Credit Card Updates: American Express Delta 70,000 Miles, Chase Southwest 50,000 Points, Barclays Virgin America 20,000 Points, Bank of America Virgin Atlantic 50,000 Miles, & American Express Hilton 50,000 Points

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1.   American Express Delta 70,000 Miles.   Online Travel Review shares an easier way to get the Delta 70,000 mile offer.

As I wrote yesterday, some readers have had issues with getting matched to targeted American Express offers even when there has been a working landing page – for example, the American Express Hilton card with 50,000 points (instead of the regular 40,000 points), so your miles can vary.

Some of you will feel uncomfortable with changing the URL to this offer, while some won’t.  As always, do what you feel comfortable with.

I’ll be sitting this out because I feel uncomfortable with changing the URL to get the better offer.  However, I wouldn’t mind applying if I could get the 70,000 mile offer to show up while searching for a ticket.

2.   Chase Southwest.  The Chase Southwest Plus and Premier cards now offer only a 25,000 point sign-up bonus instead of 50,000 points.  I’ve updated the links on the Airline Credit Card tab to the lower offer.

However, the 50,000 point offer has run ~4 times last year and every few months in 2012, so I fully expect it to be back soon.

The Southwest Companion pass is my favorite airline perk, and Emily and I have used our Companion Pass more than we intended to this year!

3.   Barclay’s Virgin America.   The 20,000 point offer on the Barclays Virgin America credit card has been extended indefinitely.  20,000 Virgin America points should get you ~$350 to $450 worth of tickets on Virgin America.

I’m not applying for the card because Virgin America doesn’t fly to Kansas City and because I’d rather save my Barclays application for their US Air credit card.  But the card could be useful for some folks who don’t have many Barclays’ inquiries and fly (or want to fly) on Virgin America.

4.   Bank of America Virgin Atlantic.   Readers have commented that the link to the 50,000 mile offer for the Virgin Atlantic card no longer works.  I like this card because you may be able to get it more than once and because you can transfer Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton hotels at a 1:2 ratio.

The link to the 50,000 mile offer usually dies every 2 or 3 months, but I get an updated link via a marketing email from Virgin Atlantic.  However, I still haven’t got one as yet!

I’ll give it another week before updating the link to the lower 25,000 mile offer.  Please comment or email if you know of a link to the 50,000 mile offer!

5.   American Express Hilton 50,000 points.  A reader emailed me a link to an American Express Hilton credit card which offered 50,000 points (expiring in October) instead of the regular 40,000 points. I like this card because it is a fee free card from American Express so you can keep it for a long time. It also gets you access to discounted AXON awards from Hilton, which is great when paired with the free Gold status from the Citi Hilton Reserve card.

But I can’t find that email and the link!  If you’re reading this, could you please send me the link again?  I don’t like posting links to lower offers when I know of a higher offer.

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42 responses to “Credit Card Updates: American Express Delta 70,000 Miles, Chase Southwest 50,000 Points, Barclays Virgin America 20,000 Points, Bank of America Virgin Atlantic 50,000 Miles, & American Express Hilton 50,000 Points

  1. Hi Daraius, just wondering what’s the highest signup bonus for the regular Amex Hilton card? I remember there was a 60,000 bonus before (?)

  2. The link that Lee posted does work. I applied about a month ago and received the 50,000 points last week.

    • @Lee – Thanks! I’ve updated the Hotel Credit Card tab with it.

      @HF – I not 100% sure, but I think it was as high as 60K last year.

      @Robert S
      – Thanks for confirming! However, some readers have written in that they got only 40K points, so the worst that can happen is that you will get the standard offer of 40K, with a potential upside of 50K.

  3. Daraius,

    I wonder if the readers that got the 40,000 actually used the 40,000 point link? So in turn, they got what was advertised? I just checked and the 40,000 seems to be the standard.

  4. @ HF, MMS
    Yes, it was definitely 60k points as of last October.

  5. @D, the Southwest links I have seem to still be working at 50K (well one personal and two business at least). Who knows how long they will last, but they seem okay.

  6. @Mommy Points

    While the landing page is working, if you click “Apply Now,” they go to a broken link.

  7. Justin, good to know! That stinks. I figured there must be something off if links I had were working but others aren’t. 😉 Hopefully they will all come back again soon.


    Here is a working link for the Citi thankyou premier with 50k points. (2.5 k spending in 3 months). I applied for it 9-14-12 and got approved. Called and confirmed the bonus.

  9. VR,
    Where does it say that it’s eligible for 50k points for the ThankYou Premier?

    Where did you get the link?

  10. MMS,
    You mention churning the US Air card w/Barclays. How often can the US Air Card be churned?
    I have only applied for it once, held it for 11months and cancelled it about 3 months ago.

    Is the US Air one of those ones you can keep opening/get the miles/close and then repeat over and over or is there a certain amount of time people wait to do so?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. MMS,
    Online Travel Review states in their posting the following statement about the 70k Delta AMEX card:

    ” It would also appear that if you have had a Delta Amex before, you can’t get the bonus. ”

    Do you know if that is a true statement? I have not heard that particular item mentioned before either in your blog or on SlickDeals, or FlyerTalk.

    What is the normal, allowed churn period from AMEX on this Delta Card? I had one a couple of years ago but closed it down well over a year ago before recently reapplying.

  12. Two questions: On Bank of Hawaii/Hawaiian Airlines Visa card with $79 annual fee (or any other card with annual fee) is the fee included in the minimum spend or not. Example: if I need to spend $1000 in 4 months for the bonus miles, do I need to spend $1000 or is $921 + $79 fee ok?
    I know I have seen the answer to this one before but forgot: If going thru Ultimate Rewards shopping mall using one of my Chase accounts, do I have to pay for my purchase with a Chase card or is it okay to use any other card to receive the extra UR points?

  13. I have a working link to virgin atlantic but I will die before i hand it over to a blogger to spam out to the rest of the world.

    • @Robert S – I believe they applied through the 50K link.

      @J – Thanks for confirming.

      @Mommy Points @Justin – Hopefully it comes back soon. Thanks for checking.

      @VR – Thanks for the link. I already had that one on the Bank Rewards Points tab.

      – Any amount of time seems to work, but they aren’t as easy as the Bank of America cards to churn, since Barclays has been closing account of folks with lots of new cards.

      @BillyBob – The terms and conditions say “You may be permitted to have more than one Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account; however, you are eligible to receive welcome bonus miles for only one Card account. Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.”

      These terms are vague and can be interpreted differently.

      @suz – Usually the fee isn’t included in the minimum spending requirements. Folks have been able to get points by using a different card in the Ultimate Rewards mall, but you’d be out of luck if your points don’t post and you didn’t use a Chase card. That’s because the customer service reps can look at your Chase account history to see if you made a purchase, but not if you used another card.

  14. Hi Darius,
    Concerning the churning of the BofA Virgin Atlantic card, do you just apply for the same card several months later, or, do you cancel it immediately after receiving the bonus points, then apply again months later? Can you detail the process for me?
    Thank you,

  15. Why don’t you do an internet search on churning?

  16. @billybob- it does not say on the application page about the 50k bonus points. All thank you premier card applications don’t mention anything on the app page. Apply via the link, then call and confirm. I got the link on flyertalk. It’s the same link that Darius has on this website under Bank Reward points. I posted it again to confirm that the link still works and you can still get the 50k bonus.

  17. My gf got a mail offer for the Southwest 50k in the mail just last week, so if it is “gone” it hasn’t gone far, as you indicated.

    Also remember that if the points don’t post automatically from the UR mall, even if you use a “Chase” card that isn’t UR-linked (i.e. BA Visa) you run the risk of Chase not honoring your UR mall purchase. But again YMMV.

  18. Hi Darius,

    I already got the Southwest card that is $69 per year. Do you think I can cancel that card and reapply for the $99 one?

  19. Just received the Amex Delta Gold Card today (completed url modification). When activating the card the rep reviewed the deal: 25k miles after first purchase, 45K mile after $5k spend in 6 months and a $100 statement credit. She was surprised by the terms. Thanks for the heads up on the offer.

  20. Hi Daraius,

    I really love your site!

    Quick question: If i already received the sign-up bonus for a South West Premier card, will that prevent me from receiving the bonus for the South West Plus card?

  21. Good question, Josh….that’s exactly what I’d like to know. Daraius, you’re the best! Just gave my son a RT ticket to India with my United miles — thanks to you and this website.

  22. @ Daraius
    Did you hear of any people who had issues getting it?

  23. Thanks Daraius!!!

  24. Hi Darius,

    I have just under the 110k points needed for the companion pass. If i wait until January to apply for the pass will it be usable for all of 2013 and 2014?


  25. Thanks Darius.

    I have both Plus cards for Personal and Business ($69).

    What it be advisable to open the Premier Personal and Business in Nov./Dec. and qualify for the bonus in January 2013 which would then make the pass good for all of 2013 an 2014? I would of course open a separate Rapid Reward Number.

  26. Any news on the Virgin Atlantic BofA card? Or the Amex Card? I am planning a trip to Africa and I need those bonuses!! Please let us know. Thank you!

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  28. Hello, just curious to see if I can apply for the Virgin America Credit card with an annual fee despite having a no annual fee VA card already?

    I applied for this no annual fee card when the other one wasn’t available but I would love to get the perks of the annual fee one. I can close my current credit card account, before applying for the annual fee one, if that helps? Any info is much appreciated.