Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Day 5 in Paris; Sainte-Chapelle, the Louvre, & Emily’s Favorite Evening

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Paris Day 5

Inside the Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier)

Emily Jablon:  On Thursday, our 5th full day in Paris, we had room service breakfast in the hotel.  I ordered scrambled eggs and Daraius ordered an omelette with ham, pork sausage, and chicken sausage.  We also had fruit salads and yogurt, along with a selection of breads (including my favorite chocolate croissants).  To drink, we ordered mango juice (which was again excellent) and green tea.

Paris Day 5

Room Service Breakfast

Daraius:  The scrambled eggs were excellent – light, airy, and full of flavor – and perhaps the best scrambled eggs I’ve had.

Emily Jablon: They were really good!

Paris Day 5

Best Scrambled Eggs Ever! 

Emily Jablon:  After breakfast, we went to Sainte-Chapelle, which we skipped earlier because of the long line.  Security is very strict to get into Sainte-Chapelle because it is by government offices.

So don’t bring any pocket knives, scissors, or anything else that the police may confiscate.  We brought a corkscrew with a knife for our ham and cheese picnic, and unfortunately it got confiscated and was not returned to us.

Paris Day 5

Leave the Brass Knuckles at Home

Daraius:  The line was the same length as it was when we were here earlier, but it moved fairly quickly.  We were inside in about 20 minutes.  Emily made a brave attempt to explain to the police officers that the knife blade was small and was only going to be used to cut the wonderful French cheese (an appeal to their French pride), but they couldn’t be persuaded.

Emily Jablon:  The church, Sainte-Chapelle, was originally made to house the Crowns of Thorns that once rested on Jesus’ head.  Now, the supposed Crown of Thorns rests in Notre Dame, but it is only shown in public once a month and on Good Friday.  Sainte-Chapelle took only ~6 years to build (keep in mind Notre Dame took over 200 years).

Paris Day 5

Saint Chapelle- Lower Level

The chapel itself was very pretty.  It was almost entirely made of stained glass, and the detailing on the glass was incredible.

Paris Day 5

The Stained Glass Beauty of Sainte Chapelle

After Sainte-Chapelle, we took the Metro to the Louvre.  Taking the metro was easy, we just looked at the map and used the color system to help get us where we needed to go.  We transferred at one stop, and within 15 minutes we arrived right at our destination.

Paris Day 5

Our Next Stop

We were going to the Louvre museum!

Paris Day 5

Emily Outside of the Louvre

Because we had the 6-day museum pass, we were able to pass the hour long lines, and were given priority access in a much shorter line (no waiting required).

However it was a bit hard finding that line.  You have to go to the pedestrian passageway (Pavilion Richelieu) under the arches a little away from the glass pyramid.

Paris Day 5

Emily With the Museum Passes in the Priority Lane

Once in the museum, we followed Rick Steves’ walking tour, and saw famous sculptures and paintings including Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa.

Daraius:  As I posted on the Million Mile Secrets Facebook wall, my Venus is much prettier!

Paris Day 5

Emily in Front of Venus de Milo

Paris Day 5

Daraius in the Louvre

Emily Jablon:  In addition to the beautiful artwork, the Louvre itself (being a former palace) is beautiful and warrants time exploring the history of this architectural gem.  In many ways, I found the Louvre even prettier than Versailles because of the size, grandeur, and excellent condition the architecture is in.

There were fewer (relatively) people in each of its wings so you could take more time to admire its beauty.

Daraius: I disagree with Emily on this one.  Versailles is a much grander palace than the Louvre and the Louvre has virtually no gardens compared to Versailles.

Paris Day 5

Emily by the Mona Lisa

But the best view was of the people staring at the Mona Lisa.

Paris Day 5

Mona Lisa’s Adorning Fans

After the Louvre, we went to the park outside the museum, and had a picnic lunch in the garden outside.  There was a stall selling food, so we bought a quiche, peach iced tea, & a croissant to go with our ham, cheese and a caramel for dessert.  It was so nice to sit and relax on the green grass, enjoying each other’s company!

Paris Day 5

Our 8 Euro Picnic Lunch

We also fed the birds who loved to peck on the bread crumbs.

Paris Day 5

Birds in the Park

After our romantic picnic in the park, we walked back to the hotel to get some work done.  But on our way, we found a cute lingerie shop, so we stopped in.

Daraius:  Paris has lots of lingerie shops, and while I’m not a fan of shopping in general, I decided to make an exception today.

Paris Day 5

Emily Shopping at Chantal Thomass

Paris Day 5

Oh La La!

Emily Jablon:  Soon, it was time to get ready for my special surprise.  But before we left the hotel, we met Million Mile Secrets reader Joey & his wife for drinks in the bar of our hotel.  It was so nice chatting with them and hearing about their trip to the south of France!

After we had drinks, we went for my surprise.  I had a hint where we were going, and I was right!  It was a ballet at the Opera Garnier just down the street from the Park Hyatt, where we saw La fille mal gardée.

Paris Day 5

Emily Outside the Opera Garnier

The opera house itself was the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen, and I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to see it with my honey!  Everywhere you looked there was a different feature to admire!

Daraius:  For the last surprise of our trip, I decided that we had to see a ballet in the Opera Garnier which was the original Paris Opera House and is a 5 minutes walk from the Park Hyatt Paris.

I bought tickets online as soon as the bookings open and had the tickets shipped to me in the US.  The Palais Garnier is a spectacular building and is worth having a peek inside or touring even if you don’t go to the ballet.

Emily Jablon: The entrance way was grand.

Paris Day 5

The Grand Staircase

The ceilings were lovely!

Paris Day 5

Opera House Ceiling

It kept on getting better as we went in.

Paris Day 5

Boy, is This Grand!

The stage was magnificent!

Paris Day 5

The Palais Garnier Stage

What a wonderful experience it was, to see the graceful dancers and hear the beautiful music in such a beautiful setting!

Paris Day 5

Emily in the Opera House

It was my favorite evening in Paris.

Paris Day 5

The Ballet Cast

Daraius:  After the ballet got over, the staff ran a tight ship shooing people out of the Opera House.  They would clear out the top floor, and barricade it with velvet ropes.  Then the floor below and so on, until we were ran out of the Opera Garnier along with the other gaping patrons.

This was the cheapest of all the surprises I planned, but it was our best evening in Paris!

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26 responses to “Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Day 5 in Paris; Sainte-Chapelle, the Louvre, & Emily’s Favorite Evening

  1. Your blog is great, your trip reports are great. Let me make one suggestion, on behalf of most of your readers; Please stop taking pictures of Emily in front of everything. We have all seen her, we know you’re happy, but just stick to what you do best – Finding awesome deals for everyday traverlers.

    Cheers, LR

    • @LR – Thanks for reading and for your comment! Emily is in only 1/3rd of the picture in this trip report. Our friends and family also read the blog and use it as a way of staying in touch, so while I can try for a better balance of pictures, I can’t promise that there will be no pictures either.

  2. Eh, haters gotta hate. I seriously doubt this person speaks for “most” readers. I get yelled at for NOT being in my photos. My conclusion is that you can’t win. If you leave you guys out of the photos, then it is considered more impersonal and anonymous by some people…I vote take and post whatever pictures you like, and the peanut gallery can take and post whatever pictures they like on their own websites…

  3. I completely disagree with LR. You should not make assumptions of most readers when you are only 1 out of hundreds. The personal pictures are a great touch! Most of the other blogs just have food, plane, or hotel room fixture pics, making it super impersonable. I can get those pics from the corporate websites. Keep up the great trip reports Daraius!

  4. Agree with Peachfront and Daniel. The pictures with you guys in them are much more personable. I also like the videos. Emily always fits in well with the scenery!

  5. Nooooo! I love Emily and the photos with her, she is so adorable. Please don’t follow the advice or I will be sad! It was your honeymoon also…and you are so lucky to have found a gal that will “put up” with your airline FF points collecting hobby 🙂

  6. Emily is adorable so keep her in the pics if you want.

  7. Emily looks amazing and adds a great touch of reality to every picture you take of her. It reminds me that someday I, too, can see these fabulous places!

  8. I don’t have a problem with Emily being in the pictures, but man YOU REALLY HAVE GOT TO GET A BETTER CAMERA. The pictures are blurry, dark and just not that great. Since you’re doing a blog that apparently alot of people read, invest in a better camera and take better pictures! Your Park Hyatt Vendome pictures would have been amazing if taken with a DSLR. Every picture of the room turned out so dark–it was hard to see.

    • @Peachfront @Daniel @Travis Swanson @Laurel @mikeFLA – Thanks for the feeback (and revolt!). I’ll continue to post Emily’s pictures on the blog.

      @MeganV – Tarang, Emily and I went out for dinner tonight and we were wondering what you were doing!

      @Annie – What can I say? I’m just an amateur…

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  10. I love the pictures, pls don’t stop, I really enjoy reading your trip reports, thanks for taking the time to write them!

  11. It is nice to see both of you dressed up for these evening events. It is rare nowadays (at least in the states) to see folks make any effort to look nice.

    You are a better man than I am. I don’t shop with my lady for clothes. Ever.

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