Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Day 6 in Paris; Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

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Emily Jablon:  On Friday, Daraius and I enjoyed our first buffet breakfast at the Park Hyatt in Paris.  There were large selections of cold meats and salmon, 3 kinds of cheese, yogurt, cereal, dried fruits, breads, and jams.  In addition, you could order eggs, pancakes, or waffles.  We also ordered our favorite mango juice!

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Emily Next to the Buffet

Daraius:  During our stay, the buffet breakfast cost 43 euros, the Continental breakfast cost 37 euros, and the American breakfast cost 49 euros.  The good things aren’t cheap!

If you’re a Diamond elite member, the Park Hyatt, Paris will let you order American Breakfast to your room or you can come down and have the buffet or order off the menu for up to euro 49 per person.

If you’re not a Hyatt Diamond, there are cheaper options within 5 minutes from the hotel.

You can also order from the breakfast a la carte menu.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

A La Carte Menu

We had room service breakfast every day, so today we decided to try the buffet breakfast.

The breakfast area is on the ground (1st floor) and is brightly lit and is decorated with pretty white flowers.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Emily in the Breakfast Area

Some table have little sofas and some have chairs.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Tables and Little Chairs

There was lots of food, which was arranged very tastefully.

There were cereals…

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Cereal Selection

…milk and yogurt…

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Yogurt and Milk

…fresh fruits…

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

The Best Picture we Took of the Fresh Fruit

..cold meats and cheeses…

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Salmon and Cold Meats

…dried fruits…

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Dried Fruit Selection

And French cheese.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Cheese Selection

Emily Jablon:  I had a plate of fresh fruit, along with dried strawberries that were amazing!  The dates were also very good—very moist and flavorful.  Along with the fruit, I had a croissant with butter and cheese.  Lastly, I tried some fresh berry applesauce that was divine.  It was so fresh and delicious!

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Emily’s Breakfast

Daraius had salmon, cured ham, and regular ham. In addition, he had mango slices, cheese, and bread.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Daraius’ Breakfast

Daraius and I reserved Friday as our shopping day.

Daraius:  I didn’t want Emily to say “You never went shopping with me on our honeymoon!” 30 years later, so we planned an entire day to shop.  Shopping being defined as looking and trying on things and not buying them, which I guess is better than buying them!

Emily Jablon:  We walked to Galeries Lafayette, which spans 3 city blocks!  It was a huge store, and it had 3 floors just of women’s clothing.  It was also very busy, and we had fun looking at all of the things for sale.  There were women’s scarves, purses, and hosiery, along with several boutique shops that had their own clothing.  The mall had pretty much everything you could ever want, and you can easily spend a whole day there.

Daraius: We did spend a whole day in there!

Emily Jablon: The main shop is in a beautiful old building.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Inside Galeries Lafayette

They had a restaurant on each floor, including Asian food, Parisian food, and a food court with several types of food.  Most people seemed to be eating in the food court, but we went to smaller snack bar before we discovered the food court and ordered a Croque Monsier and a quiche Lorraine.  The food wasn’t very tasty.

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Not Very Tasty Food

Daraius:  I was having as much fun as I could on my iPhone, but managed to pick out some Paris souvenirs for a blog giveaway (coming soon!)

Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

Paris Souvenirs

We spent the whole day shopping, and didn’t have time to visit the more upscale printemps.  We got back to the hotel late in the evening, tired after a long day of shopping, had dinner and went to bed.

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28 responses to “Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Day 6 in Paris; Park Hyatt Paris Buffet & a Day of Shopping

  1. Ouch…a la carte breakfast of champions…7 Euro toast and 14 Euro orange juice. For that price, I’d like them to bake it in front of me, and be able to see footage of the oranges being picked prior to the juicing process…

    But the menu reads beautifully…one HAS to be a Diamond to have a nice stay here.

  2. 6 days in Paris so far and not a single breakfast outside of your Western hotel??

    Mon dieu!

  3. French breakfast is nothing to write home about. Years ago (and I mean more then 20) at a Sofitel in Nice they charged already an outrageous amount for some croissants, butter, jam and coffee.
    In France I take a US style breakfast any time of the day. You get the good french croissants and baguette but with something else decent with it.
    49 Euro is outrageous though and except getting it for free as a Diamond I would just hit a local neighborhood bar.

  4. Have to ask… does Emily ever get tired of posing in all of your pictures? It’s extremely rare that we ever get to see pictures of Gary and Ben when they post.

  5. Give me a break “Anonymous” this blog is about ” Big Travel. Small Money.”
    If he is getting free breakfast at the hotel, he’ll take it and save the money.
    Croisants, ham and cheese, baguettes, pasteries are all available anytime during the day in France so they can stop by those cafes and have that for lunch!
    My best travel-money saving methods have always been to book rooms at hotels that include breakfast :Holiday inn express, Hampton., Fairfield inn, Staybridge suites. This way I don’t have to look for a breakfast spot and I save the money as well. (time and money)
    Now that I got the 70k from the Rit carlton credit card w/ no annual first year I got gold status in Marriot for a while so I can book a regular Marriot as well. I plan on getting the Hilton reserve for the gold status for the free breakfast as well there. So i will now have lots more options now when booking hotels with breakfast included.
    When I travel to NY people say “but they have such great bagels shop there and your gunna eat in the hotel?” Yes I eat in the hotel for free and then hit the bagel shops for bagel sandwiches for lunch.
    My favorite one so far in NY is Essa bagel located on 21st st and 1st ave.
    I’ll be trying the bagels in Bay ridge Brooklyn at the end of september. Anyone know if they are any good?

  6. Try Murray’s bagels in manhattan. When fresh and hot, they are the best bagels I have ever had!

  7. I’m sure the breakfast was greta, but seeing all that food makes me just want a simple McDonalds breakfast. I may be crazy, but I would just grab 2-3 things, eat…then hit the city. Bald Army Guy

    • @David – Don’t bother with Breakfast if you’re not a Diamond, unless you don’t mind paying those prices. But it was delicious!

      @Jim – Well, it was free and we did grab a croissant later during the day.

      @German Expat – 49 euros really is a lot, but it certainly was delicious. We would have eaten outside the hotel as well, if we had to pay for the breakfast.

      @Anonymous – She likes taking pictures, and this was our honeymoon so we took more pictures than usual!

      @mikeFLA – Ha! We did eat French food when we left the hotel, but why pass up such a good free breakfast? We use the same strategy now as well which is to save time and money with the free breakfast (even at a Holiday Inn Express) versus going out to eat.

      @Jim Wang – I’ll give that a try the next time I’m there!

      @Bald Army Guy
      – We had McD’s for diner one night and it was okay. We preferred stuffing ourselves for breakfast and then having a very light lunch.

  8. I think the real rip off with those breakfasts is for business travelers. I used to go to Paris a couple times on business and had usually a business lunch and / or dinner already arranged. Then you can’t eat a huge breakfast and they still rip you off even with their a la cart selections.
    If I am on vacation I tend to eat a large late breakfast and only have a small or no lunch and then you can get your money’s worth. But paying 30+ dollars for a coffee and a croissant is just ridiculous and obviously plays on them knowing that most business people can expense it. I used to be self employed and still can’t bring myself to expense 30$ for something that is maybe worth 10$.

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  10. I love hotel breakfast buffets. Depending on what I am planning to do for the day, I like to eat a big breakfast and skip lunch or get a light afternoon snack to hold me over for dinner.

    I enjoy seeing pictures of real people having fun on their honeymoon. Ignore these clowns who tell you otherwise.

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  16. Daraius – do Hyatt Platinum members get any kind of free breakfast at the Paris Park Hyatt Vendome? My wife and I are staying there in a couple weeks. Thanks.

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  20. Mango Juice for 14 Euros! Definitely the best juice I’ve ever had. Except I am Diamond.. so it was unlimited for free 🙂

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