Credit Card Updates – Chase Air Tran With 32 Credits, Barclays NFL With $400 Cash Back & American Express Business Platinum With 50,000 Points [Expired]

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

1.   Chase Air Tran with 32 Credits.   Million Mile Secrets Readers Jason, Corridor! & Frank (thanks!) all wrote in about a currently targeted offer from Chase for an Air Tran credit card which offers 32 Air Tran credits after spending $2,000 within 3 months.  The 1st year annual fee of $69 is waived.  Air Tran credits can be transferred to Southwest credits for free flights on Southwest.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a public version of this offer very soon!

I was puzzled to see this offer because Barclays bank used to issue the Air Tran credit card.  I  assumed that eventually the Barclays Air Tran card would disappear because Air Tran was merging with Southwest, and Chase would continue to issue the Southwest credit card.

But this is good news because we can sign-up for the new Air Tran card before it disappears after the merger with Southwest is complete!

Emily got the Barlcays Air Tran card last year when it offered 16 credits, the highest bonus I’ve seen, last year.  The current offer is for twice the number of Air Tran credits as the best previous offer.

It takes 16 Air Tran credits for a flight (subject to availability) on Air Tran or 32 credits for a business class flight subject to availability.

Unfortunately, this is a Chase card so you’ve got to prioritize your applications since Chase has most of the so many of the good offers.

If you’ve got the Southwest Companion pass, this is a good card to get because you can transfer Air Tran credits to Southwest and use them with your Southwest Companion Pass.  In my experience, Southwest credits have much less award availability than flights using Southwest miles, but you can still get value out of the card.

If you don’t have the Southwest Companion Pass, you could be better off waiting for the 50,000 point Chase Southwest credit card in a few months and completing your minimum spending to trigger the 50,000 point sign-on bonus in early 2013.

That’s because it is easier to use 50,000 Southwest points than 32 Southwest credits.  Earning the Companion Pass in early 2013 means that your companion can fly free with you until the end of 2014!

Or you could delay earning the Companion Pass until Q1 2013, and load up on some Air Tran/Southwest credits now since the Air Tran credit card will disappear soon.

Skip this card if you can’t bear the thought of flying Air Tran or Southwest for whatever reason.

2.   Barclays NFL Card  – $400 Cash Back.   Million Mile Secrets reader Lawrence (thanks!) writes in about a Barclays credit card which offers 40,000 points after spending $1,000 within 90 days.  The card doesn’t have an annual fee.

You can redeem 40,000 points for $400 in statement credits.  However, only  transactions above $25 qualify for statement credits.

Barclays usually uses the TransUnion credit bureau, so is often a good choice for folks who have lots of credit inquires with Experian and Equifax because of many credit card applications from Chase, American Express, and Bank of America.

 3.   American Express 50,000 Point Business Platinum.  Million Mile Secrets reader Israel, can make referrals for a 50,000 Membership Rewards point American Express Business Platinum card after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

The regular offer (including my affiliate link) is for 25,000 points so this is a better offer.  However, the card has an annual fee of $450, but may be useful for the few folks who want to apply for a Business Platinum card.

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30 responses to “Credit Card Updates – Chase Air Tran With 32 Credits, Barclays NFL With $400 Cash Back & American Express Business Platinum With 50,000 Points [Expired]

  1. Daraius,

    I believe I remember reading that when you have a Southwest Companion Pass (which my husband does), it doesn’t matter how you pay for your ticket to use the companion pass. Ex.: I use my Southwest points to pay for his Southwest ticket and I get to fly free since he named me his companion. That way we can use more points for free flights. All of the points I’ve accumulated plus his. Is this correct?

    It is awesome Chase now has the Air Tran card and I was targeted for the offer too. I think I will go for it. I had one when Juniper issued it and was a long time card member. But, I still chose to cancel it back in July 2012 because of the merger. This is too good to pass up.

  2. Only shows $200 CB not $400.

    • @Tammy Horvath – That’s exactly right! He can add you as a companion even if you pay for his ticket using points/credits.

      @Carlos – Thanks. Looks like the shorter link redirects to the main NFL page after a few hours, so I updated the post with the longer link.

  3. Thanks Darius-

    A total side point – Chase sent me a $200 offer to open a checking account. I used it for my wife. To open the account I used the required minimum $100 from my electric orange card – However it will take 2 days for the ING money to be there coming from my regular checking account.


  4. Sorry – hit enter by mistake – So for 2 days I am on overdraft – A minimasl interest hit .15.

    The thing that I did not realize & maybe should be more careful in the future is:

    Does using overdraft even a little amount for only a few days negatively impact ones credit??

  5. Darius,

    I have Southwest Personal and Business cards through Chase (Got the Companion Pass through the help of your writing on this blog!). About how many cards does Chase let you have through different brands?

    The reason I ask this is because I also received the targeted offer from Chase for the Air Tran card. I also was looking at the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Priority Visa card for my next application frenzy.



  6. just applied for the Barclay NFL card. Not instantly approved and only got recorded message on App status saying they will notify in 30 days.

    Looking for a human for reconsideration.

  7. I just applied for the Air Tran card and got the message indicating it wasn’t automatically approved. I called the reconsideration line right away and found out why – I hit the ‘Chase card ceiling’.

    To answer Jonathan’s question, Chase let me have 6 cards. I had 5 existing cards, was approved for a 6th yesterday, but today they asked me to close out one of my existing cards in order to get approval for the Air Tran card.

  8. Hi Darius,
    I have a personal Chase southwest credit card. Got 50000 points. I also transfered some points to rapid rewards from ultimate rewards points and from marriot about 60000 points. Now I need about 48000 points to get my companion pass. But why didn’t the 5oooo points from southwest card go toward my companion pass as everyone had mentioned? Also I was given the offer for the airtran card. Airtran doesn’t seem to fly international or much anywhere. Should I apply for the card? Does the credit go toward companion pass? Thanks

  9. you mention not getting the airtran card. So I have the regular Southwest card $69 per year. You think I should not get the airtran card and wait till early 2013 when 50000 points offer comes out and app for the Soulthwest $99/yr (reason to cancel the $69) and the business card to go toward the companion flight? but would the 50000 from Southwest card even go toward companion pass. As with my first personal card it didn’t. Thanks

  10. @JenM Nice, they only let me have 5. They closed 1 before giving me most most recent Southwest card. No complaints though.

  11. How many southwest points do you get if you transfer over 32 airtran points?

  12. I did apply for the NFL card from Barclays and did not approve on the spot I immediately called 866-369-1283 their reconsideration line and was approved

  13. @wilbur Shower answer – none, there is no conversion of Southwest or Airtran credits to Southwest points. Long answer – You can transfer Airtran credits to Southwest credits (and vice versa). 16 credits @ southwest lets you redeem for a “standard award” which is really two one-way tickets under their old program. These awards are fixed cost but capacity controlled so they’re often not available. If the number of credits you have isn’t a multiple of 8, or better 16, they aren’t very useful. In that case, you can convert 1200 Southwest points to a Southwest credit to top off the old credits. Of course, those credits can be transferred back to Airtran if you so choose (e.g. where 8 credits is a one-way or 4 credits is a one-way upgrade to business class).

  14. Darius will Barclays match the 40,000 point offer if I signed up for the 20,000 point offer less than 30 days go?

  15. what’s the forex fee on the barclays nfl card? what’s the regular earning potential?

  16. Leslie your 50K points from the Southwest credit card SHOULD count toward the Companion Pass. Ultimate Rewards points do not.

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  18. @Jonathan, I don’t believe Chase has a specific limit on the number of different cards you get from them. I have 7 and will be adding this one next week; my wife currently has 8. I see only 2 rules” each card must have at least $5,000 credit limit and your credit must be good enough to support that number of cards. For example. with out 15 cards we need to be able to get at least $75,000 credit line from Chase alone. It may also help we have been banking with them for a long time and have a very good relationship – meaning we always pay on time, never use more than 20% of any credit limit, etc.

  19. REJECTED for Barclays NFL Card.

    Called the rocon line that onecoolrt posted.
    Immediately a rep picked up and said “we see you opened 7 new cards this year…What is the reason for so many new cards?”

    I stuttered and knew it was all over. Usually i can talk very well to these guys but i felt blindsided this time and was not prepared with a good reason.

    Then he put me on hold. He came back on and delivered the blow. Rejected. I then went for Well i have a Barclays US Air card. is there any way we might be able to swap it for the NFL card?

    He put me on hold again. Now I’m thinking to myself Good save dude.

    Rep comes back on and says “well we will keep you US card open”. What?

    Then he goes into….. when we see so many new cards we question what is going on and we will review our cards with you and pull them if we become too concerned.

    Whatever Barclays.

    Thanks for the hard Inquiry. Don’t worry the US Air Card is on the way out anyway. I’ll just have to get the NFL card Thru my wife.

    Now I just feel dumb and greedy. Oh well We’ll get back on the horse tomorrow.

  20. So, am I reading this correctly: You know Southwest will be offering a 50K point offer in January? Curious if this is a for sure thing. Thanks

  21. Is the following possible (easy)?

    Get the Barclay’s NFL card; send $1,000 Amazon payment to my wife; earn a $400 statement credit; pay the remaining $600 with the Amazon payment and pocket the $400 difference for free money?

    Thanks! Love the blog.

  22. There a time limit for the Barclay’s card? Or, will it be pulled without notice? Trying to spread out my applications.

  23. I just called and was approved for the card; I figure two free tickets will come in handy in May for my 25th wedding anniversary.

    • @Carrie – I expect the 50K offer to be back in November, but these things often change.

      @NateO – No personal experience, but it should work.

      @John – I don’t have any inside information, but I suspect it is a limited time offer since the regular offer is for $200.

      @Wes – Happy anniversary!

  24. Any data points from people applying for the AirTran card that maybe DIDN’T get the targeted offer? I got it — and was just approved (had to call since I have so much Chase credit) — but I’d also like to get an AirTran card for my wife. The link appears to auto-fill info. I’m curious if anyone found a way/link to apply for this without the targeted invitation number?

    – John…

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