Blog Giveaway: $500 in Prizes & 1 Free Rental Day from National Car Rental! [Now Expired]

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National Car Rental is, very graciously, offering Million Mile Secrets readers the chance to win ~$500 in prizes as well as 1 paid-day credit in their One Two FREE promotion.


Up to January 31, 2013, National Car Rental has a One Two FREE promotion, where you get 1 free rental day after 2 paid rentals of 2 or more days each in a mid-size or larger car.

You can use these free days between September 10, 2012 and June 15, 2013.  The free car-rental day can be used for a 1-way rental (where you pick up the car in one location, but drop it off at another location) as well, which could save you money because 1-way car rentals usually cost much more than regular car rentals.

I used to love visiting the National Emerald Aisle (when National was my employer’s preferred car rental agency) because I could pick any car on the aisle and drive it off the lot!  That saved me a lot of time and provided a bit of excitement to start off the work week.

You can also refer folks to National Car Rental via email, Facebook, or Twitter and get 1 free day credit (10 days maximum) for folks who sign-up though your link.  Feel free to leave your referral link in the comments below for others to use!

Traveler Truth

National is compiling a list of Top 10 Business Traveler Truths.  The winner will get a special prize from National and his or her tip will be shared on the National Facebook page.

Here’s my travel truth –  Plan a buffer in case of traffic delays en route to the airport.  And don’t eat into that buffer by doing inconsequential things (just 1 more email!).  I did that a few weeks ago and missed the first flight of my second honeymoon to Paradise!  Fortunately, it was a domestic Southwest flight and we managed to make it to Los Angeles in time for our international flight to Tahiti. 🙂

Million Mile Secrets Blog giveaway

National Car Rental is offering ~$500 worth of goodies for Million Mile Secrets readers.  There are 3 separate prizes for readers!

  • One Swiss Army WT Wheeled Tote
  • One Swiss Army WT Deluxe Garment Sleeve
  • One $100 AMEX Gift Card

Here’s how to take part in the blog giveaway & earn 1-paid day credit:

  1. Share one “truth” about traveling in the comments below
  2. Take a screenshot (click here for instructions on how to take a screenshot) of your comment and paste or attach it in an email to [email protected]
  3. Mention, in the email, that you posted the comment on Million Mile Secrets.
  4. Include your Emerald Club membership number in the email to get 1 paid-day car rental credit

You can get 1 paid-day rental credit just by following steps 1 to 4 above and another paid-day rental credit by having someone sign-up for the National One Two Free promotion via your referral link.  That’s one free car rental day because you need 2 paid-day credits for 1 free day!

We’ll select 3 winners after the giveaway closes at 11:59 CST on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Good Luck!

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193 responses to “Blog Giveaway: $500 in Prizes & 1 Free Rental Day from National Car Rental! [Now Expired]

  1. Always tell your chronically husband the the flight time is one hour earlier that the actual time. Been doing this for 25 years and have still missed flights.

  2. Allow extra time if using public transportation to or from the airport!

  3. Print out your boarding passes, have then ready electronically, or hit up the kiosks to avoid standing inlong lines at ticketing.

    Breeding through that part can save 15 minutes!

  4. Rolling your clothes prevent wrinkles better than folding them.

  5. Who you choose to travel with makes all the difference!

  6. Check the immunizations required for each country you are visiting atleast a month or two before leaving.

  7. Arrive at airport 2 hours in advance for international flights!

  8. Don’t forget that in many countries you need to have 6 months of validity left on your passport in order to enter. I know someone who was turned around in China.

  9. Make sure you all your papers are in order while travelling internationally.

  10. Keep a copy of your passport separate from where you keep your actual passport.

  11. Arrive with adequate time to get through check in with your newborn baby!!

  12. If you don’t carry cash on you, you will need cash when traveling (so have some!)

  13. Here’s my referral link if anyone needs to sign up. I appreciate it!

  14. Like foreign transactions on credit cards, not all ATM withdrawals abroad are at the same. Even though both supposedly had no withdrawal fees, there was a foreign exchange fee applied to my withdrawals from one bank but not another. Find out before you go, or test at the start of your trip and check your account online (if you can do so securely).

  15. I second the time buffer tip you gave! We recently missed our flight back home from Italy because we did not give ourselves enough time. It took a ton of phone calls, extra miles and a lot of patience to get us home!

  16. Emerald aisle has saved me a bunch of time in the past, worth using-

  17. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to travel for domestic & international travel.

  18. Have a backup plan for everything – when we arrived at Edinburgh airport, our credit card, due to security measures (which we had already called about), was rejected at the car rental counter. Policy was that it could not be swiped until 24 hours later. We were without a car and needed to be in Dundee that night. However, I had researched train travel from Edinburgh and knew the process – made it to our desitination without another problem.

  19. Tape the snooze button if at all possible on the night before a flight!! Never never think that you can just catch up on ‘just 5 more minutes’ of sleep. More often than not, it is likely to be an hour or more.

  20. My referral link is


  21. You can save a lot of money by renting someones studio/condo with a kitchen and cooking a lot of your meals instead of staying at a hotel and eating out.

  22. If you could sign up through my referral I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  23. When travelling with an infant about 6 months or younger on an international flight be sure to request a bassinet. Then you don’t have the infant on your lap and the infant has more freedom to stretch. Also, put together an emergency diaper changing kit in a zip lock baggie just in case there is turbulence or for take off/landing. American Airlines can be the toughest to book a lapchild (under 2 yrs) so when calling to add the lapchild be sure to tell them the fee should be 10%. They probably need to get a supervisor or specialist to help them out with booking the lapchild at the 10% fee.

  24. If you like my comment above, please sign up for the National Promotion with my link. Many thanks in advance!

  25. When travelling with a lap infant, please hold on to the carseat till you board the flight. If the flight is not full, you might be able to get a seat for your lap infant. In case the flight is fully booked, you will be able go check in the carseat at the gate.

  26. When in doubt, and even when not, drink bottled water!

  27. When you are traveling, remember that there are unsanitary surfaces all over the plane! Please wash your hands!

    If you like my travel truth, please sign up with my link!

  28. If you’re going on vacation, always take a roll-up duffle bag to bring home your overabundance of “goodies” as carry-on. We never seem to have enough luggage space coming home.


    Thanks for using my referral link!

    My Traveler Truth: Don’t travel for business! Travel for pleasure!

  30. Even when traveling for business find some pleasure in it!

  31. Take electronic boarding pass either on smartphone or from kiosk, wear minimal metallic items before security (belt, watch, etc) and keep your wallet,mobile in laptop bag. All this avoid considerable amount of time every time I travel.

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  33. It always looks easier to find your way a few blocks from the subway/train/bus station to your accommodation. Signage is not always the best or easiest to understand and I’ve wasted hours wandering streets in foreign countries carrying a heavy backpack. Printing or screen printing a map from public transport to your hostel/hotel/apartment it not enough. Download some offline maps as a smart phone application (should you not have internet) and use the GPS on your phone to track your location and guide you to your accommodation.

  34. Always have a parking backup plan, you never know when your usual place will be full (even on non-holidays). This is especially true if you don’t want to pay high airport rates.

  35. Always check-in online, even if you can’t print your boarding pass or access a mobile version of it. This way, even if you are delayed in arriving at the airport, you are guaranteed not to miss the check-in cutoff time for your flight.

  36. Always take a phone car charger to make sure you always have access to emails, maps, tickets, itineraries, etc.

  37. I always print of schedules, confirmation numbers, etc., just in case something happens to my phone.

  38. Take a bottle of Excedrin with you on the airplane.

  39. Always carry your membership cards – you never know when they will come in handy.

  40. Check in online and print your boarding pass as well. That helps save time at the airport

  41. If you are only going to be gone for 2-4 days, pack light and only bring a carry on bag instead of checking a bag. It will save you a lot of time and possibly money!

  42. Options for better ride with this giveaway. Eco-car just won’t do.

  43. Get into the miles/points game and don’t pay for travel anymore! 🙂

  44. My husband drops the kids, luggage, and myself right at curbside check-in and goes to park the car. We meet up again at the security line if everything is timed right. Divide and conquer!

  45. Don’t sweat the details, pack light and only do a carry on. If you need something when you get there you have the adventure of shopping for it.

  46. If scheduling permits, Saturday travel can be less stressful and most of the time a little cheaper.

  47. call your credit card companies & let them know you are leaving the country & where you are going, note the credit card companies out of the uUS contact numbers, keep copies of these numbers, your passport and your credit card numbers in a separate location in case any of them are lost or stolen

  48. Don’t rely on electric powered alarm clock at home for early flight, nor on the road.

  49. Leave extra early in case of traffic delays.

  50. If you need to go from point A to B, sometimes ticket from A to C with 1 stop in B can cost less.

  51. If airline ask you to get early for flight check- in due to the construction the terminal, they really mean it.

  52. On international trips try spend any foreign coins before you come back because almost all currency exchanges and banks will not accept coins for exchange.

  53. Don’t forget chargers for every electronic device you need. Before I go on a trip, I charge all my electronics on one side of my room so I remember to pack them all.

  54. Use your smartphone to take pictures of your parking area, your hotel room number, or anything else you may forget on your trip. Then you’ll always have the information at your fingertips.

  55. If you forget any of your electronic chargers, check for a loaner at the hotel front desk. They usually have a large collections of charges that were left behind.

  56. Never go through immigration in a foreign country without having a print out of a hotel reservation or destination address specifically for that visit. It just avoids an amazing amount of hassle.

  57. Irregular ops can happen anywhere, anytime. Have the direct phone number/email handy for someone in your companies travel department, not just a generic version. Better yet, get to know them first so you can be on the same page and ahead of the curve when you’re trying to get home.

  58. My traveler truth is to try to only use a carry-on so you don’t have to pick up any luggage after a flight.

  59. Never be without a bottle of water and a snack. There is nothing worse than that grouchy feeling I get when sitting on the plane before take-off knowing that there won’t be any offer of beverage for quite some time or rushing from one meeting to the next and starting to get hungry. I bring my own and know that I am covered!

  60. My advice — if you have a connecting flight, find out if you have to go to a different terminal before takeoff so you can plan accordingly.

  61. When travelling internationally, scan the first/last pages and the visa pages of your passport and store it on your smartphone. (You can use apps to encrypt it). If you lose your passport, the details from the scans will make it easier for you and your consulate.

  62. Maximize the use of smartphones for document scans, pics of locations to get oriented, and apps to make your travel easier.

  63. Flying from Toronto airport to us cities will. Need to go through one hour waiting to go through us custom.

  64. Flying from Toronto airport to us cities will. Need to go through one hour waiting to go through us custom. Arrive Toronto airport at least 2.5 hours early

  65. Arrive toronto airport early… Flying from Toronto airport to us cities will. Need to go through one hour waiting to go through us custom.

  66. Us passport card can not be used for air travel to Canada

  67. Check personal belongings before returning your rental car.


    thanks for using my referral link!

  69. Avoid using your company’s travel website to book your travel. Book directly and use cashback portals.

  70. I always keep a copy of my Passport in a sererate pocket, just in case.

  71. Make duplicate copies of your passports and drivers licenses, and either store in the cloud; or carry copies but tuck them in a safe place while traveling. If you lose your original documents during your trip, at least you’ll have a head start solving one big travel headache.

  72. Always have a print out of your reservations when travelling internationally!

  73. Never packing too much.

  74. With an aisle seat, step into the seat and let others pass you first, before you find a gap in the flow and put your carry-on in the overhead storage space. This saves EVERYBODY’s time.

  75. For long international flights, time your alcohol consumption so that you can fall asleep easier, e.g.: if you take 2 glasses of white wine too early, you might feel sleepy but the surrounding is still noisy/busy in serving/collecting meal. By the time they’re done, the alcohol “help” might be gone.

  76. Get a good guide book months in advance and study it for good practical, time saving tips!

  77. When flying Southwest, set a reminder alarm -24 hours before the flight to check in early and snag a good spot.

  78. Before traveling, look on a map and find the closest/cheapest gas station to the car rental, so you can fill up on your way to the airport.

  79. Carry-on Only! Pack light, forgot something? You will be able to purchase item at your destination 9 out of 10 times!

  80. Now with the full body scanners in operation at many airports, make sure that you remove EVERYTHING from your pockets (even non-metallic) to avoids delays and secondary screening.

  81. Leave early for traffic to the airport and for the pat-downs.

  82. always check millionmilesecrets before getting new credit card, or traveling internationally. this is the best site, period.

  83. If you travel internationally, sign up for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Global Entry.

  84. Use it in Scranton!

  85. You’re never too old to pack snacks for your traveling companions. I’ll be traveling with 3 teens this years and when they have happy stomachs our travel is much more fun for all of us!

  86. When abroad, remove your SIM card in your SmartPhone to avoid paying international roaming fees. You will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi at no charge (if you can find a free HotSpot, which is getting easier each year). Then for regional calling, I have a “jailbroken” older GSM phone that I always take abroad with me. (I had it “jailbroken” by an eBay provider so it will accept any provider’s Sim card.) Slick!

  87. Booking a flight on a saturday can often times lead to lower airfares!

  88. Rolling along…. I’m going to Italy!!! YAY!

  89. Always get 8 hrs sleep the night before!

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  91. Always check in online for your flight. Some of the airlines board customers who check in the earliest in an earlier boarding group than those last to check in for the flight.

  92. Francisco Prieto

    in August 2012 I was stolen by National in Miami. They promised send me by mail a check of U$150 to my home in Chile and at this time tehy only give me lies like the check was sent to your adress etc. Maria Lintner ([email protected]) station manager is who I am in contact and who did not give me the number of the delivery for tracck it.