Don’t Use My Referral Link and Earn ~$600 in Air Travel +$50 Statement Credit!

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[Disclosure:  My referral link is for only 15,000 Flex Points, so you’re better off NOT using it and using the link in the post to the better offer.]

Million Mile Secrets reader Jacky (thanks!) writes in about a special offer on the US Bank Flex Perks Travel credit card.

What is your take on this card currently offered?  After the spending it should be around 35,000 points, which is equivalent to ~$600 travel dollars and a $50 gift card. I’ve heard that many got denied, but with [a credit score of ] 750+ and my first time opening a card with US Bank, I should be okay. I wanted to know whether it’s worth it.

My referral link offers only 15,000 Flex Points or ~$300 in air travel with the US Bank Flex Perks Travel credit card, so I haven’t got around to blogging about it yet.

But the offer which Jacky found is a great way to get $600 towards spending on airfare or $300 towards hotels or gift cards (if you prefer those) AND a $50 statement credit!

Up to August 31, 2012, US Bank is running a promotion on the card where you earn 500 extra points for each gold Olympic medal, 250 extra points for each silver Olympic medal, & 100 points for each bronze Olympic medal which the US wins.

Here’s the latest Olympic medal tally with the US earning:

  • 46 Gold medals, so 23,000 extra points (46 gold medals X 500 pts)
  • 29 Silver medals, so 7,250 extra points  (29 silver medals X 250 pts)
  • 29 Bronze medals, so 2,900 extra points (29 bronze medals X 100 pts)

That’s a total of 33,150 Flex Points, instead of the regular offer of 15,000 Flex Points!

30,000 Flex Points will get you:

  • $600 or less worth or air tickets or
  • $300 statement credit or
  • $300 gift certificate towards hotels, car rentals, and cruises

Note that you have to redeem for less than $600 in airfare in one transaction to get the maximum benefit per the Flex Perks award chart.

Travelocity powers the US Bank travel portal so you’re likely see comparable offerings on the US Bank travel portal.

The annual fee of $49 is waived for the 1st year, but you have to spend $2,500 within 5 months to get the full sign-on bonus.

Other benefits include:

  • Card has Chip & Signature technology
  • $25 statement credit towards baggage fees when you redeem Flex Points for an air ticket
  • Double Flex Points on Gas, Grocery, or Airline purchases (whichever is the most in your monthly statement)
  • 1 Flex Point per $1 spent up to $120,000 within a calendar year.  You earn 1 Flex Point per $2 spend for purchases above $120,000 per calendar year

As Jacky wrote, you’ll actually earn 35,650 Flex Points once you complete the minimum spending requirements (33,150 bonus points + 2,500 for the minimum spending).

So you’ll get $600 towards air travel (you have to redeem for tickets costing less than $600).  AND you’ll have 5,000 points left over which you could use for a $50 gift card.

I think this is a great deal because you can use the points to get ANY ticket, up to $600, without any restrictions or blackout dates, which is great for tickets within the US.  If there’s a ticket for sale, you can buy it!  You will also earn elite qualifying miles on the ticket, which may be important to some.

On the other hand, this won’t go far if your goal is an international Business or First Class ticket which can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000.

This card isn’t from Chase, American Express, or Citi, so we don’t have to worry about maxing out applications from those banks.

The only wrinkle is that folks on Slick Deals and FlyerTalk are suggesting that US Bank is very sensitive to the number of recent inquiries and have been denying applications which have lots of recent credit inquiries.  My last credit card from US Bank was when they issued the Northwest Airlines credit card, so I have no recent experience with their reconsideration line.

Bottom Line:  $600 in air travel and a $50 statement credit seems like a great deal to me, and I do think it is worth it to apply.  But as always, only you can weigh the risk of getting denied versus the potential benefit!

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48 responses to “Don’t Use My Referral Link and Earn ~$600 in Air Travel +$50 Statement Credit!

  1. When trying to apply for this card, it won’t take a post office box, even though that is where I get my mail. When entering the street address of my residence, it says the US Post Office does not recognize this address (which could be since I don’t get mail there). Is there anyway around this issue? Thanks.

  2. Is this promotion available for a business card? I already have an old personal card (former NE Visa) with them. Thanks.

  3. Sorry. I’ll answer my own question: Yes – personal and business

  4. @Ron – I had the same card. You can “downgrade” to the non-fee card that only earn 1/2 point per dollar. Then, apply for the new personal card. That is what I did last month under the old 15k offer and I now hold both the non-fee card and “this” card.

  5. I see how you got to your calculation of 33,150 flexpoints, but what about the 17,500 flexpoints that the promotion gurantees. Did I miss something in the T&C that stated that those were not in addition to the bonus points from the medals?

  6. D, i just got the regular 15,000 point offer a month ago. How is US Bank with matching new offers? I’d love to call or secure email them asking for the offer match. Any tips fpr us bank as this is the 1st time i’ve had any products from them. Thanks E

  7. Thanks for posting the best offer!

  8. This looks like a great deal. Are you sure that new applicants can get in on the Olympic medal bonuses?

  9. Ok i just called them and they said they applied the promo to my card.

    Another interesting thing…. i 1st called the app line and they said if customer service would not apply the new bonus, it would be no problem to get a second card with the promo even though i just got a flex perks travel card a few weeks ago……. Maybe it would have been smarter to just apply for the 2nd card?

    But glad to get this promo as i’m looking to “buy” tickets to help boost the MQM levels.

    Thanks Jacky and D for posting this great link

  10. Seems like a solid deal. I applied earlier this morning and am waiting for a response. The e-mail said I would get an answer within 2 days.

  11. Hi

    Thanks for the tip…
    Sorry, I do not see any info for the $50 gift card on the site….

    • @Mike – Perhaps try calling to apply?

      – I believe that you get 17,500 Flex Points regardless of how many medals the US team earns, but the total number of Flex Points depends on the final US medal tally.

      – Thanks for sharing! Perhaps you could apply for a second card just to see if you get the bonus…

      @Jeanne – You’re welcome!

      @Kay – I don’t see anything in the terms which say new applicants can’t get the bonus and the offer is valid until the end of August.

      @Michael W Travels – Let us know how it goes!

      @ary – You can redeem 30K points for $600 in travel and the remaining 5K points for a $50 statement credit or a gift card.

  12. O.k. Never mind about the gift card. I re read your info again…… it is just “LIKE” getting…

    Have a great day!

  13. I’m also very interested in this offer, but seems like it may not be a good fit for the “churners” out there if they are as conservative about inquiries as they are reported to be. I’m going to sit out a few more days and see the reports of approvals/denials before deciding whether or not to add this to my upcoming churn. Would be great to add if I think I can get approved….fingers crossed.

  14. Has anyone confirmed with a CSR what the actual sign up bonus is. Is it 33,500 or 33,500 plus the starting 17,500?

  15. I had applied and got a letter in the mail today:
    -Numerous recent applications using ssn

    I hadn’t had any new cards in years, then added a couple in January and one this month. So yes seems they are sensitive. I called the 800 number on the letter and it’s the opposite of Chase which will go out of their way to find a way to fit you. The rep basically said denied, and if I want to appeal talk to the credit reporting agencies listed on the letter.

  16. Sorry if this is a stupid question…but regarding the $600 in air travel….are you able to buy 2 $300 tickets or is just one ticket up to $600? Thanks.

    • @Mommy Points – I agree that it is best to wait a bit before applying, but I hope they’re not as conservative with inquiries as it seems.

      – Did you try the reconsideration number 800-947-1444?

      – I don’t have personal experience, but my sense is that the entire air transaction should be for less than $600 at one go – so I’m guessing 2 tickets of $300 should be okay.

  17. Hi,

    Yes I called the reconsideration number, the one you list is the same as the number on my denial letter. The letter lists 3 agencies and according t the rep, it was the 3rd agency “Advanced Resolution Services” that gave them reason for denial. I asked open-endedly if there was anything they could do and got a flat no. For once you are dealing with a bank that knows it’s giving out a big bonus, and wants to exclude anyone with a hint of a churner about them.

  18. @Ron

    Where do you see the business card application with the same promo? I only see personal…

  19. Would it be advisable to call their reconsideration line before I get a letter? I applied yesterday, and got the “pending” decision. Any idea what their number is?

  20. I applied for this card on Monday morning and received an e-mail saying “We’ll review your information and reply within two business days.” I just called the 1-800 number to check the status and the recording said “Congratulations, your application has been approved.” Thanks for the heads up on this deal!

  21. @Vincent @ Darius – Here is the deal with ARS –

    This is an extra layer of checks that US BANK does. What they do is check to see how many credit pulls you have from your PHONE NUMBER as you can see in the link. I was a first turned down but showed with my perfect credit score and NEVER EVER having missed a payment, plus the fact that I run many businesses should NOT be a reason to turn me down just because I have many cards. BOOM done approved. 🙂

    Call back and try again – René

  22. It looks like they have now extended the offer to their business card as well. I had taken a screenshot of the offer page last week and it did not include the business card, today it does. I got approved on the personal card – it took about 4 days. Applied for the business card today.

    I’m curious about the charitable giving bonus that the card provides. I wonder how they recognize charitable organizations, like my youth center.

  23. I just called the reconsideration line as well, was initial pending futher review, blah blah… They asked to verify my address and how long I have been in my apartment for. I mentioned that I was looking to consolidate my personal banking as well, which was the main reason why I applied for the card, well not really…

    They said to call the credit review number 800-947-1444 tomorrow for the final status on the decision. The rep I spoke with today said “I had multiple inquiries in the last 3 months”. Word of the wise if your doing this card to keep it clear if you have had other inquiries recently.

  24. Hi Daraius,

    So you can’t get an international ticket in which US is not involved with a value of under 600 bucks?

  25. robert weisberg

    I have the business and personal flexperks card. Its a pretty decent program because you get good airline redemptions like 20K points for a 350.00 or so ticket. You get the FF miles and can choose from many airlines. Also they give you $25.00 credit toward food/drinks/baggage. For this perk you muct charge it on the card and call them after the fact. I suppose many people the credit is automatic and dont call. That is $25.00 per ticket booked with points. (one credit per ticket) Customer service for questions is good and I think they give decent credit lines. Much better to deal with than Chase. I never knew about 1 point up to 120K but I have not exceeded that on my personal card. I need to check the business card to see if there is the same thing.

    • @robert weisberg – 20K for a 350 redemption is about 1.75 cents per point. You can get 2% with the Capital One Venture Rewards card, but you won’t get the $25 credit! I checked the terms and the business card doesn’t seem to have the $120K restriction.

  26. I got approved for 7 cards in one day this month and US Bank Flex Perks was the one I threw in at the last minute. It worked! Actually I applied for 2 using the double browser trick b/c I read somewhere it might work but it didn’t. I was happy with getting one though. FYI…Credit score is about 750+ and in mid March I applied for and got approved for 5 cards (2 Citi AA).

  27. does anyone know if the following is true. Let’s say you have a ticket price of $450. Do you have to use 30k points (up to $600 purchasing power) or can you simply use 20k points and “pay out of pocket” for the rest of the ticket price? The potential issue i see is that a ticket that is barely over 300 0r 400 might force you to go to the next 10k extra spending to get it, which is a “waste” of points, in a sense.

  28. I also could not find any info as to what sort of charitable donations are covered? I immediately thought that if you could use the 3x points for kiva this card would be an absolute no brainer. But I had no luck seeing a list of partner organizations…

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Also, Daraius I love the blog! I have always wanted to travel, but haven’t been able to afford to and this is helping me to get to travel for way less money! Thanks!

  29. I applied, had a pending verification and was rejected. I called back to follow and found out I was rejected initially and complained that I wanted to move my personally banking to US Bank and this would be a huge problem as I “all ready opened” the checking account even though I had not. I asked the very nice rep if the conversation follow with one of her associates was included to the credit reviewer before final approval was made. She said the credit approver was in a meeting and even called the rep who spoke with me initially. I gave her my number and she said she would call me. She did call me back and even though I missed her call, I tried her back and before I even was connected by SS# validated and said my application was approved!

    If your in a similiar situation really try to press the I am opening up other banking features to push the envelope and let them know your looking to consolidated all your banking services. I have a good credit score and always ontime with my payment. BTW they did say the report they review presents all credit pulls on a Trailing 12 month basis, but didnt list my credit score.

  30. I just received the card and after activating I realized its “select rewards” not “travel rewards” Thoughts?


  31. I love chip-in-pin technology, so it is great that this card has it. But chip-in-pin is all about making transactions outside the US easier (ans sometimes possible), but this card has steep foreign currency transaction fees. There’s something wrong with this picture!

  32. Has anyone gotten the points bonus points? My statement just closed and they only gave me 17,500 bonus points. I sent them a message waiting for their reply.

  33. I called about the bonus points, and was told that they would be credited in two installments, and that the additional points would be posted in six-eight weeks after meeting the spending requirement.

  34. My bonus Olympic points came through when my second statement closed this week. Total of 41k for $2500 of spend.

  35. US Bank has terrible customer service simply put, too many examples to list (nor to I care to waste more time over them). Initially was sent the lower version of the card and had to wait to get upgraded to the Flexperk travel rewards, was given initial 10k bonus instead of 17.5k. Ugh, craziness!

  36. I signed up for this promotion and after meeting the minimum spending I was told I received a different card and would not be getting the 33,150 bonus points….is there any possibility of US bank giving me the bonus points if I complain enough? I am pretty upset at 1) for them approving me for a different card and 2) me for assuming the card I got in the mail was the one I signed up for.
    I am pretty upset and ready to just cancel the card.

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  39. Darius,

    US Bank released a new FlexPerks card with AMEX. It gives you 20k points bonus after $3,500 initial spending and is basically the same as the Visa Signature. Do you, by any chance, know, if you can have both cards at the same time, or do you have to cancel the Visa first?