applying.  There seems to be a period of time in-between where your application is “locked” for an automated review.

But calling the reconsideration line immediately after applying ensures that I can chat up the telephone representative, mention my banking and business relationship with Chase and negotiate approval for another card.

3.  Correct Glitches.  Sometimes, your application may appear like it has been submitted online, but there is no record of it in the bank’s systems.  This tends to happen with Citi applications.

For example, Emily applied for 2 Citi Hilton Reserve cards last week at the same time using the 2-browser trick.  She was immediately approved for 1, but got an “application pending” notice for the 2nd card.

We called the reconsideration line, but the representatives could not find her 2nd application!  We said that we applied for 2 personal Citi Hilton Reserve cards to separate our business and personal expenses because there isn’t a dedicated Citi Hilton Reserve Business credit card.

We called back a few times, but the reps couldn’t find her 2nd application.  So we submitted another application for the Citi Hilton Reserve, within 2 hours of Emily’s earlier application, which was instantly approved.

4.   Consolidate Credit Pulls.   I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern, but *sometimes* a bank will pull my credit score during the reconsideration process.  But if it is on the same day, the scores *might* get clubbed together and appear as only 1 inquiry on my credit report.

5.   Duplicate Applications.   American Express sometimes puts a second application for the same type of application on hold.  For example, suppose you apply for both a personal and business American Express Starwood card.

You may need to call the American Express reconsideration department to let them know that you intentionally applied for both versions and to release the second application for processing.

 Bottom Line

I usually prefer calling the reconsideration department as soon as I finish applying for credit cards online.  But I don’t have enough data to suggest that this is the optimal method for everyone.  As always, do what you’re comfortable with and what works for you!

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51 responses to “When to Call The Credit Card Reconsideration Department?

  1. For Chase, it always works for me to call about half hour to an hour after I apply if not approved instantly. I always ask if they can pull up my credit report as I have a freeze on the other 2 credit bureau.

  2. So…Emily went for two Hilton Reserve cards…so 4 total nights?

  3. Daraius- I tried to churn the AA Visa + Amex and was denied. I opened these accounts in July ’11, and was hoping that 14 months after would qualify me for a new account, I called reconsideration and they said I was denied bc I already had the account (even though I cancelled the Amex in April and downgraded the visa to an AA bronze).

    I want to call reconsoderation again but have a feeling it will be pointless because I haven’t reached that “sweet spot” of churning (~18 months)

    I want to apply for the citi thank you card and do the 2 browser trick so I can get the 50k bonus on the Visa + MC. Can I apply lets say today or do I need to wait 65+ or so days until another Citi application?

    • @gpapadop – She got approved for both, so we should get 4 nights in total once we complete the minimum spending.

      @MissMiles – If you’re denied for the CIti AA personal cards inside of the 18+ month window for already having the cards, it is almost impossible to get reconsideration to approve you. Citi allows only 2 applications within 65 days, so I’d wait at least 65 days before reapplying.

  4. Hard Pulls / Inquiries?

    D, I have gotten 7 new cards this year and a bunch last year. Mostly Chase, Amex, Citi and a few others including Barclays and a small local bank.

    However Kredit Karma only shows 2 Hard Inquiries in the past 2 YEARS.
    It just jumped to 3 today after The Barclays NFL card Pull (which i got shot down for for having the 7 new cards this year.)

    I just signed up for Credit Seasame and they are only showing 1 Hard Inquiry.

    What am i missing here? Are Chase and Amex not pulling credit for each new card app. because of the long history i have with them and their cards?

    I have 780 Plus with no late payments, Paid in full each month. 100% perfect credit.


  5. Recently Amex reconsideration lines has moved to India and representative there cannot really see your credit report (just the summary of decline comments).

    Following your suggestion in the older reconsideration thread, I asked them to transfer to US agent and response was we can’t do it. I even talked to the supervisor but still got the same response. They are asking me to fax the credit report and then they will send it for reconsideration which might cause another credit pull.

    Any other suggestion/trick for Amex reconsideration?

  6. @ Daraius – I am SO mad at myself for not thinking this through. I should have applied for the 2 Citi Thank You cards, and then in 2 months done the 2 AA cards. Now I’m worried that the offer on the Citi Thank You cards will be gone in 65 days.

  7. Just apply for Citiaadvantage personal and amex yesterday. Didn’t get instant approval. On the phone with customer service right now . Wow, the rep just approved both. No hassle. That’s 100000 aadvantage points. Thanks Darius for your million miles secret! Hope you got credt.

  8. @enigma: Amex doesn’t really do reconsideration…I wish that everyone would point this out more often….Amex only “reconsiders” you application if something was incorrect on your credit report. I’m currently going through extensive reconsideration…i intially was transferred to India, spoke to the executive office and also spoke with new accounts all of whom have told me that they DO NOT DO RECONSIDERATIONS unless there is something incorrect on your report. I even emailed a high up vp who then transferred to yet another group…that group also told me…sorry no reconsiderations….but promised to send my app to some vp who will make the final decision…that was 2 weeks ago..app still “in progress” but I fully expect it to be rejected.

    Chase is great with recons!

    • @E – There are 3 different credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Banks usually don’t pull your score from all 3 bureaus (except Capital One). Credit Karma is a proxy for TransUnion scores and Credit Sesame is a proxy for your Experian score. I suspect that AMEX and Chase could be using Equifax for your applications.

      @enigma @Sal – It is hard to get hold of someone who is empowered to make a decision on your application at AMEX< but I've managed to get transferred after many calls. But it isn't as easy as calling chase. @leslie - I don't get a referral for the Citi 50K offers (only for the 30K offers), but thanks for thinking of me!

  9. I applied for the Chase Ink credit card for my wife and got a pending further review notification. We already have the Ink charge card. We called the reconsideration line and we were told we were denied for the number of credit cards we had open and our overall credit line amount. Mentioned our banking relationship along with our mortgage with chase, but would not budge. Is there any point in calling again? Won’t they have notes on our conversation? How long should we wait before applying to chase again?

  10. @Jonathan — Chase is usually pretty good about letting you reduce a limit on an existing card to open a new one. That or closing an old one to open a new one.

    I’d tread lightly with Chase after this app, though. You seem to be on their radar a bit…

  11. I asked if I could close a personal card or move credit or even close the Ink card, but they would not budge since it was a business card. Closing the Ink wouldn’t help since it technically doesn’t have a line I credit.

  12. Surprisingly after so many calls to amex and trying to get in touch with somebody to approve on phone, I got the mail today that card is approved. Application was declined initially but got approved today. Maybe my closing of Amex PRG card might have helped. Still not sure what cause the reversal.

    Will update in comments in case I am able to figure out what caused the change.

  13. I applied for the Hilton Surpass and SPG business card at the start of sept. I wasn’t aware that Amex would automatically put a hold on the second application. After calling and explaining that one was a business card and one was personal, they did flag the second card for processing. However, I was told that the hold would still be in effect for around 5 business days. Despite calling back and speaking with several reps on all the numbers listed for amex reconsideration, all that weekend and the following week I was continually told the card would be reviewed after the hold period. About a week later the card was finally approved. It certainly was nothing like Chase’ reconsideration process.
    Oddly enough, since I began doing multiple CC apps in december of last year, Amex has actually increased the credit limit on the cards I get approved for now compared to in december. They’re the only ones doing that.

  14. Contacting Recon Line or Not?
    D, As posted above I was shot down for Barclay’s NFL card.
    I have 1 US Air card from Barclays (about 6 months)

    I called the recon line 1 day after online app that did not give instant approval.
    The rep questioned my 7 New cards in 2012. Then Shot me down.

    I just checked my Eqiifax Inquiries as you suggested and they listed 4. (3 Citi and 1 US Bank)

    My Kredit Karma (transunion which Barclay’s used) only had 2 inquiries at the time of my App. But the Barclay’s rep immediately saw the 7 opened cards.

    SO SHOULD i have NOT called the Recon line and just let the app process continue in hopes of the “computer” not fully opening all my account history for a manual review?

    Or would they have done the same thing but just taken more time?

    Thanks for any further insight.

  15. I actually was automatically declined for the recent Amex Delta card 70k offer. I called and asked for reconsideration. The agent suggested that I check my credit report for errors. I told her that I had and somehow convinced her to send it to the Exec offices. Four business days later, the card was approved- I do have a longstanding relationship with Amex. While they could not help me in India, someone did look at the application and approve it. However, the application was auto-declined without an initial credit pull, which I found strange. I did notice that a credit pull occurred the same day it was approved (despite a Citi pull from the same day as my initial Amex app).

  16. I applied for the Ink Plus business card earlier today, and was not immediately approved (pending application). I called the reconsideration line about 20 minutes later. After a few easy questions, mostly about my personal income/employment, and a review of my credit report, the application was approved. The rep moved some of my unused credit limit from one of my personal cards (Chase Freedom, I believe) to my newly established business account. No issues doing that. Thank you for all of the advice, Darius.

  17. Applied for 10 cards (2 by mistake!) and i think used your like for at least 6 of them. 🙂

    Chase Hyatt and Ink Bold Approved; Hawaiian BOA and BOH approved; Barclays US Airways and Amex Delta approved.

    Citi Hilton Reserve (2 nights) and two Citi Hilton Honors (40k and 50k) are in pending state. I have never had a luck getting Citi to give me a decision over the phone. Have you? I called 8882014523 and it didn’t work. Should I just wait or keep trying to find the right agent?

    • @AH @DM – Congrats and thanks for sharing!

      @Sapan – Thanks for using our links! You can only get 2 Citi cards within a 65 day period, so I suspect you won’t get all 3 Citi cards. You can call back a few times to see if you have better luck with another agent.

  18. Hi Daraius,
    I applied for Ink Bold last night and called the reconsideration line this morning and got approved but the CSR said I had to close my Chase Marriott Card since he saw I only used it once (owned card for 11 months, annual fee/ account anniversary next month). I have over 70K points in that account, will my points be taken away now that the credit card account is closed? Thanks

  19. Hello Daraius – I have a cautionary story and a few questions.

    On 11/5 I applied for 5 cards for my wife she had 11 inquiries in the last year prior to this round. Applied for Amex Business Gold – Approved, Citi Hilton Honors – had to call but approved, Citi AA Busines M/C – called but declined, said it had been less than 90 days since last business app., just missed by 2 weeks, BOH Hawaiian Air – had to call and talk a while but approved, finally and the most painful Chase Priority Club 80K – declined too many inquiries, called declinded again, said credit fine but too many inquires said she had 16.

    Here is the cautionary tale #1 – while I have been good about spreading the apps b/w banks it wasn’t until I pulled my wife’s credit report I realized every app had pulled from Experian and the inquiries will be there until 2014 (2 years). #2 – My wife hates having to call the reconsideration line, I called Chase last 2 days later since usually the easiest, it looks like they were looking at a credit report that had all the inquiries from 11/5. Appears if we had called right away they would not have know about the other 4?

    Long post I know but here are my questions. For #1 -Chase I had a bad feeling about the lady on the recon line b/c she just sounded like she was having a bad day. Couldn’t get my wife to call back b/c she thinks her credit is ruined. Since it has been several days do you think a call back might work, last lady was not interested in moving credit lines at all, said too many inquiries in last year period the end. We have excellent credit which she readily admitted. Should I try to call back or write, what should my position be? #2 – Citi Business M/C – recon rep. gave me some hope that if I wait a couple of weeks I could reapply which would be after the 90 days, how about I just write Citi to reconsider the app that was turned down, btw – it was an offer received in the mail that expires on 11/30. Thanks, Rick

  20. I applied for Chase British Airways deal earlier today and status said pending, await decision by US mail. I thought I would be declined because (a) I already have Sapphire Preferred and Chase Explorer and (b) Sapphire Preferred was issued 21 days ago. Out of curiosity, I called Chase and checked status and see if I might pull some of my credit line from Explorer to BRitish Airways card to get approval. Agent said he would pull up application and said British Airways card had already been approved and he said it just takes some time to unite the card with the benefits provider…whatever that means…card is on the way along with potential to get 100k miles over next year. Yahoo. PJ

  21. I applied for 2 citi thank you cards and was denied for both immediately using 2 browser trick. Booo 🙁 any advice? This sucks.. Thks

  22. I just applied for Carlson biz and personal, churnig and hoping I get one pull from Equifax, not instantly approved so I called the recon line for both and , they both(biz) and Personal said it will take 3 days, they just want to make sure my salary was correct! 675K/yr. Scores around 780″s and debt utilization ratio 10%. I thought they will deny me immediately or approved me, please advice?
    Why they didn’t make a decision right away?

  23. I spoke with a representative from the Underwriting dept. she said your application looks good, but it needs to be signed off from security? Do you have any fraud alerts in your Equifax, I replied no, only a dispute and possibly they had tagged it as a fraud alert, don’t know. She makes notes and said wait for the next 2 days?? Is this a possible approval or still they can shut me down with the Club Carlson?

  24. I just applied for the Citi Thank You Preferred, and I was denied because of too many inquires (applied for 2 Chase cards and 1 Barclays card earlier today). When I called the reconsideration line, they said that it was a “system decision” because of the other inquiries today, and they cannot overwrite it (tried two reps). My credit score was around 780 before these applications. Is there anything I can do to get them to reconsider? Does getting denied for credit hurt your score at all? I’ve never been denied for credit before. Thanks in advance.

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  26. well i applied for a chase ink plus….. got the “we will look into your application and send you a letter” came right on here read what i needed to and bit the bullet and called…..

    Strange i was rather nervous calling, didn’t want to be turned down. Did as you suggested was nice had a lovely chat with the guy answered his questions and then to had more help i asked could i move some credit around $15000 on a southwest card i never use…. he took some of that put in on my Ink plus so off to “the manufactured spending isle” i go.

    After all that wanted to say “THANK YOU” for the information you and time you put into site to make our lives easier

  27. I applied ink plus and got pending. I called but cs said my application is turned down because credit history not long enough (I have a 32 months credit history).
    I offered to transfer some credit line from my UA explorer card but he said no. 🙁

    Any advice? I heard that chase will have a record of recon calls you made. But I’m wondering if my call is considered as a reconsider? Is there possibility that I could be approved if I call a second time? Thanks

  28. Hi,
    I applied, and was approved last month for the Chase Ink Bold business card.

    I applied yesterday for the Chase Southwest Plus card, and was approved after calling in to change my credit limit around ( I also have the Chase Freedom and canceled the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, leaving only the Freedom/Ink Bold Business and the new SW card).

    I am trying to obtain the additional 50K sign up bonus from the SW business card to get the Companion Pass in early 2014. When I called the reconsideration line today for the Chase Southwest Business Card, I was declined bc the rep said that I had just opened the Ink Bold last month, and that my ‘revenue’ for my business is not high enough to require two business cards. I was trying to argue that I wanted a travel / SW card to get points, etc, but he stated that because I am a Sole Proprietor, I could use my personal card with no problems. He stated that I would need a sharp increase in my revenue (ie thousands of dollars in revenue annually) to qualify for 2 business cards, and that it would likely be reconsidered in 3-6 months?!
    Do you have any recommendations/thoughts on how I should proceed next?

    Thanks, Amy

  29. Hi I do have a very prosperous business, sales 2 or 3 mill as a sole owner dba. I have 2 inks cards with chase and 5 personal, with a total credit lines of 100k. When I opened my accounts last week on line, most of them have a zero balance and my total credit utilization, in my bureau is around 10 to 12% max. But Chase took into himself to review my bureau and they decided to cut around $ 30K in lines. I immediately called the credit department and again I was put in hold for a few minutes, again a new confession of my business , my assets, income etc.. After, they asked me why I went from 5% credit to total utilization 12 %, I replied, some of it was balance transfers, etc The Credit agent, said why don’t you pay them off, which I replied they are 0 % APR until next year, free money?? Long story, he came back and reinstated my lines to normal levels. Also my bureau goes back to 1974 and my score is in the 750>/ Any idea as to why they drop lines down, never being late with them or I should say, my bureau is sterling other than inquiries as a result of these promotions and advantage of miles? Advice

    • @J R – Most banks constantly review the credit line extended to businesses and cut them if they feel that there exposure is too high or if there is an unusual change in credit activity (high balances, utilization etc.)

  30. Hi I do have a very prosperous business, sales 2 or 3 mill as a sole owner dba. I have 2 inks cards with chase and 5 personal, with a total credit lines of 100k. When I opened my accounts last week on line, most of them have a zero balance and my total credit utilization, in my bureau is around 10 to 12% max. But Chase took into himself to review my bureau and they decided to cut around $ 30K in lines. I immediately called the credit department and again I was put in hold for a few minutes, again a new confession of my business , my assets, income etc.. After, they asked me why I went from 5% credit to total utilization 12 %, I replied, some of it was balance transfers, etc The Credit agent, said why don’t you pay them off, which I replied they are 0 % APR until next year, free money?? Long story, he came back and reinstated my lines to normal levels. Also my bureau goes back to 1974 and my score is in the 750>/ Any idea as to why they drop lines down, never being late with them or I should say, my bureau is sterling other than inquiries as a result of these promotions and advantage of miles? Advice

  31. Thanks, man.

  32. Thanks for the information, Darious.

  33. if I called chase in consideration for ink bold and ink cash but was denied due to “sufficient credit and insufficient business revenue” is it possible to keep calling or to ask to move my CL from united card?

  34. i applied or 3 amex cards, first was initially approved and the next 2 need to wait a few days which is what theydo automatically with multi apps in one day. buthey said it will be another inquiry. i only want 1, not 3. any advice?

  35. I recently applied for my first credit card and as a reach, I applied for the Chase freedom card. I was denied about 3 weeks ago because of “too many inquiries” (bought a home about 6 months ago) and “high debt to income ratio” (recently finished medical school with loans around $200,000). I had all but given up on the card and was about to apply for one for “poor credit” when I read this post. I decided to call the chase reconsideration number and was approved for a $2000 limit in about 5 minutes! I just followed the advice and made sure I had a reason for their questions. (why this card, why I had no credit card to this point, and my low income to debt ratio). I am still in a little bit of shock! Thanks for the post!

  36. Barclays denied my Hawaiian Airlines Biz app due to “business being too new.” This is a legit rental property business that I’ve had for 6 months. Agent told me that they like to see an average of 3 years business history for approval, which is completely insane. New businesses need credit. My credit score is 812 and I only have one other card with Barclays which is 2 years old. Took my business to Chase and they approved me for the Ink Plus card. Not going to be giving any business to Barclays anymore and I’ll be cancelling the card I have with them.

  37. I recently applied for AmEx Everyday and was denied. My Equifax score is 720; and my TU score is 690. The reasons AmEx gave were redundant, all stating in different words “too man inquiries.” My father and I have the same name, live at the same address and have Social Security Numbers that are only a few digits different. Most of the inquiries ( 22 in the last 12 months) are from him. They were racked up during the mortgage application process. I’ve disputed them with the CRAs, but I get the same response — “inquiries are a matter of record . . .” I tried to explain this to AmEx, but the folks at their Indian call center don’t want to hear it, and I’ve been discouraged from asking for a second review. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks!

  38. Credit One doesn’t seem to have a reconsideration department either.

  39. I was able to contact the Citi Reconsideration line after being approved for the AAdvantage and declined for the Hilton Hhonors Reserve for too many inquiries. The rep denied me. I called back 2 days later. The rep just stated that I would get a letter in the mail but I asked for a sup and got approved by moving some of the existing credit availability. I explained I am just maximizing my rewards and applying for cards that benefit me.