Don’t Wear Shorts in the Lounges Outside the US When you use Your 2 Free Lounge Visits With The Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus

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Link:  Chase Ink Lounge Club Activation

Link: Lounge Club Directory

The Chase Ink BoldChase Ink Plus, and Chase Ink Classic offer free membership to The Lounge Club and 2 free visits a year.

2 Free Lounge Visits With the Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus

After that, you pay $27 per visit for you or a guest, which is automatically billed to the card with which you enrolled.

This isn’t a particularly great benefit in the US, because there are very few lounges which participate in the US and most of them are in the international terminal of airports.

You’re much better of using the American Express Executive Privilege Club which will get you 12 lounge visits within the US for ~$40 instead.

But it doesn’t hurt to sign-up for the benefit, which is free, since you’ll get 2 free lounge visits a year which could be useful if you’re traveling outside the US in coach and won’t get access to lounges otherwise.

And you need the Lounge Club membership card, which you only get after signing up, to get access to the lounge – just showing your Chase Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Ink Classic won’t get you access to the lounge.

The Lounge Club website indicates that membership is otherwise $99 (but you get it for free with the Ink cards), which isn’t a good value for the benefits you get in the US.

My Experience Signing up for the Lounge Club

August 9, 2012.  I went to the Lounge Club activation website for the Chase Ink Bold, Ink Plus, and Ink Classic and entered the code “CHASEINK” and hit the “Activate” button.

I then clicked on the green “Enroll Now” button (towards the middle right of the webpage) and entered my personal information.

I tried to enter a British Airways credit card number to see if the system would allow it, and I got an error message asking me to enter a valid Ink card number.

So I entered my Chase Ink Bold number and submitted the application.

I then got an email with my membership number, and a reminder that I couldn’t get lounge access without showing the actual membership card at the lounge.

August 17, 2012.  I received my membership card (postmarked August 14) along with a list of the 350 lounges around the world.

Chase Ink Lounge Pass 2

Lounge Club Membership Card

How it Works

Your first two visits (either 2 visits for you, or 1 visit for you and 1 for a guest) – each year – to a lounge are free.  After that your Ink Bold or Plus card is automatically charged $27 per visit.

View from the Wing suggests that you could sign-up authorized users as well and get additional passes and membership.  But I haven’t added any authorized users, so I don’t have any personal experience with this.

Don’t Wear Shorts!

I was reading the terms and conditions and I found Term 13 to be laugh-out-loud funny:

Admittance to lounges is subject to members and any guests (including children) behaving and dressing (no shorts allowed outside of the USA) in an orderly and correct manner. Any infants or children causing upset to other users’ comfort may be asked to vacate the lounge facilities. LOUNGE CLUB™ or any entity associated with LOUNGE CLUB™ shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the member and any guests where a lounge operator has refused admission because the member and/or guests have not complied with these conditions.

So there you have it.  2 free lounge passes, but don’t wear shorts in the lounges outside the US!  I doubt most of the 350 lounges have such a policy, but perhaps there are a couple which do.

Bottom Line:  The 2 free passes with the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Ink Classic aren’t particularly valuable for travel within the US, but they could be valuable when you travel outside the US.

But you need the actual Lounge Club membership card to get access to the lounge, so it doesn’t hurt to sign-up for free!

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65 responses to “Don’t Wear Shorts in the Lounges Outside the US When you use Your 2 Free Lounge Visits With The Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus

  1. Funny,
    My buddy always says No shorts on the plane. I guess he has a phobia of touching others bare skin or fuzzy legs. I now always bring pants and change into them before getting on the plane.

  2. Woohoo! D- Thanks for this. I apparently missed VFTW’s post on this. I am an Authorized User on a Chase Ink Bold card. the primary account holder already enrolled and received their lounge access/2 free passes (my wife, I enrolled her:)). I had presumed (wrong!) that the benefit was just for the primary account holder.

    After reading this post, I decided to see what would happen when I enrolled using my card. It worked (I think)!
    I got this message on the confirmation screen:

    “Upon enrollment, you and your guest can enjoy access to all participating lounges in the LOUNGE CLUB™ network worldwide. After your first two complimentary visits to participating lounges, a fee of just US$27 per person, per visit will be charged for yourself and any accompanying guest(s). ”

    Which is awesome for me because I travel more than my wife does. There are no lounges at our home airport, so there’s no guarantee we’ll use her passes every year, but I’ll sure by able to use mine (trips to portland – self service pancakes!, and dallas for work in the next year)!

  3. Had the Lounge Club card w/me in July when I flew to Juneau w/ a xcn in SEA. Loved getting into the AS Board Room w/the Lounge Club card and hubby was with me too. Nice benefit for having the Ink Bold cc, and while there are various additional methods of airport lounge access, this one worked easily and w/o complication.

  4. Yes, authorized users can get the cards too, we did it for each other and we each had both the old and new Ink Bold for a total of eight cards!

    Used them for a family of four at Seoul Incheon for Korean biz lounge and the Hub lounge which had good food.

  5. Thanks for this! I totally forgot about this perk. Might be useful in Europe if you don’t have status!

  6. I tried in several locations (CMB, GOI, BOM) and the lounge dragons mentioned they have stopped participating (a long time ago) although lounges were listed in the Lounge Club guide.

  7. I got the lounge club card with my chase ink card, problem is, after looking at their locations, none that I would use have showers.

    I’ll stick with the CX lounges in hkg for that.

  8. @Dan, as authorized users, do you have same card # with primary card holder? Also, does Chase require SSN for adding authorized users?
    Thank you!

  9. @ HF – different card number, and yes, AUs need to provide SSN

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  12. Daraius, the Ink Classic officially offers the same benefit, too (Ink Cash does not advertise it in the offering materials, but we were able to order one back in May, t00). Back then, you could use any credit cards, but it has since been restricted to Chase Ink card account numbers.

    • @E – It sometimes gets too cold on planes for shorts as well.

      – Enjoy those pancakes!

      @Jo – This is certainly easier than mailing a redemption form via the AMEX Executive Privileges program.

      @Dan – Thanks for confirming!

      @Frequent Flyer University – This could be useful if you’re traveling in coach as well.

      @TJ – Very interesting. I might try it in BOM just to see what happens!

      @Mikey – Their lounges aren’t the best, and I’m sure the CX lounge would be much better than the lounges via Lounge Club.

      @Jimmy @TravelByPoints – You’re right – the Ink Classic also offers this benefit, so I’ll update the post.

  13. @ Steve thx! will it be a hard inquiry for AUs?

  14. Does anyone know if they just do not charge you for your first two entries, or is there some other thing you need to do to get free entry (ie. give them a coupon)?

  15. Thanks again MMS! I have been meaning to enroll for months and I kept putting off until I eventually forgot about. That’s why I love your getting daily e-mail of your blog.

  16. @HF, I dunno, I’ll tell you next time I get denied by a CC that pulls EXP and I get a free credit report? the application was around 45 days ago, and I haven’t pulled my report since then.

    @ Mike – you just have to have the lounge club membership card. If you show up without it, you’ll be charged. If you show up with it, no charge.

  17. Any word on whether the promotion for the Chase Ink Bold will also decrease the required spend (as Sapphire did)?

  18. I always change into shorts when I’m at the CX lounge in HKG on my way to DPS. I like to arrive in Bali in shorts 🙂

  19. Is there any information if/when the free visits expire? If so, is that date tied to your Ink card?

  20. @Alex G.: It’s tied to your Lounge Club card, not your Ink card. Incidentally, the LC card shows the exact date expiring 1 year after applying/approval, not just eg: “August 2013” like a lot of loyalty cards. So 2 free visits before that expiry date on the LC card.

  21. I wore shorts 2 weeks ago. No problems.

  22. All lounges, including hotel lounges have a strict dress code in the T&C. But only in a really fancy hotel if you walked wearing bath slippers or something, would you kindly be asked to change. Honestly, this is something not to raise worry bout. They want people who fly a lot to be comfy not fancy.

    In fact a flight attendant in Cathay First Class told me she can tell the difference between those who fly business a lot and those who are getting a special treat because the first timers always dress up as if it’s a special date.

    Shorts or (more preferably) gym pants, are the way to fly if you ask me.

  23. What’s the difference between Lounge Club and Priority Pass? Oh wait, they’re both part of Priority Travel Group, a division of the Collinson Group!

    • @PerryPlatypus – Thanks for reading!

      @anonymous – I haven’t heard anything, but that would be nice!

      @Dave 🙂

      @Shorts guy @TravelisFree – I know some hotels have it in the T&C, but I found the mention of wearing shorts OUTSIDE the US to be hilarious.

      @Bill – Ha! And one division does business with Chase and the other with AMEX.

  24. If I have the ink bold and ink plus, can I get 2 cards?

  25. Thanks for reminding me of this benefit! I have 2 Chase Ink Bold cards (they changed the terms / benefits sometime early in the year, I had applied and got another 50k signup bonus). Turns out I can get 2 Lounge Club cards, with the 2 frees apiece. Signed up with each card number, just used a different email address on second app, all went through.

  26. I signed up four people under the same card. Do you think this equates to 2 free visit or 8 free visits? Thanks.


  27. Are you able to get two free passes each year or only the first year of your membership? Can I get two free passes in December and then two more in January?


  28. I enrolled but I received only ONE and my name on it. I wanted 2, one for me and one for wife.

    Aren’t we supposed to receive 2 free?

  29. I just tried to activate and it said the invitation code is invalid. Anyone else get this issue?

  30. If it say ”


    Limited to two guests per cardholder – One child under 2 years admitted free per cardholder – Non-smoking”

    And so we have free two pass.. does that mean that each free pass get two additional guest without a fee?

    I will have the card., traveling with my wife 3yrs and a 2yrs. would this be counted as one cardholder with two guest(wife and 3yrs) my 2yrs dont count right, since they say its free?

    • @jim – You only get 1 lounge pass, but when you swipe it at the lounge it will let you have 2 free visits and visits after the 2nd will be charged to your account.

      @Tommy – I don’t have personal experience, but it seems like you should be able to get the 2 year old in for free, and your wife and 3 year old would be your guests. But your miles may vary.

  31. There is a limited selection of lounges at the airports I will fly to. I’ve never been to a lounge so I’m curious. If the lounge available is only Air France, do i have to fly Air France to use that lounge? Sometimes airports are sectioned off so you can’t go to different locations. Does that mean I can’t use that specific lounge if I can’t go to where it’s located?

  32. I have used my two free lounge visits for 2013. Do I get two free visits in 2014 also?

  33. How does the guess pass work? Do they send out a membership card to the guess that I previously designated? Or does the guess have to be accompanied by the primary cardholder? Do the check if the name in the membership card matches with the name in ID?

    • @Ha – I believe the credit card holder gets the membership card and the guest has to accompany the primary card holder. Or you can add the guest as an authorized user on your card and get him/her a separate card.

  34. If I have a couple Ink cards, (bold, plus ECT.) can I get lounge club cards and its free passes per each card ?

  35. I want to get in using my priority club membership then use one of the lounge pasess for my guest. Would this be possible or do I need to use 2 lounge passes to get us in and don’t use priority club?

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  37. is the two ink lounge passes valid after i cancel the ink card? i got the lounge club card after ink plus, which i have since cancelled last month. i haven’t visited any lounges. i know have an ink bold.

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  40. Hi d. Hope all is well. My wife recently for ink bold and we have a trip scheduled dec 2013 where we have a 24 hr stop on singapore. We plan to utilize this benefit to stay at the lounge. Our flight from singapore in at 7 am. We r flying singapore Air to get into singapore and then taking united to tokyo next morning at 7. Do u know of the lounge allow overnight stay and if they have any max time limit you can spend in therr? We will not be flying singapore air next day. Will tht be a prbm? Tks.

  41. So I just tried to signup my wife’s card since the last 4 digits of her authorized user card were different, worked like a charm. My question is about LAX. They have 4 lounges and I’ve never tried any. We will be there for 8 hours prior to our fly to Tahiti on Air France(thru Delta) so we want the best one & close to terminal as possible. I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions: 1. Air France Business Lounge Terminal 2 , 2: Alaska Airlines Board Room Terminal 6, 3. Relax Lounge 4. Skyteam KAL Business Lounge (both 3 & 4 are in the Tom Bradley Int’l Terminal) Thanks!

  42. I requested these loung passes about 8 weeks ago and still have not received them. How long does it take to get them?

  43. Comment to follow this thread. Ignore.

  44. @darairus if i have bold and ink plus do i get 4 free passes?

  45. Hi , I received my Lounge Club card in the mail. . Should I also have received 2 passes along with it (which I didn’t) ? Or do I simply swipe the card at the lounge and the system keeps count of how many times I have used the card for free. ?

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  51. Hello. Are there any updates as to whether/not this still exists. I tapped on your activation link but I didn’t complete it because after reading the T&C’s it says that this is only good for 1 yr – no renewal. Trying to take the SO to Hawaii in Sept and Amsterdam sometime early next year.