70,000 Miles Delta Credit Card + $100 Statement Credit – Your Miles May Vary [Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Travejunkie8 posted a link on FlyerTalk to a 70,000 miles Delta credit card which also offers a $100 statement credit after making a purchase from Delta within the first 3  months.

However, you can NOT apply using the link above because it doesn’t let you fill in your name!  But read the directions on this FlyerTalk thread to see if you can replicate the offer for yourself.


You earn 25,000 miles after your 1st purchase and and another 45,000 Delta miles after spending $5,000 within 6 months.

The terms say  that the “Offer [is] not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.”

The usual offer is for about 30,000 miles and Emily got an offer for 40,000 miles in the mail today.

Delta miles aren’t the easiest to use, but you should be able to get at least 1 or 2 domestic tickets with 70,000 miles.  70,000 miles is a lot better than the usual offer for 30,000 miles!  In fact, I can’t recollect seeing an offer for 370,000 miles before.

Delta miles are also very useful for visiting French Polynesia since both Air Tahiti Nui and Air France partner with Delta.

If you do apply for this offer, remember that this isn’t my link so takes lots of screenshots and confirm the sign-up bonus when you activate the card.

My referral link is for only 30,000 Delta miles (which I’ve always thought to be a poor value so I haven’t written a blog post about it), and there already was a better offer for 30,000 Delta miles + $50 statement credit which didn’t pay me a referral and which was listed on the Airline credit card tab.

Keep in mind that American Express sometimes doesn’t give you the full sign-on bonus if you applied for an offer for which you weren’t targeted.  For example, some readers did not get the 50,000 point Hilton sign-on bonus, but instead got 40,000 points.

That said, I suspect this offer is a bit different since you access the 70,000 mile offer by buying a ticket on the Delta website, so Delta doesn’t know if you were targeted or not!

Thanks again to the folks on FlyerTalk for ferreting this out!

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22 responses to “70,000 Miles Delta Credit Card + $100 Statement Credit – Your Miles May Vary [Expired]

  1. Just got the card with 35000 miles . Does Amex have a similar policy like chase to bump up application miles like Chase. Anyone experience ?

  2. Firgured “MMS” would be the answer to FT’s question of who would be the first blogger to steal this and hasten its death.

  3. Any chance there’s a Delta Platinum version of this deal for those of us who already have both the Delta Gold personal and business cards?

  4. Definately knew that he would post this and try and kill this deal as well. Pretty sure people are going to stop sharing things on FT if darius keeps stealing things and profiting off of it.

  5. I would second JR’s decision. I also was just about to use it to get some delta flights for thanksgiving, so I would be able to replicate the screenshot and then call customer service. Assuming it works. I just don’t know who i would call to ask politely for the better deal!

    I’m stuck with wanting skypesos because NYC —> IND is pretty much only direct through delta.

  6. @ JR and Read
    Actually, this was posted yesterday by Mommypoints, and I’m sure other bloggers. Besides, anyone who reads this blog can just as easily read FT. Get your info correct then get over yourselves.

  7. Previous post was @ Jesse and Read

    My mistake.

  8. @D

    I think you meant to say “I can’t recollect seeing an offer for 70K before”


    • @JR @Ryne – Unfortunately, AMEX is no longer as good as they used to be about matching offers. I doubt they would match this offer since it is a targeted offer.

      @Jesse @Read – The first and last sentence both contains link to the original FlyerTalk thread and I give credit to where I first read about the Delta 70,000 mile offer. I go out of my way to point out offers (in the blog and on the Travel Credit Card tab) which earn folks more miles than my referral links, so I also don’t see how I profit by sharing deals which earn me no referral credit. And for what it is worth, this was already on the blogs before I posted about it.

      @Anon – There very well could be a targeted offer out there for the Platinum, but I haven’t seen it yet.

      @Joe – Thanks for setting the record straight!

      – Thanks – I’ve fixed the link. It was late at night and I was excited about the 70K offer while typing!

  9. Thanks…I wish that American Airlines would have an offer like this!

  10. Thanks for this! I followed the FT thread (a little complicated, but it paid off) and applied for both me and my husband. He received an acceptance e-mail immediately and I am still waiting.

  11. does the fact that my husband has the lowest level Skymiles Amex card ( no fees)-which he got when he cancelled his Gold Amex 2 years ago- prevent him from applying. Is that basic Amex CC considered a “similar” card to the Amex Gold as the exclusions indicate? Thanks for your help.

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  13. I think you are not wrong to post this. It’s been all over the blogosphere. I just want to figure out if wifey can get it if she had gold amex recently and how to do it.

    I think the 45k should be slam dunk but the 25k up front might not be.

    Is it worth an inquiry?????

    • @asdfasdfas – Only you can decide if it is worth an inquiry. If she recently had the Gold AMEX it could be hard to get the bonus again – but the terms and conditions are very vague, so it is difficult to interpret.

      @Shari – You’re welcome!

  14. Thank you again for a great opportunity to earn miles with the Delta deal!

    @Jesse and Read–If you miss deals because bloggers are sharing information you better read blogs earlier in the day before a deal dies. Or I guess you could start a member-only board yourself and keep all the deals for your members only.

  15. Million Miles is Best Blog..No Jargon right to the point..

    I was approved for 40k Delta card for very low credit line ( which is such dumb) just one day before this 70k blog posted..I was upset to see i loosing on Big Bonus..I gave one more Shot

    Applied for 70k.>Application got cancelled > Reconsideration line> Reconsideration advised to cancel 40k >cancelled 40k > approved 70K 🙂 🙂 in 5 days with a way high credit limit .

    Thank You- Million Mile

  16. Anyone know if there is also a business version of this offer as well? 140k miles would go a long way. Literally!

  17. Got the 70,000 miles and just had a nice surprise with the $100 statement credit, which I had forgotten about. I upgraded my seat on an upcoming Christmas flight to Economy Comfort for $29 and a $100 credit just posted! Pretty great. Now have to figure out how to use the Skypesos…