Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris

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Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily Outside the Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris

The Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris is not a grand imposing building from the outside, and I likely would have missed it if I wasn’t specifically looking for it!  The Park Hyatt is one of the few hotels with the prestigious “Palace” designation in Paris, but you wouldn’t know it from the outside.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris Exterior

The street is lined with luxury shops, and the only distinguishing factor externally are the green plants hanging from the balconies of the Park Hyatt.

You see the concierge to the left as soon as you enter and a passage leads to the main check in area with the restaurants, bar, and elevators.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily by the Breakfast Area

The main breakfast area on the 1st floor offers a breakfast buffet as well as the option to order off the menu.  The breakfast buffet had a large assortment of food to eat, which I’ll cover in later posts.  The mango juice was our favorite!

The atrium faces the hotel courtyard.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris


The courtyard was clean and well maintained, but you are looking at the insides of a building.  On the other hand, it is away from the hustle and bustle of Paris and the people watching in the courtyard is excellent.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

The Courtyard

There are lots of flowers throughout the hotel.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

The Breakfast Area

The main check in area is towards the end of the passage, and the business center is tucked away behind the check-in desk.

I had to fax documents to the US for work one day, so I dropped them off at the front desk.  Later that day, I had a sealed envelope in my room with the documents back and a hand written note addressed to “Monsieur Daraius Dubash” letting me know that the documents were faxed.  The hotel seems to have mastered the art of the little touches.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

To the Check-In Desks

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily by the Check In Desks

Just before the check-in area are stairs which lead downstairs to the meeting rooms and to the Spa.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily by the Spa

Unfortunately, we never ventured into the spa because it was expensive.  But I’m sure it would have been great after a long day of sightseeing.

Next to the breakfast area is another seating area with a cosy fireplace.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily by the Fireplace

And there were more metal statues throughout the first floor.

Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

Emily in the Lobby

Emily Jablon:  The Park Hyatt Vendôme was a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon in Paris because of the clean modern rooms, excellent service, and convenient location.

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44 responses to “Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris

  1. Very nice! We are looking forward to our Paris trip. By the way, is the spa facility access complimentary? When we stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan, it was (and you can get apples and water from the gym/spa, too).

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! I’m considering a stay here this fall. No pictures of the rooms?

  3. My wife and I are doing our 2nd honeymoon Sept 21-Oct 7 in a mixture of CDG-BOD-FCO. Looking forward to seeing your review. We are to stay at the Le Meridien Etoile in Paris.

  4. Darius–love the blog but you gotta do something with, “Emily in front of XXXXXXX” on every picture. She’s lovely and I know you’re proud-but the vast majority of the photos on this site are the exact same 🙂

  5. Really interested to see how you split up your time in Paris sight seeing. Seven days is quite a bit in almost any city but this one!

  6. I don’t want to pile on but I totally agree with Jon. In my view a travel blog should show the city, hotel, etc. not constantly the people writing the blog.

    • @Jimmy @TravelByPoints – I never asked, but the fitness center does have complimentary access (but I didn’t go in there either).

      – We reviewed our Park Suite, and will post a review of the Park Deluxe room later.

      – Have a great trip!

      @Jon – I don’t understand! Are you suggesting that the caption ” “Emily in front of XXXXXXX” is inappropriate or do you not like the shots of the hotel and of the rooms?

      Bill @ Charm City Traveler – Keep in mind that we had to do work remotely on our laptops, so it wasn’t the most efficient holiday.

      @Rich – Thanks for the feedback! I’ve always found traditional trip reports a bit difficult to skim through, so this is my attempt at making it more interesting. Also, this isn’t a purely commercial blog, and our friends and family use the blog as a way of keeping in touch, so we’re never going to do away with our pictures.

      But I’ll try to have a better balance of pictures with us and without us.

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  8. Glad to see a review of the Park Hyatt Paris. I’d love to work this hotel into my next trip. On a side note, I noticed some of your links haven’t been working lately. The one you have in your response to Brad is also broken.

  9. Darius–the captions are fine. I’m just saying it is the same pose over and over and over….the pictures all look the same. Instead of adding to the pictures and overall content of the blog, it is detracting.

    No need to get rid of the pictures or personalization: get some stranger to take pictures of both of you, take pictures of Emily looking at something, have her stand off-center, etc.

    I’m not a photographer or blog crapper (not sure if thread crapping translates to blogs) just trying to help. If I didn’t like the blog, I wouldn’t be here and certainly wouldn’t comment. Keep up the good work.

  10. How many points or $$ did you have to spend at this Hyatt? That’s what I want to know so I can stay there too 🙂
    If you used points, did you get a room upgrade?

    • @Jon – Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it! I’m not much of a photographer as well, but will try to mix up the pictures a bit when we travel next.

      @Claire – We spent 22,000 Hyatt points per night at the Park Hyatt in Paris. The link to the “Introduction” below the 1st picture lists out what he spent.

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  13. We did visit the SPA, when I went with my family. It was kind of funny, because we were just staying in the standard rooms and the SPA was not something we could afford either. Having flown into CDG in the morning and reached hotel early and the rooms were not ready. So the lady at the check in counter told us to go use the spa complimentary for the morning. She escorted us to the spa and showed us around. All of us went into the spa changed and freshened up went into the city for a meal. The hotel gave us a bag to store our dirty clothes. Now that is what i call personal touch!!

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  20. Hi there –

    thanks for the awesome trip report!

    Quick question – when you checked into the PH, did they require both of you to check in with ID because 2 nights were yours and 2 nights were Emily’s? Or did one of you just check in for the 4 nights altogether?

    I have 6 nights (in a row) booked at PH Paris – 2 from my husband’s credit card, 2 from mine, and 2 from my mother’s. My mother isn’t going to be there but I am a named guest on the reservation (for her 2 nights, which happen to be the 5th and 6th nights). Do you think we’ll have a problem at check in? Thanks!

    • @Anonnymous – Glad you had a nice time there. The service at the Park Hyatt in Paris is very, very good!

      @RhubarbPie – They didn’t ask for separate ID, but I had booked the other 2 nights with my points. I don’t suspect you should have a problem, but be sure to ask them to combine the rooms when you check in (or even email them in advance).

  21. Thanks so much for that advice. I called the Platinum line and asked them to combine the reservations, but that was a great idea to call the hotel directly. I spoke to PH this morning and they combined the reservations and said it wouldn’t be a problem to just check in all at once when I get there. Keeping my fingers crossed that all will work out! (sounds like it should). Thanks 🙂

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  23. Had the same question as @RhubardPie. I’m taking my daughter to Paris this May and am using 2 days from my Hyatt card and 2 days from my wife’s Hyatt card to stay at the Hyatt Vedome. The Hyatt website says that these Hyatt Card Free Nights are not transferable. Are they going to decline 2 nights of my stay without my wife there? I’ve already combined all nights into 1 reservation, but it still has both my name and my wife’s name on it. Wondering if @RhubarbPie has been yet and how things went. Any way to follow up with this person… or any more definitive answers since this was posted?

  24. @Jeffrey Seavey Hi there – I got an email notification that there was a follow up post after mine, and I’m happy to relay our experience. We were there for New Years. I had called the hotel probably 3 times prior to be sure that all three of our reservations were combined, totaling 6 nights. They confirmed each time. The first 4 nights were under my name and my husband’s name (so same last name). The last 2 nights were my mom’s so under a different last name. When we got to check in, they confirmed that we were staying for 4 nights as opposed to 6. So I had to go through the explanation again, which I had hoped to avoid, and which was slightly confusing for the front desk staff. She asked me probably twice if my mom was actually staying at the hotel for the last 2 nights, and also confirmed 2-3 times that there were only 2 people – not 3 – staying in our room. It took 10 minutes to reorganize our reservation so that we didn’t have to switch rooms for the last 2 nights, but she was able to do it, and ultimately didn’t give me a hard time about using someone else’s award nights. And we were upgraded to a Park King for all 6 nights which was great, especially considering that they only expected us for 4 nights and the hotel was completely sold out during our stay. I don’t think you will have a problem since your 2 reservations will be under the same last name (I’m assuming) and since there are only reservations under 2 different names, as opposed to 3. Have a great time!

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  37. The Prince de Galles also offers really good points value for SPG members in Paris if you are looking for accommodation next to the Champs Elysées.

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  39. Daraius, I would like to use my two free nights after meeting minimum spending at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. However, I will also have a teenager with my wife and I. Do you think they will let me book a Park Deluxe King (max 3 people) with my certificate or would they likely limit me to the Park Queen (max 2 people)? Thanks!!

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